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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 3, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Fair and Cool fair and cooler tonight lows 48 to 54. Thursday mostly sunny with temperatures about the same As today. Tuesdays High 94 Low 61 today at 7 a.m., 62. Precipitation past 24 hours .03 inches. The Earth is now at aphelion the greatest distance from the Sun for this year-94,450,000 Miles. Bennington Bennington Vermont wednesday july 3, 1963 Anner established 1841. 60th year no. 19,221 Price 7 cents local teacher apparently absconded with funds paid him for Europe tour by Tyler Resch and Ernest a. Ostro Bennington teacher Mario Paris 34, appears to have absconded to Europe with an undetermined sum of Money a possibly As much As $18,000 a paid him by area residents to take them on a six week tour of the continent this summer. Acting state s attorney John h. Williams ii said this morning that Paris a whose name is Given As Mario Joseph Peter Paris on his passport a apparently left the . On the Queen Mary june 19 and a on the basis of present information i believe or. Paris arrived in Europe on june 24.&Quot Williams issued a warrant at Midnight sunday for parises arrest on grounds of fraud. A letter from Paris postmarked Marseilles France june 29 was received this morning by miss Betsy Jones 12, of West Road. Miss Jones and her parents or. And mrs. Franklin p. Jones vere among those scheduled to go on the tour. In the letter Parisi asserted that he would pay Back All the funds he has collected and that he could not arrange the tour As planned because several members had dropped out. He did not specify when or How he would return the Money a or Why he suddenly left for Europe. He did say that he could not get his visa Hor Minnici Ial in Ihling a a which expired june 30_ renewed. Williams said that this letter a and others like it received by other prospective tourists this morning a will not materially affect the state s attitude toward the investigation the warrant was issued after Jones complained to the acting states s attorney. Williams told the Banner a emr. Parisi had obtained substantial sums of Money the exact amount of which has not been determined As yet from a number of local and out of town people in connection with a proposed tour of Europe which or. Parisi organized and which was scheduled to leave new York on july 17.&Quot Williams in the course of his preliminary investigation sunday contacted among others miss Rita Garant of 125 Coolidge ave., who was also scheduled to go on the tour. Parisius present whereabouts Are unknown. Williams said that a lie was reportedly in France during the last week in the Banner Learned that Parisi wrote a letter to one of the out of town members of the pro posed tour at that time although the contents of the communication Are not known at this time. The investigation under Williams direction is currently Village May buy old Post office by Arther Grant possible Purchase of the existing Post office building at the Corner of South and Union streets for use As a municipal building will be investigated by Bennington Village trustees. That was the boards decision last night As it authorized its finance committee to accept a postal department officials invitation to discuss possible Purchase of the building. Village president James b. Gibney in revealing the invitation to fellow Board members said he believed there is a distinct possibility the Village could buy it a for about $1.&Quot Gibney read to the Board a letter from Dayton j. Wakefield of Montpelier a postal department real estate officer stating that the department has secured options of the residences and abutting land owned by George h. Plumb at 108 Elm St. And Leon r. Eldred of 112 Elm St. As a site for a new Post office Structure Here. Wakefield a letter dated july i noted that these were the Only options secured by the department thus far and said other potential Sites had not met the department s requirements. The same Day Wakefield had told a Banner reporter that the department was considering several Sites and was making a More Progress with some Sites than with a there is no reliable indication As to the selection that will be made Quot Wakefield had added. Tuesday night however Village president Gibney said the site matter is a Cut and a a they re moving to Elm Street a and i m pretty sure that not everyone in this town is convinced it s the Best thing Quot Gibney said. He said he personally knew Many merchants Are opposed to having the Post office moved about two blocks from the business District. Wakefield a letter also asked Village fathers to inform him if they knew of any zoning or planning regulations or of any Public Type projects which might interfere with the departments selection of the Elm Street properties for its new location. Gibney invited trustees to Register their personal feelings of the proposed move from the present site but Only trustee Henry Mallory placed himself on record As opposed to the Transfer. Mallory first trustee to be polled by Gibney said he believed the narrow Width of Elm Street would pose the same Type of traffic problems which the de see trustees continued on Page to being conducted by the Vermont Bureau of criminal investigations. Interpol the International police Force has been contacted Williams said. It appears a although this is not yet definitely confirmed a that Parisi simply collected Money for the tour and then decided to take the trip All by him self. Parisi was in this country on a tourist visa and carried