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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 7, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Clear and warmer Clearing and becoming warmer today. High in upper 30s to Low 40s. Fair and not quite so cold tonight. Sunset tonight 4 13, Sunrise 7 16. The Star Betelgeuse is 250,000 Miles in diameter. A j Bennington o my Bennington Vermont saturday december 7, 1963 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,352 7 cents chs Home game opener a the Ball goes up and opens the chs Home game series with the Bellows i ills opponents. Pete Lemieux chs Center White uniform vies for the tap with Vince i Bernardo of Bellows i alls Griffin 31larry Mcaullife 35 and Joe Kennedy 42 wait for play to Start. Grimm terriers As i e Rry attendance Revenue. Down at mass. Tracks b06ton apr the Massachusetts racing commission announced Friday the total Revenue to the Commonwealth from parimutuel racing in 1963 was $15,001,640. This compared with $15,254,876 for 1962. There were 431 racing Days in 1963 compared with 428 in 1962. Attendance this year was 3,909,080, compared with 4,206,-282 last year. The largest state Revenue came from the Boston area. Suffolk Downs horse track had $4,925,001 for running horse racing in 1963, compared with $4,-834,778 in 1962, for 66 racing Days. Hancock raceways with 24 racing Days had a state Revenue of $278,793 for 1963 and compared with $564,199 for 1962. Running horse racing receipts at fairs for six Day periods included Northampton fair $93,001 in 1963 $102,781 in 1962. Great Barrington fair $183,-497 in 1963 $201,086 in 1962. Berkshire Downs 1963 $44,-330. No racing in 1962. Critics of right Wing Warp the truth sen. Simpson says Washington apr sen. Milward l. Simpson r-wyo., charged Friday that a rightists and conservatives Are being blamed for president John f. Kennedy a assassination by a people who Hope to gain political advantage from warping the incontestable a after nearly two weeks of National demonstration a Simpson said a it seems quite Clear Why the assault is he also decried efforts to blame All of Dallas for the slaying saying the City a has no reason to Don a Mantle of guilt because some groups which have aligned themselves with extremist causes Are found As the Wyoming Republican spoke to the Senate the House Republican policy committee also denounced a efforts to make americans generally feel the committee of 36, which includes the party a leadership declared a rather than setting american against american As easily could happen if guilt is misplaced and doubt becomes a device of political debate the tragic event should serve to set the face and heart of All americans firmly against the warped and alien doctrine. Of the committee said the grief shared by All americans should not be expected to produce a unanimity on All of the legislative proposals put Forward by our late Simpson told the Senate he vehemently resents contentions that a a great deficit can morals is the of the Dallas this outpouring he said has come a from All strata of american life from pulpit press and the nation s highest the House gop statement commented that a if it was hatred that moved the Assassin that hatred was bred by the teachings of attorney general probes possible prayer violation Montpelier a atty. Gen. Charles e. Gibson or. Said yesterday he is investigating a a a complaint that Pray. Or recitation and Bible Reading is continuing in one Vermont Public school despite a state Board of education ruling calling for elimination of classroom payer. Gibson declined to identify location of the school a until i get More he indicated however that the practice is illegal. problems nato military spending Washington apr president Johnson on Friday wrestled with problems entering around the Atlantic Alliance and military spending and awarded the medal of Freedom to John f. Kennedy As a a Pioneer for Johnson made another unannounced posthumous award of the medal the nations highest civilian Honor for peacetime service. It went to the late Pope John Xxiii. Johnson covered the North Atlantic treaty organization a projected Allied nuclear Force and military spending in an hour Long conference with defense and state department advisers including the two secretaries. He also devoted a lot of time during the Day to routine desk work conferring with members of the White House staff. The medal ceremony at noon in the White House proper was a follow through on the late president Kennedy s selection of 31 american citizens and foreign nations who have marked up notable achievements in Many Fields from Public affairs to the performing arts and science. Some of those honoured were unable to attend. Two of the recipients had died since Kennedy selected them for the awards last july. Others with friends and officials looking on crowded into the state dining room for the ceremony. They included persons such As Singer Marian Anderson French statesman Jean Monnet Navajo Indian health worker Annie Wauna educator James