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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 3, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy and Aal cooler and partly Cloudy with occasional scattered thundershowers today. Low tonight in upper 50s. Sunday Clearing but remaining Cool. Sunset tonight 8 41, Sunrise sunday 5 13. The Earth is at aphelion 94,454,000 Miles from the Sun. Venus and Mercury will appear like double stars Low on the Western horizon at 9 . Sunday and Mars will be seen just South of the Moon at Twilight. Bennington Bennington Vermont saturday july 3, 1965 Anner founded weekly in 1841, daily in 1903 no. 19,802 to cents / he i Jar thought As his wide eyed fro emerges from the water Ever Alert for a passing Fly on which his diet depends Drivers this fourth of july weekend must also be Alert to the dangers of Holiday travel. The analogy May be stretching things a bit yet it remains True that cars Arentt supposed to Fly but Angels Are. In his search for something different pictorially photo a a bugs Chet Ringheiser captured these creatures with a telephoto Lens and Extension Lens tubes. 570 Road deaths foreseen Over three Day Holiday i United press International millions of americans Friday started the pre Holiday surge to fun spots for the fourth of july weekend. The National safety Council said 570 might die in traffic accidents before Midnight monday. Throughout tile nation police posted extra patrols to control the mass exodus from cities and the influx of country and Small town dwellers into metropolitan areas. Wisconsin gov. Warren Knowles declared a state of emergency effective at noon. The safety Council said the Slaughter on the highways might far exceed last fourth of july a record sic deaths for a three Day Independence Day weekend. It said that unless motorists and pedestrians used extra caution Between 170 and 570 persons would die and Between la eat Lier de Flea is on Canada i Roni Boston Chi a the weather Bureau said Friday that skies would be mostly sunny during the fourth of july weekend but that there was a possibility of scattered thundershowers. The showers might occur late saturday or late sunday the forecast said depending on the activity of a front moving through Canada. Temperatures during the weekend will be generally in the 70s the weather Bureau said. 22,000 and 27,000 others would suffer disabling injuries in traffic. In a comparable non Holl Day period 435 persons would die in traffic. Railroads bus companies and airlines in Many cities threw additional equipment into operation to take care oath throngs of travellers. Greyhound bus lines said too extra buses would haul celebratory into Milwaukee alone. The Wisconsin City was preparing police Laurei leaves l o pet a fourth Alert sgt. John a. Poljacik commandant of the Shaftsbury state police sub station warned Friday that his troopers will be strictly enforcing state Laws against the use of All types of fireworks Over the fourth of july weekend. He advised local residents not to explode anything More potent than a Cap. The ban he noted includes firecrackers and sparklers. Bennington county a highest ranking state police officer also said that he has cancelled the Days off of All his men during the three Day Holiday so that the troopers can patrol the highways in full Force. He also plans to double the complement of auxiliary troopers on duty. Sgt. Poljacik noted that northbound traffic on . 7 began increasing steadily after 2 . Friday and was quite heavy by Friday evening. Police expect a Large volume of travellers and vacationers on the county a roads through monday evening. Bennington Village police will also be keeping an extra Sharp Lookout for speeding and Tipsy motorists according to a statement issued by chief Edward l. Silver. I Drill it Loy if lit it new Low Washington up a unemployment during the three months ending june 30 was at its lowest level in nearly eight years the labor department reported thursday. Lbs i res drive to Aid euro teachers for its festive a Day in old Milwaukee monday. President Johnson planned to spend the weekend at his Texas ranch. The Chicago motor club estimated that the exodus that began Friday afternoon eventually would carry 1,350,000 persons out of the Chicago area in More than 355,000 automobiles. It estimated that nearly As Many cars a probably 300,000�?would be moving within the Chicago area each Day of the Holiday. New York up a president Johnson vigorously applauded by thousands of educators Friday announced a Federal Campaign to help negro teachers who Are forced out of jobs because of school desegregation. Johnson Drew a Hearty response from the 10,000 delegates and guests assembled at Madison Square Garden for the National education associations annual convention when he told them of the program. In his speech the president also announced formation of a National a teachers corps to enlist thousands of dedicated americans to work alongside Kilt cited Over halt to Nuel ear Hise Washington up a a top secret report to president Johnson and a speech by f. Kennedy d-mass., have pointed up a controversy within the administration Over How to obtain a treaty halting the spread of nuclear weapons. At the heart of the controversy is the question of whether the United states should continue to support the creation of a . Supported multilateral nuclear Force within the North Atlantic treaty organization nato. The soviet Union repeatedly has objected to such a Force on grounds it would give additional european nations especially West Germany some control Over atomic weapons thus rendering a a non proliferation treaty worthless. . Officials acknowledged Friday that the administration is divided on whether to abandon its support of the nato nuclear Force in Hopes of winning soviet approval of such a treat. The Issue has been debater within administration circles for some time and president Johnson apparently has not yet decided what he will do. Reds wont talk i bile \ in w a is i a settled London up a the soviet Union will not participate in further disarmament negotiations while the Viet Nam War remains unsettled communist diplomats said Friday. The diplomats said the Kremlin sees no Prospect for agreement on major disarmament questions at present and will turn Down the latest request from the West to resume the 17-nation Geneva talks later this