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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 16, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Plav reviews real Dorset a farce at Weston a bore Bennington Banner Friday july Lyl 19a5�?3at Saratoga satire the miser a comedy by Moiler opened last night it the Dorset playhouse presented by the caravan theatre to run tonight saturday and sunday staged by Patricia Brinie Baa i setting by Anthony Dingman lighting by George Wane hard with the following Oast Valere Ronald l. Savoy Kila Phyl Ila in Randorf it Cia Anta Mio Baa i Brett Harragon f we Carmichael to Mac he David Slevar Simon Warren Knowlton i Maine Mary Cartar Jacques Hap Lawrence first servant Faith Catlin second servant David Mchenry Mariana Reichert j ustice of the peace Peter von Mayrhauser clerk to the Justice Sally Forbes Seigneur Anselm William Gilbert see be steamers Donna Las Wilson Pat Carney by of a Connard Dorset. At 8 40 last night the curtains of the Dorset playhouse opened to reveal a classic of the French theater Mollere a Quot the in True 17th Century tradition of european theater the play enfolds in the course of one Day and in one definite area a in this Case a room in Monsieur Harp agony a the misers House. Also in the tradition of classic French theater this play dealt with a rather extraordinary Prol it Lein of the bourgeoisie yet it has the verve vigor and hilarious vitality of which Only the great satirical master Moliere is capable. The play opens with declarations of eternal love Between Valere Harp agony a Steward Ronald Savoy and Ellse the misers laughter Phyllis Nile Rendorio but the Romance appears to be doomed because of Monsieur Harp agony a lust for Gold for which head gladly forfeit not Only his daughters happiness but that of his son Cleante Michael Brett As Well. This misers sacrificial lust Quot Milf misery at Dorset a sextet of actors tries various ways of relieving Mollere a Quot misery of his Well guarded Fortune this weekend at the Dorset playhouse where the classic farce plays through sunday. To the left of Fred Carmichael front who stars in the comedy. \ Are from front David Siever Reichert and Mike Brett and to his right Mary Carter Phyllis Nierendorf and Ronald Savo Rinehart a Valley forge Quot pal Tern in Liberty Hall Ironstone China 45 pc. Set $ 2995 Ope n tonight till it . For riches and his desire for a Young wife who turns out to be his own songs love provides Moliere with a staunch pad from which to launch his play into an eve increasing orbit of hilarity and plot intricacies to a final Landing at a surprising denouement. The production of Quot the miser Quot last night actually was an exhilarating trip into the vast outer world of hilarity. Not just singular scenes created raucous amusement for the play goer but the entire play added up to one Gigantic laugh. This is no mean accomplishment for a director and Patricia Carmichael showed such great artistry in staging this play that not one line of the authors was wasted but All built to an overtone of enjoyment for the audience. Although the play opened slowly and there was a definite feeling that the actors were having a difficult time creating their characters on stage after the first to minutes or so the play Rose to an umbel loveable Point of Power and verve and continued rising. Fred Carmichael As Monsieur Harragon was a major reason for this play s powerful Rise. From the moment or. Carmichael first appeared on stage to the final curtain he lived the part of the miser Arith the constant High level of Energy and Joie de Livre comparable Only to a Premier Dan eur. The most enjoyable part of the entire production however was i Loithy Boom Bonn up a a record of 623,-000 new dwellings were built in West Germany in 1964, the Federal housing ministry reports. Officials anticipate another 600,-000 dwellings will be finished this year. About two thirds of the dwellings were built by private persons and More than one half of them were wage earners a ministry spokesman said. Vul you know you can have Cable to Only $350 compute connection your for if the Cable is already installed in your new apartment or House. Plus regular rental 2 Utica 3-Hartford a 4-Bennington weather i 5 Boston 6-Schenectady to Albany 13-Albany 17-. Educational better to inc. 317 main St. Bennington it. Diol 442-9395 Quot never too later a father and son in Law Are not so nimble in this Drunken Jig brought on by one of a series of predicaments in Quot never too late a now at the Weston playhouse. Harlan Grant plays the father the son is Lee Sparks. Fred Ewers portrays the policeman summoned by the mayor to silence them. Porter the fact that not one actress or actor greatly outshone the rest. The entire cast had a certain Esprit de corps so often missing in summer theater. Every actor on stage from the leads to the Walkons was living his role in relation to the play and to his fellow artists. If the theater had burned sometime in the second act the players would have left in character with Fred Carmichael bringing up the rear after having returned for his Money bags. If the acting continues in the same vein As last nights Dorset will have a troupe of players to be proud of. Two new artists with the car Avaner this year have shown great Promise. One is Mary Carter who in the past four weeks has played most effectively such diverse roles As a society Matron in Quot the pleasure of his company Quot a College girl in Quot take her she s mine Quot and the