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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 28, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner wednesday August 28, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont its a Wise father that knows his own bomb syrup snit amp a vinegar passion for editorials or. Tellers wild dream in his testimony against the proposed treaty to ban nuclear tests or. Edward Teller has been in the comfortable position of the critic who finds fault without offering constructive proposals of his own. The nuclear physics who is credited with helping to develop the Hydrogen bomb has Flung All his prestige and argumentative skill into the Battle against Senate approval of the treaty. As the most respected critic of the pact he has carried the fight for All the people in and out of Congress who done to believe in a trusting the it has been an influential role for or. Teller this part of the nay Sayer. But now he has Felt obliged to come Forward with a program of his own and the response is going to be less Gratifying. What or. Teller proposes As an alternative to the test ban treaty is a two part package comprising development of an antimissile system and a vast bomb shelter program. He maintains that the completed package would protect about 90 per cent of All americans in the event of a nuclear War. In or. Tellers opinion the United states can develop an antimissile missile capable of blasting attacking missiles out of the skies if it expends enough Money on the project and is allowed to continue atmospheric testing. He believes that the soviets have progressed farther in this Field than we have and the list of taxable items in t endless As we have discovered this year in Vermont a new rooms and meals tax the ingenuity legislators will go to in finding a new source of taxation is nearly unbounded. Not Only do we pay taxes on income Telephone Bills liquor amusements cigarettes gasoline Oil lunch and other assorted matters but we must also cough up a Penny for that 15 cent ice Cream Cone which used to be a Nickel. Much has been made of the fact that Little children must be prepared to pay the extra cent or go without and the number of tears shed Over this situation is certainly uncountable. Comment a fed up faculty at Ole miss of Ford courant the longer cowardly Rowdy ism exists on the Campus at Oxford miss., the More Likely that institution will be known throughout the world not As Ole miss but As Ole miss Erable. It is already reported that a Large proportion of those teaching there have sought and obtained other teaching contracts and will leave that institution at the end of the school year. The corollary is of course that no educator in his right mind if he has a truly cultured mind would work or seek a contract at this institution for love or Money. There Are continuing evidences that members of the faculty do not share the views of the University administrators. Presumably even though this University is not of High Quality there Are educated men on the faculty. This was evidenced during the initial rioting when the faculty did not join in condemnation of Federal authorities but blamed local police for not restraining the rioters. It is evident again now when the faculty in Defiance of the Chancellor has requested attorney general Kennedy to continue the use of military police. This is contrary to May outstrip us if we do not inaugurate a a a crash research and development program. He puts the total Cost of such a program at about $30 billion. At the same time says the physicist our country must build bomb shelters for 90 per cent of the population. He proposes massive fully equipped structures capable of resisting blast effects fire and fallout every assault in fact except a direct hit. He puts the Cost of such a building program at $20 billion though other estimates Range upward to almost double that figure. In any event the two part Teller program for survival would Cost a minimum of $50 billion which is a great Deal of Money atop the country a regular defense budget of $45-50 billion a year. That in itself May give pause to the Teller supporters Many of whom acclaim the Virtues of a balanced budget. A More fundamental weakness of the program however is that it is a Mere continuation of the arms race. It should be obvious to everyone by now that if the United states developed a reasonably effective antimissile missile the soviet Union would go ahead and perfect a weapon to overcome it. Since attack is so much simpler than defense in a nuclear War that would be a relatively easy task. The upshot would be an endless continuation of the dangerous and debilitating arms race with each Side capable of wiping out the other at will. Virtually All the 50 states have the same Revenue raising problems and not Only Are the people taxed but the legislators brains Are taxed in trying to think up new kinds of items to tax to provide the services that most persons seem to want. But the list of taxable items is not endless. It was reported the other Day that Wisconsin legislators have come up with a new Way to keep their state Treasury filled up. Residents of that Midwest state can now expect to Start paying a $2 fee for the right to do something they had surely always assumed they could do for free. What