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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 16, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy mostly Cloudy tonight with showers becoming widely scattered. Lowest temperatures will be in the 50s. Friday partly Cloudy with Little temperature change. A few showers Likely in the mountains. Yesterdays High 77 Low 52. Today at 7 ., 59. Precipitation .20 Inch. Sunset 8 36 . Sunrise 5 10 Benning Bennington Banner thursday june 16, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, i it Aii 1903 no. 20,095 to c ent Snew school plans unveiled unification is roughed in total lost set at $860,440 by Hoh la pm 4n preliminary plans for a new elementary school which would be located on already acquired property off Stark Street were unveiled wednesday night at a meeting of the joint Board of directors of the Bennington school District which in the not too Distant future will be putting a Bond Issue proposal up to voters for the new facility. Cost of the Basic proposed Structure was estimated by the architect Alfred t. Granger associates of Hanover ., at $860,440. This amount would be eligible for an estimated $258,-132 in state Ald leaving a balance of $602,308. With $40,000 added for movable equipment and $3,000 for landscaping the anticipated Cost to be covered by the Bond Issue would be $645,308. Granger presented the Board with a Watercolour rendering of the proposed school together with the final preliminary floor plan layout the design of which the firm has worked out Over the past several months in conjunction with the Board and its administration. The school All on one Story would have three main wings leading off a Central area containing the school Library and various administrative and service facilities. One Wing would be for primary grades k-3, with la Basic classrooms several pairs of which could opened up to provide Large group instruction areas. The second Wing would be for the grades 4-6 and would contain to classrooms. The third Wing would contain the multipurpose room with stage and gymnasium facilities and cafeteria seating built into the Walls plus Hie Kitchen. The layout of the school which contains a total of 49,734 Square feet is such that a non graded educational program could be carried out there. But of this proves to be an unsatisfactory teaching system the school layout could still be used effectively for the Standard graded educational system. Granger assured the Board that the Central facilities of the school were of sufficient capacity that the school could at some future Point be expanded by some 8 to to classrooms. The capacity of the initial Structure would be 600 to 650 students. Two of the classrooms one in each of the two classroom wings Are earmarked for classes of retarded children. The Board is working towards an eventual takeover of responsibility for education of the retarded from the private Bennington friends of retarded children which now operates its own school. There was some discussion on whether the building should be heated with Oil or by electricity. Granger estimated that for elec see school Page 14, col. 6 on the inside selectmen Are urged to control Low flying aircraft Page 2. Editorials comment on Stafford s Viet Nam speech and unification Page 4. Fifty seven Are graduated by Manchester elementary school exercises Page 8. R of w boys 1 -5 q re t. Lar6e or group inst Cal Rea let t a Bitteti Choc ii anode Ifird sneers 9 # Multi p Ijar Post Ltd it 5caie plans far is Rte so i an pm Here Are the plans for the proposed new elementary school unveiled at the meeting wednesday night of the Bennington school districts Board of directors. The upper picture is a reproduction of the Watercolour rendering prepared by the architect Alfred t. Granger associates. The View is to the West with the Structure standing on its planned Stark Street site it would have a Brick outer Wall. The lower picture is the floor plan of the proposed Structure which would All be on one Story. $500,000 budget okayed by merged school Board a final proposed budget of just a Shade under $500,000 was approved wednesday night by the joint Board of directors of the Bennington school District for the first year s operation in 1966-67 of the combined elementary schools of the new merged District. Nun croup opposes 4-Lane Road in area Arlington a an organization is being formed with members Here and in surrounding areas to seek improvements to existing . 7 and to oppose construction of a four Lane limited Access Highway through southwestern Vermont. According to John p. Griffin of Griffin inc. Of Arlington one of the leaders in the formation of the group the organization is now filing papers of incorporation in Vermont As . 7 associates inc. Griffin said the group has about 22 members but would be expanded. Some of the members Are business people Griffin said but a Large segment is composed of a Ordinary the group will hire counsel and engineering consultants and seek to convince the Highway department and presumably the legislature to Widen . 