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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - January 12, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Bennington Banner wednesday january ii 1966-1 >4one Man one vote Rule changes political pattern of state Legislatures by i on Ald i. Ockert United press International mrs. Marion West Higgins the Republican lady from Bergen county had the floor in the Assembly of the state of new Jersey. She spoke of How proud she was to be the first woman Ever elected speaker of the new Jersey Assembly. She talked about her record and of How it Felt to be a political loser. Then she stopped and the legislature adjourned. It was a Rainy Day last december and a half Century of Republican Rule had just come to an end in the legislature of the Garden state. For the first time since president elect Thomas Woodrow Wilson sat in the new Jersey governor s chair 53 years ago democrats coming into office this month were wholly in control of the state legislature. The reason could be summed up in one word reapportionment. In state houses from Hartford to Honolulu lawmakers entered 1966 still trying to put their houses in order under the supreme court s Quot one Man one vote Quot ruling. They could claim a certain amount of duress. In the wings stood state and Federal judges often ready to impose their own reapportionment plans if the Legislatures did t. In the background was the nagging memory of Illinois 1964 a when failure to re apportion caused the nation s first at Large legislative election wrapped voters in a three foot Quot bed Sheet Quot ballot and put each and every one of the 188 democratic candidates for the Assembly into office. Since the supreme court s landmark decision of 1964, state and Federal courts have gone to extraordinary lengths to enforce it. In new York and Virginia the courts Cut Short the terms of elected legislators and ordered special elections under new districts in Illinois Federal and state judges came up with their own remapping plan and made it stick in Wyoming and Nebraska courts overturned sections of the state Constitution which conflicted with the supreme court ruling. Quot we conclude that the equal Protection clause of the 14th amendment of the . Constitution guarantees the Opportunity for equal participation by All voters in the election of state legislators Quot the supreme court said. Quot the equal Protection clause requires that the seats in both houses of a bicameral state legislature must be apportioned on a population chief Justice Earl j. Warren elaborated Quot legislators represent people not Trees or acres. Legislators Are elected by voters not farms or cities or economic in setting up their Legislatures practically All states had followed the example of the Federal government. One legislative chamber was based on population like the House of representatives the other on geography like the us. Senate. But As people gave up life on the farm for the big cities inequities developed. Here in Vermont for instance one lawmaker from the town of Stratton represented 38 constituents. Another from Burlington represented 36,000�?nearly a thousand times As Many. That is what the supreme court found unconstitutional. The full Force of the ruling on practical politics has yet to be measured. For Many states this fall s elections on a re apportioned basis will provide the evidence. Meanwhile the court s decision is providing Urban voters with More representation opening new political doors to minority groups and changing the life and style of politicians who must do or die under the new system. Yet the effects of reapportionment so far a except for one instance a have generally been less than spectacular. It is in new Jersey that the most sweeping changes have been wrought. Under the old system in effect for 189 years the new Jersey Senate was made up of one senator from each of the state s 21 counties. The senator from Cape May county represented 48,000 people the senator from Essex county represented nearly a million. Under judicial prodding the legislature created 14 Senate districts to replace the county system with one senator for every 200,000 population. In last november selection democrats came Home the winners by nearly a 2-1 margin. If the election had been held under the old system of one senator for each county republicans would have retained control of the Senate As they have for half a Century. For the gop in new Jersey reapportionment meant times were changing. But if new Jersey presents a Case of change other states show a pattern of business More or less As usual. For republicans in Vermont reapportionment seemed a horror. After a Century of Rural domination More Power was being Given to Urban areas. Gov. Philip Henderson Hoff and his administration swept into Power by the democratic landslide in 1964, looked unbeatable. Then last nov. 23, Vermont voters proved the Green Mountain state even under reapportionment a Hadnot forsaken the gop. Republicans captured 115 of the 150 House seats and 23 of the 30 Senate seats. Republican fears in new York state proved equally unfounded. Democrats had won control of the state legislature for the first time in 30 years. Then under court ordered reapportionment new York voters went to the polls last november for the third time in May september wedding in Italy Cuneo Italy up a a girl of 14 has married a 62-year-old widower. She has become the step Mother of six the oldest aged 30�?and seven Little ones Call her grandmother. Businessman Francesco casette and Young Jolanda Margherita Dovetta whose Mother is a poor peasant woman were married dec. 27 in the Village of Frassino. The banns were issued Only today. The bans were delayed until Catholic Church authorities gave a special dispensation required because of the brides age. Three. Years. They handed control of the state Senate Back to the republicans and bolstered the gop minority in the Assembly. Reapportionment was a bread and butter Issue in Wisconsin the self proclaimed Dairy state. For years the legislature had refused to lift a ban on the Sale of coloured Ole Margarine or to repeal a special tax on Oleo. One Man one vote appeared to make a difference Here. Under a re apportioned Assembly in which Urban areas picked up several seats from previously Rural control the pro Oleo forces came within a single vote of repealing the restrictions. It appeared Victory for Oleo was certain in the 1967 legislature. Similarly in Colorado where ranchers and Farmers Don t like to tamper with what they Call Quot god s time Quot a re apportioned legislature approved a trial run of Daylight savings time. Four years ago voters had turned Down a referendum on Daylight savings time. But the strengthened Urban forces in the legislature pushed it through. There was no doubt reapportionment meant More Power for Urban America. But for populous Atlanta ga., representation carried headaches. The newly re apportioned legislature meeting this month May have Given Atlanta More seats than it wants. Despite efforts of Urban lawmakers to reduce the size of an unwieldy Atlanta delegation Rural legislators a in a switch a made the Quot one Man one vote Quot Rule stick. Fulton county Atlanta formerly was represented by three men who had trouble getting together on local issues. Now the county is Fielding 24 representatives. Seven Are negroes. Rural interests Are hoping their own positions in the legislature can be helped by squabbling within the Atlanta delegation. Eighteen months after the supreme courts decision All signs pointed toward the opening of political doors for the nations minority groups. In Many areas the doors were Only slightly ajar in others they seemed to be wide open. Georgia was the most dramatic example. Because of reapportionment As much As the civil rights struggle the state now had the second highest number of negro representatives in the nation. Eight negroes were sent to the Georgia House in a special election held under remapped districts last Spring the seven from Atlanta and one from Columbus. One of them Julian Bond had been ejected from the Public gallery at the statehouse a few years previously because he was sitting in a Quot White Only Quot Section. 4 Bond still has to take his seat As the legislature has so far refused to seat him because of his views on american participation in the War in Viet Nam. In Texas Roy r. Evans Secretary treasurer of the state Al Cio Hopes the new state Senate will include at least one negro and two or three persons of mexican descent. That would be a revolution of sorts. There Are no negroes and no latin americans in the present Senate. At of efficiency Var Wick England up a cars used by More than too Warwickshire county midwives have been installed with two Way radios to Quot make the service More portable tvm49.95 it by a e. T. 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