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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 30, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Fair generally sunny today with no important changes in temperature and continuing fair tonight. High today to mid 80s, with temperatures averaging several degrees above Normal tonight and sunday. Mainly dry through weekend with possible Shower activity monday. Bennington Bennington Banner saturday july 30, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 20,132 to cents faces arraignment monday speck spirited to county jail Chicago up Shotgun packing guards spirited Richard speck from the City jail infirmary to the Cook county jail Friday in secrecy so great the county jail Warden Learned of it Only moments before the prisoner arrived. The 11-2 Block Transfer of the accused killer of eight nurses was made As City jail doctors decoded reporters to a jail Yard news conference and pleaded with them to guard against any Chance of an assassination like that of Lee Harvey Oswald. Warden Jack Johnson revealed that speck was brought to the county jail in a prison Van almost under the noses of reporters and photographers. He was promptly processed As a maximum Security prisoner. The Warden said speck accused of stabbing or strangling the student nurses in their townhouse dormitory july 14, was docile during the Transfer and made no move to escape. Johnson ordered speck kept a for an indeterminate time on a Day to Day basis in the jail Hospital under the eyes of an around the clock guard. The Warden ruled out placing speck in a cell immediately after a conference Between City jail and county jail physicians. Or. William Norcross medical director of the City jail infirmary said speck had recovered sufficiently from a heart ailment and self inflicted gashes to face arraignment monday in criminal court on eight murder indictments. Speck was assigned to a 24-bed Ward currently occupied by 12 other patients. Two of the Beds were moved out to create additional space around specks bed and Johnson said one guard would be on duty in the Ward at All times. Norcross said the secret Transfer was decided upon on Short notice Friday after authorities read newspaper stories that reported the move was to be made sometime this weekend during Early morning hours. A there Are All kinds of Cranks in the Community a Norcross said. A we wanted to take absolutely no risk of what happened in it was the first time the 24-year-old Seaman had left the infirmary since he was brought there from Cook county Hospital Early july 17. A Young doctor washing away the blood following specks suicide attempt in a skid Row flophouse had found the Tell tale Tattoo a born to raise and informed police his patient was the Man named by police supt. Orlando w. Wilson As the killer. Johnson told newsmen he had strike end voted Dublin up a striking Bank employees Friday voted to end their three month walkout and Are expected to return to work next wednesday. The strike originally involved Bank workers in Northern Ireland but that strike was settled two months ago. The strike Over wages closed 900 Banks in the Republic. No Advance warning that speck was being transferred until he was told in a Telephone Call that interrupted his lunch that a speck is on the Way to the county a i went out to the fire escape overlooking the receiving area and i saw two trucks pull in a Johnson said. A four guards stepped out of the first one. All were armed with pistols and two also had shotguns. A four prisoners were ushered out of the second Van. One of them was Johnson said two guards Rode in the Van with speck. The Warden said he went to the receiving area and had county guards take personal charge of speck. Word of the Transfer spread to the rest of the press corps from two newspapermen who had been lunching with Johnson. Moments earlier or. Norcross had appealed to reporters on the Lawn of the City jail to make no attempt to learn when speck would be transferred. A the Pride of Chicago and the press Are at stake a he said. He made it Plain that Chicago authorities were fearful of a repetition of the slaying of Oswald although he did not refer to Oswald by name. The Assassin of the late president Kennedy was killed by Jack Ruby a police station Hanger on As Oswald was being transferred from one Dallas jail to another through a crowd of newsmen. A the events surrounding the Transfer of a maximum Security prisoner in Dallas were regrettable a Norcross said. A we ask the Media to voluntarily refrain from asking any further questions. A we would suggest that the Media voluntarily absent themselves from the House of correction City jail. The route of Transfer and the county jail so that whenever the Transfer is considered feasible the prisoner can be transferred readily and without incident. By that time speck had been transferred. President announces strike settlement its official town councilmen Guy h. Phillips left and Edward v. Gorman hold a Flag recently accepted by the town of Hoosick As the official Banner to represent the town. The Flag made by Joseph Barber local historian and artist will be carried in the coming Bennington Battle Day Celebration in Walloomsac aug. 16. The Date 1688 represents the year that King James ii granted patents for the land. Beaumont missing u2 