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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Jun 9 1966, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 9, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4 a Bennington Banner thursday june 9, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials North Village is. The lev the North Bennington trustees criticism of the role of the league of women voters in petitioning for another vote on unification is in part justified. The lev does seem to have departed from the function it has assigned itself to study issues impartially and to disseminate information. But after scoring this one Point the trustees shots go far wide of the Mark. In the first place the lev did not a a Force another vote All by itself As the statement trustees issued this week seems to suggest. The ladies did circulate petitions but the vast majority of the taxpayers who signed Are in no Way connected with the organization. Secondly the Law permits a group of citizens to petition for a new vote and the lev and the people who signed the petitions were Only exercising a Legal and legitimate right. If the result is distasteful to the North Bennington trustees or to anyone else then that is one of the penalties of living under a democratic system of government. To criticize the lev for circulating a petition despite Quot voted opposition of Bennington Village trustees selectmen and the unification study committee Isnit fair either. A combination of All the great minds on these August boards is perfectly capable of making a wrong decision and that is one of the reasons Why the right to petition exists. Whatever the decision the lev has a right to disagree. The lev can be berated then for coming out so strongly As an organization for unification. But there is no reason Why its members As individual citizens should not circulate the petitions. Their mistake perhaps was that they acted As members of the lev and not As individuals. Finally the first paragraph of the North Bennington statement collapses in pure emotionalism when it states As a a known fact that Bennington Rural residents voted strongly against unification and would therefore be a forced editor s ots no decision in Bennington Ever seems to be final and the Lloyd Bevins junkyard controversy is As Good an example of this As any. First he was denied a junkyard License and then he was granted one. Now the License has been declared invalid and the application procedure has to begin All Over again. It May get tiresome but it certainly keeps the local newsmen and lawyers Busy. Of there Are any Snake experts around they might go Down to de Flynn a House com in in t Insburg s mockery of the i irs Inte dment la Stone s weekly what to find offensive in Tho obscenity cases is Tho posturing of Ralph cd in Burg Ono of the main defendants. A America is no longer a peace Loving country a Ginzburg told the press after Thi supreme court upheld his conviction a but it is also no longer a Liberty Loving country a a this Effort to cloak himself in the Mantle of Thomas Jefferson and at the same time grab onto the coat tails of the peace movement was characteristic of a Young Man unwillingly a along with North Bennington and old Bennington into a unified town. Since there was no breakdown of the Bennington Village and Rural vote this fact is not known at All. There Are on the other hand Many who feel that the Rural vote was fairly evenly divided. What really is at Issue in the controversy Over the unification vote As is finally pointed out by the statement is timing. Another vote and perhaps several More votes will certainly be held and North Bennington will have the same numerical disadvantage As in the first one. The Only question is when the next vote should be held. The Banner has previously argued that a vote this summer is premature. We feel that voters have other important issues to consider and have their minds on Many other things during june. A revote in september or october would not conflict with these Early summer activities. We also feel that a Cooling off period and a Chance to reconsider is important after any close vote on a controversial Issue. The second paragraph of the North Bennington statement raises another important Point and that is that a delay would provide an Opportunity to suggest changes in the unification act to make it More palatable to voters. Trustees might have gone a step farther and noted that changes could also be suggested in North Bennington s status As a municipal entity. For North villagers might just As Well accept the fact that unification of Bennington town and Village is going to take place if not this year then within five years. If the North Village will join Only if forced to then perhaps it should begin to consider some other arrangement for itself. In any Case the vote has been set for june 21, and there is not much that can be done about it. We again urge every Legal voter in Bennington to express his opinion. And have a look at the 3% foot Serpent that some think May be a Rattler. A picture of de holding the Snake appeared in wednesdays Banner. In his column wednesday Extension agent John Page described the problems caused by the voracious Alfalfa Weevil which is busily gobbling up the Hay on Bennington area farms. Farmers Are spraying their Fields and taking other Steps to