b. Conant and Felix Frankfurter former supreme court Justice. The ceremony had been set up in Advance but Johnson a award of the medal to Kennedy and Pope John came As a Surprise. Mrs. Kennedy was behind a screen and heard Johnson read the citation for her husband a Soldier scholar statesman defender of Freedom Pioneer for peace author of Hope combining courage with reason and combating hate with compassion he led the land he loved toward new frontiers of Opportunity for All men and peace for All Johnson had Only three appointments listed at the Start of the Day. White House press Secretary Pierre Salinger said that certainly it was by no Means a setup Day for the Man who became president just two weeks ago upon Kennedy a assassination. A there is a great Deal of staff work and other Type work going on a Salinger said. Secretary of state Dean Rusk and Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara will be heading for Paris and a semiannual meeting of nato foreign defense and finance ministers that starts dec. 16. The meeting is expected to go into such matters As Long Range nato strategy so Johnson wanted to catch up in this and other areas. He was brought up to Date As Well on talks that have been under Way in Paris on a multinational nuclear Force. For the United states special ambassador Livingston merchant has been the chief participant. Standing in for him Friday to bring Johnson up to Date on the attitudes of the various governments was Walt w. Ros Tow head of the state departments policy planning staff. Since France has walked at going into such a Force this is not a nato project. Seven of the 15 nato members Are considering it however. Only the United states and Germany have shown any solid enthusiasm for this country a proposal to develop a surface Fleet with a nuclear punch. Johnson a special assistant on National Security affairs my George Bundy sat in on the White House meeting. So did his brother William Bundy who operates in the same Field in the Pentagon As assistant Secretary for International Security affairs. Salinger said certain interrelated state and defense department budget problems came up. He did no to offer any examples but the Field of military Aid to Friendly nations could have been one. Salinger said Johnson stressed once More that he is insisting on a Dollar s value for every Dollar spent on defense. But he also emphasized Salinger said his intention of maintaining the strength of the nation. Even before Johnson took command of the government there was a big hold Down on spending for defense and everything else. Russia says China rift guest sofar Moscow apr the soviet Union appealed Friday to the red chinese to put an end to the Public wrangling that has turned the communist Alliance sour. The quarrel Over chinese and soviet attitudes to communism a True path a has gone too far and in Many instances has overstepped the standards of relations Between fraternal parties a declared pravda the communist party Organ. Pravda held out its Olive Branch with renewed proposals to halt open propaganda warfare and meet privately to prepare the ground for a world conference of communist parties. A differences Over the tactics of the party that is its political conduct often Are exhausted by the actual transition of those who think incorrectly to the Correct path of struggle under the pressure of the course of events themselves a pravda said. And echoing the words of soviet Premier Khrushchev pravda added a it is necessary to give time a Chance to say its word about which Point of View is the most Correct. Life undoubtedly will show the correctness of the marxist Leninist in seeking an end to the Public wrangling pravda set a first example it did not mention the chinese by name. Be Linwall May open for Christmas visits Berlin apr Hopes were raised Friday night that West berliners will be passed through the communist Wall to visit relatives and friends in red ruled East Berlin during a Long Christmas season. East berliners sealed off by the Wall would have to stay on their Side. The Western Hopes were based on a letter from the East German regime to West Berlin mayor Willy Brandt offering to let the West berliners in from dec. 15 to Jan. 15. The West responded favourably. A spokesman of the Bonn government press office emphasized however that the fact West German authorities agreed to negotiate with the communists does not necessarily mean that the negotiations will pose unacceptable conditions. Since the Wall was built 28 months ago the communists have allowed Only a few West berliners a mostly doctors and technicians a into East Berlin. Thousands of families have been kept apart. Many attempts have been made to persuade the communists to relax the ban. But they have demanded political concessions the West could not give. No details of the red Christmas offer have been revealed but Western officials were More confident than before of making a Deal. Pope will meet with orthodox leaders while in holy land Vatican City apr Pope Paul i set Jan. 4-6 for