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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 7, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Chance of Snow increasing cloudiness later tonight with Low in the teens. Wednesday variable cloudiness with rising temperatures. Chance of Snow. Yesterdays High 39 Low 22. Today at 7 ., 23. Total precipitation .02 Inch. The Moon is nearing full phase and a penumbral eclipse. This will be seen by our astronauts Over Africa Asia and Australia but is not visible Here. Bennington Bennington Vermont tuesday december 7, 1965 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,935 to cents at Cape Kennedy second launch advanced a Day Cape Kennedy up a the gemini 6 rocket launch chief predicted today that barring last minute hitches astronauts Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford would be launched sunday to attempt a space rendezvous with gemini 7. A i think if i were to bet now id bet on sunday Quot said it. Col. John g. Albert head of the gemini launch division for the air Force. The shot second half of a gemini spectacular remained officially scheduled for monday but Albert said preparations on the Titan 2 rocket were a Day ahead. Work Ai the gemini 6 spacecraft was about 20 hours ahead. Quot i think we re at the Point now where we can make it sunday a a Albert told up in an interview. Quot i done to see any restraint at a things just be better. I never could have imagined that we could be this far ahead a he said. Albert emphasized that if any problems develop in final preparations a fall bets Are he said a we Are working toward a sunday launch but Are not committed to Mission director William Schneider said monday in Houston that the decision had already been made to go sunday a if everything is the big hurdle that must be passed to keep gemini 6 launch preparations moving at a record breaking Pace is a 12-hour flight rehearsal scheduled to begin at Midnight. It had Beal set to Start at 2 Est thursday. If the test is completed successfully wednesday the Road will be cleared for a gemini 6 launch at la a.rn., est sunday. As of late monday Page said spacecraft tests were 16 hours ahead of the record a breaking schedule. Col. Otto Ledford in charge of the Titan 2 rockets checkouts said work was 10-20 hours ahead. A everyone is working As fast As they can to get 6 off As soon As possible a Schneider said in Houston. Flight director Christopher c. Kraft or. Said he would guess that the Odds were 50-50 for a sunday launch. A if they Are ready on the eighth Day after gemini 7, we d go to the eighth Day a he said. Full 60 orbits for gemini 7 space Center Houston up a a casually dressed pair of gemini 7 astronauts soared into the fourth of their scheduled 14 Days in space today with scarcely a trouble in the world and began to get ready for a rendezvous with gemini 6 that May be staged next sunday. Gemini control said the gemini 7 spacemen were being Given a a a go for 60 Complete orbits toward their goal of 206 orbits. Space twins Frank Borman and James Lovell awakened from a nights sleep on an a alarm clock Call from the tracking station at Carnarvon Australia and started a rundown of the various experiments they will perform. Lovell slept through the night in Only his underwear and found it got a bit Chilly. They were told to a a tweak the spacecraft to Start making a More circular orbit later in the Day. A circular orbit is necessary for a rendezvous in space. A a tweak was defined As a a very Fine Norman remained in his 16-Pound space suit but had it unzip ered for Comfort. He was to try flying in his underwear later. A i got slightly cold when i was sleeping a Lovell reported. A however in mall right gemini 7 entered its 43rd orbit at 9 37 Est and was one fifth of the Way on its five million mile flight. Meanwhile Borman and Lovell were set to try once again to pull off the laser Experiment in which Lovell tries to Send his voice to a ground station via a beam of concentrated Light. So far Clouds or other Adverse conditions have blocked the Craft see 60 orbits Page to col. 4 two sailors killed in fire on Carrier Saigon up a two sailors were killed and 29 other persons injured monday in a raging fire aboard the . Aircraft Kitty Hawk off the coast of Viet Nam. The fire started while the big Flat top was launching air strikes against North Viet Nam. A Navy spokesman said the two dead sailors were asphyxiated by thick Black smoke that billowed through the living and working quarters below the flight deck. Twenty eight other sailors and one civilian were either overcome by smoke or burned in the three hour fight against the fire. Nine were returned to duty within a Short time but the other 20 were kept in sick Bay for treatment or observation. The fire started at 9 30 ., in the no. 3 machinery room and spread to a Generator. Despite the fire a Navy spokes Man said flight operations were not interrupted and All of the missions against North Viet Nam were launched As scheduled. Damage control personnel brought the flames under control shortly after la There were several Brief Flashback fires but these were quickly extinguished and the ship secured from general quarters at 12 45 . The Navy spokesman did not reveal the cause of the fire. A Board of inquiry was convened to investigate. One of the targets was an area West of plei me in the Central Highlands near the cambodian Border where troops of the 1st air cavalry division killed More than 2,000 North vietnamese regulars in fierce four Day Battle three Days ago. The other b52 target today was about 25 Miles Northwest of the Michelle rubber Plantation in the communist hideout known As Quot zone in South Viet Nam fighting erupted monday less than eight Miles East of the Saigon City limits. A vietnamese paratrooper unit killed nine Viet Cong in the Battle. Four american jets dropped bombs on the guerrillas. An estimated 70 estimated 70 Viet Cong were killed 240 Miles Northeast of Saigon monday after attacking local militiamen six Miles from the provincial capital of toy Hoa. User to $115.8 budget billion total an anguished fan of the rolling stones tries to squeeze through gathering a policeman a legs to get a closer View of her heroes monday _ _ night at the los Angeles sports Arena. Police had to hold Back i\0 Jolo amps 15,000 teenagers As they arrived for the English singing groups half hour performance. Up committee raises funds to enlarge school stage billboard firm challenges Shaftsbury zoning Law Shaftsbury has Little in the Way of a zoning ordinance but what it does have is being challenged in the current session of the Bennington county court by an advertising Agency that seeks to erect billboards along . 