7 at Points where truck lanes Are needed to straighten out dangerous curves and abandon the four Lane Road plan. Griffin said a three Man Board of directors and officers would be elected after the Legal organization process is Complete. The figure of $499,795 is the amount that would have to be raised by local taxation and represents estimated total expenditures of $734,995 less various anticipated revenues including state Ald amounting to some $235,200. The proposed budget will go before the new District s voters at its first annual meeting july 12 but the big question a what tax rate the budget figure will require to raise a the Board noted with some concern that it could not answer at this time. The problem is that to arrive at a proposed tax rate the Board needs to know what the District s estimated grand list will be. This is the assessed value of real and personal property against which the tax rate is a. Plied. Bennington listers who Are in the midst of a major reap praised of taxable property have not yet been Able to provide the Board with an estimate of what the school districts final grand list will be. The Lack of the grand list figure and therefore the proposed tax rate various Board members termed a a very serious problem Quot noting that it is this figure rather than the proposed budget amount which has real meaning to the taxpayers. Board member Anthony Pello who later agreed to Contact listers in a new Effort to obtain an estimated grand list figure Felt that the tax rate proposal a has got to be a realistic one Quot and that an accurate grand list estimate was thus necessary. In anticipation of not having a grand list figure by the time of the annual meeting the Board discussed briefly alternative approaches to dealing with the tax rate matter at the session. One idea was to ask voters to approve the budget and then have them authorize directors to set the tax rate on that basis when the grand list figure was obtained. The other suggested approach was to again seek approval of the budget but then Call a later special meeting to have the tax rate set. Even with a proposed tax rate see budget Page 14, col. 2 by Elizabeth Dwyer North Bennington a the plaintive cry of a Why done to they let us alone Quot echoed and re echoed through the firehouse Hall Here last night As some 70 concerned citizens gathered to discuss appropriate action before the second vote on unification for the town of Bennington on june 21. North Bennington which had a separate polling place in the previous unification vote registered its distrust of unification by a margin of 300 to 39. At that time voters Here had been Content to express their opinion in the voting Booth without resorting to any political activity. Stung by the Call for a re vote Only a few weeks after the first tally residents Here now appear to be in a fighting mood and at least from opinions aired at last nights session ready to take positive action to defeat unification either now or at any time in the future. Judging by the bitterness expressed by most of those Ai hand last night who appeared to represent a Complete Cross Section of North Bennington residents a unification May be rammed Down our throats but any kind of Unity Between North Bennington and a unified town is out the window forever Quot As one stated. Fred Welling chairman of the Village trustees noted that the meeting had been called by the trustees at the repeated urging of Many residents Here. He explained that when unification was Defeated previously he had hoped that before another vote was called there would be time for the unification committee to sit Down with the various municipalities and find out what the problems were and whether they could be corrected. He mentioned that this idea had also been in the thinking of the unification committee the selectmen who agreed that a revote should not be held until fall As Well As the trustees of Bennington Village who took the same position. A instead of that we Are the victims of a Power play forced on us without any real Effort being made to find out Why North Bennington is so strongly against unification at this time Quot Welling summed up. He said proponents of unification tend to dismiss the action of North Bennington As a being a progressive and taking note of a recent Banner editorial which attempted to Point tile error of North Bennington a ways Welling charged a its easy for the editor of the Banner to sit Over there in his Ivory Tower and Tell us what to do but has he Ever made any real Effort to find out How and Why we feel As we do Quot the same charge was levelled at recent statements from the Bennington league of women voters termed by one irate citizen at the meeting As a the league of women agitators Quot. A the Good ladies note in their letters to the Banner that they have made a Complete study of the unification Issue in the town of Bennington Quot Welling continued a but to the Best of my knowledge their study has not been extended to finding out Why North Bennington feels the Way it does Quot he suggested. He said there appeared to be some misunderstanding As to what unification would mean to North Bennington in the event that it becomes a reality and North Bennington is asked to vote on giving up its charter. Quot this would be a vote with a gun at our Heads Quot Welling explained. A it has been made Clear that if unification passes and the Village of Bennington votes to give up its charter then we have to go along with the new town plan pay the town tax and at the same time pay through the nose for our own Village expenses of we done to give up our charter Quot Welling said. In addition to the expected raise of about 67 cents in the town tax this would mean an additional $1.78 for Village expenditures a local member of the unification committee estimated. Speaking for the trustees Welling defended their action in expressing dismay in a recent statement to the Banner. A it has been charged that this statement Hewitt seeks North Village school Post North Bennington Merritt s. Hewitt or. Announced today that he will be a candidate for the North Bennington school Board at the annual District meeting june 29. One director will be elected this year and the Veteran incumbent William e. Daileyjr. Said last week that under no circumstances would he be a candidate for re election. Hewitt