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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 10, 1966, Bennington, Vermont I a limit Igloo Banner Friday june to 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials new China policy vice president Hubert Humphreys commencement speech at West Point May Herald the first real attempts by the Johnson administration to revise . Policy toward China. The speech was undoubtedly a feeler to test Public reaction to a possible revision of our policy of non recognition of the government that rules one Quarter of the worlds population. Humphrey in a speech that reflected widespread demands both in Washington and elsewhere for a rethinking of our relationship or Lack thereof with China said that the . Would attempt to Widen its contacts with the red chinese a to build Bridges and to keep open the doors of continued isolation of the asian communists he told the West Point graduates a Breeds unreality de is i or press All hut lil it Ernp after Reading Sam Ogden s column on this Page today and on previous fridays we had almost been persuaded that the press is so dominated by Liberal editors that a conservative idea hardly Ever appears in print. After a Little reflection however it strikes us As strange that Sam and others who think As he does should be convinced that a a liberals so completely control the dissemination of ideas in this country. As a matter of fact there is a Good Deal of evidence to the contrary. In Vermont for instance the Burlington free press has a circulation almost equal to the Banner the Rutland Herald the Brattleboro reformer and the Springfield times reporter combined. The free press has an editorial policy that should move Sam to tears of Joy. Across the Connecticut River Wil Ham Loeb a Manchester Union Leader is probably farther to the right than even Sam would care to venture. The Union Leader new Hampshire a largest paper is so aggressively conservative that its critics regularly accuse it of impeding the free flow of ideas and intimidating candidates for Public office whose views Are even slightly to the left of Radical right. To the West of us in Albany n.y., or. Hearse never known for his liberalism has the final say As to what appears in print. And at the Southern end of the Hudson the new York daily news one of the largest mass circulation dailies in the world feeds its readers a steady diet of hysterical anticommunism that could eventually Lead one to suspect the Vermont Dairy Queen of being a red Stooge. Editor s holes despite some controversy or at least discussion As to whether the Sells Gray circus had obtained required state and local licenses the show did go on thursday evening. The firewater ate fire the tight rope walkers walked across a tight rope the elephants rolled Over when told to do so and the trained poodles mimicked humans. The clowns per lesions and he urged that the . Treat Mainland China As it has the communist states of Eastern Europe. The vice president pointed out that All american attempts to ease ten Sions have been belligerently rebuffed by communist China. But he urged that the . Persevere. A change in . Asian policy will be difficult to bring about not Only because of China a hostility but because of opposition at Home. Nevertheless Humphreys speech demonstrates that the administration is aware of the importance of change and is even prepared to actively promote it. The formulation of a realistic China policy May not be As far off and hopeless As it May seem. In the South and Midwest editors and publishers with a few notable exceptions Haven to drawn a Liberal breath in centuries. And right Here in the Banner buddhists students peace marchers and civil rights leaders Are exposed As part of some evil conspiracy or other As often As they Are hailed for their enlightened humanitarianism. Sam and John Chamberlain miss no Opportunity to Point out the flaws in the reasoning of Walter Lippmann and Alan Sophrin and visa versa. Sam and his fellow conservatives Are apparently still a Little sensitive about the almost unanimous rejection by the press including normally Republican newspapers of Barry Coldwater gop candidate in the 1964 presidential race. They must not forget that it has not always been this Way however. In 1952 and 1956, most american newspapers so vigorously opposed Adlai Stevenson that there was widespread talk of a a one party and in 1960, Richard Nixon had the Edge on editorial pages Over John f. Kennedy. It hurts to even recall How Harry Truman was castigated and ridiculed by the nations editorial writers. If the liberals Are now exulting because they have achieved a somewhat better balance in editorial comment since the late 1940s, then it is certainly understandable to us if not to Sam. Perhaps Sam is looking for a paper that shares his Contention that one room schools should not be replaced by big centralized ones. If so he is probably out of Luck. As a matter of fact Sam defends the Little red schoolhouse As Well As anyone we be read. The irony of the situation lies in the fact that same a column appears every week in the Banner which has Little sympathy with the one room philosophy of education. Formed All sorts of atrocious