month. Western officials in Geneva said Friday it was now unlikely the disarmament conference could resume at All this year because of soviet opposition. They said Hope had been abandoned for a resumption of the talks on july 13 As proposed by the United states and the Odds were worsening for any More talks this year British government sources said meanwhile Russia will not Call an International conference to Deal with cambodian neutrality. On april 3 the soviets proposed to Britain that the Geneva conference be reconvened to guarantee cambodian neutrality. Local teachers in Urban slums and in areas of Rural poverty. A they will be Young people preparing for teaching careers a Johnson said. A they will also be experienced teachers willing to give a year to places of the greatest need. They can bring the Best in our nation to the help of the poorest of our the chief executive who was a schoolteacher before he entered politics and plans to teach again after he leaves the White House described himself to his a fellow educators As being a still on leave of absence from the Houston Public school in calling for giant Nev strides to improve the nations schools the president declared a the time for talking and dreaming and philosophizing and writing platforms is gone and the time for doing things instead of talking about them is Here. A following the speech Johnson was Given a life membership in the Nea. The membership certificate was presented to him by Lois v. Edinger retiring Nea president. Lear Fie j est Inu. Is j Hsi Sas sen Margaret Washington up a sen. Margaret Chase Smith a Maine has a no intention of running for the presidency in 1968.�?� that was the word Friday from her Washington office which passed off As a a a jest invitations sent out earlier this week by sen. George d. Aiken a Vermont. The invitations labelled a Kickoff 1968 presidential Campaign a listed the candidate As sen. Smith the Campaign manager As himself and the event As a july 15 luncheon at the Capitol. The Vermont senator was mrs. Smiths Campaign manager at tile gop National convention in san Francisco in july 1964, when she became the first woman to be nominated As a Republican presidential candidate. The office said Friday that the invitations were a in jest and merely a motive for giving a party honouring sen. Smith on the anniversary he nominated her for president at the 1964 convention a and nothing else. Hoff session marked new Era for Vermont by Philip h. Hoff governor of Vermont written for up Montpelier up a there is no question but that the actions of the 1965 Vermont general Assembly Mark the beginning of a new Era in our history As a state. Despite the trauma of breaking with tradition the Assembly did re apportion itself to meet the principle of one Man one vote. In doing so the legislature Cut the size of the House from 246 to 150 members. This signals a More Liberal Outlook in future Legislatures and a More efficient operation in the lower chamber. We Are going to the courts to ask them to Complete the Job of setting up machinery for a special election this fall. This was adopted by both houses but final action was stalled by a Small minority of lawmakers representing Only a fraction of Vermont a population. I am confident that reapportionment will prevent any future example of minority domination in our general Assembly. The fact of reapportionment alone is a major accomplishment. But the Assembly went a Long Way beyond in moving Vermont Forward in several areas of Public Endeavor. Significant Progress was made in education in conservation of our natural resources in development and welfare legislation. I believe that this was one of the most productive sessions in the history of our state. We increased state Aid to education by some four million dollars. Minimum salaries for our teachers were increased. Editors note a Vermont gov. Philip h. Hoff has sized up the actions of the 1965 legislative session As the a beginning of a new Era for the state. Here is his report. Bills were passed to broaden our program of free education to All Vermont Young people. This was accomplished by positive action toward the Region ligation of our administrative units of government. The Best examples of this were approval of Ald plans for regional planning and development groups. A step was made toward District courts and increased Aid to listers on a More or less regional basis. In education again there was a major breakthrough when the Assembly earmarked the general fund operating surplus for Aid to regional vocational training centers. Passage of the $1.25 minimum wage is a Long needed Protection for a wide segment of our population. Wage and salary increases for state personnel also make us More competitive. Creation of the legislative Council will strengthen the ability of the Assembly to meet current problems. Creation of the Vermont student assistance corp. Will strengthen the program of senatorial scholarships and guaranteed student Loans. We did however fail in efforts to begin the medium Security institution to replace the obsolete state prison at Windsor. The labor relations Bill and the Vermont general authority Are two other Bills that will be brought up at the special session i plan to Call next january. When All is tabulated i think that vermonters will be amazed at this sessions record of solid accomplishment. I am grateful that the legislators accepted the Challenge posed by our increasingly Complex society and acted boldly to meet Many major problems. Permissive parents easy judges raise crime rate bps Hoover Boston up a the rising crime rate among the nations youth can Lye attributed to permissive parents and lenient Legal rulings Fri director j. Edgar Hoover said Friday in an interview in the Christian science Monitor. Hoover said in a copyrighted interview that a a drastic decline of parental authority in some segments of our society is one big cause of the Rise in juvenile the Fri director also said that in some instances a number of juveniles were victims of a society where discipline has been replaced by indulgence. A they have been cheated out lbs a a daughter Luci becomes a Catholic Washington up a Luci Bailies Johnson marked her 18th birthday Friday by joining the roman Catholic Church. A a in be never been happier in All my life a she said after a private baptismal ceremony at St. Matthews Cathedral