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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 3, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 8-Tjennington manner monday june 3, 1963 cardinals will run Church pending new Popes election Vatican cheap it a the illness of Pope John Xxiii focuses attention on the roman Catholic Chuck s College of cardinals. To Frise 82 princes of the Church represent the Popes Senate. They Are his closest advisers and collaborators. Cardinals also head Vatican administrative bodies that manage the Day to Day affairs of the Church. It will be the cardinals gathered in secret conclave who will elect a new Pope. Almost certainly they will choose one of their number. With the Pope dying More work is certain to fall on their shoulders particularly on amleto Cardinal clog Nail Var can Secretary of state who spent a Quarter Century in Washington As apostole Delegate. The 80-year-old italian Cardinal is probably better acquainted wit i Pope Johns thoughts and policies than any other prelate. But Only the Pope can act on such matters As his ecumenical Council and diplomatic negotiations the Vatican is said to have entered with communist Hungary and Poland. The Pope is the absolute ruler of the roman Catholic Church. It recognizes no substitute for his authority. Catholics feel he holds supreme Power As the successor of St. Peter. His dominant role is reflected in the provision that an ecumenical Council is suspended automatically on the death of the Pope who convened it. The new Pope can leave la suspended or reconvene it. The Prospect in the Case of prolonged illness is that the Vatican administrative agencies will continue to handle current affairs leaving major problems in abeyance. In an interregnum Between the death of one Pope and the election of another such a situation also exists. The cardinals have an even More prominent role and the Central figure is not the Secretary of state but the Cardinal chamber lain Benedetto Alois Masella. In the period of interregnum All cardinals present in Rome will meet daily to handle routine business. The Chamberlain will serve As a sort of interim administrator. Not less than 15 Days after a Popes death and not More than 18, the cardinals must meet in secret conclave to elect a new pontiff. The next conclave will meet under rules revised by Pope John last october a month before he became seriously ill. The next conclave will be the biggest Ever for Pope John enlarged the College of cardinals. At present it has 29 italian members and 53 of other nationalities. Although the relative strength of the italian group is smaller than it has been in centuries it is Likely that the next Pope will be italian. There has not been a non italian pontiff since the dutch born Adrian i elected in 1522. Negroes learn How to take beatings at demonstrators9 school in Jackson Kun Tor s so to an unusual school run by the con Gress of racial p Quality in Jackson miss., teaches youngsters the technique of non-1 Tole Nee. Students learn Hon to sit in Hole to pit bet and Hon to take heat tugs Jackson miss. Apr about 25 negro High school and College students sat in a semicircle in a Corner of a Large auditorium intensely watching a Quot White lunch counter Quot a two Small tables and two chairs. David Dennis of Jackson 22, mortality rate for to shows continues High by Cynthia Lohry a television radio writer new York apr somebody and i think it was Richard Boone a couple of seasons Back when he was getting bored playing Paladin year after year wearily suggested a Law limiting any television series to a maximum life of three seasons. This viewer to Vang spent the past season flipping dials and sampling programs now wishes there were a Law giving every program a full season in which creep into the hearts and habits of the Public before a decision is made about its continuation. But alas in network television of a series Falls to grab an enormous audience according to the rating services estimates a a couple of months after its debut its Fate is sealed. No cd a Quot Sam Benedict a now on reruns and due to disappear in september is a Case in Point. It began As a breathlessly Busy show with one major plot and two or three subplots in each episode and left the viewer tired and dizzy. Then it slowed Down improved and simplified its Story lines and after a couple of months became a Good entertaining show a not great but Okay. Speaking of lawyers the seasons record for sudden death has been chalked up by no cd Slegal soap opera Quot Ben it made its debut in april. It Dies at the end of this month. That roving Quot route 66�?T�?Tshow on lbs has its problems trying to dig up new dangers for its heroes each week in a different town. Too often on Friday nights the series turns up with a Story pegged to a theme of Small town suspicion ignorance and intolerance. Last week s episode about a group of Small town Folk ready to assault a tramp suspected of bringing tick fever into town was typical. Ifs not a very Nice image the series projects nor one suspects a fair one. Recommended tonight Quot David Brinkley a journal a Abc 10-10 30 Edt a the newsman explores commercialism at Gettysburg. Nice problem Washington up a the North african kingdom of Libya Long poverty Ridden now has a More pleasant problem instant Prosperity. The problem is to set up a sound spending program for an estimated $500 million in Oil royalties and taxes that foreign Oil companies will be paying Libya Over the next five years. Large Oil deposits were discovered in the country in l j59. A Field worker for the Congress of racial Equality Cor conducted a class on non violence for the youths training to take the places