stunts. The roustabout a the men who set up and move equipment for the performers a looked appropriately like Elvis Presley and the master of ceremonies at the Side show sold a naughty Little item guaranteed to make the possessor the life of any party. It was great fun for everybody but especially for the kids who probably wont see another elephant until they go to Africa with the peace corps or to Viet Nam with the army. Fischetti Sparks from the forge liberals Swallop Buddhist myth m a two undo you re out. Today and tomorrow restraint of nato meeting reflects realization that cold War is ending by Walter Lipp m Ann Washington. The opening Day of the Brussels meeting of the nato Powers have Given us impressive and Gratifying exhibition of responsibility by All concerned. This is most evident in the fact that faced with Gen. De Gaulle a strike against the principle of an integrated military command the other 14 governments Are choosing to act with what might be called judicial restraint. They have set aside a great confrontation about the Western Alliance and like Good judges they Are proceeding to make Only such decisions As Are practically and immediately necessary. A of first it is necessary to find a new location for the nato command establishment which is now in France. But while the 14 expect the new location to be in Belgium they have not attempted As yet to make a final decision on this Point. For there Are Many problems to be solved there is much negotiation with the belgians to be carried out and All of this will take time. Simultaneously the 14 have refrained from having a showdown which might involve not merely the integrated command Structure but the existence of the Alliance itself. The 14 have made no decision so it appears at this writing to move the nato Council which is a political Organ the lighter Side away from Paris. This is a Strong indication of their Hope and belief that in spite of appearances the Western Alliance which exists by virtue of the original nato treaty will survive. A of if this mood prevails and endures we shall have avoided the temptation to Cut off our nose to spite our face. For As Long As France continues to be As she says she is a willing member of the Alliance the working out of planning and Liaison arrangements to replace the integrated command is not at All an impossibly difficult problem. But if France withdraws from or is pushed out of the Alliance itself if As a result France becomes a Neutral like Switzerland and Austria the military consequences would be enormous. The closing of the French air space to nato planes would in effect Cut the Alliance into two parts a Northern part consisting of West Germany great Britain the Low countries Denmark and Norway and a Southern part entered on Italy and the Mediterranean members of the nato. This would be an impossible military situation and it is therefore vital to the existence at any kind of Western military Alliance that France should remain a member of the Alliance. This fact has nothing to do with the character of any French governments. It results from the geography of Europe. A of the prudence and caution of the 14 reflects we May assume their growing realization that an historic process has begun in Europe which Points to an end of the cold War Between Eastern and Western Europe. The political Intercourse Between the two parts of Europe has become increasingly Lively in All manner of official visiting Back and Forth. In Many ways the most striking of the developments is the agreement Between West and East Germany to hold uncensored live television debates. For this May turn out to be the Harbinger of the kind of Intercourse among germans which will in the course of time bring about a settlement of the German problem. It can be said that if the general prospects in Europe continue to be favourable the Basic reason for this is no particular act of statesmanship by any government. The Basic reason is the historic fact that the europeans Are outliving the cold War which has divided them for a generation and that a new postwar and Post revolutionary generation is moving in. Tin it amp a Days by s Ami Al it of. By \ Landgrove. I have an interesting collection of newspaper clippings Laid out before me Here. In a recent column i stated that prof. Arthur Schlesinger jr., in View of the talk he made in Newark n.j., was one of a Large and articulate group who would permit the communists the Sanctuary of the Buddhist pagodas a conclusion based on the report Marguerite Higgins made in her posthumous Book a the Viet Nam miss Higgins Book has received the haughty stare and the Down the nose snub from the lit it eral press and that Means practically All the press. At the same time these purveyors of the news have continually proclaimed the infamy of our country in our a a persecution of the Noble peace Loving and innocent buddhists. That there is something queer in this line should have been apparent from the fact that the actions of Quang the Leader of the so called a buddhists a have been consistently militant and warlike and devious whereas the principle Tenet of the Buddhist religion is non belligerence and Amity. But the lovers of a a democracy chose to ignore miss