scheming Frosine in this week s performance. The other is David Siever who has strongly played such varying roles As the Mark Twain an Grandfather in Quot the pleasure of his company Quot the neurotic father in Quot take her she s mine Quot and the roguish servant la fleche in Quot the both these artists have added and hopefully will continue to add a great amount of Talent to the Dorset stage. Quot the miser Quot staged on the beautifully effective set by Anthony Dingman is a delightful must for this weekend s entertainment. It won t be a night at the theater that you la soon forget. Drink egg tavern san Francisco up a there is a tavern in this town that never serves a drink. It is a bar tending school and teaches How to make drinks but has no License to sell to the Public. Nov r too la to a comedy by Sumner Arthur Long opened Leat night at the Wanton playhouse to run tonight saturday Are sunday at 8t80 with a saturday matinee at 8 directed by Robert Ixl Hoher netting by Charles Schneebele with the following cants Grace Lambert Agnea Tracy Harry Lambert Harlan want a doth Lambert Marian Blake or. Jamee Al through Arthur Noaten Charlie Lee spark Kate Penny Odell or. Foley . Elwert mayor Crane Joe Tracy policeman Fred Ewe in Fly Paul he it Weston. There is not much the Weston players can do to Salvage Quot never too late Quot before it closes sunday night. This play is really awful a and a Sharp contrast in Quality to Quot Mary Mary Quot at the playhouse last week. What a the matter Quot never too late Quot is just Plain Boring. The former Broadway farce was never intended for anything but chuckles but even the jokes fall to meet the criterion for Home spun humor the occasion would seem to demand. Sample the following sap Harry go to the Kitchen and say something Nice to your wife. Chari in i will. If i can think of anything Nice to say As for the plot it has been spent by the end of the first act. Middle aged Edith Lambert is going to have a baby and All eyes have opened wide upon the Quot virile Quot papa who is pushing 60 and much embarrassed. But How Long can one keep the eyes open not for three acts. Once the great news has been revealed the remainder of the play consists solely of a series of haphazardly constructed predicaments which exploit this one bit of backyard Fence gossip in order to squeeze out a few jokes. The play ends in a furious Effort to tie up the Loose ends of the helter shelter plot in one big knot. A play like this can work loth for and against the players. They can think of it As a wonderful labor saving device for truly the jokes put on the play a not the actors. They need merely Ham it up a bit say their lines loudly and clearly and the jokes will keep the audience entertained if they Are funny enough. But if the players Hope to do some acting in this kind of play display their talents a Little their efforts May be in vain. Ifs confusing sometimes to distinguish bad acting from Abed play. We Are More prone to blame player rather than play Wright for a horrendous evening at the Thea k11 a Lar i ii is san Francisco up a san Francisco police reported monday that a burglar made an unsuccessful attempt to break into the property room at the Hall of Justice. The room contains More than $100,000 in jewels and Money plus evidence to be used against prisoners awaiting felony trials. Ter. Thus in a bad play Good acting May often go unnoticed. That May have been what happened last night. The acting was rough at times and polished at others. Penny Odell As Edith lamberts daughter performed skilfully in her Tongue in Cheek attempt to be alluring while attempting to get pregnant. She never forgot the fact that she is supposed to be Hinny not sexy even though she could be sexy enough of she wanted to. Her husband played by Lee Sparks though not always natural was nevertheless genuinely humorous in his spats with his Tother in Law. Sparks seemed to add a Good bit of unwritten personality to his portrayal and it was All to the Good. If anything could have saved the play last night it was creative acting such As his. Sparks hammed up his drunk act however. He could never Quot fake it Quot at a fraternity party. Marian Blake As mrs. Lambert brings too much sympathy to herself As the Well meaning mom. Consequently Harlan Grant the embarrassed joked about papa has a harder time winning the sympathy he deserves. Or. Lambert was the most believable character due almost entirely to Grants Fine Subtle Job of acting. Miss Blake and Grant must share the blame however for falling to convey the key sentiments of the play. Mama is Hurt because nobody wants her Toby. Papa is Hurt because he thinks everybody is laughing at him. At the end of the play each becomes aware of the others hidden Hurt and there is a reconciliation. Grant and miss Blake however failed to conjure up this Quot kiss and make up Quot sentiment. Another glaring dramatic oversight was the Lack of tension leading up to the walkout by the two husbands on their wives. This event should have Shook the stage but As it happened the event was merely recorded. In summary to see an Able cast struggling with a play that has a menial one thought plot shrouded in Sappy jokes go to Weston this weekend. The Bennington Banner t a phones business. .442-6300 newsroom. 