plane found in Bolivia Pilot killed la Paz Bolivia up a the . U2 spy plane which disappeared thursday crashed in the bolivian province of Caranda near the chilean Border killing its Pilot the presidential palaces press officer reported Friday. The announcement said the plane was completely destroyed in the crash. It quoted several Farmers in the area As saying that one of the engines caught fire before the plane crashed into a Mountain about 3,300 feet High. . Southern command Headquarters at Quarry Heights in the canal zone said an identification card bearing the name of Robert d. Hickman Pilot of the u2 was delivered to in the Remote Oruro by local Federal court orders Louisiana reapportionment authorities Village of Wermers. Hickman disappeared apparently while on a reconnaissance flight Over Cuba. A massive air search was begun Early Friday stretching from Panama to the Borders of Chile and Peru. The High flying spy plane failed to make a planned turn Between Sarasota and key West Fla. Thursday after taking off from Barksdale fab la. It was believed the Pilot capt. Robert d. Hickman 32, of Alexandria la., lost consciousness possibly due to failure of his oxygen equipment at High Altitude. A spokesman for Barksdale fab at Shreveport la., said Hickman was stationed at Davis Monthan fab at Tucson Ariz. The spokesman said that the u2 Only made a Stopover at Barksdale. The in mrs. Hickman and couples six children live Tucson the spokesman said. The . Army a Southern command Here said efforts to reach Hickman by radio were unavailing and said it was a practically confirmed a the Craft continued flying under guidance of its automatic Pilot. A Southern command spokesman said it was estimated the u2 s fuel would have been exhausted by 2 ., Edt thursday. This fact coupled with the planets Glide potential would make the farthest possible area of a crash the peruvian chilean Border. The u2 was last sighted on radar Here at an unspecified time thursday. Its bearing at the time was 175 degrees from Florida. Main difficulty in focusing the area of a crash was the fact no one knew at what Altitude the u2 was flying when last sighted. Washington up a agreement to end the 22-Day-old airlines strike was reached Friday night and president Johnson announced the settlement to the nation by television. Terms of the agreement Between the International association of machinists and the five struck airlines were not disclosed pending ratification by the Union membership sunday. P. L. Roy Stemmer the Union president said that the negotiators would recommend approval by the rank and file. He added a we feel sure the agreement will be a spokesman Tor the five Johnson a statement Washington up a text of president Johnson a statement announcing settlement of airlines strike a both sides of the negotiating parties in the airlines strike Are Here with me to report that they reached agreement on the terms of a settlement. A the agreement reached a few minutes ago Between the five airlines and the International association of machinists is essentially within the general framework of the presidential emergency Board recommendations. A obtaining a settlement within this framework has been the objective of the administration Ever since the Board made its report. A the fact that productivity has advanced so rapidly in the airlines Industry Means according to All participants in the settlement that this settlement will not be inflationary. A unit labor costs in air transportation will continue to decline thus assuring that this settlement will not contribute to any increase in prices paid by the Public. A the details of this agreement must be presented to and thoroughly discussed by the members of this Union in order that they might act upon the recommendations of their leaders this sunday. A was soon As the membership votes the full details of their vote and settlement will be airlines a United Eastern trans world National and Northwest said they planned to have flights in the air a within hours after ratification. He said it would take 24 to 72 hours More to resume full operations. Johnson assured the nation that the settlement a will not be he said it was within the framework of recommendations made by a special presidential Board that investigated the dispute. A obtaining a settlement within this framework has been the objective of the administration Ever since the Board made its report a he said. A the fact that productivity has advanced so rapidly in the airlines Industry Means according to All participants in the settlement that this settlement will not be inflationary. A unit labor costs in air transportation will continue to decline thus assuring that this settlement will not contribute to any increase in prices paid by the the president then put aside his prepared statement gestured to the Union and management representatives beside him and said a we Are very proud that these gentlemen have reached this Johnson introduced to the television audience William j. Curtin chief negotiator for the airlines. Curtin stepped to the microphone and said he was a pleased that the settlement of this difficult and prolonged dispute has been reached through free collective next the president introduced Stemmer who said his negotiating committee would recommend the settlement to the Union rank and file. He added a