7 in the town. In a Case scheduled to be heard in january the National advertising company is contesting the Validity of Shaftsbury size and location restrictions on Highway signs arguing that voters repealed the zoning ordinance at the 1953 town meeting by a vote of 288 to 120. The plaintiff has asked Tor a a declaratory judgment from the court As to whether or not Sec. Of state Harry h. Cooley was Correct in refusing the firms 1965 application Tor a Blanket permit to display outdoor advertising in Shaftsbury. Cooley who cited Shaftsbury a ordinance in refusing the application has been named a defend ant in the Case together with atty. Gen. John p. Connaro and the town of Shaftsbury. The town of Shaftsbury has confirmed the 1953 vote against the zoning ordinance but maintains the voting failed to have the effect of repealing it. The ordinance Shaftsbury continues was amended on several occasions after the 1953 town meeting and is still in effect under Law. Shaftsbury selectmen were first authorized to prepare the ordinance by a town vote in March 1950. The town approved the selectmen a proposals in March 1951, and there were subsequent amendments in 1952, 1961 and 1964. Arguing that a Law that has been repealed can not be amended the National advertising co. Applied for a Blanket permit to erect signs measuring 4 feet by 8 feet Ai March 2, 1965. As of that Date the plaintiff argues Shaftsbury had no anti billboard ordinance on the books. W. Edson Mckee of Montpelier is listed As counsel for the plaintiff and Williams and Witten is defending the town of Shaftsbury. A committee working to raise funds to finance improvements for the auditorium stage in the new it. Anthony Union High school announced today that the required $15,000 has been raised from 16 voluntary donations. The committee headed by or. Julius Manes noted however that additional funds Are being sought to equip the auditorium stage with excellent and flexible equipment to make the facility a truly Community auditorium. With or. Manes on the committee Are mrs. Margaret r. Ellis mrs. Gloria ii John g. Mccullough and Hamilton Shields. In a statement the committee said a in planning its new facilities the Union school Board has provided a stage suitable for a Good school program a properly so because tax Money was voted Only for that purpose. Extending the stage which is 25 feet deep by an additional Bay to a total depth of 34 feet would increase the uses and benefits that the Community As a whole might enjoy in this 750 seat auditorium. These include the possibility of summer Stock or other theater performances a Community chorus such As we have had performing with an orchestra dance recitals or other cultural activities for which there is Little space in town now and which might be cramped in the auditorium As planned. It would also make Tri state and other Large musical events much easier to present to a full audience. A for schedule reasons we had Only this past weekend in which to raise the sum needed to make this change $15,000 in the building that is already under construction. We Are Happy to report that we have raised the necessary amount for the Basic structural change from 20 phone Calls resulting in 16 donations. A in our haste Lehaven doubt missed people who might be actively interested and would like to be included in this project for Community enrichment so this letter is an invitation for further gifts either individual or corporate. Now that the larger stage see committee Page to col. 2 Moscow up a the soviet Union today announced a $660 million boost in military spending for 1966. The figure is a five per cent increase. Finance minister Vasily Garbuzov told delegates to the supreme soviet the nations parliament that a aggressiveness by imperialist forces Quot had forced state asks to intervene in rate Lase Montpelier up a the Vermont Public service Board has asked that the state be permitted to intervene to an investigation of rates charged by the american Telephone co. The Federal communications commas slow soon will begin its first investigation of the company in some 30 years. Ernest w. Gibson Iii chairman of the Vermont Public service Board said the state would like to improve the so called separation formula which determines the amount of Money returned to the new England Telephone co. By american Telephone on Long distance Calls. Officials feel that rates for Long distance Calls to new England might be lowered of the new England Telephone co. Was to receive a larger percentage of the split with american. Closing of Barge canal maroons Canadian family final Council decrees placed into Catholic Law by Pope Paul Vatican Pope Paul Catholic Law four decrees City up a i placed into today the final approved by the ecumenical Council including a pronouncement on religious Liberty which opens a new Era for the Church. The pontiff told the More than 2,000 Bishops and College of cardinals assembled in St. Peters Basilica for the glittering ceremony they were participating in a a final and stupendous Pope Paul added however the conclave a did not attempt to resolve All the urgent problems of modern life Quot including birth control. The .