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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - January 21, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Partly Cloudy Low temperatures tonight in the upper 20s and Low 30s. Saturday becoming partly Cloudy with Little temperature change. Yesterdays High 35 Low 28. Today at 7 ., 30. Precipitation .04 in one Inch of Snow four inches Snow on ground. Sunset 4 48 . Sunrise 7 18 Bennington Bennington Vermont Friday january 21, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,972 to cents a preliminary program for improving the downtown business District including tentative proposals for an Urban renewal project was unveiled thursday at a meeting of the Bennington regional planning commission. John c. Burdis planning consultant for the commission took the wraps off his ideas to revitalize the downtown shopping area As the next step in developing a comprehensive plan for the town. Basic to his concept is development of a one Way traffic Loop around the downtown Core area bordered on the Westby Washington Avenue on the East by Valentine Street on the North by pie italian Premier resigns Rome up a Premier Aldo morons left of Center govern ment collapsed today Over the Issue of state Aid to Public Nursery schools. He handed in his resignation to president Giuseppe Sara Gat who asked him to remain As caretaker until a new government is formed. The specific Issue which brought Down the government was a split Between Moro s roman Catholic Christian democratic party and the socialist coalition partners Over whether the state should set up Public Nursery schools in Competition with Church run private nurseries. The crisis was complicated by a fight Between the Moro Branch of the Christian democrats and a Branch Loyal to Amintore Fanfani who resigned recently As foreign minister. The socialists favored the state Ald to Nursery schools but the Christian democrats opposed it for fear it would compete too strongly with the nurseries run by priests and nuns. Formation of a new government is expected to take a Long time because of the fighting within the Christian democratic party and because Sara Gat must hold lengthy consultations with All political parties. Rusk reports Sant Street and on the South by Union Street. And he is also suggesting that an Urban renewal project be contemplated for the North Side of main Street Between North and school streets and redevelopment of this area into a super such a plan Burdis suggested would include covered parking areas and enclosed pedestrian walk through areas. In describing the traffic ring around the downtown area Burdis said that it has been the experience of planners based on preference of shoppers to develop a traffic flow that provides unopposed left hand turns ample off Street parking and convenient pedestrian Access to to the stores and shops. In add Lon he said that experience has shown that As much Multi family dwelling As possible be developed close to the downtown area. In discussing his plan Burdis said that main Street itself could or could not be a mall but the Quot Rule is that main Street not be a his plan proposes that no parking be allowed on main Street. In developing the downtown business District Burdis said that Quot it really in t economical anymore to build one Story buildings on main and he said that trends elsewhere in the country have seen revival of multiuse buildings apartments offices Etc in the downtown business areas. If this Type of development takes place Burdis said the downtown area Quot takes on Urban characteristics but also takes on economic but he stressed that such development could Only come through proper zoning that Fosters i it grading of the main Street. Burdis noted the trend in Bennington since the rash of fires that destroyed Multi Story and Multi use buildings have been toward one Story buildings and he contended this has Given the downtown area the look of a Quot broken Down Semi shopping regarding off Street parking which Burdis said was Quot miserable Quot Here he suggested the expansion of existing facilities and development of direct pedestrian Access routes to the main Street. He also said such facilities should be Well lighted and convenient. In expanding the existing facilities plus development of off Street parking on Union Street Burdis said the number of exist ing buildings that would have to be taken Down were in proposing the Urban renewal main Street Burdis said the first see renewal Page 12, col. 4 legislative pay Bill advanced Montpelier up a the House today advanced a legislative pay Bill to its third Reading and Defeated two proposed amendments from the floor. Rep. Alan Chalmers a Wes ton proposed that the pay measure be amended to take effect on Jan. 4 1967 instead of retroactive to Jan. 5 of this year. On a Roll Call vote the amendment was Defeated 121-26. The Bill As originally amended Calls for a salary of $30 a Day and a Selling of $1,200 for the lawmakers during the special session. The second proposed change was made by rep. Dwight Pickard a Cavendish. He proposed that the measure be amended to read Quot All members who Are absent from the session without Good excuse should not be paid for those Days of the proposed change was Defeated on a voice vote. Korean Force lbs in Missouri president Lyndon Johnson Speaks thursday at the Truman Library in Independence mo., during ceremonies announcing the establishment of the Harry s Truman Center for the advancement of peace. Listening to the president Are chief Justice Earl Warren former president and mrs. Truman. Up three senators defend state reapportionment Washington up a three democratic senators defending the . Supreme Queen Grants reprieve to rhodesian prisoner London up a Queen Elizabeth has granted a reprieve to an african under the sentence of death in Rhodesia without consulting Justice officials of the rebel regime in Salisbury informed sources said today. The action thursday posed a Tricky Legal and moral question for Premier Ian Smith s government which professes