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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - February 21, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Light mostly Cloudy with a Little Light Snow or Snow flurries today tonight and tuesday. Highest today will Range from near 20. Lowest tonight will be 5 below to 5 above Zero. Yesterdays High la Low minus 17. Today at 7 ., minus 2. .08 of precipitation. Benning Bennington Vermont monday february 21, 19fib Aimer weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19.997 to Elf in m Osokow Wilson seeks negotiations Moscow up a British passenger terminal Shere Metie prime minister Harold Wilson to to Miles away flew to Moscow today in an As Wilson stepped Down from Effort to Start Viet Nam peace the plane Premier Kosygin negotiations and landed without other soviet officials British an official welcoming party diplomats and newsmen were because fog and rain had still travelling by car from diverted his plane from the Vnukovo-2 to Sherem Stievo to government Airport. Greet him. Wilson a plane due to arrive the russians already had at the government s Vnukovo-2 indicated Wilson stalks will be Airport was diverted by lad like his arrival difficult. But visibility at the last moment to the soviet government had the City a main International lined up an Honor guard and a up for the Mericas Landing by Early it Ollo tests Start Cape Kennedy i the Long countdown first test flight in a Apollo manned lunar program got Underw today and aimed at a wednesday launch Tor the 23-ton Moo ship. For the initial flight the Apollo will be unmanned and will soar 310 Miles High before Landing in the South Atlantic Ocean. A Success will be a major step in the $21 billion Effort to use the same Type Craft to Send three men to the Moon by 1969. If the 52v2 hour string of final checks and preparations proceeds without a hitch the Saturn in rockets eight first stage engines will burst into life at 7 45 Est wednesday before a National television emergency military funds for military band at Vnukovo-2. Instead Wilson landed at 5 23 . 9 23 Est at Sherem Stievo and was forced to Walt 30 minutes before Kosygin accompanied by foreign minister Andrei Gromyko arrived. Wilson said before leaving London that he would seek russians cooperation in reconvening the Geneva conference on Viet Nam. Britain and the soviet Union were co chairman of the 1954 Geneva conference which created the present division of Viet Nam. At the London Airport Wilson said his trip was necessary despite disagreements Between Britain and Russia. Quot they know where we stand Quot he said. Quot we know where they stand. That is not a reason for not talking. We have taken every initiative and shall Hilt a court to ticket hear Washington up a the supreme court agreed today to decide whether an individual crossing state lines with records of ticket purchases in the new Iii Manchester Hampshire sweepstakes is violating Federal Law. The court accepted for review a test Case of an Elmira ., Man who transported Home suspect captured troopers of the . 1st cavalry division cover a Viet Cong suspect captured during fighting in the Bong son area of South Viet Nam. Up from Keene n.h., records concerning 75 ticket purchases in the new Hampshire operation. Federal judge Harold p. Burke of Rochester ., threw out the government charges on oct. 5, 1965, ruling they Are not in Accord with the purpose of the Federal statute. The Justice department appealed the ruling. The court will hear arguments some time next fall or Winter then hand Down a written opinion later. The ederal statute makes it an offence to carry across state Manchester a group of sary and added that of people a a a "ll�?o1se do run a Manchester residents and Busi Are worried about the Road s improvement they should Quot get petition circulated seeking 2-Lane Road newsmen say they plan to circulate a petition asking the ver Busy with Mann said Mont Senate to remove the four Lane designation for . 7 he believed it was possible to have a four Lane Road As a re five americans killed in helicopter collision Saigon up �?. Milita charged up Jungle slopes curate damage reports. Among by spokesmen today reported a Quot screaming like crazy men Quot in the targets were the due Tho from the Highway Bill which pass placement for . 