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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Snow i Snow tonight and changing to Snow flurries on tuesday with Over four inches in the Southwest portion. Low temperatures tonight will be in the 20s. Somewhat warmer on tuesday. Yesterdays High 36 Low 31. Today at 7 ., 36. Total precipitation .08 of Snow. The gemini meteor showers will be in Progress for the next few nights maximum of 50 meteors per hour. Bennington o in Bennington Vermont monday december 13, 1965 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,940 to cents fatal mangled is the Only word that could describe this greyhound bus after it crashed off . 7 in the town of Pittstown ., Early this morning. Killed in the crash was the n i buses Driver Allen e. Mills of Winooski it. The bus was in route from Burlington mis Istas a to a jew York City and had stopped a Short while before the crash at Bennington. Beaumont Boyntonville bus crash kills Winooski. It. Driver Paris up a Secretary of state Dean Rusk today sent word to communist China that the United states is ready to talk peace in Viet Nam but Only on terms which will guarantee the Independence and territorial integrity of South Viet Nam. Rusk briefed the new american ambassador to Poland John a. Gronouski on what he should say when he meets with red China a envoy in Warsaw wednesday. It will be Gronouski a first session with the chinese ambassador in the Long standing and so far unproductive dialogue Between the two countries at their Only official Point of Contact. Rusk talked to Gronouski shortly before he met with High French officials to underline the determination of the United states to see the Battle through in Southeast Asia. Because of the delicate f Rench election situation Rusk was not having his usual nato week meeting with president Charles de Gaulle. However rusks views were relayed to the campaigning chief of state by Premier Georges Pompidou and foreign Secretary Maurice Couve de Murville whom Rusk conferred with in separate meetings at their offices. After the meetings Rusk refused to disclose to newsmen what was discussed calling the talks a a general tour this was understood to include Viet Nam and Rhodesia As Well As nato problems. Rusk arrived sunday night to attend the two Day North Atlantic treaty organization nato Council of ministers meeting opening tuesday. Most of the european allies agree with French president Charles de Gaulle that the United states is engaged in an a a absurd War in Southeast Asia. Only Western Solidarity against a possible russian threat to Europe requires payment of lip service to american objectives elsewhere. Rusk was not meeting with de Gaulle now involved in campaigning for sundays Runoff presidential election against leftist Francois Mitterrand. He had appointments instead with Premier Georges Pompidou and foreign minister Maurice Couve de Murville who will report to de Gaulle later. American commitment growing by Edith Beaumont Boyntonville . A the Driver of a greyhound bus was killed and a number of passengers injured Early this morning when the bus crashed off . 7 in this town of Pittstown Village. Pinned in his seat and Appa rent by killed instantly was Allen e. Mills 49, of Winooski vt., the Driver of the ill fated vehicle. Taken to Samaritan Hospital in Troy were 14 passengers. Most were released following examination and treatment. Among the passengers admitted with serious injuries were Barbara Dick 39, of new York City and Judith Sheldon 22, of White Plains. Among the less seriously in Martin defends decision Washington up a chairman William Mcchesney Martin or. Of the Federal Reserve Board said today the Board had kept the Johnson administration a continuously informed of its position both before and after it raised interest rates. The Board has been accused of failing to coordinate with the rest of the government when it boosted the Pace setting discount rate from 4 to 4.5 per cent. A i can assure you that the administration has been kept continuously informed of the position of the Federal Reserve system Quot Martin testified that the current fast Pace of the Economy and the Prospect of a big increase in spending for the War in Viet Nam justified a not Only the substance of the boards actions but also their Jared were three vermonters Harold Hubbard 48, of Rochester Lawrence Stridsberg of Montpelier and Robert Smith of Forrest Dale. They were treated at the Hospital and released. The names of other passengers were not released by police at the scene. The bus had been Enro Ute from Burlington vt., to new York City. Its last Stop had been at Bennington and its next Stop was to be Albany where a new Driver would have taken Over. Collect 825,739 Iii Back taxes Montpelier up a gov. Philip h. Hoff says a total of $25,739 in Back taxes has been collected in a crackdown on the state Auto Purchase and use tax. The governor said the collections made since nov. 22 when the crackdown began represent More than 25 per cent of the average tax collections for the period. Motor vehicle commissioner James Malloy credited by tile governor for the crackdown said the Money came