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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 6, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Thundershowers partly Cloudy warm and humid with scattered thundershowers tonight. Low temperatures in the 60s. Showers ending followed by partial Clearing and a Little cooler thursday. Yesterdays High 87 Low 67. Today at 7 ., 68. Precipitation of Inch. Sunset 8 36 . Sunrise 5 17 Benning Bennington Banner wednesday july 6, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903 no. 20,111 to cents lbs optimistic about Viet War North Viet pounded san Antonio Tex. Up a president Johnson says a we Are on the Way to winning the War in Viet Nam. The president s cautiously optimistic views on Viet Nam highlighted a televised news conference tuesday on the Lawn of his ranch Home. Of we could Only solve the problem in Viet Nam and we think we Are on the Way to doing that we could have a world that is rather peaceful and generally prosperous Quot Johnson told reposes. Johnson planned to discuss the Progress of the War and the administration belief that munitions production can be Cut Back this fall in a conference this afternoon with defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara. The defense Secretary was stopping overnight at the Johnson City ranch in route to a Hawaii conference with . . Grant Sharp commander of . Forces in the Pacific. Supporting the appraisal that Quot we Are on the Way Quot Johnson said tuesday a in the stepped up air strikes on North Viet Nam . Planes have hit about 86 per Loose Goose apparently not wild one Manchester a the Canada Goose pictured on the front Page of saturdays Banner is still on the Loose but it s probably not a wild one. Mrs. John s. Mccormick or. Of the West Road in Manchester says she has Federal and state permits to keep Canada geese and has lost two of the Birds in recent weeks. The Goose has been seen in the West Arlington and Arlington areas along the Batten kill for the past week where it has been observed swimming along beside fishermen and generally acting As if the world and River were her Oyster. The Goose was last seen Friday night in the Back Yard of the Charles e. Canfield residence on . 7 where it stayed for a time after walking across the highways at the height of the Holiday traffic. The confident Goose stopped the traffic for a time and managed the difficult crossing uninjured. It then disappeared. Anyone seeing the Goose should Contact mrs. Mccormick in Manchester. Cent of the known Petroleum storage capacity and destroyed 57 per cent of it. He did not say whether this would reduce the rate of enemy infiltration from the North. A diplomatic reports indicate that the opposing forces Quot no longer really expect a military Victory in South Viet Nam Quot he did not reveal the source of such reports. A he Felt he had solid Public support in this country for the raids on Haiphong and Hanoi Oil depots saying he had been informed that Quot National polls Quot showed 85 per cent of the american people approving. Quot i think we did the right thing at the right time Quot Johnson said. Quot i Hope we can continue to be As successful in the Days ahead. As we were in this particular the implication was that the communists were hanging on in the Hope that . Domestic dissension or eventual War weariness would give them the gains in Southeast Asia that . Arms have denied them. The indications in Washington were that Johnson s report of evidence that the communists no longer expect military Victory was based on a general impression of the situation gained by combing reports received through various diplomatic channels rather than any specific piece of hard intelligence. As for the military Side of the picture maj. Gen. Harry a o. Kinnard former commander of the army s 1st air cavalry division in Viet Nam told newsmen tuesday Quot we Are winning the War militarily and can keep on winning it \.y. Legislature sets record Albany n. A the 1966 legislature Early today wearily adjourned after a protracted and one of the longest sessions in Many years. Prior to adjournment the tired lawmakers voted to raise their pay from $10,000 to $15,000 a year and included $2,000 increases in their annual expense allowances in the More than $280 million supplemental budget. The Overall effect of the Money Bill according to the office of gov. Nelson Rockefeller s office is to raise state spending for the current fiscal year beyond the $4 billion Mark for the first time in history. Rui i a l end Robert Kennedy and astronaut John Glenn discuss How tiring in it can be to ones legs to sit in a kayak for 40 Miles of the turbulent. Rapids torn i Hooters near Salmon River of Idaho. No return As they Complete their rugged trip up us receives Federal Aid for additional facilities the United counselling service Bennington county a Community mental health Agency has received a $51,750 Grant from the Federal government to Aid in the construction of an addition to the us facilities at Putnam memorial Hospital. The Grant covers half the construction costs of a a partial hospitalization facility for persons who have been at a mental institution and Are returning to life in the Community. Funds raised locally through private donations will cover the balance of the constructions costs for tile estimated $103,500 project. No state Aid is available. The approval of the application by us for Federal government assistance under the Community mental health construction and staffing act of 1965 