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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 27, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy and Cool increasing cloudiness and Cool tonight with Low temperatures in the 50s. Mostly Cloudy thursday with Little temperature change and Chance of rain developing by late in the Day. Yesterdays High 82 Low 53. Today at 7 ., 54. Total precipitation of Inch. Sunset 8 21 . Sunrise 5 36 Benning Bennington Banner wednesday july 27, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 20,129 to cents Hagerman Sunrise spectacular for Early risers nature provided a spectacular Awakening for the new Day this morning. As the Sun Rose above the Bald Mountain Range to the East through a heavy mottling of Clouds it lit up and began to dissipate the Lake of ground Mist that had settled in the Valley during the Cool night. The View Here is from the Hill above Fairdale farms. Bennington taxpayers Challenge Validity of reappraisal try Bob Hagerman new questions and the possibility of direct voter action tuesday night were raised in a Challenge of the Basic Validity of the new 1966 grand list of the town which has incorporated an across the Board reappraisal of properties by town listers. A group of some 80 aggrieved taxpayers appeared before selectmen to express their dissatisfaction with the Job that listers have done and to seek a Way in which alleged a Gross inequities in the new grand list can be corrected. Atty. Joseph o Rourke of the Rutland Law firm of Ryan Smith hotel owner protests Auto Law Manchester a Thomas j. Farley president of the Equinox corp. Here said today he has made a personal protest to gov. Philip h. Roff concerning the ticketing of his employees cars with Florida registrations. Vermont Law says any Florida resident who comes to Vermont to work must Register his car in Vermont after the first pay period elapses. According to Farley enforcement of the Law has caused several of his employees to leave the Equinox House to seek work in other states not having the requirement. The $32 Cost of the registrar Tion is apparently the reason. The hotel president said he has been informed by the department of motor vehicles that Vermont has no reciprocal agreement with Florida regarding Short term workers in the two states which accounts for the Law. But Farley claimed the Law is discriminatory because a Large percentage of his employees come from Florida each year. Farley claims it is impossible to hire sufficient numbers of hotel workers locally. Though six of his workers cars have been ticketed for the violas Tion so far Farley said the Law had Seldom been enforced until this year. And carbine who represented a smaller group of taxpayers among the larger group which attended the meeting raised two possibilities both bearing on the Validity of the new grand list. In one of these he suggested that a special town meeting could be called for a determination by voters As to whether or not a the grand list As filed should be accepted or rejected in the other he pointed out several of what appeared to be technical flaws in the receipt by listers of an Extension of their grievance Day deadline and in their filing of the new grand list with the town clerk. The possibility that voters themselves might invalidate the grand list was immediately challenged by town counsel Norton Barber who Felt that voters had a no authority Quot to take action on a matter relating to the valuations of property something which he Felt was the statutory responsibility of listers alone. At a later Point he told the group that he a would take some convincing Quot to be shown that a vote of approval or disapproval of the grand list by town voters would have any effect. While initially the group of it geared ready to seek an in Meek late town meeting to vote on such question Barber appeared to prevail when he said that the question of the Validity of any such vote should be determined before such a meeting were called. He and o Rourke said they would attempt to reach an agreement on the questions of Law involved a o Rourke acknowledged that he would have to do More research before he was sure that such action could be taken a and would report their findings Back at a special Public meeting set for 8 . Next tuesday at the Bennington county courthouse. O Rourke believed that he and Barber could come to some agreement on this Point but he suggested that they might Well differ on the question of the grand list s present Validity As related to the several technical Points which he raised. He indicated that the Only Way any differences might be resolved in this Case would be through court action. The two Points which he raised on the latter score were a the apparent fact that the see grand list Page to col. 2 Snelling outlines program Montpelier up a a sweeping program for strengthening and developing Vermont s natural resources beefing up Law enforcement and providing better health and welfare services was outlined today by gop gubernatorial candidate Richard Snelling. Snelling outlined a program at a news conference Here for conservation and development of natural resources he considers a priority item for Vermont. He said communities should receive state Aid to Purchase and develop Parks and recreational facilities. In addition he said a system of hiking Riding and Cross country ski trails should be established. Snelling also said the department of water resources needs More trained personnel to combat water pollution and enforce anti pollution Laws. He said the anti pollution program in the state is running Between to and 15 years behind. The Shelburne businessman advocated a full scale cleanup of Roadside advertising through More stringent legislation. He said there is no need Tor Roadside billboards other than those which advertise Vermont facilities and services of interest to the travelling Public. In the Field of Law enforcement and Public