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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - February 15, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Cool and Cloudy fair weather tonight will be followed by increasing cloudiness wednesday. Low temperatures tonight will Range from 5 to to in the far North and into the 20s Over most of Southern new England. Yesterdays High 40 Low 24 today at 7 a.m., 26. A Trace of Snow. Sunset 5 21 . Sunrise 6 50 a in. Benning Bennington Vermont tuesday february 15, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,992 to cents Many voice opposition to gasoline tax hike Montpelier Upo a Strong opposition was voiced at a legislative hearing monday night Over a proposed hike in the Vermont gasoline tax. Spokesmen for the Vermont the other five new England Simpson also said he is in states average about ten cents favor of a one cent increase of every Highway use tax Dollar that would Jack the tax to 7.5 for roads. Cents per gallon. The represent at Issue is a proposal by rep. Tax Tulve said he Only introduced the w. Arthur Simpson a Lyndon measure to insure that there p 4p truck and bus association be Ville that Calls for a one half would be enough funds Avail troneum Industry state Highway users conference and Vermont farm Bureau appeared before the ways and Means committee hearing. Even gov. Philip h. Hoff a accelerated Highway program came under question. Keith Wallace of Waterbury president of the Vermont farm Bureau said members of his group were not clamouring for any accelerated Highway programs. He said he understand Why with As much careful planning As the state usually questioned takes on All matters that the committee roads mentioned in the Highway Bill Are As grossly neglected As everyone makes them out to be. Robert Garside of Barre director of the Vermont Petrole tons put to them urn Industry said a every to Gallons of that you buy you cent increase in the present Hie for any new Bond issues for tax. Road construction. Kor w witnesses continue pleading 5th amendment ambushed while driving through Georgia. A witness testified last week that last july he and another Ohio la Nornan went to Barnes the House Ville ga., and received Dyna in american mite from three men to take Back to Ohio. Mcgriff and Price refused to answer questions about the dynamite. The committee has not pinned Down the intended use of among the questions asked the explosives but an Ohio were several dealing with their undercover agent told the pay $1.05 in taxes. This is twice alleged membership in groups committee that at one time Washington up a Southern witnesses described As members of special Kun flux klan terror squads pleaded the 5th amendment today when by on activities. Raymond Mcgriff Dothan ala., and Marlin Price Atlanta refused to answer any ques Mcnamara says communists planning Viet War escalation favors within the klan that specialized some Ohio la Nornen talked of in violence a the a Black dynamite no negro sections of knights a the a Black shirts Columbus in Hopes of starting a race riot. Two other alleged members the grand Empress of the vermonters pay of toe vigilantes were Joseph Ohio klan mrs. Eloise Witte of Cincinnati denied in sworn As much As the National William Mertz of Washington d.c., representing the Vermont Antohe a vigilantes. Truck and bus association noted that about 31.5 cents of every Dollar Sims and Cecil Myers both collected through Highway use acquitted of the murder of Admiral Roy l. Johnson commander in chief of . Pacific Fleet tells reporters monday in Washington that he d. Believes bombing of North Viet Nam Tot coins eventually can Cut supplies below the present level the enemy needs to carry on operations. Up Washington up a defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara said today the communists have shown a every intention of intensifying the Viet Nam conc let and that preparations were being made for substantially increasing the . Troop commitment of necessary. Mcnamara a statements were in the heavily censored transcript of testimony Given last month before the Senate armed services committee and military appropriations subcommittee. Gen. Earl g. Wheeler chairman of the joint chiefs of staff testified during the same trate on defense of coastal enclaves in South Viet Nam and restrict its ground and air operations. Gavin expanded on his views last week before the Senate foreign relations committee. Mcnamara argued vigorously against some suggestions that the United states should expand its bombing of North Viet Nam. He said the military Power of North Viet Nam does not depend on its own Industrial resources. A there is every likelihood some level of operations in the South a Mcnamara said. He testified that about 20,000 men were infiltrated from North Viet Nam into South Viet Nam in 1965. The communists fully expected to defeat South Viet Nam during last Summers Monsoon season he said. They did no to but he added a they have not just replaced their losses but increased their strength and Given every intention of raising the intensity of the despite an estimated 35,000 that we could take out All of communist casualties in 1965, their Power systems All of their Oil All of their harbours destroy their dams and they period that . Forces in Viet could still carry on the South Viet Nam. Mcnamara said they showed every indication of further increasing their strength in Nam had a reversed the tide of military events to a situation that is favourable to in the testimony Mcnamara and w heeler were joined by the top officers of the and Marine corps in criticizing the concept