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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - January 12, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Vermont Gardener the ornamental flattering crabs by Pete Mattoon Arlington. Quality in Woody plants is a difficult thing to describe but in flowering crabs Good Quality includes excellence of Flower and fruit hardiness durability interesting formation and foliage of pleasing form and color. If a tree pleases in All these respects and in addition is not choosy about soil and is reasonably free from serious pests what More can be asked. Flowering crabs meet these specifications. Few other Small Trees can match the Overall excellence of flowering crabs. Of More than 250 recognized varieties several Are suitable for almost every location. Fruits of a Cra Bapple must be less than two inches in diameter. Otherwise it is an Apple. Generally Small Trees Able to withstand deep Frost As Well As heat crabs Are Laden with blooms every year. They Cross freely so new forms Are continually appearing. A of to select a group of the Best crabs is difficult. Each grower has his preferences but a few that meet All requirements for ornamental Trees and that do extremely Well in the Northeast Are mentioned below. In the Home landscape crabs can be used As specimens in Border plantings even for a hedge though most of them Are too Fine to be confined in a hedge. Even some of the Small ones that May not exceed six feet in height will lose some of their Charm when sheared into formal shape. It is necessary to refer to them by their botanical names because Only in this Way can you be sure of the variety. Malus Sargenti the Sargent crab is almost Shrub like Seldom taller than six feet though it May have a spread of to feet. The leaves Are Glossy Green while the Flowers Are Small but abundant and Are followed by equally abundant Small red fruits. Several kinds of Birds rely on such fruits for Winter food. A of among those that grow to to 15 feet in height Are the Arnold crab m. Arnold Lana the Parkman crab m. Hall Lana Parkman and the very old m. Flor Bunda. The last though of ancient lineage is regarded by Many As among the finest. Rose red buds open into Pale Pink Flowers that change to almost pure White. The Small round fruits Are profuse and cling through much of the Winter unless eaten by Birds. It is sometimes shrubby in habit though it can be trained As a Small round headed tree. Bechtel s crab a double flowering variety of the Prairie has White or Pale Pink Flowers and is a handsome and late Blooming variety. Originating More than 60 years ago the Arnold crab has Many of the characteristics of Florl Bunda. The dark buds become lighter As they open while the Large blossoms Are first Pink fading to White and Are followed by round yellow fruits. The Parkman crab has always been popular. Its Rose Pink Semi double Flowers Are most appealing while the Long stemmed red or purplish red fruits remain on the tree for months. The Orengo crab m. Sie Boldi is noted because it is the last to Bloom in the Spring. The Tschon Iski crab has Lovely fall colouring. The hybrid Dorothea which originated at the Arnold arboretum 20 or More years ago is now considered one of the most handsome for the Northeast. Do go among the first to open its blossoms in the Spring is also Worth considering and so is the extremely popular hopi crab. The last is of medium height and its deep purplish Flowers Are judged among the most Beautiful. The thl Efera crab is a Small Broad tree which is Laden each Spring with Pale Pink fragrant Flowers. There Are literally hundreds of others every one of which has some specially desirable characteristic. In making selections visit a Nursery that has Many kinds to select from see them in Bloom and in fruit inquire about their ultimate height and any special cultural requirements. After this information is assembled it should be possible to make the right Choice. Occasional attention to pruning May be necessary in order to rid the tree of weak dead and crossing branches. It can be done at any time though late Winter or Early Spring is the most desirable time. Don t overfeed crabs because overactive growth appears to encourage firefight. Annual show offers big prizes to state s Best farm products Barre a the Vermont farm Ferling $2,500 in prizes. Show wants to have the Best manager . Pill Shute has farm products in the state on announced that contests will be display. To get them it is of held for apples Christmas Trees if m in in see us for All your Winter j Home repair needs m we have All the building supplies you will m m need for Interior or exterior repairs. G h. Greenberg amp son inc. 321 main St. Dial 2-6325 Bennington n Iii ill Cecelia Greene Callahan school of dance starting new january class Ages 3 years up. Space is limited so ii interested Register january 12-17 let calling 442-2579 or 442-4802 a or Register in person at studio 189 main St., Cone building. Member . Save 40< on Barron s Swiss chocolates regularly 1.69 la. Eggs Hay Honey Maple potato silage and Home products. Each division has two to seven separate classes. Quot there s always been a lot of interest in the contests Quot Shute reported. Quot based on our experiences in the past we look for about 500 separate because the contests attract the Best visitors to the farm show always throng the exhibits to match their judgments with the decisions of the judges. About 10,-000 people Are expected to attend the show Jan. 25-27 in Barre auditorium. All contest entries must be delivered Between 9 . And 5 . Jan. 24 at the auditorium. Judging will be done that night. Christmas tree entries the Only exception can be entered Jan. 25. Every entry judged excellent in Quality will receive a $5 Cash prize and a ribbon. The outstanding entry in each product contest will receive a Silver plated Quot award of after