in before any notices of taxes due were sent to known delinquents. He said his department has a just begun to scratch the according to new York state police the cause of the Accident is not yet known. They suggested however that the two main possibilities were either that the Driver fell asleep or was forced off the Road. The bus was travelling West on Flat terrain when it went off the right Side of the Road around 3 Glanced off a tree then went Back across the Road and off the other Side where it plunged Over an embankment. One woman and two men were thrown out of the bus into the Road. Another passenger was also pinned in his seat at the front of the bus. Debris was strewn along both sides of the Road at the two Points of Impact. First person on the scene was Edward Lebarron of Lebarron a Friendly tavern on Potter Hill. He was joined by Albert Hoag owner of the Boyntonville garage located a Short distance from the Accident scene. They tended to the injured until ambulances arrived and Unpi nned the Driver from behind the steering wheel. Transporting the injured to the Troy Hospital were units of the town of Hoosick Rescue squad the Hoosick Valley Rescue squad of Schaghticoke and the Johnsonville Rescue squad. Europeans fear All out Viet War directly involving red chinese Paris up a americans european allies Are All but convinced the Viet Nam conflict is heading toward All out War involving communist China. The latest information reaching Western diplomats caused concern on the eve of the North Atlantic treaty organization nato Council of ministers meeting in the French capital. Communist China is reported reliably to have imposed an absolute veto on peace moves by North Viet Nam along with marines search for reds trapped in Viet Jungles Saigon up a thousands of u. S. Marines in the sixth Day of a search for a communist regiment believed trapped in Jungle mountains 335 Miles North of Saigon today reached what appeared to be the base Camp used by the fleeing reds. They found Only abandoned equipment. Yacht marooned on canal continues trip to Bahamas Albany . A the Good ship pen Debby last week marooned near Utica in the new York state Barge canal sailed saturday Down the Hudson on its Way to the Atlantic with the Bahamas As its ultimate destination. The 35-foot-Long yacht arrived Here Friday after a 90-mile journey along the thruway by special permit and accompanied by a state police escort. Peter Carr Harris his wife and four children of Kingston ont., had been trapped with the boat when the canal closed dec. 5 to All traffic. The yacht was permitted to Dock at Utica where a state owned Derrick boat provided by gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller plucked it out of the water and placed it Chi the flatbed truck for its trip to the Hudson. Decorated with a Christmas tree contributed by a Utica service club the pen Debby was lowered by Crane into the River Here and the interrupted journey was continued. Gutted Interior a West sic a tavern in Chicago is seen Here after a fire set by a disgruntled customer took the lives of i Lvi a 13 persons late saturday night. Story Page 6. Up the leathernecks and accompanying government troops had been warned by the Marine commander the a major fighting was yet to come and today s events seemed to to it ear out the prediction. The marines moved Over the top of a Mountain Ridge line and Down into a Small Highland area known As the Phuoc Valley. They found what appeared to be a onetime communist Field Hospital and abandoned weapons and equipment. The area is 20 Miles South of the Danang Marine airbase in the Vicinity of the Battleground where the now trapped Viet Cong Force last week inflicted heavy casualties on government troops. The Viet Cong in a broadcast heard in Tokyo claimed More than 1,000 vietnamese and . Troops were a wiped out a killed or wounded a in the fighting since last wednesday strategic air command b52 bombers again today attacked the mountains known to have caves and tunnels big enough to conceal heavy trucks and Large numbers of troops. The area struck by the eight Jet b52s today was Southwest of the target area plastered sunday with 750 and 1,000 which probably Viet Cong by b52s Fly so High heard until their toward Earth the . 173rd airborne brigade today accepted the surrender of 22 Viet Cong in the communist a zone do stronghold about 60 Miles East Northeast of Saigon. It was believed to be the largest single group to surrender in Masse to . Troops in Viet Nam. Authorities said the surrender was the culmination of a Long Campaign in the Region by psychological warfare teams which have urged the communists in radio broadcasts and by leaflet drops to surrender. At a news conference sunday night maj. Gen. Lewis Walt commander of the third on the inside columnist Alan Sophrin comments on a seminar at Goddard College a Page 4. 