safety Snelling said a no Man should be permitted to Wear a badge unless he s highly trained and he proposed establishment of a special Law enforcement training school and called Tor uniformity in Law enforcement procedures. He also recommended inauguration of a a Point system Quot for dealing with habitual Highway violators patterned after those in Connecticut and new Jersey. Snelling said the state police Bureau of criminal investigations should be beefed up to provide More investigatory work in smaller communities. Second robbery police and spectators View the scene in front of the Entrance of the veterans administration Hospital in Boston where tuesday three masked bandits shot and wounded two guards and then stole some $60,000 from an armoured car right. This was the second such robbery in the area in four Days. Up Fri investigates heist at a Hospital Boston up Fri agents today poured Over a a substantial amount of physical evidence Quot left behind by bandits who Cut Down two armoured car guards with sub machine gun fire and fled with $68,000 in Cash and checks. Police commissioner Edmund l. Mcnamara said there was enough evidence in tuesday s heist at the Jamaica Plain veterans administration Hospital a to possibly make some the Fri primary investigators because the robbery took place on Federal property had no comment. The unspecified evidence was gathered from a Blue panel getaway truck found abandoned Wisconsin supreme court kills braves Quot anti Trust conviction grand list filed up 25.5% from 1965 local residents interested in How the actual 1966 grand list for Bennington compares to the 1965 grand list have their answer today. According to the abstract of the list filed with town clerk miss Mary Hodeck monday by listers the new town grand list As it now stands is $173,918, including polls. This compares to the 1965 grand list of $138,-580, an increase of 25.5 per cent. Various local municipalities including the town and Bennington Village approved 1966 tax rates based on an estimated 25 per cent increase while the Bennington school District based its on an estimated 30 per cent increase. The breakdown of the grand lists for these smaller taxing districts within the town was not immediately available to see if the percentage increase May have varied somewhat from the Basic town increase. The grand list total is still subject to change As a result of revisions in individual property assessments which listers May make after hearing the grievances of property owners in grievance Day proceedings now under Way. According to the notice of the state tax commissioner granting an Extension on various deadlines related to preparation of the grand list listers Are supposed to Complete their hearings of grievances and notify property owners of their decisions in each Case by aug. 4 and Are then to file the new grand list Book with the town clerk by aug. 13. Madison wis. Up a the Wisconsin supreme court today reversed the unprecedented state antitrust conviction of the braves and the National league and ordered the Case to be dismissed. The decision was a Bombshell to Milwaukee s Hopes of getting Back into major league baseball. The state suit had been started because of the braves move to Atlanta after 13 seasons in Milwaukee. Attorneys for the braves and the league had contended All along that when . Supreme court exempted baseball from Federal antitrust legislation More than 40 years ago that decision shut out the states from acting in the Field. The state High court has been considering since Early june baseball a Appeal of Milwaukee circuit judge Elmer rollers ruling that the move of the Milwaukee to Wisconsin anti braves from Atlanta violated Trust Laws. The National pastime has won several antitrust cases tried under Federal Laws but this was baseball a first test under antitrust Laws of a state. Some Legal observers believe Wisconsin a antitrust Laws Are in some ways More stringent than the Federal statutes. The Wisconsin suit was filed almost a year ago. A similar suit has been filed in Federal court in Milwaukee and has not been put on the Calendar. The final outcome of the Case will have a profound effect on baseball Slegal status and on Milwaukee a Hopes to rejoin the major leagues. Roller had ordered april 13 that the braves return to Milwaukee immediately or provide an expansion club by 1967. He Sayed his order pending an Appeal to the Wisconsin supreme court. Neither the state nor the defense have indicated whether they will press the fight in the highest court in the land. A mile from the Hospital and from ballistics tests performed on sub machine gun Shell casings and slugs found at the scene of the robbery. The two guards Donald bet Tano 32, of Malden and Bernard Fisher 31, of Danvers were in satisfactory condition at the Hospital. The Holdup a near perfect reenactment of a robbery staged in nearby Bedford last Friday took place at 12 45 . Bet Tano and Fisher employees of armoured banking service of Lynn stopped their armoured jeep in the Hospital driveway and began carrying two Money containers to the building. The Money was to be used to Cash payroll checks. Witnesses said the Blue panel truck pulled up behind the guards and three gunmen jumped out. The bandits dressed completely in Black except for Navy Blue ski hoods with yellow markings around the Eye holes began firing As soon As they hit the ground. Bettano and Fisher were knocked Down at once and had no Chance to return fire with their handguns. Two bullets hit the guards and at least three others went through Hospital windows. One Republican hopefuls claim Hoff idea As their own thursday deadline set on assessment appeals listers announced today that property owners who wish to Appeal their 1966 property assessments to listers in the current grievance Day proceedings must either appear at listers office with their grievance or Contact them for a future appointment no later than 5 . Thursday. They