the show the entry tag containing either an excellent rating or the judges suggestions for improvement will be mailed to each contestant. All entries become the property of the show. Quot an attendant will be on hand in the morning at each contest display to assist visitors in examining and discussing samples Quot Shute said. Quot folks can get a real education the Home products contest classifications Are White bread whole bread Quick bread and round sponge cake. Each entry consists of one loaf. A special contest in the round sponge cake category is open to persons under age 19. Full details of All farm and Home contests As Well As entry tags Are available at county University of Vermont Extension offices or from the farm show offices at 2 Mather Terrace Montpelier. Motorists Aid Uxbridge England a a a breath kit Quot for motorists who want to Check to see of perhaps they be had one too Many Are on Sale at a garage Here. They measure the amount of alcohol on a Drivers breath by using crystals which change color. Landowners profit from recreation Burlington a the outdoor recreation business is just that a business. Any landowner prospecting for tourist Gold on the Back forty would be Well advised to study a new Booklet published by the University of Vermont Extension service. The second in a ten part series a outdoor recreation development Quot covers campgrounds Day use areas vacation farms and vacation Homes. Extension recreation specialist John j. Lindsay the author discusses each business in detail giving estimates of the resources and investment needed the skills required and the problems involved. A typical Campground development for example costs $500 or More per site and returns $100 a year with 50 per cent rental. So a 50-site development would Call for a $25,000 investment grossing $5,000. Taxes labor insurance maintenance supplies and other expenses would be deducted from the Gross. A you can see that campsites of less than 30 units Are not Worth the trouble Quot Lindsay notes. Persons entering the Field need a variety of skills a love of camping and a feeling for people he adds. Above All they need to study Supply and demand in their area and do detailed Cost studies. Day use areas open in the morning and close at night. They feature swimming and other recreation activities on a fee basis. Investments of at least $20,000 and up Are common. With a typical entry fee of 25 cents and up to $2 a car volume is a must. Location is of critical importance. And As in All other businesses Supply and demand must be studied. Vacation farms require less investment of the farm family has a big House with room for guests. People will pay to stay at a Well run farm and Competition is slight. But the family needs the ability to live closely with strangers. And since the guests will be present when the farm workload is heaviest most of the burdens of the business will fall on the wife. The final topic covered in the bulletin a vacation Home Quot currently offers the greatest possibilities. A a vacation Home is any permanent dwelling seasonal or year round leased rented or sold to people with outdoor interests Quot Lindsay explains. A in Vermont the Boom is the bulletin explains the different types of developments possible comparing leasing with outright sales. As in All outdoor recreation businesses individual circumstances determine the Wisest Choice. For a free copy of a outdoor recreation development Quot write to publications Morrill Hall University of Vermont Burlington. Yule free growers meet Barre a a Scot will address the Vermont new Hampshire Christmas tree association Here Jan. 25, the anniversary of the birth of Scotland a National poet Robert Burns. The speaker Almander Dickson born and educated in Scotland is Extension forester at Cornell University. Hell speak on Quot Christmas Trees yesterday today and tomorrow Quot at a dinner meeting at the country House restaurant. Dickson will discuss the need for Quality Trees Impact of the artificial tree species trends consumer characteristics and Selling methods. Dickson pioneered Extension forestry work in Saskatchewan and is a former director of the natural resources training school there. The directors will meet at la . On the second floor of the cow barn a special Annex to the Vermont farm show in Barre auditorium. The members will meet at 1 30 . In the Annex. The farm show also will sponsor its annual Christmas tree contest. Producers May bring entries to the auditorium before noon Jan. 25. Trees must be Vermont grown Spruce Balsam or Pine and five to eight feet tall. A Silver Platter will be awarded at the dinner meeting. Second Section Pape eleven on Sale through january 24 at Evans news 431 main St. And office equipment Bennington full service banking a Man needs full sender banking when he has the res a Ponsi Bill to of a Home car and family. Get full service at the Vermont Bank and Trust company Bellows Falls Chester Brattleboro Rutland Bennington a Manchester member Federal Deposit insurance corporation Bennington Bennington Vermont county agent s report Anner wednesday january 12, 1966 education is of r business the state is our Campus by John c. Page University of Vermont Extension agent last week Marion Harris Bud Edgerton and myself became Quot county Extension agents of the University of the old titles of Home demonstration agent 4-h club agent and county agricultural agent Are no More. It will take us some time to get Over this and no doubt it will take you longer. Even now some folks Call me the Quot farm Bureau agent Quot something which i never was and a title that was changed Back in 1948. What was the reason for this change it certainly describes the Structure under which we work better and in recent years describes our Job better. We three have for a Long while and now do work As members of the staff of the University of Vermont. Our