six blocks North of the White House. The 2 . Edt service kept secret by the White House until it was Over was attended by president and mrs. Johnson and older sister Lynda. St. Matthews is the same Church where the late president John f. Kennedy a funeral services were held on nov. 25, 1963. Luci who As a child was baptized an Episcopalian a her mothers and Sisters Faith a described the ceremony to a up reporter. A i cried a she said. A just about everybody All Young people began to question. And i began to wonder. A a i found my answer in the she said she had been a practising Catholic for five years and had been taking instructions in catholicism for a year. One decided to join the Church two months ago. Of a sense of responsibility and a respect for authority. A Law enforcement agencies schools churches and other organizations of society can help but they Are poor substitutes for responsible parents. A if we can eliminate parental delinquency we will virtually wipe out juvenile delinquency at the same time a he said. Hoover urged strict application of standards for today a youth. A it seems to me that we have been trying too Many theories and experimenting too much with our Young people. They need definite standards of conduct which Are enforced. A these standards should be determined by the parents who also should police them judge the conduct under them and execute punishment or provide rewards where justified a he said. Hoover also said in the interview that a so called a free and easy Access to guns is a contributing Factor in crime. A the communist party is today a expending tremendous Energy in attempting to increase its i n f i u e n c e on the College Campus. A brutality in crime especially among Young Crim an indictment of the respect for Law and finals is declining order. A Fri agents do not have the authority to give personal Protection to such civil rights leaders As Rev. Martin Luther King. A the communist party in America is maintaining Complete loyalty to the soviet Union in the current sino soviet ideological conflict. on the inside Home demonstration agent Marlon Harris discusses the important Issue of Bio degradability a Page 3. Columnist Ron Cohen sums up the Vermont legislative session a Page 4. Plans Are disclosed for a new Catholic Church in Manchester that a designed to follow new Vatican edicts Page 5. Rare manuscript found in Montpelier Sheds Light on the John Adams family and Early colonial Days a Page 5. A new look has taken place at Barbera a Pond in Pownal a Page 7. she explained her decision this pm i Quot in re i 11 Way Quot five years ag0�?T if like la Newburgh manager Mitchell interviewed for Manchester Job by Nancy la. Otis Manchester a selectmen Here in the process since mid june of trying to find a replacement for resigned town manager Oakley k. Porter have found themselves confronted with a Surprise candidate. He is Joseph Mcdowell Mitchell who in 1961 was the Center of a social welfare controversy As City manager of Newburgh n.y., and who in 1963 was acquitted of having demanded a $20,000 bribe from two real estate men who wanted his help in getting a zoning change. Chairman of the Board Ferdinand Bongartz said Mitchell is one of about six candidates from several states including Michigan and California who have applied to Date for the position Here. Interviews will continue until All prospects have been heard. A a we be made up our minds not to hurry just to fill the Post a Bongartz said a and we want to be sure we have someone who is the Board interviewed Mitchell Here wednesday night the selectman continued and a we done to question his professional qualifications As a a $15,700 a year Man in Newburgh when he stirred up a National Row by trying to eliminate a Chi Selingo by welfare recipients Mitchell would receive $8,-500 As Manchester town manager. During his tenure in Newburgh Mitchell persuaded the City Council to promulgate a set of rules designed to make things Tough for persons on welfare. The new York Board of social welfare contending that the rules violated state and Federal Law got a court order temporarily restraining the City from enforcing what has been called a a bludgeon approach to the Relief then a state supreme court Justice made the order permanent. Losing political support Mitchell resigned in october 1963, to become according to Newsweek Magazine East coast organizer for the John Birch society. He told selectmen Here this week however that he is not a member of that group. Mitchells last municipal government Job was the one at Newburgh. He held six minor Federal jobs in to years prior to entering a municipal Job about 1957, and he has been an administrator in both Culver City calif., and Markle township a. According to the Manchester selectmen Mitchell has been living in Washington d.c., where he has a son who is in army officer candidate school and a daughter who has just completed High school. Mitchells application came As the result of a newsletter published by the International City managers association of Chicago selectmen said. Although they have also sought candidates through the universities of Maine and Pennsylvania. Mitchell now 43, has been working As a Field director for the segregationist citizens councils of America known As the White citizens councils in Maryland and Virginia. Summit mount Snow Dover it. Up a firefighters Rode Gondola chair lifts up it. Snow Friday to put out a Forest fire believed started by Sparks from a welders Torch. The Blaze charred four acres of National Forest land leased to the it. Snow development corp., authorities said. No injuries were reported. State police said the Blaze broke out about 1,500 feet from Summit Lodge. The flames apparently were touched off by Sparks from a Torch being used by a welder repairing a ski Tower officials said. Because of the rugged terrain some 40 firefighters were forced to ride ski lifts to reach the flames at the Crest of the 3,000-foot Mountain. Walking firecrackers somewhat noisier than snap crackle and pop were the assorted written explosions on these walking firecrackers who were youngsters dressed up for the patriotic Parade that was the feature Friday at the Bennington Village summer playground program. Youngsters taking part in the fourth of july eel by Ion were not identified however. Hurlburt

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