4-h agent Jim Edgerton explains a far in youth Exchange program a Page 5. Marine dared search major amphibious Force de of the Phuoc Valley a i done to think the fighting has started in fighting elsewhere at least 288 communists were killed during the weekend. The implicit threat that they would take Over in the communist North if the Hanoi regime defied the ultimatum. The reports said Hanoi now is set unconditionally on an a fall or nothing course in Viet Nam in the face of the red chinese pressure. This will be discussed at the nato session tuesday and wednesday but there is Little the european allies will have to offer the United states either by Way of advice or material assistance. None of the 14 nato partners stands ready to make troops available for the Viet Nam fighting. Any . Appeal for increased non military support was expected to meet with Little More than lukewarm response by nato. Instead the allies will press for fresh peace moves including implicit or open suggestions that the United states halt its bombing of North Viet Nam As a Goodwill gesture. Most nato nations while sympathetic toward . Troubles in Southeast Asia hold that a War of attrition Over a prolonged period was Likely to harm the West More than the communists notably red China. Somerset maugham near death Nice France up a British author w. Somerset maugham 91, languished near death today in a deep coma. Doctors said there was no Hope for a rally. A i am afraid that the end is Only hours away a said or. Georges Rozanoff maugham a personal physician. A this brain has ceased to function maugham was admitted to the British american Hospital Here saturday after he was found in a coma at his Villa on the French Riviera at nearby Cap ferrat. Rozanoff said the author had suffered a collapse of the circulatory system As a result of old age. Washington up a american participation in Viet Nam seems to be entering a new period of mounting intensity and danger with the possibility of More urgent peace efforts the Only hopeful sign. Administration officials say frankly that the u. S. Military commitment in Viet Nam will continue to grow. There will be More troops More casualties and possibly More escalation in tactics. There were indications that a number of important decisions on the conduct of the War have been made by president Johnson and his advisers. Whether these include Steps often subject to Public speculation such As extending u. S. Air raids to Industrial areas of North Viet Nam or action against Viet Cong Supply routes through Laos no one would say. Gen former Saigon Tant said interview Maxwell d. Taylor u. S. Ambassador to and a Johnson Consul during a television sunday issues and answers Abc that bombing of Oil depots and installations at the seaport Complex of Haiphong a certainly would be on my list to be but As for Hanoi itself Taylor said a we Are not Here to annihilate Hanoi but to get it to change its he rejected a suggestion that the United states put even greater stress on air and sea Power. A the Issue is on the ground a he said. A we have to use All our Cape Crews work around clock next launch May be wednesday Pound bombs caught the Surprise. The they cannot be bombs whistle troops of Cape Kennedy up a frustrated launch Crews raced the clock today to get the gemini 6 spaceship ready for another rendezvous launch attempt wednesday despite the possibility of an additional problem in the powerful Titan rocket. Space officials said sunday that engineers would attempt to Send astronauts Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford after gemini 7 on wednesday but the shot was not yet on the official launch schedule at the Cape. There was speculation that a further delay was possible. Officials said sundays launch attempt was halted by an electrical plug that got pulled from the rocket an instant too soon. But informed sources said today there were indications of an additional problem in the rockets propulsion system. In Houston flight director Christopher Kraft told gemini 7 astronauts Frank Borman and James Lovell that Cape workers a do have some things they done to fully understand about the launch vehicle but they Are pressing ahead with their weather was expected to be no problem for a launch attempt wednesday. Partly Cloudy skies were predicted with a 10,000 foot Cloud Selling. There was no rest for the 200 gemini engineers and technicians who worked around the clock in a record breaking run last week to get the 109-foot space machine ready for launch less than eight Days after gemini 7�?Ts Blastoff. To meet wednesdays new liftoff schedule Mission director William Schneider said their work schedule was probably even tighter than last week s. A a we re proceeding As rapidly As we can a said Merritt Preston launch director for the Kennedy space Center. A a we re going to launch As soon As we get if no further problems develop the twin engine Titan will shoot gemini 6 on its spectacular Orbital Chase after astronauts Frank Borman and James Lovell at 8 37 Est wednesday. Preston blamed sundays failure on a simple but vital electrical plug that somehow was pulled Loose from the base of the Titan 2 rocket two seconds before liftoff. The shot that failed gemini 6 never got off the ground sunday when Titan ii Booster malfunction caused automatic safety devices to shut Down engines within seconds after ignition. Up . Ready to talk peace that assures Viet Freedom

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