an italian passport. He had been teaching French at Molly Stark Junior High school Here since january 1962. It appears that there is Little Hope either of recovering any substantial part of the Money paid Parisi or of returning him to this country to answer the charges contained in the warrant. In order to do the latter Parisi would have to be extradited from wherever he is found to the . If he is found in Italy extradition would be next to impossible. He is an italian citizen according to his passport and it is extremely difficult to extra Dite anyone from the country of which he is a citizen except in capital cases a even where an extradition treaty exists. If he is found outside of Italy the procedure would be easier. But there is considerable expense involved in International extradition proceedings and there is some question As to whether the Vermont attorney general a whose decision it is whether to attempt extradition a would initiate proceedings should Parisi be found in Europe. As to recovering any of the Money paid him for the tour Williams said a i am really not in a position to say As i done to know the exact amounts involved nor the precise circumstances nor the a civil suit could be initiated a if Parisi is found a by one or More of the members of the tour. But the Success of any suit seems highly dubious. It is also possible that european police if they find him and any substantial sum of Money could return the Money to this country even if they do not hold Parisi. Such proceedings while often not precisely within the framework of the Law Are not unknown. Jones said this morning that his suspicions were first aroused when Parisi failed to meet a Mutual Friend several Days ago in Connecticut. The Friend was planning to provide Parisi who had no car Here with a ride Back to Bennington. Various persons tried to reach Parisi since the end of the school year june 14, calling the teachers cousins and an Uncle in this country. Jones Friday called the new York office of air France the line Parisi suggested for the tour. At the suggestion of the airlines information personnel he sent the names of All persons who expected to make the tour. Definite word came Back to Jones office this morning from see Parisi continued on Page to presidents dilemma is Moscow serious or is new red plan Only propaganda Mario Paris a Les Meux sont Faits Fil Ching our Wreath demonstrations Lull called a coincidence old fashioned fourth of july is still celebrated by Many despite the modern ban on use of fireworks. Photo shows the traditional fourth ceremony held each year for children at the Home of Samuel r. Ogden in Landgrove and proves that a simple expression of patriotism can be the most meaningful. Photo a resell Atlanta a. Apr the slackening of mass demonstrations by negroes in the Wake of widespread racial unrest last month was attributed by their leaders today to coincidence biracial talks and strategy conferences. A a we re just catching our breath for our second wind a said the Rev. Andrew Young of Atlanta an aide to the Rev. Or. Artin Luther King j�?�., head of the militant Southern Christian leadership conference. A things Are coasting a Little and we re trying to see which direction we want to take a Young said. Integration leaders said the Lull also resulted partly from Progress on desegregation. Also leaders of the Congress of racial Equality Core and the National association for the advancement of coloured people a act have been tied up in National conferences. King and the Heads of six other anti segregation organizations met behind closed doors in new York City tuesday to coordinate plans for a civil rights March on Washington aug. 28. The meeting was so secret that even aides of the leaders were sent from the room. All integration leaders polled said neither president Kennedy a appeals for restraint nor congressional hearings on the presidents new civil rights program had anything to do with the Lull in demonstrations. Not All demonstrations Nave stopped. They continue in Charleston s.c., and demonstrations Are threatened in Danville Hoff scores Gap Assembly Burlington apr gov. Philip h. Hoff says that despite his january plea that the state Stop and take a Good look at its problems a the Republican leadership a particularly in the Senate for purely political reasons a chose a deliberately different course a that of overspending. He left no doubt he referred to it. Gov. Ralph a. Foote his expected opponent next year and two men considered Likely gop candidates for the lieutenant governorship Sens. John h. Boylan of Island Pond and James l. Oakes of Brattleboro. A instead of heeding the plea to live within our existing income for a limited period of one fiscal year they elected by design to follow an ill advised and unplanned course of adding More than $2 million to my budget Quot Hoff said in a television address last night. See Hoff continued on Page 2 a. Clarksdale miss., and Savannah a. Young said that unless Progress toward desegregation comes in Congress and at local Levels a there definitely will be a very big push toward the end of the summer North and the Lull is both truce and coincidence said Parren Mitchell of Baltimore executive Secretary of the Maryland commission on interracial problems and relations. A there Are a lot of biracial groups that were created As a result of earlier demonstrations Quot he said. A most of the action groups Are giving the local committees time to demonstrate that they will accomplish Mitchell said the slackening of demonstrations indicated no change in tactics. In Jackson miss., a