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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 20, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner Friday december 20, docs the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials the passing of an Era the Sale of the Jones and Lamson machine tool Plant in Springfield to a Rhode Island concern Marks the passing of an Era in Vermont a relatively Small but distinguished Industrial history. Jones and Lamson pioneered growth of the machine tool Industry for which Springfield became world famed and a Community noted for its skilled craftsmen. We suppose some will lament the Sale As one further example of the smaller family Type concern being swallowed up by larger Industrial complexes seeking to satisfy the modern managerial concept of growth through diversification. Vermonters sometimes Are too Quick to deplore the 20th Century trends toward bigness a big government and big business alike a but we have often reaped benefits from this otherwise Oft lamented fact of life. The 800 employees of Jones and Lamson and the people of Vermont can find some satisfaction in the Sale in that it will probably assure stabilization of an Industry that has traditionally been sensitive to the slightest and Downs of the National Economy. Stabilization of Industry in the Springfield area will further stabilize the Economy of Vermont. Mergers of Small companies with larger concerns have often produced increased economic health. The merger of two paper Mills in Lee mass., with larger companies and recent mergers of plants in Pittsfield and Adams mass., brought stabilization to industries chronically plagued by business and Downs. While the Sale of Home grown companies to larger concerns with Headquarters controversial opinion needs clarification we were encouraged by the immediate reaction of gov. Hoff to the possible infringements on the Public a right know contained in an attorney general s opinion this week. The document written by Deputy attorney general Chester s. Ketcham says state agencies can hold Back information from the Public which in the Agency so Good judgement is a detrimental to the Public the governor who called Ketcham a a top notch attorney wants total things Over now to determine if the ruling a goes further than Hoff also declared his interest in protecting the Public a right of Access to Public information and it is hoped he will repudiate those portions of the opinion that would seriously impair the fullest possible knowledge by the Public of government activities. As the Rutland Herald noted the attorney general a office rather than Choos. Ani me it vermonter fastest Man on skis Newport express Chalk up another first for Vermont. This time it was a youth on Hickory slats who brought Home the Bacon. On sept. 28 c. B. Vaughn jr., of Manchester with his companion Dick Dorworth of Nevada climbed the Snow covered mountains of Chile on a hot project to attempt a worlds Speed on skis. C. B. Travelled Down the Steep slope at a magnificent clip and when the experts matched the time at which he had broken based elsewhere can be viewed with optimism there is also an awareness of potential drawbacks. Today St. Johnsbury is in the toils of a virtual life or death economic struggle to keep its principal employers the Fairbanks Morse company in the Community. This once family Type concern was sold some years ago to a larger company with a Board of directors sitting in an office far removed from the Small northeastern Vermont Community. There have been hints that the St. Johnsbury Plant would be closed. Hit by hard times the future of the St. Johnsbury Plant will probably be decided by businessmen employing the strict Guage of profit and loss. It is sure they will not be swayed by sentiment a that the Plant is an old honoured Vermont business and that it employs a substantial number of vermonters faced with the loss of work if the Plant is closed. This then is the threat inherent when smaller concerns owned by persons who live in the Community where the Plant is located Are absorbed by larger concerns managed by men far removed from the local climate. It is no great inducement to mental composure for residents and workers in smaller towns to realize the future economic Well being of the Community depends largely on the decisions made by men Many Many Miles away. We nostalgically note the passing of an Era in the Sale of Jones and Lamson. We recognize the possible dangers of such a Sale but we Are looking hopefully to the transaction As the beginning of a new and More prosperous Era for Springfield and Vermont. Ing to take a Chance on the Public knowing too much has elected to run the risk of the Public knowing too Little. Experience has demonstrated this is a poor Choice and that the Public has never suffered from knowing too much. While we done to doubt Ketcham is a Topnotch attorney he has stepped into dangerous ground in his opinion. We share the governors feelings that a your society is built on the Basic idea of making As much information about government available As possible and id hate to see that not we would urge the governor to have the attorney general a office clarify the opinion. Although the opinion is fairly specific in what it says lawyers do have ways of covering Over paths previously made. If the opinion is left to stand there is no doubt someone will Challenge