a the new tax on filing their state income tax. The wishes of Chancellor Williams who last week asked that they be withdrawn. The latest petition by the University of Mississippi chapter of the american association of University professors asked retention of military forces until a such time As the state authorities demonstrate their ability and willingness to protect the personal safety and civil liberties of All students and University personnel. Another message was sent by the chapter to the University Chancellor in criticism of administration laxity in enforcing discipline. Meanwhile a Good portion of the student body itself continues to illustrate its superiority Over the Lone negro student by cursing him banging on their plates like a Bunch of monkeys at Large and in general imitating the simians. Many Southern writers have noted in the Southern character a will toward self destruction in preference to submitting to orderly change. One can Only construe these continued acts of Boorish Ness and violence As a Rush toward the abyss. Even if missis Sippi accepted the facts quietly now it has suffered irreparable damage a not from or. Meredith but from the noisy hoodlums allegedly University students whose antics make every civilized person shudder to think that these Are the Cream of that ill fated state. _ any child who gets raised strictly by the Book is probably a first Bent on i news. Fischetti Peanut butter her look in the Berkshire Eagle today and to mar ran Lincoln a party would be a shambles if Barry Coldwater were nominated by Walter Lippmann Washington. There Are reasons for thinking that in spite of his rating in the polls sen. Coldwater is still a very Long Way from the presidential nomination. His spectacular spurt occurred recently when gov. Rockefeller a re marriage seemed to remove the leading contender. It is probable that the senator has been the beneficiary of the old Rule of politics that you can to beat a horse with no horse. If there is no other horse except a lame horse sen. Coldwater might get the nomination by default. But he is not Likely to get it by default. For the moderate republicans who comprise the big majorities that elected Eisenhower Are not Likely to hand Over the party to an extremist. They would probably lose not Only the election itself but also their own position in the party. A of a the cautious thing to say would be of course that anything can happen and that Given enough troubles at Home and abroad anybody could be elected. But More and More it looks to me that sen. Coldwater a record on Public questions will not stand the kind of full Public exposure that takes place in a nominating Campaign. For the Coldwater philosophy is radically opposed to the Central tradition of the Republican party and is wholly alien to the moderate and conservative character of the american party system. The Core is his philosophy is opposition to the Federal government As a guarantor of personal Liberty and As protector of the National welfare. To the senator the Federal government is a kind of foreign Power which must be reduced and distrusted. Sen. Coldwater regards himself As a Republican. But to be the kind of a Republican he professes to be he must disavow and disown the whole heritage of Hamilton Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. For Hamilton was the principal founder of the Federal Union. Lincoln was the preserver of the Federal Union. And Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to see that the United states would be involved As a world Power and that the Federal government would have to become the regulator of an Industrial society. These men the greatest of the republicans stood for a Strong and evolving Federal Power not for a Loose and impotent confederation of states. They stood for one National under a Federal government which served its vital interests. Individual states the Federal government to cease All intervention. He would repeal the progressive income tax a measure so extreme that it would dismantle the National defense and destroy the credit of the United states. He would repeal the welfare measures As fast As he could thus opening the country to vast misery and vast disorder. He would sell . In foreign affairs he would Cut Loose from our allies and he would then Challenge the soviet Union aggressively. These Are some of the things he says he would do. In fact if by some quirk of Fate he were nominated and elected he could do almost none of the things he says he would do. For they Are not a program of government that can be enacted by Congress and administered by the executive Branch. They Are a vast confusion and they Are a recipe for panic. Come the anti progressive sectional and anti National party. It would then take some ingenuity to write statements supporting a Coldwater nomination for men like Eisenhower Nixon Rockefeller Romney Scranton Thurston Morton John Sherman Cooper Keating and Jav its. It does not seem Likely that these eminent republicans will let themselves get into such a predicament. It arid today by Elizabeth Dwyer North Bennington. Whenever Large groups of children gather for any length of time the statisticians always Delight in rotting up the total quantities of food they consume. The world Jamboree of the boy scouts was held earlier this