7 and stilled the Hoise Friday. The Peti keep the essential Quality of Vernon will ask in addition that Mont. Quot if planning is done Well a study be made of the economic i think we in Vermont can still Impact and other consequences have our cake and eat it too Quot of the four Lane artery from the Mann said. Massachusetts Border to Rutland. Lefevre was contacted this morning just before he left for a full copy of the petition this afternoons legislative ses was not available at press time Sion. He commented that Quot this but George Clay of Manchester Road is not an Access route to one of the sponsoring group in wagering pools with respect to sporting events. The defendant Anthony l. Fabrizio was identified in papers filed in burkes court As an employee for 39 years of the Elmira Star Gazette. The races Are held at Rockingham Park in Salem n.h., under the states 1964 lottery Law to raise funds for education. New Hampshire s is the first Legal sweepstakes since 1894, when a Louisiana lottery was outlawed. Appealing burkes decision heavy bombing of targets in communist North Viet Nam while tragedy continued to stalk . Airmen in the South. Five to on doing so to get the americans were killed and 12 parties to the conference table \ Ivi debate resumes Washington up a the Senate debate resumed today on a $4.8 billion Bill for audience. The Federal space Agency said the weather Outlook for launch Day at both the Cape and recovery areas was Quot reasonably Good Quot with broken Clouds expected Over the launch site and scattered Clouds Over the Landing zone 5,500 Miles away. Viet Nam with Little doubt it would be passed on a vote which was not expected before midweek. Approval was expected after Senate critics of the Johnson administrations Viet Nam policies attempted to assure approval would not be construed As a vote of Confidence. Injured in the collision of two army uh-1b Quot Huey Quot helicopters near Saigon. Viet Cong guerrillas meanwhile have unleashed heavy mortar attacks against widely scattered american and South vietnamese targets throughout the South in the last two Days. Only Light casualties were reported in nine separate mortar barrages reported today. . Army 1st cavalry division troops participating in operation White Wing Masher 300 Miles Northeast of Saigon reported another 34 Viet Cong killed in fierce hand to hand combat. In one Battle Viet Cong disguised As Bushes frantic efforts to escape a . Ambush. Some of the communists shouted Quot ceasefire As they charged into the fire from american rifles and machine guns. . Navy and air Force apply area la Miles Southwest of Vonh Loc Mia and som a storage depots five Miles to the West the Mui a Nhia truck Park 45 Miles North of the demilitarized zone and the Thanh Hoa radar site. A w met Manchester but has to do with said a hit the petition admitted the development of the entire the Justice department said the the need for an improved . State. If i had known about the effectiveness of the Federal Law 7, but questioned whether Suffi meeting two months ago i still a for the control of interstate client Public discussion had been would not have supported the two gambling operations Quot would be Lane idea. It is a Basic concept seriously impaired if the ruling of government that Laws should Isnit reversed. Given to the consequences of the project. . And vietnamese planes sunday flew seven flew 352 combat sorties in the ing the potion. Some Motel owners were also brine the most so cd for the of bruits ared pilots reported to be interested in sign greatest number of be the lower court that he was no r in the net it Ion Fevre added. Quot i think these peo alleged to be a professional missions Over North Viet Nam a . Military spokesman reported today. They struck military and communications targets from South of Vinh on the coast 40 Miles North of the 17th parallel to the Dien Bien Phu military Barracks and storage area 145 Miles Northwest of Hanoi. Poor weather prevented a Viet Cong rejections listed South. The collision of the two helicopters occurred sunday afternoon about 20 Miles Northeast of Saigon. Details were not immediately available. The Accident site was bout to Miles from the scene of a helicopter crash last week which claimed the lives of seven americans. Among them were two army nurses and capt. Albert m. Smith 27, son of United press International White House correspondent Merriman Smith. Fevre. A. ,. Pie Are lacking in vision and Gambler and besides the Law Ems r.ulrhfrih.l�?T�1.h perhaps after the Road is in they does no to apply in a state where proposal were we a is Legal. When reps. Daulton Mann of Peru and Reid Lefevre of Manchester spoke to a group of citizens at a meeting sponsored by the Manchester town Republican committee at the Manchester elementary school. A Straw vote at that time indicated a very Large majority of the 45 persons present favored an improved . 