noted that technically grievance Day was monday and that while the actual hearing of grievances will have to run Over an extended period of time some notice by property owners that they have a grievance should have been made immediately. In order to meet the required deadline for the completion of Appeal proceedings listers Are thus now setting the no Tice deadline. Listers noted that any property owners who May be thinking of appealing to the town Board of civil authority cannot do so unless they have first appealed to listers and find that they Are still aggrieved. Marines on patrol a . Marine helicopter flies Over the Sang Ngan River Valley in South Viet Nam where operation Hastings one of the biggest operations of the War has according to a Marine spokesman a just about accomplished its purpose of driving a North vietnamese regular army unit Back across the Border. Up Montpelier up a Republican gubernatorial candidates Richard Snelling and Thomas Hayes replied late tuesday to gov. Philip h. Hoffs proposal for a joint agreement to shorten the next regular session of the legislature. Hoff in letters to both candidates asked them to Back a proposal to hold the 1967 general Assembly to four months. The governor said such a ses no Trace found of downed plane san Francisco us a the coast guard said today that a a maximum Effort Quot in the search for a plane with Brig. Gen. Joseph w. Stilwell aboard has failed to produce the slightest Trace of the downed aircraft. The aircraft Carrier Hornet relieved the Carrier Yorktown at the Hub of the search for the missing dc3, and 13 other ships and 30 land based aircraft continued today to scan a 120,000 Square mile area of the Pacific. Asked if the search was the biggest Ever made in the a astern Pacific a coast guard spokesman said a fall i know is that its a Damn big search a maximum the spokesman said visibility was about 1200 feet in most of the search area. But he said search planes flying at Low altitudes had Clear sightings in most of the area now roughly the size of new Mexico. Stilwell much decorated commandant of the Green Beret training Center at it. Bragg n.c., hitched a ride aboard the plane saturday night. Slon would encourage More qualified persons to run for the Vermont House and Senate because with the extended 26-week sessions the lawmakers could not effectively operate their own businesses at Home. Snelling said he agreed with Hoff that the next governor should do a everything in his Power to make the next session productive and however the Shelburne industrialist took Issue with the originality of the proposal As did a spokesman for Hayes. A More than two months ago i pledged that if elected governor i would seek to keep the session not much More than three months Quot Snelling said. Snelling also said he Felt the governor s letter was a an obvious attempt to play politics by using his letter to put himself Hoff in favor of an idea that Republican candidates have publicly according to Robert Carr chief assistant to Hayes a the governors proposal for limited sessions was originally advocated by Tom Hayes. Tom said earlier he would like to see split sessions with the first about 90 Days Long and the second two on the inside an editorial comments on state standards for private colleges a Page 4. Columnist Elizabeth Dwyer talks about the Days when the trolleys ran through Bennington a Page 4. Dorset artist has two one Man shows a Page 6. Buried itself in the Wall of an unoccupied consulting room while two others ricocheted above the Heads of operators at a switchboard before lodging in a Wall. No one but the guards was hit. A it sounded like a firing Range Quot said a Hospital staff member. As employees and patients rushed to Hospital windows the bandits grabbed the Money Laden suitcases from the fallen guards and tossed them into the truck. A red lets get the hell out of Here Quot one gunman yelled and the truck roared away closely followed by a White Sedan to which the bandits Are believed to have transferred. The entire operation took less than Mcxie minute. The truck bearing plates stolen Friday night from a vehicle in Hartford conn., was abandoned in Brookline a suburb. Doctors rushed to the Aid of Bettano and Fisher. Fisher suffered a shattered left thigh while Bettano was hit in the lower Back. Hospital director or. Francis b. Carroll said that Bettano had the More serious wound but that he was not hit in any vital Organ. A spokesman for the armoured car company said the suitcases contained Cash and negotiable checks cashed at previous stops but not yet marked As paid. The robbery was almost a Carbon copy of fridays Holdup in which masked men carrying sub machine guns got $131,000 in a brinks payroll robbery at the Mitre corp. In Bedford. No shots were fired in Bedford however. Authorities said the same gang might have executed both jobs. Two armoured car thefts earlier this year in Concord and Brookline yielded a total of $128,000. Confederate Flag brings protests Albany . A a connect Erate Flag was raised Over the new York Telephone co. Building Here last week As part of a stopping off Quot ceremonies at the company s 10-Story addition. No one was More surprised than c. W. Owens president of the Telephone company and the National association for the advancement of coloured people. Owens received a Telegram from or. Eugene t. Reed president of the new York state unit of a act objecting to the display of the Flag. Joseph f. O Shaughnessy manager of the company a Albany office denied that his firm was responsible. According to reports the Flag of Dixie was hoisted alongside a Bells system Flag and beneath the stars and stripes at the request of a number of southerners who were working on the addition. The raising of the Confederate Symbol was termed by o Shaughnessy a will considered and inappropriate Quot action on the part of contracting firm personnel

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