i feel sure it will be ratified by our Johnson then concluded the Brief television appearance by saying a thank you gentlemen and god bless you the special emergency boards recommendations made on june 8, called for a wage increase of 48 cents an hour to be put into effect Over 42 months. This was rejected by the Union. The Iam sought a 53 cent an hour increase for its top rated mechanics who now earn $3.52 hourly along with a Cost of living clause and improved vacation and health benefits. The carriers accepted the emergency Board recommendation and used its terms As their offer. The terms of the settlement while not disclosed were expected to provide a pattern for pending contracts throughout the airlines Industry. Braniff Northeast and Continental airlines whose contracts with the Iam expired at the same time As those of the struck lines Are expected to accept the terms of the agreement. The agreement came after More than 12 hours of continuous bargaining that started Friday morning when Johnson called the negotiators to the White House and urged them to work for a settlement. Airline officials predicted that the carriers could get Back into full Domestic operation by tuesday and resume their International service within a week. Their estimate was conditioned on Union ratification of the agreement within two Days. Library Park dedication set sunday w the Garden Park in memory of the late Bradford Smith located behind the Bennington free Library will be dedicated As planned this sunday with ceremonies scheduled for 3 Vandalized last week but now restored to Beauty the Park will be dedicated to Smith a noted Shaftsbury author who died in 1964. Brief remarks and a Reading from his works in the social room of the Library will be followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony outside. The Public has been invited to attend. Presiding Over the dedication will be John e. Flitcroft of Bennington president of the Bennington Friend a of the Library. The organization together with the Bennington rotary club Are co sponsors of the program. Brief remarks Are expected to be heard from atty. Norton Barber representing Library a trustees and directors and from or. Willard Goyette rotary president and John Rothrock librarian. The Reading from Smiths works will be made by f. Ellwood Allen a close Friend of Smith whose firm the Allen organization designed the Park. new Orleans up a a three judge Federal court Friday ordered both houses of the Louisiana legislature to re apportion on a one Man one vote basis by Jan. I and threatened a at Large elections for the entire state. Circuit judge John minor Wiscom speaking for the three judge court said a unless the legislature adopts and submits a constitutionally satisfactory plan by Jan. La 1967, they must run at Large in subsequent elections. He said this would hold even if a plan is submitted after Jan. I. Wisdom said if one House of the legislature adopts a plan and the other does not then both houses must run at Large. He also said a Louisiana state Law requiring each Parish a or county a and each Ward in new Orleans to have one representative would not be allowed in the plan for the House of representatives. Atty. Gen. Jack Gremillion argued before the court issued its order that the House should not be required to re apportion because it was re apportioned in a 1963 special session on the basis of the 1960 Federal census. But the court said the legislative action in 1963 was not a True reapportionment simply a reallocation of 25 seats. Gremillion said previously that he would Appeal directly to the . Supreme court any order affecting the House. Local officials hear thaa director study Low rent housing for Bennington i anese soviet foreign minister and mrs. Andre Gromyko participate in traditional Tea ceremony on their visit to Kyoto during a sight on a diplomatic Mission. Up in traditional Tea ceremony on the ceremony seeing trip while he is in Japan by Warren Buckler Bennington a new housing authority planners and selectmen indicated thursday evening that they favor moving ahead As quickly As possible with the construction Here of federally subsidized Low rent housing for Low income families and the elderly. Members of the three boards heard a detailed explanation of the Federal program under which subsidies Are available from Arthur Schechter of new York City assistant regional director of the Federal housing assistance administration an Agency of the department of housing and Urban development. Schechter also outlined the Federal requirements that a Community applying for Federal subsidies must meet some of which could present problems for Bennington. Schechter explained that his Agency is prepared to help communities interested in a a developing housing for Low income semilies and the elderly. The government he said pays the Cost of Low rent housing construction by amortizing Over a 40-year period Bonds floated by a local housing authority. The rents paid by occupants of the housing projects cover operation and administration. Because the projects Are completely tax exempt he said the government pledges a payment to the town in lieu of taxes. A it does no to Cost the Community a plugged Penny a he declared. Nevertheless he stressed the program is strictly a local one. The housing authority according to Schechter is a