supervisors Are there. We get paid by the University and All our Bills go through the University s accounting office. Our reports go there. We do our educational work under their guidance. We get constant training at the Campus. This describes our tie with Ulm. We Are also tied into the . Department of agriculture through the Federal Extension service and 36 per cent of the funds to operate the whole Extension service comes from there. However we practically never see members of the department s Federal Extension service Here in the county and Only occasionally at our conferences at Ulm. Their connection is mostly through our immediate supervisors. Of the rest of the Money it takes to keep Extension running 52 per cent comes from the state funds and 12 per cent from local funds a directly from the towns. All this is pooled at Ulm to finance us. Why Are we Here education is our business and the state is our Campus. There Are three of us in most counties though this varies from one to four and we have to help us with our educational programs a staff of subject matter specialists at the University. We use their help constantly in our educational pro Grams and they keep us up to Date in their various Fields. And just As our state the Campus we work on has changed the nature of our work has changed and will change. Sometimes Extension agents Are called Quot change agents Quot. Sometimes we Don t like to change ourselves but in time we do change in our methods of work and on the things we work on. In All these changes we have people in mind As does anyone in the area of education. But rather than offering degrees and classroom situations on schedule we Endeavor to develop the potential of the people on our statewide Campus. We have to take the people who will work with us As they Are and try through any educational Means we have to develop their potential. Sometimes we work in Broad areas such As resource planning and development. Bud and i with the help of Many others have worked hard on this lately. We do this with the Hope that by the study of our situations in the area and by planning wisely to guide our development All of our future citizens will be better off and will be Able to live in an area which will enable them to develop themselves further. Bud has worked lately on leadership development in its Barest form a a school on leadership a and he has worked As have All 4-h agents in developing the potential of the Young people. It in t the projects that Are the most important it is the Many kinds of growth in the youngster that the 4-h situation offers. A situation which teaches leadership responsibility and cooperation As Well As Many other values. In the future Bud Edgerton will use his talents to develop the potential of youth wherever he can find it. He is not limited to his 4-h clubs though these will continue. In the Case of Marlon Harris she is no longer simply and Only the Shepherd of a flock of Home demonstration clubs though she will still work with them. Not Only is she working with All of them in subject matter areas such As International relations water resource development and so Forth which Are Only remotely connected with classical Home economics. And Here again the development of the highest potential under existing conditions is the real goal. Some sound Home economics training could do a lot to develop women and their families in Many parts of the world a and even right Here in our Little county. In my own Case my educational work in commercial agriculture will continue. Along with this will be expanded emphasis in the area resource planning and development and eventually its product expanded Opportunity for people and a better development of human potential. As the Bridge Between agricultural and Urban people becomes narrower a and it has for Many years in Vermont a i will be and am at present working with people who Are new to me and i to them. This change in emphasis in the Type of educational work is not the first change in direction which Extension has taken nor the last. It May Well mean that less Effort will be possible in trying to get Farmers to be progressive but for those who want to stay abreast and take advantage of the educational tools offered these will still be there. It May mean that some Urban people will have to accept answers to their gardening and horticultural problems Over the phone rather than always to expect a Home Call. In Short of i am to do a better educational Job i la have to put More Effort into presenting information of substance to the people on my Campus. In the future even less than now i la be less reluctant than in the past to help people in Fields other than strictly agriculture of the educational need is there and i feel i have or can develop the ability to help them. If we really mean Quot education is our business the state is our Campus Quot we in Extension with the guidance of our own local Extension boards have got to our educational efforts to where they will do the most Good in developing the potential of people in our area and in developing the resources of our area to the Benefit of us All. Plastic bags Hurt evergreens Burlington a beware of plastic bags As Winter covers for evergreens warns Harrison Flint ornamental Horticulturist with the Ulm Extension serv ice. Although plastic bags give pro action from wind they also act As a heat trap on Bright Winter Days. This allows the stems and Needles of evergreens to warm up excessively. We Hen the Sun s rays no longer strike the Plant freezing takes place usually with disastrous results. The susceptibility of different kinds of evergreens to plastic bag injury varies but one thing is certain this method of Winter Protection will invariably do More harm than Good he emphasizes. Swordfish Steak a. 89$ fillet sole ,.89$ oysters. $1.39 walkers a a a it

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