it in the courts for As it now reads it is repugnant to the time honoured tradition in a democracy that the governments business is the Public a business. A string at the Start of his run with the Flash of a photo electric cell at the Bottom they concluded that Vermont a Pride and Joy had travelled at 106.95 Miles an hour Down the Mountain to create an unofficial worlds Speed record on skis. The pitch of the slope was an incredible 62 degrees. C. B. Admits that it was quite an experience. He Hopes to give it another try next year and anticipates doing 125 . A society has made great Steps. We spared the Rod and got a beat generation anyway. A the Onaway Mich news. Fischetti steering trouble today and tomorrow the frustrations of frugality noted in defense spending cuts / Nish be Muc Lothat. Us Alum com his re quests nth Oross by Walter Lippmann Washington. In supporting Secretary Mcnamara a efforts to Cut Back military spending on superfluous installations president Johnson is no doubt improving the prospects of his tax Bill. But at the same time he has lifted the cover on a contradiction in our Public life. The contradiction is Between what we do and what it is proper for Public men to say out loud. For the fact is that government a Federal state and local a buys about a fifth of the goods and services produced by the american Economy. To Cut Back this Public spending substantially would produce a Strong reaction in employment and in business. Thus the two Republican senators from new York reacted at once when they heard that seven installations in new York state might be closed Down or their operations reduced. Actually the Mcnamara economies Are a Mere nibble at the immense costs of the defense establishment. The Economy administered by the Pentagon is Over two thirds As Large As the whole Economy of great Britain. Our military Supply system is now some seventeen times larger than the largest private Enterprise namely the Gigantic general motors Complex. In seven states employment in defense industries is from 20 per cent Arizona to 30 per cent Kansas of total manufacturing employment. In fact then the United states Economy is no longer a Plain private Enterprise system. Under the Impact of the second world War and of the armaments of the cold War the american Economy has become an organic mixture of Public Money and private Money Public and private management. Any serious reduction of Public spending must therefore have far reaching effects on the whole Economy. There Are some who say they think that government and big spending can be reduced by cutting Down civilian expenditures while leaving alone or even increasing military expenditures. This is a device of politicians who Are merely pandering to popular prejudices. There is Only one Way by which serious and substantial retrenchment can be made and that is by a reduction of armaments. Desirable but comparatively minor savings can be had by reducing the amount of some of the civilian subsidies. But the amount will be much too Small to make itself Felt in the burdens of the taxpayer. The immediate military cutbacks we Are hearing about Are really concerned with waste. They will not reduce in any Way the military Power of the United states. Tiey Are directed Only at useless expenditures those which employ men and materials for no real military purpose. Although this kind of frugality will not affect the budget importantly it will have a Salu tary effect nevertheless for it is demoralizing to see Public employees assigned to waste the Public Money. But beyond the tidying up of waste including a certain amount of Lush and conspicuous extravagance there is visible on the horizon the Prospect of much More substantial retrenchment. I do not myself regard it As Likely that we Are anywhere near a general disarmament treaty. The fundamental issues of principle Are stubborn and their reconciliation is probably too embarrassing to All participants. But while what is under Way is not a negotiated agreement there Are parallel trends towards the stabilization and then towards the reduction of military spending. A Quot of these parallel trends arc activated by a common realization acknowledged in the test ban treaty that neither Side has anything to gain by spending hugely in Pursuit of the will of the Wisp of the absolute weapon. Once that Point has been reached there is a balance of Power which though relatively favourable to the United states is tolerable to the soviet Union and cannot be changed seriously by Gigantic military expenditures. This is the origin of the present trend towards stabilization in both countries. At the same time the soviet Union has found that the Burden of the existing armaments interferes with the vital needs of the people. It has been impossible to carry out the program for the modernization of soviet agriculture by chemical Means without cutting Down the military budget. We can be reasonably certain that the soviet arguments Ila Liole smote Hook times when the truth is better left unsaid by Hal Boyle new York apr now is a Good time to Pep up on your double talk. Double talk enables you to be honest with yourself while still putting the Healing Salve of the spoken word on the Small vanities of others. As a guide Here Are some examples a Darling that new dress fits you like a Glove. And believe me the Glove i had in mind is a catchers Mitt. A a what a a pretty Dame like you doing in a joint like this baby a the older they Are the better they appreciate this line. A George what in heavens a name Ever gave you the idea that i thought you were homely a ugly yes a but homely never. A and now let me show you some interesting color slides Grace and i took of the grand Canyon Way Back in 1947.