7 rather than a new four Lane Road. Rep. Mann said this morning lbs reported limiting bombing of Viet new York Al a president Johnson has banned bombing raids by u. S. Planes he had not altered his conviction against most of the Northern that a four Lane Road was Neces half of North Viet Nam demonstrators Creel Humphrey As he a drives in Philippines Manila up a vice pres several hours before hum South Korea on his tour of Asia ident Hubert h. Humphrey prey arrived demonstrators and the Pacific area arrived tonight for talks with massed outside the . Zembas Humphrey has visited More philippine pres Dent Ferdinand by chanting a Yankees. Than Hal a dozen Palm a and e. Marcos shortly Atter a noisy monkeys go Aslan nations including South torchlight Parade by 2 000 the demonstrators prevented let Nam on hts tour but he a h.�?.-. Saleon cover men. A. demonstrators protesting . Ambassador William Mccoy showed new signs of fatigue As civil defense conference that the to Hinsz policy in Viet Nam. Mick Blair from leaving the he embarked for the Philip the defections were Accomma Only 12 demonstrators were embassy compound. Among piles a staunch or s ally in the Nied by Quot an increasing willing on hand at Manila International other things the demonstrators flight against asian comm Ness of vietnamese peasants in Airport when Humphrey s air protested a proposal to Send ism. Many areas to give information 77�?Tv&Quot Force Jet arrived from Welling 2,000 filipino engineers and a about the Viet George ton new zealand. Security troops to Viet Nam. H i. Jar p cd s Quot final Victory or defeat in Wellington Humphrey said Humphrey accompanied by. My Rey visit. Depends on the ability of the a inclusion of the communist Viet his wife and president John Elington during the weekend South vietnamese assisted by. Senators late brother Cong in a South vietnamese songs special roving Amassa it 11 a a w were on hand As their allies and friends to n Kennedy dismissed the coalition government would be Dor w. Averell Harriman told Despai Ted. Austin Tex. Up a Gen. Earle g. Wheeler today listed a record 1,600 defections from the communist Viet Cong in january As a possible Early sign of Victory in South Viet Nam. Wheeler chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said in a speech prepared for the Texas controversy surrounds Kennedy a Viet proposal Washington a Pic sen. Robert f. Kennedy a proposal that the communist Viet Cong share Power in any postwar i governor heavy fire from the Johnson administration. Two of the presidents key advisers undersecretary of w. Ball and my George Bundy both of whom also served As top aides and vice president Hubert h. Nizet a the Viet congas political Newsweek Magazine reported today. In its current Issue Newsweek said the presidential order which has not been officially announced has been in effect since the United states resumed systematic bombing of North Viet Nam on feb. I. Newsweek said the president has ordered the restrictions because i he is determined not to provoke red China into the War by a policy of unlimited escalation and 2 he has been advised that the main Supply link Between red China Humphrey presently touring the Quot National liberation and Hanoi the Kumming Hanoi Aslan capitals ridiculed Kenne front Quot As an essential step dyes proposal for a coalition toward negotiating a peace government. He said it would Kennedy called on the be like Quot having a Fox in the Johnson administration Satur Chicken Coop. Or an Day to agree to let the Viet arsonist in the fire depart Cong participate in any peace negotiations and to permit but sen. J. William Ful them to be Given a role in any Bright d-ark., chairman of the South vietnamese government Senate foreign relations com which might be set up after the Mittee urged in an interview War. Railroad is studded with hundreds of anti Craft batteries and would be an extremely hazardous target for United states bombing planes. The ban forbids u. S. Bombers from crossing a Stair step line running just North of the 20th parallel. This provides a Sanctuary for most of the North a strategically Quot like having a Fox in the an Airport crowd of about too Chicken Coop Quot or Quot an arsonist persons he had come to the in the fire Humphrey dismissed a proposal by sen. Robert f. Kennedy a new York that a coalition government including communists could bring an end to the Viet Nam hostilities. Philippines to apprise Marcos and filipino leaders on the latest developments regarding the War. Humphrey was scheduled to meet privately with Marcos we in America believe in the right of dissent too Quot Humphrey declared in a speech sunday night carried Over new zealand radio. He said the United states was in Viet Nam to see that Quot