Semi autonomous body appointed by the selectmen. The authority subject to certain controls by selectmen decides what to build for whom where what the rules and regulations will be and selects an architect. The government dictates Only a minimum the authority can also rehabilitate or lease older buildings. The local authority also holds title to the land on which it puts up any new construction and since tile meaning of a flow income is relative and varies from Community to Community sets rents. Rents however must be sufficient for maintenance and operation and must be within the ability of Low income families and elderly persons to pay. When asked by a housing authority member How Many units Bennington should apply for of it goes ahead with a project Schechter said that census figures showing the number of sub Standard housing units and past experience indicate the town could use 30 units for semilies and 75-80 for senior citizens. These estimates he noted Are quake recorded in n. . Area new York up a a slight earthquake in the new York area was recorded at 12 37 . Edt Friday by the Seismograph at the Ford Ham University seismic Observatory. Rev. Joseph Lynch Observatory director said he could not determine the direction of the tremor which he estimated at 90 Miles from the City. He also said that a housing project could be completed within 18 months of the application. An application takes about two months he said to process. Housing authority members indicated that they would like to begin looking for possible Sites and submit an application As soon As possible. The government Schechter explained insists on the formation of a housing authority instead of making the local governing body responsible for the project so that there will be no charge against the bonded indebtedness of the Community and in order a to remove from the realm of politics any housing for an unfortunate segment of our otherwise he said people will Call up their selectman and Tell him that a i want to get in and if i done to you wont get my the government has one major prerequisite however that the Community must fulfil before any application for funds will be approved. It must present for approval a seven Point a workable program for Community this a workable program requires the Community among other things to have building plumbing housing fire and electrical codes a comprehensive plan a staff to coordinate the plan and administer the codes analysis of various areas in the Community and what role each would play in a Community program plans for financing various programs plans for housing families displaced by slum clearance or through enforcement of the codes a citizens advisory and code review committee. Schechter told the two local boards that the a workable program assured that the Community would take Steps to eradicate blight and to prevent the Extension of blight. A the government a he asserted a a won to put Money into a Community that has policies that permit blight or poor housing to remain. We done to want to pay for decent housing in one part of town if there is bad housing elsewhere in he noted however that the town could take Steps to meet the requirements of the a workable program Over a number of years As Long As some Progress was made every year. John c. Burdison Albany n.y., Bennington a planning consultant reminded the planners that compliance with a a workable program is a prerequisite for All major government sponsored construction programs including Urban renewal. Bennington has almost completed its comprehensive plan one of the main Points of the a workable neither the town nor any of its villages however has enacted building or plumbing codes. Selectman Joseph Higgins noted that Bennington Village trustees have presumably been hard at work on building codes for better than a year. He said he would Call a meeting with Village president Henry Mallory to find out what Progress the Village Board had made. Hamilton Shields a member of the housing authority noted that the Community coaids adopt an number of existing codes including one drawn up by the Federal housing authority. Bennington in other words would not have to go to the trouble and expense of drawing up its own codes. He also noted that owners of older buildings Are Given a certain amount of time to bring these structures up to Date. Schechter outlined the controls retained by the selectmen Over the housing authority. Selectmen he said must agree to form the authority and appoint its members. If the authority applies for subsidies for a specific numbers of housing units selectmen must pass a Resolution authorizing the application. Town fathers must also approve the site chosen by the housing authority. Bur Dis urged housing authority members to decide on the criteria for Sites for any housing project. He suggested that the planning commission and the authority meet aug. To to decide on potential Sites so that these can be incorporated in the comprehensive plan which is about two months away from completion. on the inside Jean Wassick comments on property reappraisal a Page 3. An editorial Calls for action on a Public Park a Page 4. Pictures and Story Tell How students earn and learn in summer activities a Page 5. Stock car Drivers talk about their sport a Page 12

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