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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 16, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Story of Christmas in the gospel editor s note each of the four apostles who wrote of the life of Jesus in the new testament Drew upon a different primary source for his information. Here in the first of five special articles is the Story of How the original Christmas stories were composed. By George w. Cornell a religion writer on each Man according to his place Light Falls at a particular Angle. To each the View is different. Yet it is the same Light. Out of this interplay of sight and Light of subject and object comes the iridescence of Christmas. In its original telling As handed Down to the modern world it is four stories. None is alike. Yet it is a single Story. It is the same substance clothed in sundry array the same vision from varied perspectives. That is the Way truth comes to Man. And that is the Way it is told in the books of Matthew Mark Luke and John the oldest records of the Day of the lord. Each of the narrators sees separate facts yet one event. Each sees a special set of scenes actions and Circum religious Christmas cards on Rise religious designs will appear on approximately 35 percent of the More than s1? billion Christmas cards being sent this year says rust Craft greeting cards. Once again renditions of the a Madonna and child Quot Are the most popular of the religious designs according to the firm followed by the a three Wise men Quot and the a holy there is also an abundance of illuminated and ornate lettering designs built around Christmas poems and sayings. Evans new office equip., inc. 431 main St. Dial 2-6326 Bennington stances yet one meaning. Each sees parts of one whole distinctive portraits yet one person Jesus the Christ. The stories Are called the gospels but this plural designation is an anachronism. There is Only one a gospel a which Means the Quot Good news from god. It came suddenly but was understood slowly. That is characteristic of news and of Mankind a assimilation of its significance. That is the manner in which the first chronicles of Christmas were put on paper. They took form gradually under the reverberating Impact of the occasion As minds and hearts absorbed it experienced it and increasingly grasped its implications. In this Way does history Sharpen its gaze. Time is required to bring the burst of fact into focus. Yet the primitive accounts of the coming of Christ were largely compiled in its immediate aftermath. Thus each sees Only parts of the totality. The material was assembled As collections of contemporary reports and observations for a contemporary audience. They were the documentation of an affair that had staggered men a logic and thrilled their souls. Writing was limited and laborious in those Days. Most information and learning was passed on by word of Mouth from generation to generation and from Community to Community. At first the Advent of Jesus and his message were circulated in that fashion. As time went by and roving evangelists spread the news of his sojourn on Earth from court try to country it became apparent that the unwritten testimony should be recorded lest it be forgotten or Mist old. Fanciful tales and exaggerations had Arisen mingling with the authentic Story. To guard against them and to assure a reliable account of what happened the men who knew set about drawing up their summaries. None of the existing manuscripts bears a Date and the precise time and place of composition cannot be definitely established. However Early tradition provides Many pointers. Journals of various Church fathers of the first 150 years after Christ quoted by the ecclesiastical historian of the 3rd Century Eusebius offer Many details. The clues suggest that additions and revisions occurred in some cases before All the books reached their present finished form. The process May not have been completed until around the end of the first Century. But the original documents on which the final versions Are based clearly came much earlier while Christ a apostles still lived. Stands also incorporated material from Mark while retaining distinctive qualities of its own. Luke also May have drawn from Mark. Nevertheless the initial versions of the books aside from any later reorganizations or combinations Are attributed in the earliest Church records to the authors whose names they Bear Matthew among the i. 1 a super right Quality Cut from tender Young porkers pork chops \ Marks account generally is considered the oldest in its present form and apparently underwent Little editing after it first was composed in apostolic times. However the ancient journals say Matthew wrote first. Assuming this is so scholarly studies indicate that later renditions of his Book As it now a Best Center Cut 69 fell int Rhnny la a Nam iw�1 la end Cut chops la 49 Juicy tangerines a is to for 39c super right Quality cooked hams Shank portion Cook. A. A 35c butt portion Shank half butt half cooked hams cooked hams cooked hams Jane Parker Large c Inch i la 8 of pumpkin pie Jane Parker Vanilla Creme icing Spanish bar cake Jane Parker Plain or rippled potato chips for Happy holidays. It must be charmer. In her delightful Lovi party favorite of red Quot scotch Gard Quot Cotton faille with White Rembrandt Collar and cuffs. Sizes 7 to 12 Drysdale a free parking armory parking lot next door doctor at we appointed to abused child study committee Bennington Banner monday december 16, 1963-5 Early newspapers