his holy land pilgrimage which one prelate said includes plans for an historic meeting with orthodox leaders. An orthodox patriarch even suggested a Summit meeting of All major Christian faiths while the pontiff is in Jerusalem. A Vatican press announcement Friday said the Pope would leave Rome saturday Jan. 4 and return Jan. 6. This would mean a journey by plane the first air trip for a Pope since Jerusalem is 1,500 Miles away. The Pope will celebrate at least two masses in the holy in Amerl underlying Texas atty. Gen. Will probe assassination Charles Nichols e x ecu Tive Secretary of the Vermont school directors association said earlier this week the Board of education cannot withhold state funds from a school ignoring its prayer policy. Nichols contended withholding of state Aid can be imposed Only if there is a violation of state Law and that no state Law exists regarding classroom prayer. Gibson said a the Federal Constitution is binding on All of Harold Raynolds of Pomfret chairman of the Board of education said attorney generals in other states have carried out injunctions to enforce the u. S. Supreme court decision outlawing school prayers. The High court decision dealt with mandatory prayers. Raynolds said withholding o f state Aid a would be Only a final act to enforce its policy statement issued last aug. 13. He said the Board has not threatened such action. Washington apr Texas atty. Gen. Waggoner Carr announced Friday that he has called off a state court of inquiry into circumstances surrounding the assassination of president Kennedy. The Texas state official making the announcement from the Justice department said he acted in compliance with a suggestion by chief Justice Earl Warren who Heads the commission appointed by president Johnson to conduct a similar inquiry. This turn in the investigative aftermath of the nov. 22 assassination came some hours after a report that Lee Harvey Oswald the accused killer told his wife he tried to shoot Gen. Edwin a. Walker eight months ago. A Bullet fired through a wit Dow into the right Wing general a Dallas Home on april to narrowly missed Walker and he was slightly Cut by flying Glass. Government sources said Marina Oswald russian born widow of the marxist Exma Rine has told Federal agents that Oswald came Home that night and boasted excitedly of his exploit. Neither the Fri nor the Justice department confirmed the Story. But it was Learned that the Fri has been investigating this offshoot from the Long Chain of circumstantial evidence tying Oswald 24, to the sniper slaying of Kennedy in Dallas on nov. 22. The episode reportedly is part of the of big a massive report on the assassination delivered thursday to the Justice department and shortly to go to the White House. Fri agents recently picked up the Dallas police department report on the assault on Walker Dallas officials disclosed. Both the Chicago Sun times and the Washington evening Star broke stories Friday of evidence that Oswald fired the shot at Walker. The associated press obtained confirmation of the Story from two official sources. The Sun times did not refer to Oswald a reported boast to his wife but carried this quotation from the 53-year-old general who resigned from the army in 1961 after being relieved of his command in Germany a i did no to know anything about Oswald until he was arrested for the assassination of the president. A at the time the shot was fired at me i was receiving threats by mail and Telephone but i have been unable to connect any of them with the stars Story said ballistic tests apparently have been inconclusive on whether the same Rifle fired the shots at Kennedy and Walker. The Fri report is understood to have established that Oswald bought the italian made Bolt action assassination weapon from a Chicago mail order firm on March 20, having it delivered to a Dallas Post office Box rented in the name of a a. grave site of Kennedy and children a this View of the grave site of president Kennedy was made thursday after two infant children who preceded their father in death were re interred beside him. The children Are Patrick Bouvier Kennedy who was born prematurely and died last August and a girl stillborn in 1956. There Are no signs of new Graves. A Green grass matting covers the area within the White picket Fence. Several military Caps have been tossed on the evergreens and Flowers in tribute to the slain commander in chief. A photo land. One will be on Jan. 6, the roman Catholic feast of the Epiphany commemorating t h e carrying of gifts by the three Wise men to the infant Jesus in Bethlehem. The schedule multiplied the problems of logistics and Security for those charged with caring for the 66-year-old spiritual ruler of 550 million catholics. It was assumed that he will Cross the Israel Jordan Frontier which is guarded by israeli and Arab armies hostile to each other. Sources at Vatican City said a three Day trip would give him time to meet with orthodox leaders in Jerusalem. A Pope and an orthodox patriarch have not met since the