month in Marathon Greece and after it was Over somebody figured out that the 14,000 boys in attendance had tucked away 8 tons of meat 5 tons of fish to tons of canned vegetables 4 tons of potatoes to tons of fresh fruit and had in bribed 1,200 Gallons of milk. There is i think one glaring omission. Or can it be that the greeks done to have a word for Peanut butter of course these boy scouts were gathered from All Over the world and it May be that All boys done to share the american youngsters passion for Peanut butter. However since you can to beat it for Economy and Universal Appeal to the palates of adolescents i suspect that the ubiquitous spread for bread must have been on the menu somewhere. Contrary to opinion in some circles growing children do not necessarily eat everything they can find a instead they satisfy their hunger with enormous quantities of whatever suits their fancy. You could almost make one generalization on their taste in food a eat practically anything that has Peanut butter in it a or Ketchup on it. I suppose parents Knock the Virtues of Peanut butter. Ifs a lot cheaper than Steak and almost As nutritious its easy to store and Quick to produce a the Only trouble is its so darned inevitable when i was growing up Peanut butter was frowned on in the diets of the Young and it was Only As a very special treat that we were allowed to go to the store and buy it in bulk. This Wasny to the pasteurized homogenized Hydrogen Zed poly unsaturated and Well nigh tasteless concoction we have today a it was oily and Grainy and it tasted like peanuts by Goll. And the peanuts it tasted like weren to these Well peeled things you buy in a cellophane bag or a can a they were the real thing and you had to shuck them from the shells and then squeeze off the Brown Husk to get at the nut. Today a child thinks a Peanut in its natural state is something you feed to elephants. The underprivileged children of my youth had to be Content with bread and Jam bread and molasses bread and soft Maple sugar a but bread and Pear nut butter they weren to allowed except on special occasions. I remember one who was consulted As to the menu for his birthday party a what kind of cake etc., and seizing a Golden Opportunity he informed the parental chef it done to care what you give the rest of the kids but its my birthday and i want 17 Peanut butter sandwiches just for i done to know what magic there was in the number 17, except that perhaps it was As far As our birthday boy could count at the time. Of course the bread on which people of my Vintage did no to have Peanut butter was Apt to be homemade a crusty and Golden and coarse full of the holes that today a Antiseptic staff of life must under no circumstances have. We did no to always appreciate our Bounty a i recall that we had a neighbor whose status As a lady was a Little dubious among her contemporaries because a she was too shiftless to bake her own she did no to make her own Mayonnaise either and the thickness of her potato peelings was a scandal in the neighbourhood. Anyhow traitor that i was in my eyes it was a great treat to be invited there for supper a to partake of a store bought bread and spread it with Mayonnaise that came in a Jar from the store. Tastes change and yesterdays Poison is today a nutrition. Compared with our mothers and grandmothers i sometimes wonder what we do with our time in the Kitchen. For better or for worse though i strongly suspect that store bought bread and Peanut butter Are Here to stay. Civil disobedience acts Trace Back into history As far As Adam and eve sen. Goldwater is a More serious threat to the Republican party than he is to the democratic. For the Odds Are heavy that president Kennedy would defeat him especially sifter sen. Goldwater a radically reactionary views have been explained to the voters. But the Republican party would be a shambles after a Coldwater nomination. The party of Lincoln would have become the rallying Point of the racists. The party of Hamilton would have become the anti Federal party. The party of Theodore Roosevelt would have be by James Marlow associated press sexes analyst Washington apr today a civil rights March in Washington by perhaps 100,000 negroes and Whites a to protest racial injustices and to try to pressure Congress into passing a civil rights Bill has an ancient heritage. From Antiquity by ones twos thousands millions in fiction fact literature mythology and religion a people through disobedience and non violent resistance have asserted themselves against what they consider unjust treatment Laws or edicts. Yet the history of their protests business Mirror steel Industry recovers from strike that never was sen. Leave the quote Goldwater racial problem would to the m Wust of Rew for. East �/?