the Rule of reason prevails rather tuesday before leaving for than the Rule of the Jungle assure the loyalties of the people primarily through the application of non military Power Quot he said. However Wheeler said Quot the picture is not yet Quot the Viet Cong still comprise a Strong skillful determined military Force of Over 200,000 men Quot he said. Suggestion. With United press International his proposal put him Square important Railroad lines Power that the United states Quot recon by in the Middle of a continuing Battle Between the Nistra de Gaulle announces France quilting nato complexes factories and fuel depots the Magazine said. Before the 37-Day Lull in bombing North Viet Nam began on Christmas eve u. S. In a television Ember a a a Quot cd Over mrs a sunday stressed ,he,�?zn0r.t,h we a he of Tion and Senate opponents of its Viet Nam policies most notably Fulbright and sen. Wayne l. Morse Dore. Bunday appearance quilts May Art in new i Ark redistricting Paris up a French president Charles de Gaulle called again today for reconvening of the 1954 Geneva far Eastern peace conference. He said this would be the Only Way to end the Viet Nam War. He said peace can be established in Viet Nam Only if All foreign intervention ceases Albany With the and the try is neutralized breakdown of reapportionment de Gaulle made this Brief negotiations sunday night be reference to Viet Nam at the tween democratic and re very end of a one hour and to publican legislative leaders it minute news conference in seems virtually certain that the which he warned that he plans courts will have to take Over the to pull France Quot progressively Quot Job of drawing new Senate and out of the North Atlantic Assembly District lines for the treaty organization nato november election. By april 4, 1969�?the Date on at a joint news conference which the nato treaty will be Assembly speaker Anthony j. 20 years old and will come up Travia reported that he and sen or renewal ate majority Leader Earl w. He said this Quot progressive Quot Brydges were unable to Hammer withdrawal also will go for a safety corridor Quot along the red out a Compromise agreement. The speaker said there Are about a dozen Quot trouble spots Quot in which agreement seems to be impossible. Cooperation with other Allied forces in Germany. De Gaulle also said France is willing now to hold regular political consultations with her or i. Vice president and mrs. Hubert Humphrey Are greeted at w doomed to Shakea Airport in Wellington by new zealand a prime min j. Ister Keith Holyoake and his wife As the vice president Neil zealand arrives to Confer with government leaders on Allied policies in Viet Nam. Up the leaders have been Nego european common Market that Long against a deadline set last partners on such questions of week by the court of appeals common interest As their which declared that if the legis relations with the United lature did not produce an agree states the Eastern european ment by the close of its session countries and communist Chi on tuesday feb. 22, the Tribuna. He indicated that other Nal would Rule the next Day on countries a presumably great whether the states courts could Britain might join these Politi take Over the redistricting. Cal consultations later. That he was a longtime Friend a 3�-�lle Clr it be around ,la"0l> a of Kennedy. But he said he did 10-mlle Sanctuary around the earlier he charged that Quot a a believe the senators a Quot a it a and a 25 a m11 moroccan Interior minister proposal would be a a hopeful or Corr a Gen. Mohamed ouf Kir in helpful step gingered the kidnapping and presumed murder in France last october of moroccan opposition Leader Mehdi Ben Barka. He charged that ouf Kir was personally responsible. He said relations Between the two countries were bound to suffer because Morocco refuses to disown ouf Kir. De Gaulle also said his regime plans to continue same economic policies it has pursued since 1958 based on the principle Quot Prosperity must Benefit All frenchmen while preserving our Independence. It was de Gaulle a first news conference since he was reelected for a second seven year term last dec. 19. on the inside an editorial comments on the Highway Issue a Page 4. Columnist Alan Sophrin comments on the irony of the Viet Nam War a Page 4. Dorset voters face a decision on kindergarten a Page 5. Attend Church president and mrs. Johnson accompanied by Courtenay Mcpherson right daughter of White House special counsel Harry c. Mcpherson and her Friend Janice Biggs Are shown sunday As they drive away from services at St. Marks episcopal Church in Washington. Up

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