of other negroes arrested at lunch counters downtown. Quot James is sitting at a White lunch counter. Mrs. Robinson is a White waitress. This is a White agitator Quot Dennis said. James Wooten 16, a Jackson negro High school student asked for a cup of Coffee. The Quot waitress Quot Willie Robinson 26, of Taylorsville miss., gruffly replied Quot sorry but we done to serve niggers in the Quot White agitator Core worker George Raymond 20, of new Orleans a rushed Wooten slammed him to the floor beat ing him on the shoulders and kicking at his face. Quot no no. You got too Many places open a Dennis interrupted. Quot you could get a judo chop on the Back of your neck. Curl up pull your Knees up Crouch up. Lets try it by the third try Young Wooten rolled smoothly to the ground pulling himself into a tight Ball with his hands clasped protectively behind his neck. A that was Good a Dennis said. Dennis working with Raymond and Tougaloo student Betty Poole said 100-150 youths were trained last week. The numbers were heartening he said Quot but of they done to think they can be non violent we done to let them take part in demonstrations. They flunk the . Likely to continue financing peace units United nations . Apr prospects Are Good that the . General Assembly will adopt resolutions to continue financing the world organizations peacekeeping operations. But no Assembly action is expected to draw such funds from the soviet bloc. Secretary general u Thant got a weekend Progress report on the negotiations on the finance proposals from chief s. O. Adebo of Nigeria chairman of the Assembly a 21-nation working group on finances. Adebo would give no details of the talk. But other diplomats said the negotiators have drafted four resolutions a one to finance the Congo operation for the second half of 1963, another to finance the Middle East operation for the same period a third to collect assessments owed for the Topper actions and a fourth to Lay Down general principles for financing future peacekeeping operations. The resolutions with wide sponsorship probably will be submitted wednesday or thursday and come to a vote next week. The resolutions Call for part of the Congo and Middle East costs for the second half of the year to be raised according to the scale of assessments for the regular . Budget and part according to a special scale affording reduced assessments to underdeveloped countries. The reduction would be made up by voluntary contributions from industrialized countries. One draft Resolution lays Down the principle that expenses of peacekeeping operations Are the collective responsibility of All . Members. Its adoption is expected to help get some of the Back assessments owed the Conge account by about 65 nations and the fiddle East account by about 55. Dixie lawmakers stall . Housing Bias ban Washington up a hundreds of african diplomats and thousands of Washington negroes Are waiting to see what will come of the latest assault on racial Blas in the nations capital. This time the attack has been mounted against housing Bias which has caused deep embarrassment to president Kennedy and the state department in relations with Many african nations. The three commissioners of the District of Columbia who comprise the executive Branch of the local government have decided the time has coma for a ban on racial discrimination in housing. But since Congress which in effect is Washington a City Council has final legislative authority the commissioners have deferred their ban to give Congress itself time to act. But Congress divided As it is Between liberals and Southern conservatives May not be Able to take any action. In that Case the Ball will be Back with the commissioners who can be expected to run with it but possibly at their own peril. That is because the House District committee which is dominated by southerners already has indicated How Little it likes the proposed ban. And the committee with life and death Power Over District legislation can make 100 s new Low prices Heinz baby foods strained _ Junior to 88 6 78 Low Esi for Ces in town Salem a super Market things uncomfortable for the commissioners who must come to it each year for every kind of favor. So a Battle is shaping up. And among the most interested spectators is the state department which feels in the words of one of its officials that the United states Quot cannot conduct effective foreign relations when on the basis of color alone representatives of other nations along with our own citizens Are denied suitable housing in Washington. Sentiment for the ban built up last Spring when the . Commission on civil rights held hearings. The commission heard 40 witnesses including four from the department of state. Pedro a. Sanjuan the departments assistant chief of protocol reported on a canvass made in 1961 of 211 luxury apartments in North West Washington. Only eight would accept african diplomats As tenants. A year later a second Survey showed even More resistance. This sort of discrimination the department Felt is a painful Thorn in the Side of United states foreign relations. When the hearings were Over the civil rights commission recommended that the District commissioners Issue a regulation prohibiting racial discrimination in the Sale rental or financing of housing. Commission president Walter n. Tobriner said they will give Congress Quot a reasonable Opportunity Quot to consider a Bill. This might mean that if Congress Falls to act the commissioners will move next Winter after the current session is recessed. But whenever they move it probably will be with some apprehension about How the House District committee will react. 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