great schism of 1054. Patriarch Maximos in Saugh of Antioch of the Melc Hites a Middle East prelate of the Catholic Church told newsmen in Rome the Pope will meet orthodox leaders. Patriarch athe Agoras i of constantinople Turkey a titular Leader of orthodoxy a proposed that the Heads of orthodox and protestant churches go to Jerusalem to meet with the Pope. Athe Agoras said in Istanbul that he would be overjoyed to attend such a Summit meeting which he called a a sacred in Athens Greece a representative of the orthodox patriarch of Jerusalem Benedictos said it was quite possible that the Pope and patriarch will meet. Benedictos representative in Greece Bishop Anatolios said a meeting of the patriarch and the pontiff could Deal with some of the problems connected with the care of the Church of the holy sepulchre in Jerusalem and the Church of the nativity in Bethlehem. Catholic and orthodox priests share in caring for the churches but often argue Over precedence when holy Days coincide. Oswald s Mother still denies songs guilt fort Worth apr mrs. Marguerite Oswald said Friday her son Lee May have become innocently involved in the assassination of president Kennedy because of panic. She maintained he had nothing to do with the shooting. A i done to know exactly what happened a she told a news conference a but it is possible that while he was in the Texas school Book depository he May have panicked because he was a Well known defector. A the might have run out of the building because he was afraid he might be the first one suspected of having anything to do with then she said a it was Only logical for him to get a gun and protect authorities said her son Lee Harvey Oswald murdered the president with a Rifle from a snipers Perch the depository building and then went to his apartment where he armed himself with a pistol. Mrs. Oswald said she went to Washington in january 1961, in an attempt to see president Kennedy about Leeds defection to Russia. The White House told her Kennedy was unable to see her she said. She indicated the purpose of her trip was to Clear up inaccurate statements. During the news conference called to Clear up some a a discrepancies about her slain son she focused on two Points 1. A dishonourable discharge from the inactive Reserve of the . Marine corps which she said never occurred. 2. The court record in the Bronx new York City which she said falsely implied her boy needed psychiatric treatment. Because of a grudge harboured against her by a probation officer she said she decided to take Lee from new York for fear he would be driven into becoming a hardened criminal. Mrs. Oswald claimed that Lee legally never was Dis honorable discharged from the marines because he never received the official notice. Leeds service records show that he received an undesirable discharge from the Marine Reserve. At that time 1960, he was in the soviet Union having defected to Russia in 1958. Ila Rhor Monument Flat a at Hall Mast for 1st time Pearl Harbor apr a nation still mourning the death of its president pauses saturday to remember another Day of infamy a the bombing of Pearl Harbor on dec. 7, 1941. A gleaming White Monument stands above the sunken battleship Arizona the Tomb for 1,102 men. Above the vessel an american Flag flies at half Mast. There Hasni to been much change since a year ago. A stillness descends Over the Harbor every dec. 7. Even the ships plying Back and Forth a seem muffled and quiet a contrast indeed to the hell that broke Loose at 7 55 . On this Day 22 years ago. On this dec. 7, one thing is different from All anniversary Days since the end of world War ii. It is the Flag at half Mast for the first time this Pearl Harbor Day. The hundreds of people who Cross the Harbor to pay a Brief tribute and drop a Garland of Flowers on the water will remember in their prayers one More Young dead american. It is for him a world War ii Navy lieutenant who fought in the Pacific that the Flag flies Low. The Man is John Fitzgerald Kennedy victim of an Assas sins Bullet two weeks ago. The Arizona a Symbol of the 1941 japanese bombing is the Only one of nine battleships attacked still in commission. She is considered commissioned because the Crew is still aboard. That is Why the Flag flies above the sunken vessel. The Navy does not hold official ceremonies to Mark Pearl Harbor Day. But to the men and women on the naval base and to those on ships in port dec. 7 retains its deep significance. Many travel to the memorial independently to pay tribute to the 2,300 sailors soldiers marines and civilians who died in a few Nightmare hours. J o ii ii ii to v into Vav Viilu House soon Washington apr the family of president Johnson will not move into the White House for a few Days possibly monday a White House source said Friday night. Mrs. Kennedy and her two children moved out Friday. Various belongings of the Johnsons have been taken to the White House during the last few Days and More will be moved in Over the weekend

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