negro Leader said the Only reason demonstrations stopped there was because of an apparent agreement with mayor Allen Thompson. But said the spokesman Charles Evers state Field Secretary for the a act and brother of slain integration Leader Medgar w. Evers a we switched our strategy from demonstrations to registering to vote and also to selective buying. We feel that it is quite Washington apr president Kennedy was faced upon his return from Europe today with a decision on whether to treat soviet Premier Khrushchev s new proposals As propaganda or As a real opening toward an East West Accord. The soviet Leader in a major address in East Berlin called in vague terms for a ban on atmospheric nuclear tests and a no aggression pact Between the rival nato and Warsaw military alliances. A radio monitored text of Khrushchev a speech began arriving at the state department tuesday As Kennedy headed homeward. Washington authorities promptly started a careful analysis but found Many questions unanswered. A state department press officer Robert j. Mcclosky declined immediate comment. Initial private reactions among other officials ranged widely from speculation that a break in the cold War logjam May be in sight to an assessment that Khrushchev intends Only to reap a propaganda Harvest at the West a expense. All agreed that important details needed to be clarified. Kennedy must decide soon How to Deal with the Khrushchev proposal for he is sending undersecretary of state w. Averell Harriman to Moscow for renewed test ban negotiations starting july 15. The East Berlin speech rates As the main recent indicator of the soviet position on this Issue. But officials Here raised these major questions about the Khrushchev offer i. Is Khrushchev proposing an a inspected moratorium on underground atomic explosions in addition to a ban on other nuclear tests Khrushchev said the soviet Union will agree to outlawing a nuclear tests in the atmosphere in outer space and under the West has proposed a partial ban too saying it can be policed by detection systems based outside the soviet Union. The soviets always have conditioned acceptance of a partial ban by insisting also on an inspection free moratorium of indefinite length on underground shots. This has been refused by the West which contends that on the spot a inspections Are needed to safeguard against sneak explosions below ground. 2. Did Khrushchev put his test ban and no aggression pact offers in one inseparable package the soviet Leader said that for the Sake of easing International tensions a it is also necessary to take another major step Quot in addition to a test ban agreement the signing of a a no aggression pact Between the two main military blocs the nato countries and the Warsaw pact Washington analysts said this language did not make it Clear whether Khrushchev was saying the two issues must be settled together. 3. What conditions did Khrushchev have in mind for the no aggression pact particularly in relation to communist East Germany particularly objection Al to the West in the past have been Moscow conditions for a no aggression pact which would enhance the status of East Germany. There is some Hope in official quarters that the Kremlin has come to a Point in its military situation and in its dispute with red China that it wants to Start reaching some form of accommodation with the West. Russia seen behind . In atom Washington apr High . Officials believe the United states is far ahead of Russia in numbers of nuclear weapons despite Strong soviet efforts to catch up. This is one important Factor figuring in secrecy shrouded studies of whether to trim production of materials that go to make nuclear weapons. Another controlling consideration is the enormous size of both the nuclear Arsenal and the stockpile of fissionable material used in weapons production. Both have been growing for about 17 years with a Sharp surge in the past decade. Precise details of this country a nuclear armament Are a closely guarded military secret. But these gleanings from the Public record gives an inkling of its scope and destructive Power an analysis prepared for the . Disarmament Agency last year estimated that this country has some 40,000 nuclear warheads and bombs. Five months ago Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara told Congress he believes the Force this country mounts today a can survive a Schict attack with sufficient Power to destroy the so Fri nabs two couples on charges of spying Washington apr the Fri has arrested two couples on charges of conspiring to steal data on . Missile bases and other military information for Moscow. One of the couples is russian the husband is a personnel officer in the . Secretariat. The arrests tuesday in Washington and on Long Island followed by one Day a . Order for expulsion of a soviet embassy official for attempting to recruit a russian born . Intelligence official to spy for the reds. But All a news analysis president seen unlikely to Send envoy to Vatican Washington apr president Kennedy appears Likely to quietly ignore a hint that he Send a representative to the Vatican. An indication in a Vatican newspaper editorial that the roman Catholic Church would like to have a . Representative at its Headquarters has brought mixed reaction from senators. There has been no american among the International representatives at the Vatican for 13 years. In 1950 president Harry s. Truman proposed sending Gen. Mark w. Clark an Episcopalian. There was an outcry that he dropped the idea. Most members of Congress seem to feel that Kennedy a roman Catholic