advanced by retired Gen. James m. Gevin that the United states should concen taxes for local and Rural roads. At the same time he added Lemuel Penn a negro educator from Washington who was testimony monday that she plotted that assassination of president Johnson. Campaign to return vermonters to Vermont getting results Humphrey in Pakistan to explain . Policies infiltration of the men and equipment necessary to support nuclear debate set for Geneva Geneva up a the United states and the soviet Union today agreed to begin specific debate at the 17-nation disarmament conference on a nuclear non proliferation treaty. Discussions will begin thursday. Sen. Stuart Symington d mo., took the Lead in criticizing what he called a playing our censorship masked the views of top military spokesmen on the advisability of bombing such military targets As the North vietnamese port of Haiphong. But Gen. John p. Mcconnell air Force chief of staff agreed in the testimony that a Industrial targets in North Viet Nam do not turn out very much that goes into the support of vietnamese Karachi Pakistan up a recent vice president Hubert h. War. Humphrey arrived today on his Montpelier up a the state development departments $10,000 a come Home Little Sheba advertising Campaign is producing results according to commissioner Elbert Moulton. Moulton a department has instituted a soft sell newspaper advertising Campaign to try to convince expatriates to return to the Green Mountain state. He said monday that More than 9,000 persons have written to his department in reply to the advertisements placed in leading new England papers. Aimed directly at telling former to Date More than 3,000 re vermonters or would be ver plies have been received from Monters that a things Are Boom the advertisements placed in ing up North and there is work the 13 papers for skilled and Semi skilled. The test series of advertise these Moulton said the indo pakistani Border encountered in other capitals so far. Humphrey and his party they said the american tour of Southeast Asia and arrived Here aboard Johnson a presence in Viet Nam enjoys received a generally restrained Boeing 707 jetliner after a five More popularity in Bangkok pakistanis hour flight from Bangkok Saigon and Vientiane Laos Thailand where he pledged than it does Here where the increased . Military Aid to government of president to Welcome from the along the route of his motor Cade. One Small group at the meet communist aggression. Hammad Ayub Khan maintains Airport held placards saying a Stop Viet Nam War a and a we hate .A.�?� the route to the residence of Strong ties with communist president Mohammad Ayub China. Khan took Humphrey past the 1� is remarks at the Airport the Pakistan visit was . Embassy where windows the vice president said the . Ments last fall Drew nearly first a Mab contained 17 expected to be one of the most Are still broken As a result of government a has been and 6,000 requests for a the Beckon Job applications from machine ing country a a departmental operators Metal workers and Magazine that showed in Lush machinists. Color the Virtues of the state. The applications Are copied in carrying the Magazine idea to his office and then forwarded its pleasant end the department to the employment Security of also slipped a letter in the flees which sends them around Magazine telling former ver to Branch offices Monters that the department would help them find a Job and Moulton said that some lost difficult assignments for the violence last year by continues to be engaged in the vice president whom president pakistanis who thought the . Most searching and intensive Johnson sent to Southeast Asia should have helped them in the Effort to bring about an to explain . Policy in Viet War against India. Honorable peace for Southeast Humphrey was Ayub Khan Sasia. Was understood he also guest at lunch. It was at the same time a he said planned to discuss the renewal presumed they discussed Viet a we pledged ourselves anew in Nam. It of economic assistance to Pakistan for emergency needs and Long term developments. An application Moulton said the Campaign is package. Nam and other issues. Observers said Humphrey probably would face More Honolulu to a program of action to attack social economic disorder which gives Rise to Blank in the vermonters Are already filter . Aid programs to Pakistan difficulty Here explaining Ameri my Btry i i Iii ,. ,. D Cav Mac Cal re i i % i ing Back to their native state were suspended during the cars role in Viet Nam than he Westminster Man survives Well Cave in sources said Humphrey also would discuss pakistanis request for 1.2 million tons of food grains to relieve the shortages caused by the recent West Pakistan drought. De Gaulle sees Neutral Viet As Only solution Paris up a French pres end of the War and to Dent Charles de Gaulle today participate actively in its ruled out a military Victory by settlement when that appears either Side in Viet Nam and possible a de Gaulle added sharply rapped any moves to he was replying to a letter prolong or step up the War from to Chi Minh Jan. 24 in there which the North vietnamese he said that a political Leader asked France to assume solution and Complete Neutral its full responsibilities under nation of Viet Nam was the the 1954 Geneva agreements to Only possible Way of ending the help Settle the War. War. He said France wanted to a take an Active part in such # in a a solution a was soon As this 0 to i/0mltt� 0 appears de Gaulle offered his views Toj Rytir Gnu finn a in a letter to North vietnamese Siut of off f a president to Chi Minh. The Santo Domingo up a text