loyalty to the Queen. If rhodesian officials execute the prisoner they will be committing murder in the eyes of the British but if they accept the sentence commutation they will show that the British Monarch still has a hold Over their hearts. Queen Elizabeth issued the reprieve directly from London instead of through her governor sir Humphrey Gibbs who is still Loyal to Britain but is isolated in his Salisbury residence and unable to act. The african whose name was Given As Lazarus was convicted under the Law for attempting to set fire to two government buildings. If the Queen s reprieve is accepted by Rhodesia his sentence would be life imprisonment. No Date has been set in Salisbury for Lazarus s execution authorities Here said. . Will continue to combat aggression As it seeks peace in Southeast Asia Washington up a Secretary of state Dean Rusk said today the United states will continue to Quot do what we can to bring peace to Southeast Asia Quot but is ready to Quot do what we must Quot to combat aggression. Rusk told a televised news conference this country would continue to seek peace with Quot patience and persistence but he said that he regretfully could report no encouraging response from the communists to the . Peace offensive. The peace initiative Rusk declared by ought an Quot overwhelmingly favourable response. Except from those who could in fact sit Down and make Rusk was asked Point Blank of the administration was ready to resume bombing of North Viet Nam but he declined to give any hint. He commented that the questioner could not expect him to go into questions of military policy or actions. Rusk noted however that president Johnson had made Clear in his speech in Independence mo., thursday that Quot we will Honor our commitments to the people seeks funds defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara and Gen. Earle Wheeler chairman of the joint chiefs of staff As they appeared thursday at a closed session of the Senate armed services committee and military appropriations subcommittee to press for Early passage of president Johnson s request for $12.7 billion in extra funds for the War in Viet Nam. See Story Page 5. Up of South Viet the United states interrupted the bombing of North Viet Nam Christmas eve Rusk said after a number of governments urged publicly and privately that this might improve chances of peace. Before the Christmas pause he said the United states tried to elicit from Hanoi some statement of willingness to make a reciprocal peace move Quot but nothing was forthcoming from Hanoi on that the question the United states was repeatedly asking Rusk said was Quot Are you interested in peace Quot to this question he said Washington still was awaiting some word from Hanoi. Rusk was asked if the United states had made any special efforts to clarify possible Points of confusion for the communists. Almost testily he replied Quot if they want clarification they know they can get it. Why Are they afraid to come to the peace table Quot Rusk was asked about the proposal by . Secretary general Thant that the communist Viet Cong be invited to participate in some sort of coalition government As a step toward peace. He said the . View is that the makeup of the government should be determined by the people of South Viet Nam and not be imposed from outside. As for president Johnson a peace offensive the Secretary reported Quot i regret i can not report to you any positive and encouraging response to the Hopes of the overwhelming majority of Mankind. Quot courts stand on apportionment of state Legislatures lined up today to answer Senate gop Leader Everett m. Dirksen a latest attack on the Quot one Man one vote Quot doctrine. The Antl Dirksen men Sens. Paul h. Douglas 111., William Proxmire wis., and Joseph d. Tydings md., called a news conference this morning to state their Case. Before the session their View was understood to be that too Many states have followed the High court up the reapportionment Hill to March Back Down again. This could be necessary if a constitutional amendment proposed by Dirksen wins approval. The supreme courts controversial ruling stated that both houses of state Legislatures had to be apportioned on the basis of population alone. This resulted in reapportionment in a number of states where geographical factors had been used. Dirksen a amendment would give the voters of each state a Chance every to years to decide whether they want one House of their legislature elected on a non population basis. Durksen s amendment failed to pass the Senate last summer falling seven votes Short of the required two thirds majority. The opponents think that of anything they Are in a better position this year than last. Dirksen thinks otherwise. If Congress accepted the amendment it still would have to be ratified by three fourths of the states to be written into the Constitution. . Hilt i court upholds Price fixing for liquor Albany . A in a 4-3 decision thursday the court of appeals rejected a request that retail liquor prices be removed from the Protection of the state s fair Trade Law which permits manufacturers to set retail prices. The decision affects those package stores which have been attempting to sell brands below the prices set by distillers but does not Settle the Basic question of whether distillers will have to prove their prices in new York state Are As Low As anywhere else in the country. Those Laws which gov. Nelson Rockefeller promised would lower the Price of liquor a Dollar a fifth in the state have been taken to the . Supreme court by the distillers. The retailer involved in thursday s decision conceded that he sold whiskey below the prices set by the distiller but argued that the violation was nullified because the distiller itself was breaking the state liquor Laws. The state s highest court in a majority opinion written by chief judge Charles s. Desmond held that the statute on Price statements was not in effect pending a decision on its Validity by the . Supreme court. The court of appeals has upheld the Validity of the