442-2800 advertising. .442-2684 the Bennington Banner is published Dally except sunday and Legal holidays at 425 main St., Bennington vt., by the Banner publishing corporation. Member of United press International which is entitled exclusively to use for republication of All local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All up news dispatches. Home delivery by Carrier and motor delivery to per Day subscription rates by mall for 50-mlle radius and All Vermont 3 months j6.30, 6 months $11.70,1 year $22.50 elsewhere in the . 3 months $7.00 6 months $13.00 i year $25.00 special rates for servicemen. Second class postage paid at Bennington it. The International whisky. 7 every drop of the 40% straight whisky in sir John is 12 years or More old and blended with 60% of the choicest Grain Neutral spirits. Eighty proof Schenley distillers co., . The importance of being Earnest a comedy by Oscar Wilde opened last Nocht at the comedy arte theatre to run tonight through sunday designed and directed by Daniel 8, Krempel with the following cast Algernon Moncrieff a John Wynne John f. Thompsonjr. John Worthing Michael Holmes lady Bracknell Joyce Krempel Gwendolyn Fairfax Lee Lockheed Cecily Cardew Dorothy it Rohner miss prism i a lesson or. Chasuble Steven Parris Merrimac a Roy Stevens by Paul Aaron asides a part of her amusing role and did no to let them slow her Down or Lessen the strength of her characterization. However she too sometimes seems to hand laugh lines to the audience unnecessarily. Lee Lochhead As Gwendolyn was a Little too melodramatic especially in the first act and at times slowed the Pace while Cecily played by Dorothy Kirsch Ner both these girls Are students of the theatre school by the Way often sounded so much like Judy Holliday that it was hard to place her in the same world with All the other 19th Century hyper British characters. Other members of the cast Are also competent and help keep up the wonderful mood and spirit of the play. The set design also conceived by the director was Fine and Well executed As was the technical Side of the production in general. All in All the cast is Able and energetic. There done to seem to be any really weak links in this new company Schain and of the rest of their shows Are As funny As Quot Earnest Quot producer Richard Guyler has lived up to his Promise to Quot provoke laughter Quot through comedy in this area. Its great to see a new theatre venture get off to a Good Start and the fun and enthusiasm of the people involved in this Enterprise comes right across the footlights. With the support of Skidmore College they have refurbished a Small theatre added air conditioning for Comfort and Are giving audiences a very pleasurable evening of theatre. Star spangled Way to make your Money grow Plant some of your Cash in u. S. Savings Bonds and Start your own private Money tree. It wont mushroom overnight like a beanstalk. 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Savings Bonds Star spangled savings plan for All americans a the v s. Government Doe not pair for to in it v pre a a a re an a Public service in cooperation with the Treasury department and the advertising Council. Registration open for classes storting july 19, aug. 16, sept. 7 trophy technique hairstyling and hair colouring new Hampshire College of cosmetology to pleasant Street ext. Concord . Telephone 224-2555 Mem be r of. National Assn. Of cosm Etol Ocy schools Send today for detailed information to . College of cosmetology to ple Tont St. Ext., Concord . Name. Address. City state. Telephone no. Saratoga . The question that the director of the opening show at the newly born comedy arts theatre must answer is just How important is it to be Earnest in his present production Oscar Wilde wrote this play Quot a trivial comedy for serious people Quot As it is subtitled and each time i read or see it i Marvel at the Genius of its timelessness. Director Krempel however has inflicted an Overly cute style on the show which rather than bringing out the humor in this spoof on victorian manners often slows Down the Pace and gives the actors More than they Are All capable of handling a at least at this Point. In his own words the director tries to Quot emphasize the close relationship in comedy of the actor to his audience Quot but because of repetition and Lack of familiarly by most of the cast with his use of the aside to destroy Quot the fourth Wall Quot to give the audience a feeling of being in the play i done to think he creates the desired of feet. For an actor to use the audience and i wish that All the actors would at least look at instead of above them and still retain Contact with the world of the play on the stage must take much specialized training As Well As a Quot give and take Quot among actors which Only comes after working together for a substantial time time which will accrue As the company works further together during the coming weeks. The two male leads John Wynne and Michael Holmes do a capable Job although they might have been even better had their roles been reversed. Or. Wynne Falls into a pattern of starting most of his lines especially the ones calculated to get laughs in full voice and then letting them trickle Down to a whisper which is almost inaudible. The constancy of this pattern weakens his characterization which is unfortunate because he is certainly a polished performer. Or. Holmes was uncomfortable addressing the audience very often and he soon did no to pay them much attention which was probably All tile better for his role. Mrs. Krempel on the other hand possibly because of a familiarity with the style of direction did Best at managing to make the a i a a a a

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