keep the pest under control. We Hope they succeed in preventing serious damage to most of their Hay crop. Who seems to come straight out of a what makes Sammy the evidence at the trial showed How far he would go for a dubious Dollar. Originally he tried to mail his publications from two tiny Rural Post offices in Pennsylvania one called Intercourse and the other Blue balls in order to exploit the off color suggestion in their postmarks. Since neither was Large enough to handle the anticipated volume of mail his application was denied and he had to Settle for Middlesex get it. . A publisher who spent so much Effort on such adolescent outhouse leers was engaged in a pretty tits Tel Ess operation. This bore As much relation to what Jefferson meant by Freedom of the press As running a Bawdy House does to Freedom of Assembly. Fischetti professor at Large illegitimate have no rights in of or it ii. Com Iii Quot a Pound tue a n Dulle de5k drawer and Tuey fit r a ski to it on ailing Mcnamara tries to avoid stockpiling by spending Only on immediate needs by Mari is Childs Washington. The arithmetic of the Viet Nam War is a constant concern of Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara. Needled about Viet Nam costs in the new budget a based on a phase out of the War in mid-1967 a he has a Quick answer. The goal is to keep purchases closely in line with immediate needs. The korean War ended with $12 billion of excess material. This was almost a total loss. Mcnamara is determined to see that that does no to happen again. A of two conspicuous examples of the Way stockpiled material is mishandled with the taxpayer caught in the Middle emphasize the importance of restraining the military from Rushing out and buying everything in sight. The Case of the bargain basement Iron bombs got pretty Well aired. The air Force in March 1963, sold 7,500 conventional bombs to a West German dealer for $1.70 a bomb. The nitrogen in the explosive was to be used for fertilizer and the Metal for scrap. In the fall of 1965, As the air Force began to run Short of bombs 5,500 were bought Back for $21 each which compares with an initial Cost of $330 a bomb and today a Price of $440. Although it had a far greater Impact on Many americans another example got less attention. Hundreds of letters began to pour into Congress most of them from elderly pensioners complaining that the Cost of a drug they were required to take daily for a heart irregularity had doubled and tripled and then gone up again. Many said they could not afford to pay for the pills on their meager pensions and they wanted to know Why the big increase. The drug was quinidine with a quinine base. Sen. Phillip a. Hart chairman of the Senate anti monopoly subcommittee started an investigation. The facts that came to Light were to say the least startling. A of under the Chaperon age of the state department a dutch Cartel was Given a Clear track to buy virtually All of the quinine released from the Stock pile. This was close to 9 million ounces at an average Price of 20 cents an ounce. Within four to five years the Price had gone to $2 an ounce. While ostensibly the whole amount went to the dutch Cartel part of it ended up in the hands of West German purchasers. One of the witnesses was Robert Price who later managed John Lindsay a Campaign for mayor of new York and is now Deputy mayor. Price counsel in 1960 for a Small new York drug manufacturer testified to the methods used by the general services administration to bar american firms with limited resources from acquiring any of the Stock pile. Onerous requirements including an Advance five year guarantee of payment underwritten by a letter of credit made it difficult for prices company and others to participate despite appeals to the Small business administration. Committee investigators put into the record documents out of state department files showing collaboration with the dutch. This went on despite the fact that the firm said to represent the Cartel was under a permanent anti Trust injunction prohibiting fixing of prices in this country. Price testified that the dutch interests at the time of the Stock pile Deal were arbitrarily setting the world Price at 20 cents an ounce. A i must admit that in i960,�?T�?T Price told the committee As the various documents were read into the record a that i did no to believe these things could happen this Way. I did no to think they would be put in one thing that sent the quinine Market booming was the Panicky action of the Pentagon in ordering an investigation in Europe of the possibility of re acquiring part of the Stock pile. As More and More americans were committed to Viet Nam the threat arose of a new and More virulent form of malaria and the havoc it could create. While the number of americans hospitalized with this form of malaria is classified it appears to be much smaller than anticipated. A of compared to some of the stockpile abuses these Are Small potatoes. One of the flagrant cases involved the . Hanna company in Cleveland on the Nickel Stock pile. The initial contract was put through by George m. Humphrey the company a chief officer just before he became Secretary of the Treasury. A Federal judge in ordering a refund called it a a classic Case of unjust but for several Hundred thousand persons dependent on quinidine this was no Small matter. And As an example