Law enacted in 1964, now under review by the nations highest tribunal. Associate judge John Van Voorhis in a dissenting opinion concurred in by associate judges Kenneth b. Keating and Francis Bergan said that the stay Yugoslavia to buy More granted by the country s highest tribunal Quot is a shield to the distillers. But they May not use it As word to destroy the Public policy of the state As determined by the Saigon up a a Force of 400 communist Viet Cong Clad in Black pyjamas and wearing Straw hats attacked a South korean Marine platoon Early today in violation of the ceasefire. The koreans counterattacked in two hours of hand to hand combat that killed 46 communists. The attack on the South koreans and scattered clashes involving americans and other Allied indicated the Viet Cong had no intention of including them in their lunar new year cease fire. Their ambiguous announcements of a truce had referred Only to the South vietnamese. The South koreans members of the Blue dragon unit of the korean Marine brigade were under orders not to Hunt for the Viet Cong and not to fire unless fired upon until the expiration of the truce on sunday. They had pulled into defensive positions at their Camp near Tuy Hoa 240 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The communists sneaked up around 1 40 . Under cover of darkness and heavy Rains and opened up with a barrage of grenades. As they charged to within 50 feet of the Camp the Viet Cong raked the korean positions with Small arms and mortar fire. In the confusion the koreans first reported the Viet Cong h8d used civilians As human Shields because of their dress and because other Viet Cong wearing Khaki fatigues followed them into action. Wave after wave of Viet Cong poured into the outpost and soon overran the korean positions. But the koreans reorganized and counter attacked. Throughout the Day a number of new attacks were reported against american troops most of them minor. It was reported that the Viet Cong started at least 49 Quot incidents Quot since the truce period began. A military spokesman said 34 of these were against american troops or their non vietnamese allies and that the rest were directed against vietnamese forces outposts villages and hamlets. The spokesman said the koreans had been conducting a military operation in the area but had suspended it for the duration of the truce and had pulled into a defensive perimeter. He said a Large communist Force herding villagers from advanced on an outpost manned by a platoon of marines. The South koreans withheld their fire until the communist troops were within too feet. Then a bitter Battle erupted with the use of Small arms and hand grenades by both sides the spokesman said. He said the fighting was too see reds attack Page 12, col. 2 a bang for therein year Saigon up a peace May have settled on the vietnamese Countryside today but usually sleepy cities were jarred from their sleep about 6 00 By the report of a dynamite sized firecracker and the subsequent peal of laughter from a band of mischievous vietnamese shoe Shine boys. Lacking firecrackers Vietnam Mese government troops provoked a Battle positions Alert for american forces in Plesku when they Cut Loose skyward at Midnight with machine guns carbines and pistols. It was All part of celebrating the lunar new year. According to vietnamese tradition the explosion like that in Saigon should have driven away the bad Luck demons that plagued downtown residents in the just ended lunar year. But it Likely did More toward driving those within earshot into a state of nervous collapse. To the endless accompaniment of exploding fireworks or Small arms fire where firecrackers were not available Viet Nam s cities today rang out the year of the Snake and welcomed the year of the horse while most of the citizenry wished for peace and quiet. W eve made if among the Many papers swamping the it. Anthony Union High schools temporary office quarters on Park Street is asian for gymnasium bleachers submitted by a concern in Maine. The blueprints Are labelled Quot plan for mount Saint Anthony High school Quot. Canonization prompted one school Board member to exclaim Quot we be made it Quot Russia reported proposing communist Summit meeting London up a Russia is proposing a Summit meeting of party and government officials of communist countries to discuss Viet Nam diplomatic . Wheat Belgrade up a Yugoslavia today signed an agreement to increase its Purchase of american wheat from 700,000 metric tons for $45 million to 1,350,000 metric tons for $86 million. Reports said today. Nam and to line up backers for the reports said the Kremlin its Side in the san Osovet feud would use the meeting to communist China has firmly reaffirm communist support rejected any such communist for the anti-. Effort in Viet Summit whether on Viet Nam or the ideological split Between the two red giants. Albania peking s mouthpiece in Eastern Europe has denounced the idea As a veiled attempt to isolate the red chinese. Moscow was understood nevertheless to be pursuing the idea through Active diplomatic and party channels. The Kremlin was believed to have sounded out the North vietnamese on their possible acquiescence to if not participation in a communist meeting on Viet Nam. The attitude of Hanoi is considered crucial for the Success of Moscow a Summit Effort. There was no immediate authoritative information As to Hanoi Leader to Chi Munh s reaction so far. Hanoi however was believed to have taken a noncom in ital stand in the recent talks with soviet leaders for fear of inviting peking s Wrath. Red . Secretary general Thant at a news conference thursday appealed for the voice ? Viet c�n8 and red China to have a voice in any vietnamese peace talks. Up on the inside an editorial urges that a Well planked recreation area be developed at the town farm a Page 4. Manchester and Hoosick Falls ptas learn some new things about their schools a Page 6 and 7. Main Street renewal plan is unveiled truce violated reds attack

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