Higgins Well documented Story and Are now shouting for the head of Premier by on a Platter in a fashion similar to that which the head of diem was delivered. Recently a new pattern has emerged and promptly the custodians of the sacred tapestry have set their weavers to work so that the heretical new design be obliterated and the picture of the whore mongering americans versus the saintly a a buddhists remains undisturbed. Richard Critchfield asian correspondent of the Washington Star sent in a dispatch that was printed in that paper on May 24, and subsequently distributed by the associated press. I have examined three local dailies and one metropolitan paper concern Long this matter and this is what i discovered. Two of the Vermont dallies printed the Story on May 25, the other did not nor could i find any account of it in the new York times. Of the two Vermont headlines one read a newsmen held by buddhists Bare myth of popular cause a the other a Buddhist a myth collapses in weird the Vermont paper that did not print the Story is not i believe a member of the associated press but this should not inhibit the reporting of an event that contained such profound implications As the one under consideration. Rather on the 25th, the non associated press paper printed on the frontage a photo of Buddhist monks and nuns scattering As tear Gas bombs explode in front of the . Embassy in Saigon thus strengthening the myth. A of in one of the papers which did print the dispatch there a it geared on the following Day the 26th an editorial headed a Pagoda incident a which concludes As follows a the incident at the Danang Pagoda in which three newsmen were injured is one More serious obstacle to the . Efforts to stabilize the government and make social and economic improvements possible for South Viet Nam. The callous indifference to human suffering is the natural result of More than a decade of War and Devil the weavers Are hard at it a the almost incredible cynicism toward human life of Buddhist monks and rebel political commit sars. A is simply the result of ten years of strife and being humane ourselves we should quit turn the whole matter Over to the a a commissars a repudiate our Honor and abandon East Asia to the communists the Case of the new York times is even More Peculiar in View of its wide readership and immense prestige. As far As i could discover there was no mention of the incident on the 24th when the article appeared in the Washington paper nor was it mentioned on the following Day unless my search has been faulty. On the Day that Critchfield a big Story appeared in the Star the times had a signed article by Emanuel Pearlmutter reporting on the speech in Atlantic City delivered by Secretary general u Thant of the United nations in which Thant called for discussions with the soviet Union and communist China. In a sure that or. Thant is a very intelligent fellow and he realizes just As Well As any of us that if there were Points that could be reconciled the parties in question would not now be in South Viet Nam. The same old Story let Schlesinger and u Thant finish that which Owen Lattimore and the Institute of Pacific relations started so Many years there is no Point in quoting from Critchfield a horrifying account Here even though it was not available to the readers of this paper. Those who Don t want to believe wont in any event and those who wish to examine the evidence can look it up in other papers. Suffice it to say Here that according to an associated press dispatch of May 27, rep. Ii. B. Mcdowell or. Of Delaware has raised the question of bogus photographs in the House. Under question is one distributed by both the a and the up apparently the same scene which Critchfield described As the most outrageous of All and that was of a a wailing baby someone had propped against the body of a dead woman for the photographer s new York primaries show vulnerability of Republican party in the Northeast w ill Auto safety Campaign undermine our Economy Lluc Curz is amp Yimm complicate. In the of Myc Urz mar or tary quit Florz about m Moor to my its is the moored Bomar or Amer car ? by Dick West Washington up a the Auto safety scare As some people Call it is being blamed in part for the decline in new car sales this year. The Auto Industry slump in turn is being blamed in part for the current Stock Market dip. Unless we keep our wits about us this could Lead us to the alarming conclusion that Prosperity and traffic accidents go hand in hand. I have no statistics before me but it is apparent to anyone that car wrecks have become a major Factor in the National Economy. They provide employment for millions of Tow truck Drivers and mechanics. They keep insurance companies booming. And when the damage is beyond repair they create new car sales. There is no need however for anyone to Rush out and Start printing up a help stamp out traffic safety stickers. Other actors Are at work which should More than take up the Slack that various safety campaigns might produce. The Way to continued Prosper Ity was pointed out by sen. Paul h. Douglas d-lll., author of a Bill to establish a program of Auto burial insurance. As Douglas told a Senate Public works subcommittee millions of