will stick by his 1960 Campaign declaration that he was a flatly opposed to appointment of an ambassador to the although president Franklin d. Roosevelt set a precedent in appointing Myron Taylor As his representative to the Vatican few think Kennedy will follow it. Roosevelt named Taylor As his spokesman but gave him no diplomatic appointment that would have required Senate confirmation. Sen. John l. Mcclellan d-ark., commented crisply a if we can to have prayer in the schools i done to see any sense in sending a representative do Deal with the sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy d-minn., a roman Catholic saw a no special reason Why the president should Send a representative to the sen. Claire Engle d-calif., said Kennedy ought to give a great Deal of thought to it before making any move. Sen. Kenneth b. Keating r-n.y., said it is up to the president to determine whether he feels he should Send a representative. A if he feels that it should be done i think he would have the support at Congress Quot Keating said. The Rev. Thurston n. Davis editor of America Catholic Magazine Felt that the climate had changed since the 1950 uproar. A a whole new Era has set in Quot Davis said. A the Catholic Church now has a Good press. Events have changed the View of the but or. Carl Henry editor of the protestant christianity today said controversy would be As heated As it was in 1950. The Fri said there is no link Between the two cases. According to a complaint filed in a new York Federal court the four arrested tuesday conspired with at least two soviet military intelligence men to transmit to the russians information oni military installations and troop movements. These included top priority missile bases it was Learned. The four were ordered held without bail after preliminary hearings before . Commissioners. Hearings were postponed to july 16 to give the couples time to secure lawyers. Seized in a raid on a Flushing Long Island apartment were Ivan Dimitrievich Egorov 41, and his wife Aleksandr a Gorou 39. Egorov is a personnel officer in the secretariat. The Fri said the couple resisted arrest and the woman a put up a terrific struggle Quot and had to be carried away by agents. The pair seized in a Washington apartment denied their guilt at a hearing. While the Fri called them a John and Jane does in its complaint it said they were living under the names of Robert Keistutis Baltch and Joy Ann Garber or Joy Ann Baltch. The names were taken the Fri said from innocent citizens a roman Catholic priest and a Connecticut housewife. The Fri would not discuss the background of the Baltch couple a even to say whether they too might be russian. Also named but not charged in the complaint Are russian . Employees Aleksei Galkin 45,and Petr Gorovich Maslennikov 43, both of whom left for russian in May. These and other members of soviet military intelligence the Fri said conspired with the two couples a to communicate deliver and transmit to Russia information relating to United states military and Navy installations troop movements shipping and military waterfront Viet he said he meant destroy its Industrial capacity military Power and a High percentage of russians population. Deputy Secretary of defense Roswell a Gilpatric predicted More than a year ago that the United states will double its nuclear striking Power by 1965. A that is Why we feel that no matter what the soviets can do that we will maintain the margin of superiority that we possess today a the Pentagon a second in command declared. Crown hammers at Ward London apr a Crown prosecutor sought to establish today that Stephen w Ard 50, a Central figure in the John Profumo Christine Keeler scandal ran his Flat As a Brothel and was involved in two abortions. In the third session of a court hearing of vice charges against the Osteopath it was hinted that weird sexual acts took place in the Flat in Wompole mews a Gay Section of the City on the West Side. An apparent attempt by the prosecutor to develop this Point was thwarted by one of his own witnesses Margaret Ricardo admitted prostitute. Miss Ricardo refused to testify about goings on at the Ward residence. There already Are eight charges against Ward including managing a Brothel living off the proceeds of prostitution procuring underage girls for men and aiding abortions. Magistrate Leo Gradwell noted that it was possible there could be a ninth charge based on miss Ricardo a testimony. The nature of this possible charge was not specified. Earlier two girls who said they knew Ward had testified to having abortions. Jurors indict do la Beckwith Jackson miss apr Byron de la Beckwith goes before a state judge today for arraignment on murder charges in the sniper slaying of negro civil rights Leader Medgar w. Evers. A Hinds county grand jury a composed of 17 White men and one negro returned the indictment tuesday. Beckwith 42, who was wounded with the Marine corps at Tarawa during world War ii is being held without Bond. Dust. Atty. Bill Waller of Jackson has said he would ask the death penalty against Beckwith who was arrested june 22 by Fri agents in his Hometown of Greenwood. Evers state Field Secretary for the National association for the advancement of coloured people was shot to death june 12 As he stepped from his car. on tile inside a Mohawk airlines plane crashes on Takeoff in Rochester n.y., killing 7 and injuring 39 a Page 2. Hoosick Falls children injured As lightning strikes a Page 5. Two american league Rookie pitchers Complete magnificent Ball game a Page 6

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