and John were 12 apostles with first hand information. Luke a gentle physician drawn into the movement by the great missionary Paul did wide scale research and interviews to gather his report. Mark a Rich Young scion of Jerusalem was a Young lad in Jesus time but got his material from the apostle Peter their accounts differ in Content and Tenor. John s terse weighty sentences and Short sentences explore the mystery and grandeur of the event. He is More concerned with meaning than incident. Matthew in orderly methodical style concentrates on ethical implications recounting 21 parables and the eloquent Sermon on the mount. Mark is a Book of Crisp fast moving action. He pauses Only for four parables in the hurtling Tempo of deeds. Neither he nor John refers to the genealogy or birth of Jesus nor to the visiting Wise men the Star the Manger or the shepherds but plunge immediately into the consequences. It is Luke who uncovers the most graphic scene of the nativity. The writers worked in a time of turmoil. Israel shouldered with fires of revolution. Preaching about Christ was alternately outlawed or suspect As sedition. Fear of reprisal had silenced Many. In this atmosphere those who were among the first to know the gift of Christmas set about putting it into a form that could be handed on to the generations up to now and yet to come. Pilot whales appear again on Fla. Beach Ponte Vedra Beach Fla. Apr just As they did three or four years ago Pilot whales returned sunday to Palo Vedra Beach. Most of them perished on the Sand. Roy Landrum St. Johns county Deputy sheriff said 150 whales were reported on the three mile stretch of Beach. He said some weighed As much As a tem and measured up to 16 feet. Three Young whales Well it ing about 300 pounds each and measuring 6 feet and two of 800-1,000 pounds each and 12-14 feet were rescued by Crews from Marine land of Florida. Bob Dahne of Marine land said there Are several theories As to Why Pilot whales come ashore. One is that their sonar devices Ricochet off shallow sloping beaches and confuse them. Another is that they Are chased ashore by killer Sharks. Pilot whales Are so called because they follow a male Leader. Burlington a or. . Mckay jr., chairman of the department of paediatrics at Ulm College of Medicine has been appointed to head the abused child study committee of the governor s committee on children and youth. The committee held its first meeting at the department of health in Burlington. Tile highlight of the meeting was a talk by or. Mckay about the nature of the problem and slides of various cases of abused children with broken Bones that had been treated in local hospitals. It was emphasized that these injuries Are not always inflicted deliberately but Many times reflect some degree of neglect on the part of the Parent or guardian. Recent advancements in a Ray and other diag Nostic techniques have greatly increased the ability of doctors and hospitals to identify suspected abusive cases. Or. Mckay pointed out that medical personnel Are basically reluctant to report these cases to Legal authorities because of a Lack of evidence to establish responsibility for the act an inability to believe that adults would cause such injury to their children Anc because there is a Lack of Protection or immunity from Legal recriminations. In Many states Laws have been enacted to require the reporting of suspected cases of abuse and also Grant ing immunity for the informant youth Boom new York up a the number of children under 18 boomed to a record total of nearly 69 million in the United states by mid-1963 and May grow an additional 18 million by 1980, reports the metropolitan life insurance co. The following agencies and Steps Are usually involved in the process of investigating and protecting abused children the informant the doctor Hospital social worker state welfare Agency child welfare division Case worker states attorney judge investigation and hearing in court and trial or prosecution of the responsible party. Or. Mckay stressed the fact that the pro Mary objective of this process is immediate Protection for the child. The committee decided to study the Type of Law necessary to make reporting mandatory and to Grant immunity and to receive a report by Legal members of the study group regarding existing statutes which provide Protection and prosecution. It was also decided to Survey certain medical i and social agencies of the state which would have Contact with aspects of this problem for an indication of the seriousness of the situation. Oregon City Ore. Up a the first newspaper published West of the Rocky mountains was the Oregon Spectator which hit the streets for the first time feb. 5, 1846. Some students of Western history say however the first newspaper was the longhand edition of the a flu Gudgeon Gazette and Bumble Bee budget a which appeared a few months earlier. Doubles amp a Stamps wednesday North Bonnington re. Bennington it. A Ryfa a Tufa a i i a i $ new Shetland a a a a a a a a a i i a a i spor Coats vests a trousers feel the warmth that reflects in gifting with one of these casual but elegant comfortable spor Coats with contrasting Vest or color coordinated worsted trousers. Select his today at the Adams clothes shop shoes too a a a a a a a a a a a free parking in rear of store nameless electric clothes dryer 14995 As Low As general electric automatic control accurately of just drying time to that Clotho com out Cost and Fluffy dry. No Over drying. No under drying. 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