junked cars a Are now rusting away along City streets and Rural lanes a or a Are piled on the growing junk heaps stretched from coast to a my Bill would help to get rid of them by writing into Law the principle that every car should carry with it funds for its own burial a the senator said. Car owners would be required to pay at the time of Purchase an excise tax that would be used to finance a junk Auto disposal program. This massive undertaking would of course provide a powerful economic stimulant. Even if the junking rate should be reduced by fewer accidents the backlog is big enough to boost employment figures for years to come. By the time the residue is 1 depleted we Likely will have reached the Point where it costs As much to get rid of an old car As it does to buy a new one. This is known As balanced Economy. By John Chamberlain new York. At two ends of new York state the forthcoming Republican primaries will give voters the Opportunity to speak on the question of whether willingness to support the Coldwater National ticket in 1964 must forever ruin a Many a chances to remain in politics Eastern style. In the Buffalo area of Western new York John Pillion a Coldwater Delegate at san Francisco is fighting to win primary endorsement for his old lost seat in Congress. And in the Swank North Shore third congressional District of Long Island former . Rep. Steve Derounian another Coldwater supporter is trying to fend off a june 28 primary Challenge from a capable new York lawyer named William j. Casey. The Derounian Casey embroil ment is peculiarly interesting because it illustrates in microcosm the terrible vulnerability of the Republican party in the Northeast. In California it was entirely possible for two aspirants to the Republican nomination for governor to obey at least until the very last weeks of the Campaign a so called a Lith commandments not to attack other republicans. But in new York Connecticut Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the Northeast there has been no such truce party cannibalism in this part of the world seems to be a prescribed rite. And so on the North Shore of Long Island Republican Bill Casey has been lambasting Republican Steve Derounian As a troglodyte an anachronism and All that. The Odd thing about it is that Bill Casey is quite a Good conservative himself. Moreover Steve Derounian although he was for Coldwater two years ago was actually More of a Dick Nixon Man. And both in 1964 and in 1966, Derounian who insists that he is a Republican first and last has consistently refused to accept the embrace of the new York conservative party. Derounian has been writhing under Casey a attack and also doing a Little feuding with the new York conservatives at the same time. It does no to make much sense. Nor does Casey a characterization of Derounian As a backward looking disaster mean anything in particular save As a i exists Concession to demands supposedly imposed by the necessities of Campaign oratory. Its tax bad that grown men who should respect each other get led into the unseemly Fra cases that grow out of the requirements of a practical for Derounian has a right to try to reclaim his old congressional seat and Bill Casey has an equal right to put some of his constructive ideas before the electorate. Casey is campaigning in a Rich District where upper Middle class incomes predominate. He is a free Enterprise from away Back. One of the Points in his platform is a proposal to broaden the base of american Stock ownership. A we Are not creating new own ers fast enough a he says. During the past 14 years the number of families in America with annual incomes Over $10,000 has increased from 1.3 million to 10.8 million a an eightfold gain. Yet the number of shareholders in american business has had Only a threefold increase in the same time. Something is Rotten Here. Bill Casey who can afford to assume there is a Good Deal of financial sophistication in his District makes speeches objecting that our tax Laws work to make the issuing of common Stock an inferior method of financing new capital construction. As he says it costs an industrialist Only 3 per cent after taxes to finance new investment through Bond issues on which the interest is deductible whereas it normally takes 6 per cent after taxes to pay a dividend on a Stock Issue. So there Isnit much new Stock being issued and Stock ownership in America does not expand As it should. A a a Bill Casey wants to see the Laws changed to make widespread Stock ownership attractive. When he outlines proposals to spread profit sharing plans or to finance Stock purchases As we now finance the Purchase of automobiles or dishwashers or Homes he is the reverse of demagogic. But such manifestly Good ideas when they come from republicans of the Northeast tend to get All mixed up with the feuds dating Back to 1964 a and in such an atmosphere nothing Good can Hope to survive in november. The Republican enmities of june Lead to democratic majorities on election Day. Ila in or the Middle ars you have reached Middle age when you have Learned to take care of your health and intend to Start any Day now. A he ire Ahll is h. Lee Mien

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