was announced tuesday by or. Jonathan p. A. Leopold state commissioner of mental health. The Vermont department according to Leopold has also been notified by the United states Public health service that the Vermont state plan for the construction of Community mental health centers has been approved by the National Institute of mental health. This plan provides for the orderly development of facilities to House Community mental health services according to a system of priorities developed by the Vermont department of mental health. There Are Federal funds available for aiding communities in the construction of these centers. Congress has appropriated $100,000 for each of three years for the state of Vermont for this purpose. Us executive director Joseph Lopiccolo or. Said this morning that the government has in effect accepted the local project Quot in the awarding of the Grant he noted still hinges on approval by the government of Legal financial and architectural details. The required relating to these matters he indicated will be submitted to Federal officials in the near future. Us must also raise half the construction costs locally. The us Board according to Lopiccolo will begin working this summer on plans to raise these funds. There will be no Public fund drive he indicated. Us Hopes to raise the Money through private subscriptions. The final step he noted will be to apply for a Grant to cover part of the Cost of staffing and operation during the new facility s first four years. This assistance is available under the same Federal act. During the first year the government would pay the 75 see Federal Aid Page to col. 3 Carmody seeks nominations v for area states attorney a spectacular burst of Aerial fireworks that were part of the rockets night show at the fourth of july carnival sponsored by the shafts d Bury Volunteer fire department was captured on film by Ben Xeo Ware Kington photographer Albert Krawczyk. John t. Carmody or. Of Bennington today announced his candidacy Tor the Post of Bennington county states attorney replacing the two term incumbent r. Marshall Witten who is not seeking re election. Carmody said he expects to file petitions to seek the nomination of both the democratic and Republican parties in the state primary elections to be held this september. As he put it in his announcement he will Quot seek the democratic nomination Quot for the Post but would Quot also appreciate endorsement by my Republican friends for the Republican a contest in both parties balloting for the Post thus appeared assured. Officially confirming this morning that he too intends to seek both parties nomination was atty. F. Ray paddock also of Bennington. Said paddock Quot i think this should be a non partisan Job for this office Carmody 26, who this Spring completed his Law school training at Boston University and is now clerking in the office of atty. John b. Harte in preparation for his bar exams this fall said Quot i have lived in Bennington county most of my life and believe that i am somewhat familiar with its Law enforcement problems. I would like the Opportunity to serve the county and the state and if nominated and elected i will make every Effort to guarantee efficient Law enforcement in a fair and impartial Carmody was a member of the 1959 graduating class at Bennington Catholic High school the school s first. During that time he was a member of the school basketball team for three years John t. Carmody or. And its Captain. He also represented Vermont for three years in the National Jaycee Golf tournament. He received the Bennington Lions club Quot outstanding student athlete Quot award two years. He earned his bachelors degree from Stonehill College in North Easton mass., attending the school under a four year scholarship. At graduation he received another outstanding athlete award for his participation in Golf and basketball. He then went on to Boston University Law school earning another scholarship there during his last two years. He is married to the former Katherine Cronin of Braintree mass., and the couple have two children Daniel i a and Kevin four months. The family is living with car Mody s parents or. And mrs. John Carmody sr., at 117 Union St. Red missiles fail to halt . Raids Saigon up �?. Jets pounded North Viet Nam with the greatest number of bombing raids of the War and communist gunners fought Back with a record one Day total of 26 to 28 antiaircraft missiles but failed to Down a plane . Officials disclosed today. Using new Maneu vers specially developed to evade the soviet built surface to air Sam missiles air Force and Navy pilots successfully defied the most determined air defense of the War in 106 raids tuesday. We be found a Way to nullify the Sam system Quot a jubilant air Force spokesman said in announcing that All aircraft had returned safely. Quot it is a secret but it is a combination of technique tactics and electronics Quot the spokesman said. Zigzagging through the missile fusillade pilots Cut the main Railroad line bringing supplies from communist China and struck heavy blows intr North Viet Nam s Industrial heartland against Supply depots and Oil dumps. They also destroyed four of the missile Sites. The spokesman called tuesday s raids a Quot dramatic demonstration Quot that the new system against missiles was working. Quot the communists in Viet Nam have fired upwards of 300 Sams and their score is Only 12 to 14 . Planes downed. It is the old Story of the fact that an aggressive offensive can always beat a defense. Quot