-backed declaration on religious Liberty was Given solemn final endorsement of 2,308 to 70 after a Long fight Between Church liberals and conservatives. Protestant observers cheered its passage. A it Sas the greatest Triumph of the said the Rev. Albert c. Outler a theologian from Southern methodist University Dallas Tex. Or. Robert Mchaffee Brown of Stanford University said the decree acknowledging the right of All men to worship free from interference was the most a significant immediate act of the the Council first summoned by Pope John Xxiii in 1959 and opened by the late pontiff oct. 4, 1962, passed Toto Church doctrine 16 Laws to its four years of work. There were 168 full sittings and More than 500 votes. Tho historic gathering officially ends wednesday in a state ceremony to be attended by representatives of More than 80 governments and International organizations that ceremony will be in St. Peters Square. All four final decrees of the 21st Council in Church history received overwhelming votes for passage today before the pontiff placed them into Law. Paul also was expected to abrogate the excommunication of Michael cer Larius who was barred from the Church in 1054 by Pope St. Leo in because of his ecclesiastical policies As a patriarch of constantinople. This controversy was the Start of the rift that split the Church into the current roman Catholic and Eastern orthodox churches. on the inside an editorial comments on the hassle Over Highway Bonds a Page 4. Dorset Corporal in Viet Nam values his sentry dog a Page 5. Albany . A closing of the state Barge canal has marooned a Canadian family Ana their 35-foot-Long yacht in the Central part of the state. Edward a Udowski superintendent of the Barge canal system said Here monday that Peter Carr Harris of Kingston chit., would have to tie up in Utica Tor the Winter or pay to have the boat trucked to Albany. It would Cost the state a close to $111,000�?� to reopen the Eastern half of the canal to permit the Craft to proceed on the waterway to the Hudson River on its Way to the West indies a Udowski said. The canal closed sunday after Carr Harris had entered the canal system segment that runs from Oswego on Lake Ontario to the Hudson River near Troy under the impression that if he started before it closed a would be allowed to Complete the trip. A a it a the damnedest mess in be Ever encountered a a Carr Harris a retired Canadian major said sunday. A if we can to get through the canal locks and into the Hudson River i done to know what a going to happen to us Quot he added. A we planned this trip Tor years a he said a but from the beginning everything a gone with him Are his wife Ella their sons David 19, and Bruce 18, and daughters Debbie 14, and Penny 13. He said they decided this fall to sell their furniture and Auto and buy a yacht cruise in the West indies for a year and then buy a Home in the islands. But he said their sailing vessel was delivered 45 Days late. And shortly after they departed from Toronto thursday their auxiliary engine broke Down. Then at the first lock after they see Barge canal Page to col. 2 the Kremlin to boost defense spending to $14.7 billion. The military spending boost reversed a two year trend of lopping billions of rubles off defense spending. The soviet military budget for 1965 was $14 billion. The finance minister did not mention Viet Nam by name but made it Clear this is what caused the boost in defense spending to 12.8 per cent of the total budget. A the recent of reactionary forces has compelled the soviet Union to take the necessary measures a Garbuzov told 1,500 delegates assembled in the Cream coloured Hall. The military spending hike came in russians largest Ever peacetime budget of 115.8 billion a an increase of approximately $15 million Over last years figure. Nevertheless Garbuzov declared As party chief Leonid Brezhnev and Premier Alexei Kosygin listened that it was a a budget of peace whose is to further peaceful coexistence. Diplomatic observers said the budget reflected the effect of soviet military Ald to communist North Viet Nam. The russians have promised repeatedly to help the Hanoi regime in the face of american the russians hiked spending for butter As Well As guns. Soviet planning chief Nikolai freed from state Hospital Butland up a a 22-year-old Man acquitted of a murder charge four years ago by reason of insanity has been released from the Waterbury state Hospital after a hearing in Rutland county court. Jeffrey Peter Aldrich had been charged with the fatal stabbing of his adoptive Mother. Aldrich was declared insane at his 1961 trial. Doctors said he has responded sufficiently to treatment to be released. Baiba Kov told the delegates that consumer goods production would Rise by 6 per cent. Baiba Kov said a special emphasis will be made on the widening of assortment and improving the Quality of consumer the economic plan scaled Down usually ambitious soviet plans for Industrial production and other branches of the Economy. The budget As usual allocated More than half of All investment funds to development of Industry a $47 billion. Soviet Moon probe fails Moscow up a soviet space scientists failed today in their fourth attempt to put a working package of instruments on the surface of the Moon. The spaceship Luna 8 hit the Moon but All indications were that it was destroyed on Impact instead of making a soft Landing. A the systems of the station were functioning normally at All stages of the Landing except the final touchdown a the official Tass news Agency reported. Most Western observers said the Tass report suggested a crash Landing. Radio astronomers at Jod Rell Bank England said signals from Luna 8 stopped abruptly just one minute and 32 seconds after the scheduled touchdown. A it probably destroyed itself a said sir Bernard Lovell director of the Jodrell Bank Observatory. A but i must emphasize that we cannot be absolutely the failure of Luna 8 deprived the russians of a Chance to upstage americans gemini 7 flight. Luna 8 was launched last Friday. The United states does not plan a soft Landing until Early next year. Diplomacy Center vice president Hubert h. Humphrey Speaks monday in Medford mass., at the dedication ceremony for the Edward r. Murrow Center of Public diplomacy at Tufts University. Up

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