�?� if that wont bore you into going Home i done to know what will. A after All j.p., you re the big chief and i know in a just one of the and How id love to sink a Tomahawk into your big thick Skull a a done to worry about it a minute Henry. In a sure it wont leave a stain. Of you had to spill the Gravy you Clumsy idiot Why did no to you dump it on yourself a despite the St Pup in the competitive situation the management looks Forward with Confidence to a brighter profit Prospect in 1964.�?� or Well All be taking in each others laundry for a living boys. A of a a you re right or. Ample. They Are making our size 44 jackets a trifle snugger this Why done to you quit trying to kid yourself fatso and go ahead and buy a size 46? a this cards the Best bargain in the lot. Confidentially we got it from a Little old lady who had driven it Only 750 she sold it to us after running into two trucks. Sparks from the forge a plea for equal Aid by Samuel r. Ogden Lan do Rove. I for a reduction of armaments Are sincere. They Spring from necessity. The United states is under no comparable pressure and it can be argued that we could exploit the soviet predicament by accelerating rather than reducing the race of armaments. This is a conceivable line of policy which can be held in Reserve of the soviet government took a provocative line say in latin America. But if it follows the present line which appears to be one of gradual disengagement the american people will quite rightly allow themselves to become conscious of the real burdens of our defense establishment. We Are paying for our necessary and invaluable military Power by a failure to provide the facilities of civilian living to keep Pace with our needs. Cutbacks in defense expenditures would cause less difficulty to the Economy and encounter less political resistance if the Economy were running at a Good Pace instead of sluggishly. When 51/2 per cent of the a Quot Bor Force is unemployed and the National product is $35 or $40 billion less than it could be the prospects of subtracting any part of the demand for goods and services is disconcerting. It is not too soon therefore to begin thinking about what we would do with the resources released by a Cut in defense expenditures. We must prepare ourselves not Only for the minor readjustments to the first Mcnamara cutbacks but also for the larger readjustments which will become necessary if and when we enter upon an actual reduction of armaments. In my column which appeared on this Page on May to i stated that the most important aspect of any scheme to revise the governmental Structure of Vermont was that of the distribution of state funds to the towns. I was stating nothing new or original. All of the current schemes for the revision of government from the most drastic reapportionment proposals Down through All the schemes for equalization of tax lists and All the proposals for new and different distribution formulas Stem from a recognize Tion of this fact. The proposal i made at that time whereby a cure might be affected was a simple one and As far As i know something new and different. The Basic step in equitable distribution All will agree is an accurate and comprehensive measure of need and this can be had Only of and when the financial condition of each town is clearly determined on exactly the same basis As that of every other. Obviously the Only Way this can be accomplished is by uniform town accounting and my proposal was that in order to qualify for state Ald in any kind or amount each municipality would be required to furnish the voters and state officials with an annual auditors report made out in accordance with regulations Laid Down by the state auditor of accounts not necessarily identical As Between municipalities of different sizes. The fire Cracker that i lit at that time turned out to be a Dud it fizzled out without making even the faintest pop and that was that. Nevertheless i refused to believe that the powder had failed because there was no virtue in it rather because of a propitious circumstances. So i wrapped up another squib and lit the fuse and stuck it in the report at the governors research panel on scenery and historic Sites. This time it went off with a bang or at least a Banner editorial of dec. La says a tucked away somewhere in the report. Is hidden a Little recommendation that can be fairly labelled explosive. So it May go off with a bang and i sincerely Hope that it does. Running All through the deliberation of the scenery and historic of which i happened to be chairman was the recurring conviction that the unique and Happy attraction that the scenery of Vermont held for All who came to visit or live Here had to do with the works of Man As Well As with nature itself. The landscape that held the most Charm was that of the tiny Village with its White spire surrounded by Hillside farms with their red barns and Stone walled enclosures. A of our scenery which in the eyes of the committee was the most valuable of All of Vermont a resources was not simply a matter of Hills and valleys streams and forests