this Way of ours to beat the Sam is one of the significant breakthroughs of the the spokesman said tuesday s 106 air Force and Navy missions a a Mission is a flight by one or More planes surpassed the one Day total of strikes previously launched at the communist nation. The previous record he said was 91 missions flown the Day before the fourth of july. The heaviest single attack against . Planes came at 3 30 . Against a flight of f4cs 70 Miles Northwest of Hanoi. The communists launched to Sams but the pilots evaded them and left to continue their Mission of planes. A flight of i 05s, on a reconnaissance Mission 75 Miles Northwest of Hanoi later sighted five Sams headed toward them but they detonated harmlessly at ranges of 700 to 6,000 feet from the fast moving planes. Capt. Frank d. Moruzzi 30, of Agawam mass., who spotted 8 to to of the Quot flying Telephone poles Quot said it looked As if All Volkswagen lulled Back for repairs Englewood cuffs . Up a about 175,000 Volkswagen sedans and k Arrn Ann Ghias have been called Back by the manufacturer for repair of defective front Axle assemblies. A spokesman for Volkswagen of America inc., said today that owners through the country of 1966 models manufactured Between aug. I 1965, and mid january 1966 have been notified that local dealers will replace defective Ball joints on front axles at company expense. The spokesman said it has been discovered that moisture in Many cases penetrated the permanently lubricated Ball joints causing Quot corrosion and the water seeped through because Quot sealing rings which had protective rubber boots Over the joints in some cases lost their under the current recall program joints showing unusual Wear Are being replaced. All joints Are being re lubricated and improved sealing rings Are being installed he said. There Are four Ball joints on each Axle. The spokesman for the largest foreign car importers in the country said that he knew of no cases where the defects had caused any accidents. The Sams in North Viet Nam were concentrated along the red River Valley Quot where most of the raiders hit. The Valley running 50 to 115 Miles Northwest of Hanoi is called Quot Sam Alley Quot because of its heavy concentration of missiles. Quot every time we came out of the Valley they would fire at us a said f4c phantom Pilot it. Darold e. Tukey 25, of Belgrade Maine. The air Force raiders hit two Oil depots Only 28 and 33 Miles North of the North vietnamese capital. Gov. Hoff opposes conference Resolution los Angeles up a Vermont gov. Philip h. Hoff has opposed a Resolution which would have set up a presidential representative to work with the states. Hoff was the dissenting member on a four Man subcommittee of the executive committee of the National governors conference studying How states can improve their influence in Washington. Hoff recommended that instead of a presidential representative the states should maintain a governor controlled Washington office. Hoff said the president currently has former Florida gov. Ferris Bryant the director of the office of emergency planning working As Quot ambassador Quot to the 50 states. Hoff described Bryant s role As because of Hoff s opposition the special committee decided not to make a recommendation but merely to offer its research to the executive committee. The special committee however said Hoff s proposal was unfeasible because they said it would merely add Quot another structural level Quot to the present arrangements. Hoff said he would like to have the governors Washington office similar to that main talked by the nation s mayors in Washington. He said the governors must have control of the office if the program is to be effective. The Vermont governor has been a Strong advocate of increased responsibility for the states. He has said that the states must meet the needs of the citizens of they wish to continue to be Strong political units. on the inside Elizabeth Dwyer reminds us the Winter Cata logs Are already out a Page 4. The masters Back at Marlboro a critic looks at Casals a Page 6. A photo shows Oak Erwood Golf tourneys winners a two years in a Row a Page 8. Heaviest satellite lift off tuesday at Cape Kennedy fla., for the Saturn rocket carrying the world s heaviest satellite in a Mission to see if the 29-ton second stage satellite could tame its liquid Hydrogen fuel in orbit. Up launch advances Orbital rocketry Cape Kennedy up a the Success of a now lifeless Saturn rocket Hulk whirling around the world today has reinforced . Plans to use the upper stage As a double duty launcher for Apollo Earth Orbital and lunar shots. The 200,000-Pound thrust Hydrogen fuelled vehicle passed a five hour series of Orbital tests tuesday that proved it can keep its Hydrogen fuel stable in orbit and ready to feed its engine for a restart to fire spaceships toward the Moon. The important engineering Success marked a significant Advance in Orbital rocketry kept the nations Apollo manned lunar Landing program on schedule and strengthened . Plans to orbit Apollo astronauts As Early As november. The rocket already serves As the second stage on the Saturn i Earth Orbital boosters and is designed to be the third stage on the giant Saturn 5 Moon rockets. The first Saturn 5 launch is set for Early next year. The test achieved its goal to prove that the upper stage is Able to keep its High Energy liquid Hydrogen fuel tamed in the weightlessness of space something that has been a major problem in the past. T

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