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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - January 13, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Etc p i Bennington Banner thursday january 13, i9 he it legislature studied possibilities for Vermont this is the third in a series of five articles on educational television written by the Well known Vermont author Ralph wading Hill. The series is being distributed by the University of Vermont. Legislation before the special session of the Vermont legislature Calls for a $2.3 million Bond Issue to be used by Uva in constructing and equipping an educational television network for Vermont. A re. By Ralph Nading Hill Burlington a although Vermont does not yet have an educational television network the legislature Long ago recognized its importance. Immediately after the first Etc station in the . Went on the air in 1953 the legislature established a commission to study the feasibility of Etc for Vermont. It at first seemed possible that the state might join Maine and new Hampshire in a Tri state network. When this was found to be unworkable owing to technical difficulties Wax to through Charles Lewis its pub lie affairs director and a member of the commission volunteered to telecast half hour morning in school programs. These Are still being received in areas reached by this stations signal. Recognizing the need for an educational network As such whose signal could cover the entire state the University of Vermont in August 1960, called a meeting of members of the Etc commission of the state department of education and of representatives of St. Michael a Norwich and Middlebury colleges. This group voted to support a request to the Ford foundation for funds for a comprehensive study of the possibilities of Etc in Vermont. The request for $21,000 was granted in january 1961. Or. William j. Lewis professor of speech and director of Radlo telex Slon at the University of Vermont aided by professional engineering and Legal consultants completed the study a year later. Lewis found the entire educational system of Vermont from the elementary schools through the colleges to be solidly in favor of Etc. Not the least reason was its reputation for functioning Best in the smaller states with scattered populations. While broadening the curricula it lightened the teaching loads of the overworked staffs of smaller schools. One Hundred Vermont administrators representing 289 Public and private schools cited their need for to instruction in music appreciation and Art in English and american literature in foreign languages and for a beefing up their courses in mathematics and the sciences specifically in biology physics and chemistry. Their comments As quoted in the Ford foundation report demonstrate a fervent endorsement of in school to programs. As for the states institutions of higher learning or. Raymond Phillips Dean of the evening division and summer session at Ulm considered an Etc network to be of a almost incalculable it would for example enable the evening division to expand its a a exterior or at Home programs for credit because the limitations of class size of distance and of financing would either be reduced or eliminated. Other department Heads in Norwich St. Michael a Goddard and Champlain colleges together with representatives of industries and of the states Large at Home audience presented a diversified list of needs and uses for an open circuit network that could reach the several audiences in school and out. Beni Catamount Hanhi Kitten by Ken Kramer Welcome to 1966 s first Kitten. Here we go with the news of the great Junior High. Most classes Are reviewing for the mid year exams coming up this week but some Are still plugging ahead with bigger and better projects for their students Art classes taught by mrs. Sylvia Ducharme Are just starting to paint murals. So far no one is quitting school to take up an Art career but there have been some pretty Good murals turned out. Most contain figures engaged in sports or other activities. Eighth Grade math classes taught by Judith Eurbin have just finished about 3 weeks no maybe ifs 4 weeks Well it could be 5 weeks of a study of estimation. Hugh Perkins eighth Grade science classes have just finished working with electromagnets while English classes taught by Lawrence Gardner have just read a group of Short stories. Santa Claus was quite Nice to some Junior High kids. Just listen to some of their presents. Tom Flynn got a pair of skis and ski boots. Steve Mears got a Nice Parka. Craig Sweet got a season s pass at Prospect it. Sam Nelson got a new Wristwatch. Roy Squires acquired some new clothes and i guess some kids will never grow up sue Pello got a stuffed elephant. The boys on the Junior High basketball team coached by Tom Butterfield practice All week for their game with Arlington last saturday. Lets All show up and give them our support at these games. During vacation sports was the word in the Junior High. Many students went skiing Ove. Vacation David Finnegan Pete Howe Tom Flynn Steve mean and Phil Boodakian worked of hot lunch Bunn. Elf montary week of january 17th monday a goulash cabbage carrots Apple salad italians bread prunes milk. Tuesday a Turkey pie mashed potatoes peas and carrots Apple Crisp milk. Wednesday a vegetable beef soup crackers Peanut but ter Jelly sandwiches chocolate pudding milk. Friday a fish Sticks Cream potatoes French string Beans Corn bread fruit milk. On the Myca court and As soon As school started the football games began again on the lawns of Beni a yes even in the ice and Snow. Congratulations to sue