was released Here. Terrorists using guns and he said France wanted to bombs made sporadic forays maintain any contacts with through this tense capital North Viet Nam that would throughout the night and Early help promote such a solution today killing one person and France wishes to a influence injuring fifteen others incl us the situation of hasten the Ingar. American sergeant. Communist death toll rises in an lao Valley offensive George Wood is helped left up ladder helping from 20-foot Well where he was buried monday for six hours and above a teds manages a smile from Stretcher As he was being taken to Hospital. Up rescued after six hours Westminster it. Up a a 63-year-old labourer who a does no to know fear was in Good condition today after spending six hours burled in a 20-foot Well. A i guess the lord was t ready and the Devil did t want me a George Wood said monday As he was lifted from the pit that almost became his Tomb. Wood whose Only link to the world for much of his entrapment was the air Hose he gripped in his Mouth waved cheerfully to his wife Greta As rescuers carried him to a waiting ambulance. He was expected to be released later today from Rockingham memorial Hospital in Bellows Falls. Wood the father of two children was trapped monday morning while working at the Bottom of a rain weakened Well he had dug for his in Laws or. And mrs. Lawrence Harlow. The first Cave in buried him up to his neck. The second while workers were trying to free him covered his head. Throughout the ordeal Wood who had a history of heart trouble calmly breathed air from scuba tanks through the line. After his head was uncovered he cracked jokes encouraged rescuers and even helped dig himself out. Wood who has been putting in Wells since 1920, has been trapped three times in the past six years. He said he got breathing room monday by a shaking my head and wagging my see Man survives Page 12, col. 6 Saigon up a the toll of known communist dead in the an lao Valley offensive along the Northeast coast Rose to almost 1,40c today when u. S. And government troops reported killing 359 Viet Cong in a series of air strikes ambushes and counter attacks. The Allied forces have been sweeping the Countryside 300 to 320 Miles Northeast of Saigon since Jan. 25 in operation White Wing Masher. The offensive is concentrated around Bong son 310 Miles Northeast of the capital. Troops of the u. S. 1st air cavalry division today killed 59 Viet Cong in fierce fighting in Rice paddies at the Bottom of a Valley 15 Miles Southwest of Bong son. Two americans were killed trying to save a wounded Comrade other 1st cavalry troops who followed attacking sky Raider planes into Countryside 20 Miles North of Bong son reported finding too Viet Cong bodies scattered Over the area. The planes used a fall types of ordnance on the communist positions a u. S. Air Force spokesman said. on the inside an editorial comments on dissent in the Senate to the presidents asian policy a Page 4. The development department reports City Folk like the a beckoning a Page 5. Manchester selectmen outline town budget a Page 6. Vietnamese paratroopers participating in the same operation reported killing 200 Viet Cong monday night 12 Miles North of Bong son. Six americans aboard a speeding 50-foot patrol boat were killed or wounded when the Craft struck a mine in the Gulf of Siam 145 Miles Southwest of Saigon a u. S. Military spokesman reported today. The incident occurred monday while the heavily armed vessel cruised at 30 knots about 250 Miles offshore. Survivors of the sunken Craft were picked up by other patrol boats. The american spokesman said the mine apparently was command detonated. Strategic air command Sac b 52 bombers from Guam today struck targets along the cambodian Border 65 Miles West of Saigon. The bombs were intended for underground installations in the communist stronghold of Tay Ninh province known As a zone new York state requested to raise drinking age Lake George . A a formal request to the state to raise the Legal drinking age from is to 21 was made monday night by the town Board and said if the legislature fails to accomplish this the Lake George area will be a forced to adopt local Laws to handle the the Resolution adopted by the town Board represents a growing feeling in this resort Community that out of state Young people unable to obtain intoxicating beverages in their own localities Are creating enormous problems for the area Over the fourth of july and labor Day weekends. The Resolution states that each year the town and the Village of Lake George have been placed under a tremendous expenses to police the area and to a protect local and summer residents and visitors during these the Resolution says a Large number of arrests were made both weekends each year and More than 80 per cent of the Young people were from Vermont Massachusetts Connecticut new Jersey and Pennsylvania. Today in Albany a three state conference of new York new Jersey and Connecticut officials is meeting to discuss new Orkus minimum drinking age Ai 18, which has Long been a cause of concern to neighbouring states whose teen agers frequently get into trouble driving Home from Border town taverns. Efforts to raise new Yorkus drinking age to 21, the Legal age in neighbouring states have been rebuffed repeatedly in the legislature. A Compromise is being sought at today a Albany conference and if successful legislation will be introduced during this session of the legislature making 19v2 the states Legal drinking age on condition that new Jersey and Connecticut follow suit

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