a lifelong resident of Shaftsbury and North Bennington is a graduate of North Bennington High school and Green Mountain College. An experienced legislator he served three terms in the Vermont House and one term As Bennington county senator. A former trustee for six years of the University of Vermont he was also one of the original members of the Board of directors of it. Anthony Union school. Hewitt has been Active for Many years in several areas of activity including farming and civic groups. He was recently elected King lion of the nor Shaft Lions club. He and his wife Shirley live at double to farm Here and they have four children now in school. School District clerk Phoebe Crosier said today that she has received the petition of mrs. Jane Mccullough indicating her intention to run for the mount Anthony Union Board from the North Bennington District. Deadline for filing for both positions was yesterday. By the trustees was not a True expression of opinion Here Quot he mentioned. A but when the vote against unification was almost to to i in the Village it seems to me that the trustees Are certainly justified in taking a Strong stand on the matter Quot he said. It was suggested that in All fairness in a Public forum anyone present who favored unification speak his mind but there were no takers. A further suggestion that in order to set the record straight those present give voice tothe reasons Why they opposed unification so far As North Bennington is concerned provoked immediate response. Robert Woodworth a Long time faculty member at Bennington see uni Neati on Page 14, col. 4 lbs and critic sen. J. Vav. Fulbright left one of the leading critics of president Johnson a Viet policy chats with him wednesday during the visit at the White House of a Good will delegation from Austria. Arlington Hoard seeks p expansion of schools Arlington a school directors Here wednesday night left Little doubt they Are sidestepping any Union school involvement at the present time and will instead ask voters to approve a Bond Issue late this summer for urgently needed additions to Fisher elementary and Arlington memorial High schools. Meeting with or. Rupert Spencer director of special services state department of education and Alfred t. Granger of Alfred t. Granger associates a Hanover Architectural firm to talk Over revised plans the school Board said total Cost to the taxpayers should be about $330,000 after state Aid. School Board chairman Walter Corey said the amount includes some equipment in the proposed additions which would include six extra classrooms Library music see Arlington Page 14, col. 7 Hoff expresses concern on Telephone monitoring Montpelier up a Arthur w. Hughes Vermont commercial manager of the new England Telephone co., wednesday acknowledged that the company is monitoring Long distance Calls in the state. Hughes who held a special news conference to explain the practice said a some 700 to 800 Long distance Calls each month summer arrives showers yesterday washed away some hot and humid weather but while it lasted scenes such As this one snapped by an envious Banner photographer at Lake paran tuesday afternoon became inevitable. Although not official until next week summer has come to Bennington. In Burlington Are he said the practice is called a service observing Quot and added that it is done to determine a if the Best possible service Quality is being provided to the Hughes noted that As of june i the monitoring of Complete Long distance Calls ceased. A prior to that Date Quot he added a a selected Long distance Call was monitored from hello to he said he did no to know whether a few Calls might be monitored completely still and assumed that the new policy of the company was being followed. The manager explained that the monitoring is done in a room separated from the main switchboard. The observing room is open Only to a highly qualified and trained Small switchboards Are connected into the main Board he said and the observer can listen but not talk. A the observer is on his own honesty to unplug from the Call once she has determined the Call went through Quot he stressed. Hughes said the monitoring personnel Are All women usually local Telephone operators who have undergone an a intensive three week training jurisdiction of the observers is in the Central office of new England Telephone in Boston. A the service observing is be a continual thing Quot he emphasized a but is done Hughes said monitoring is done periodically in Montpelier White River Junction a and other areas of the Public service Board chairman Ernest Gibson Iii and gov. Philip h. Roff expressed grave concern Over the practice wednesday. Hoff said he Felt such a practice might constitute an invasion of privacy. Hughes said a the monitoring is done objectively and solely for the purpose of determining the Quality of service. I done to believe we Are infringing on anyone a privacy nor do we wish Gibson has asked William French general manager for Vermont for a written report. Morehouse sentenced to prison new York a former state Republican chairman l. Judson Morehouse of Ticonderoga was sentenced to a two to three year prison term for his role in the Playboy club liquor License bribery Case. Morehouse 52, was convicted May 20 of bribery and taking unlawful fees in a conspiracy to get the Bunny club a License through a $100,000 payoff. The former gop Leader his arms folded Over his Chest showed no emotion As state supreme court Justice Abraham j. Gel Linoff imposed sentence. He ordered concurrent terms of two to three years on each of the two counts on which Morehouse had been convicted. At North Village meeting t

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