coupled with a delightful climate. It was a matter in which the habitation and hand of Man played a great part and this part is now being subjected to significant pressures and changes. Should the landscape return to that of wooded Hills and abandoned pastures As it seems in danger of doing under the pressures of modern civilization something priceless would be lost. We All agreed that the Rural Community and Way of life played an important part in this rustic Charm so that when i suggested As a recommendation uniform town accounting As a Means of adding strength to the Rural communities it received the unanimous approval of the members present. So that is How the recommendation got into the report. Now it seems that further explanation is needed for according to the Banner editorial a when the news of this proposal reaches the hamlets and smaller towns of the state there will be cries of anguish and shouts of interference by the exponents of Small town Independence who View any attempt at putting the affairs of the town on a business basis As outright socialism a and this is completely at Odds with what the committee had in mind. A of a in my View As a Small resident official and representative Lack of action in the right direction on the part of the town auditors is simply the result of inertia. All the help in the world is available from Montpelier but unless it is asked for nothing happens. Since Many a Small town receives a Good bit of its income from state sources it is not unreasonable that a condition of these payments be an accurate statement of the towns need and i can not believe that the Small towns would interpret this requirement As socialistic interference with their prerogatives. The background of the fight for reapportionment is Money. The cities feel that the Superior voting Power of the Small towns results in diverting funds that should properly come to them to Small towns which do not need it As much As they do. If the distribution of state funds were made on an equitable basis which is certainly not the Case As present a Good bit of the incentive to eliminate the Small town would disappear and the representatives of the Small towns Are smart enough to see this i am sure. Business Mirror . Firms expanding overseas investments by Sam Dawson a business news analyst new York apr the big boys May have started it but in the last year the smaller . Firms have increasingly got into the business of establishing plants abroad or licensing foreigners to produce american Type products. Uneasiness in some countries Over the american invasion has complicated the Trade conflicts facing a major showdown next year in 53-nation Tariff negotiations. And the . Government has worried a bit about Yankee dollars flowing overseas and has been emphasizing its drive to get smaller firms to help swell the total of exports made at Home. But the number of american firms seeking lucrative markets abroad by getting right on the scene apparently still is on the increase. And a Survey of new foreign activity this year shows 43 per cent of it accounted for by . Companies with annual sales under $50 million. A slight Rise in licensing is reported. But most of the . Companies seek either Complete ownership or a majority interest in the new projects abroad. In the first half of 1963 . Companies established 348 new foreign business units More than in any previous half year period since the Survey was started july i i960, by the management consultant firm of Booz Allen amp Hamilton. In the entire three year period 1,527 companies set up 3,418 new foreign activities a 53 per cent in new business establishments 26 per cent in licensing and 21 per cent in expanding existing units. More than half of this activity was Iii six nations Britain 14 per cent Canada to per cent Japan 9 per cent West Germany and France 7 per cent each and Italy 6 per cent. And seven american states have the Home offices of almost three fourths of the companies new York 30 per cent Illinois la per cent Ohio 9 per cent Pennsylvania and California 8 per cent each Michigan 6 per cent and new Jersey 4 per cent. The increase noted both last year and this in the number of smaller firms entering the foreign Field while activities of larger . Firms were tapering off helps explain Washington and european predictions that total Dollar investment abroad will show Only a slight gain this year when compared with the big Rush in such activity in the late 1950s through 1961. Companies investing in foreign plants stress that returns will help offset the Drain of . Dollars that reached a Climax in 1960 and still troubles the United states with an imbalance of payments in world financial dealings. Ii in or relative distinction some foreign dignitaries will see president Johnson on a working visits while others will pay a state this is a valuable distinction and when relatives Are coming to stay wed like to know which Type they have in mind. A Bill Vaughan Nana. Conversation piece a woman wrote Tondall newspaper from a very lonely spot up in Alaska a my sister and i Arentt exactly lonely up Here because we have each other to talk to. But we need another woman to talk a. Kennedy in quote. Diplomatic Circle Washington analysis of a top foreign Diplomat a the is one who knows How to refuse american Aid without managing to let a deprived of t j 4

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