Pello an eighth grader for winning the forestry essay contest. She won $10 for her efforts. See you next week with some More interesting news from the Junior High. A Man we respect by Eric Peterson the busiest person at Beni and probably in Bennington is George a. Sleeman. Principal guidance director and up until a Short time ago school superintendent a All these positions have been held by Sleeman who also writes a weekly Banner column which deals with student guidance. Principals invariably Are Given a a nicknames by the student body generally derogatory nicknames. Sleeman a nickname however is simply a the student s ask a typical Beni student about Sleeman and the chances Are you la hear that he a a a Good in teen age talk this Means a a he son our before a troubled student will turn to his parents he or she will go to Sleeman for guidance and Comfort and if needed a Many times in past years Sleeman has helped students gain admission to various colleges. To Sleeman a a kid is a kids. Students Are amazed to find that he is interested in the things they personally Are interested in be it baseball Baske weaving or Bio logy. One student recently remarked a emr. Sleeman in t acting principal he a acting As a principal respect is a big word. Sleeman has earned the respect of All Beni. Beni and Bennington Are Lucky to have a Man like George a. Sleeman As advisor and Friend. Mrs. Reeves by Ann Hall mrs. Marianne Reeves who teaches Grade 9 English and creative writing consisting of seven seniors and one Junior will be leaving Beni on Jan. 14. She is making careful plans for her successor. In the near future mrs. Reeves will be assuming the duties of a Mother and homemaker. Or. And mrs. Ronald Reeves Are very Happy at the Prospect of the coming of their first child. Mrs. Reeves says she likes Beni very much. It is a Well organized school and All the students in her classes Are very polite. Mrs. Reeves was born in Philadelphia a. She went to High school at St. Cecilias Academy in Washington . She went to College at Towson state teachers College in Baltimore my. Mrs. Reeves has travelled in Europe and has spent two months travelling throughout the United states. She says that she prefers the East for permanent living. Mrs. Reeves hobbies Are Reading and grading papers. Can you believe it she is beginning to do some sewing and has been learning to play the guitar. All her students and friends at Beni wish her every happiness in the future. Lions llubsetsl966 plans i n cd nets new members the first meeting in 1966 of the Bennington Lions club was held tuesday night at the it. Anthony country club with the president Paul Williams presiding. His first order of business was appointing Richard Arrison Tail twister pro tempore. The president assisted by the original planetarium committee of the Lions club composed of James m. Conroy chairman Richard Fonteneau Theodore Thomas and Richard Laflin told the club of the present situation of the proposed planetarium in Bennington and continued support was pledged for the project. The following were received into membership Donald Joli Vette Coulter Schmitt and William Hassenpflug. The major program of All Lions clubs is sight conservation and help to and care for the Blind. The clubs furnish Eye glasses medical and surgical services to those in need As Well As furnishing White canes to the Blind books in braille Etc., wherever needed. It is requested that if anyone needs any of these services or knows anyone who is in such need he should Contact Harry Eddington or Robert Svitak co chairmen. The annual auction of the Lions club will be held in june the exact place and Date will be Given later. If anyone wishes to contribute anything in the Way of wearing apparel merchandise furniture electric things or anything which is no longer needed it is requested that they Call Richard Fonteneau chairman anytime up to 7 . In the evening and he will arrange to have such items picked up As quickly As possible. On behalf of the club the president was presented with a re cording of the music played at the Tri state music festival this past Spring for his outstanding efforts in making this project a successful venture. Prior to the meeting a similar recording was also presented to Walter c. Wood who was the founder of this project 15 years ago when he was principal of Bennington High school. Wood is a member at Large of the Lions club As Well. It was urged by the president and by Theodore Thomas chairman of the convention committee that Many members attend the International convention to be held in new York City july 6-9. The speaker of the evening was member Louis Levine who has just recency returned from a trip to Israel and Rome Italy. He was introduced by David l. Hayden in charge of the program for the evening. He described the Progress made in Israel showing How it has converted a desert area by drawing Waters from the River Jordan and Lake Tiberias into Green Fields. He contrasted the old Israel with the new and cited facts and figures of How the people worked together to build up such cities As Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Levine also stated that in lieu of Flowers being sent to a departed member of a family in Israel Trees Are Given to be placed in forests which Are being developed. He also said that Lions International is developing a Forest there which will be called the Lions Forest. There is also a Vermont Forest named Warren Austin Forest. In climbing it. Zion All persons Are presented a pin and certificate and Levine is exceedingly proud of his. 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