of the kind of manipulation that can grow out of stockpiling excess material they make Mcnamara a Point for proceeding with caution. These Days Williamstown mass. Recently eminent counsel in Chicago was refused a hearing in the supreme court on the question of whether an illegitimate son could sue his father not for support which is covered by Illinois statute but for denial of Legal parentage the right to inherit and Freedom from the stigma of illegitimacy. A of the plaintiffs father had defrauded the Mother by promising marriage in the event of offspring though he was already married. The Illinois court held the son had no contractual rights in this Promise for it did not run Between father and son. The boy could not rely on any statute for no legislature has provided such a right nor does one exist in common Law. Roger Taney chief Justice of the supreme court who wrote the dred Scott decision once ruled that a fall illegitimate children Are the fruits of this May be but though the crime is not that of the offspring he has no redress against the crime of his be getters. The court held the absence of privity Between father and son precluded suit. They acknowledged the crime of the father adultery but could a person not in being at the time of the fraud use it for his suit the Mother could sue the father and the state could proceed against both but the son had no standing against his parents since he was not in being when the Promise was made. A of the judge speculated that if thermonuclear radiation so affected the reproductive cells of future parents As to physically and mentally harm their offspring these children could recover though they were not in being at the time of the nuclear explosion. Yet the court refused to Grant any remedy for mental suffering or defamation on the part of the illegitimate son. They were reluctant to create judicially what they Felt would be a new right. Though there were no precedents to support the son his right to sue As one not privy to the Promise of the father had a parallel in an Anicent Case. Carl Carmer in his delightful Book a listen for a lonesome drum a about upstate new York was too pushed for space or too kind to relate the sad tale of Caroline Piper of Herkimer. This Hamlet was named after Nicholas Herkimer who so staunchly fought the redcoats under col. St. Leger at Oriskany that they failed to join Burgoyne assuring the defeat of the British at Saratoga. Oriskany was a Welcome local Victory for it put an end to the British giving the senecas and mohawks $5 for every Farmers Scalp. They named a Village for Nicholas Herkimer who Riding into Battle on his White Charger was killed in action. A of nothing Ever happened in Herkimer until Early this Century when Clyde Griffith was tried for the murder of Sonia Finchley to give Theodore Dreiser the springboard for his great novel a an american nothing that is except the sad tale of Caroline Piper. In 1842 Andrew Piper died leaving his farm to his sons James and Fred with the stipulation that if Fred died without heirs his share would go to James or his heirs. In 1859, Fred sold his interest to John Hoard. To legitimate be his deed Hoard subsidized Catherine Hogel of nearby Utica to visit Fred for purposes of marriage. Hoard assured Catherine that Fred if blessed by offspring would have farmlands beyond the dreams of avarice or at least beyond the dreams of Utica. Then As they put it in the novels of those Days there came a time when the evil deed was consummated. As usually happens there was Issue an heiress. But Only after the words were said Over Catherine and Fred. When father Fred died daughter Caroline sued to be de dared the owner of the land deeded by her father to Hoard. A of i am delighted to report that in this Case Justice triumphed through the person of judge Francis m. Finch onetime professor of Law at Cornell and author of the sad poem a the Blue and the a to say of plaintiffs Mother a intoned his Honor a that she was too ready to marry a Man because of the Money he had or that she was an adventuress induced to marry solely by fraudulent misrepresentations does not furnish the least reason for refusing Relief to the so the rights of the unfortunate illegitimate have depreciated in the last Century. During the suffrage struggle Carrie Chapman Catt complained the status of women was As Low As that of children idiots and negroes. How about the illegitimate Rohlin Kennedy picks i it Good idea for private redevelopment of slums quotes Vav / got pretty Boms Tim in of pm War room. To of Miro if i watch too me Rohal warfare was awhile the reason we have had riots on the american campuses is because no one has challenged Young America to take on creating the right revolution in the whole world. We believe that a new generation can be trained with the character toughening problem solving nation saving skills that this age demands. A a Clanton Belk . Director of moral re armament people who Tell me there is no god Are like a 6-year-old boy saying that there is no such thing As passionate love a they just Haven to experienced it. William Alfred playwright. Women who read fashion magazines occasionally want to be amused. And nudity is amusing a if tastefully done. But women want something More from fashion. They want to know about respectable trends that Are right elegant new important a and above All wearable. Nude fashions Are vulgar a nothing More. A Marion Christy Boston Globe fashion editor. Although every citizen has a moral or social duty to assist the police there is no Legal duty to that effect. Britain s lord chief Justice Parker. By John cd a Mai Blain new York. You be got to hand it to Bobby Kennedy. He a Quick on the Uptake. And every so often he seems to grasp the Point that there Are Only a limited number of things that government can do for people without leading to a corruption of the society in which we All must live. Bobby a ideas Are not necessarily his own but this should not be held against him. Senators Are not supposed to be original geniuses they Are merely to be held accountable for the soundness of the ideas they pick up from one source or another. And when Bobby Kennedy suggested at a recent dinner meeting of the National association for the advancement of coloured people held in Honor of solicitor general Thurgood Marshall that a privately financed development corporation be formed to rebuild the slums he had a firm grip on a sound idea. As the senator developed it for the dinner guests he suggested that the slum dwellers themselves should be employed on the reconstruction projects with part of their wages being paid As Stock in the development corporation. This might not please certain Lily White construction unions but that would not bother a senator who once took on Jimmy Hoffa of the teamsters in unrelenting Battle. There was a tremendous irony connected with Bobby Kennedy a Espousal of the idea that he outlined at the Thurgood Marshall dinner. And this column May possibly have played a part in the unfolding of that irony. Lets look a bit into the past. In the first place the idea for a self help slum rehabilitation corporation was originally proposed by a negro neurosurgeon or. Thomas a Matthew of the new York City Borough of Queens. Or. Matthew has been trying against great Odds to finance a general non profit inter Faith and interracial Hospital in Queens without taking Charity for it whether from the government or from private foundations. He wants the Hospital to pay its own Way through Bonds that will eventually be redeemed. The Matthew idea for a privately financed self help slum rehabilitation corporation was set Forth in this column More than a month ago. It was or. Matthews Hope that the idea could be brought to the attention of two important republicans gov. Nelson Rockefeller of new York state and mayor John Lindsay of new York City. Rockefeller of course has Access to private capital. Said or. Matthew a Elf Nelson Rockefeller would forget the political approach and set up a free Enterprise corporation to support negro businesses and voluntary non profit undertakings head not Only get his Money Back but head make enough friends to get himself elected a of As republicans Rockefeller and Lindsay belong to a party which is notoriously in need of some Good alternatives to the democratic or Sargent Shriver approach to solving the problem of the big City slums. Or. Matthew quite frankly had Given up Hope that any Democrat would care to Advance the idea that private capital might succeed in Broad scale slum rehabilitation where the government is now making a mess of things. Hence his turn to a party which most negroes since the beginnings of the Franklin Roosevelt Era have chosen to desert. The wheel of irony however never ceases to spin. A month went by and or. Matthew heard no word from either gov. Rockefeller or mayor Lindsay. Then came the a act dinner for Thurgood Marshall and to and behold a democratic senator who happens to be a brother in Law of Sargent Shriver Rose to say a Reliance on government is dependence and what the people of our ghettos need is not greater dependence but full Independence not the Charity and favor of their fellow citizens but equal claims of right and equal Power to enforce those this was offered by Way of introducing the idea for a privately financed slum rehabilitation corporation that or. Matthew had hoped would Appeal to the republicans. Bobby Kennedy even As Nelson Rockefeller has Access to private capital of the senator follows up on the idea or. Matthew might be willing to bet that Bobby will not Only get his Money Back but will make enough friends to get himself elected president in 1972. Letter in to it Lair say a a it to the editor of the Banner i am writing to say How much i enjoy Carl Ramsey a column in the Banner. Boy scouting in my youth led me to Bird watching and it is a never ending source of pleasure to my wife and me. We live just on the Edge of the City and so have Many feathered friends. You May wonder at my Reading the Banner. As a journalism teacher i am always interested in newspapers. I have found that Small town papers Are far More up to Date on journalistic trends than their hide bound big City counterparts and Are far More attractive to the Eye from the standpoint of Page makeup. The Banner is one of my favourites. Also after two Brief summer visits to your Section of new England i have become attached to it and dream of the Day when i can summer each year in southwestern Vermont. Until that time occasional visits a graduate school eats up the Summers almost completely a and the Banner must be partly satisfying substitutes. . Bryen Cambridge Ohio. Ii

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