/.rn sat pcs menu it there is need for heightened individual responsibility in civil affairs and in particular More concern by College graduates with the nations urgent problems. A College graduate will work in the cities and live in the suburbs shutting his eyes and closing his mind to the slums which Breed delinquency. A supreme c Oxtot Justice Arthur j. Goldberg speaking to an Amherst College audience. By Sam Dawson a business sexes analyst new York apr the steel Industry is starting to recover from the strike that never was. Orders Are a bit higher than in previous weeks when customers were living off stocks built up while unions and management were negotiating a new labor pact. So production has turned up too for the first real gain since May. And Confidence is growing that this Summers slump will prove to have been exceptionally mild. To a part of the credit goes to the general gain in Industrial activity. But part also goes to the manner in which the labor Parley were conducted this year. The threat of a strike was less pressing this time than in previous years. Therefore customers built up stocks at a less urgent Pace. Labor contract years traditionally put the steel Industry through a fever and chills Cycle. First the customers Over order As a hedge against a possible strike and the Mills work feverishly. Then of there a a strike much of the Economy is thrown out of joint. If there a a settlement steel users live off their outsize inventories and the Mills Are chilled by few orders and Little output. This happened in 1962. The pattern was different in 1963. The pattern now being tried or considered in other industries a was to keep a negotiating committee working More or less around the Calendar on Points of differences As they arose. The aim was not Only to make a strike less Likely but also to bring the final critical negotiations to a head without working under the gun of a strike deadline threat. But while reports of Progress were frequent Many steel users weren to taking any chances. They put in hedge orders anyway. The build up in stocks Wasny tas Large As the year before. Still there was a considerable let Down in steel ordering and production this summer. That May be ending now. A number of Mills report a pickup in new orders and inquiries looking toward a better fall business. A of the american Iron and steel Institute reports that last week the Mills poured 1,742, tons of steel up 1.1 per cent from the previous week and nicely ahead of the 1,611,000-ton output of the like week of 1962. With the exception of one week in july a Fluke this was the first Rise since May. The Metal working Trade weekly Iron age says earlier predictions that fourth Quarter shipments would be about 16.5 million tons Are now being jumped in some Industry circles to As High As 18.5 million tons. Is full of contradictions and ironies. A of Erich Fromm looks upon the first act of disobedience by Adam and eve in eating from the forbidden tree of knowledge As an a original sin which instead of corrupting Man a set him free to become fully four Hundred years before Christ Socrates defied the government of Athens by refusing to Stop encouraging the youth to question the ideas of their elders. While it was wrong to disobey a Superior he said he would obey the gods rather than the government. He was sentenced to death. Then he refused to escape his death cell. To do that he said after he had been condemned would injure the government. It was civil disobedience but non violent when Sophocles Antigone defied King Creon a order not to Bury her Mother. He walled her in to die for that. And Aeschylus prometheus at terrible Cost to himself befriended Mankind by stealing fire from the gods. For this zeus chained him to a Rock for the vultures to gnaw on. In the new testaments Sermon on the mount Jesus who had driven the Money changers from the Temple preached non violence with his admonition to turn the other Cheek and walk two Miles if anyone compelled you to walk one. The ascetic essences a sect of pre Christian jews took an oath to injure no one. And after Christ thousands of jews used non violent resistance against the romans. So did the Early Christian martyrs although the christians gradually moved from Pacific ism to the just War to the crusades. The quakers whom Merle Curti called the a conscience of the 18th Century a were pacifists. Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1843, theorized on civil disobedience five years before his Friend Henry David Thoreau did in his famous a civil disobedience essay. Thoreau had an effect on Leo Tolstoy and later on Mohandas Gandhi. Tolstoy went to extremes in his View of non violence and civil disobedience. He made no exception for the use of violence by a Man to defend his country his life his family or even to save society from lunatics and criminals. Because he looked upon All governments As immoral he advocated paying no taxes at All. It was Gandhi who achieved the most sensational results in history with his policy of non violent resistance against the British to end their Rule in India. Millions of indians went along with him until they decided to get violent. He acknowledged influences on him from All directions the ser Mon on the mount the by Aravad Gita part of the hindu epic which Gandhi called his spiritual reference Book Thoreau Tolstoy and even John Ruskin who urged the teaching of Justice and gentleness. But behind Gandhi a thinking was the Long religious experience of India a hinduism with its peaceful acceptance of the caste system in this life As preparation for moving up to the next caste in the next life on Earth and with its complicated prohibitions against doing violence to others Jainism which forbade killing anyone or thing and required the wearing of a Gauze mask so insects be inhaled and killed and buddhism originally an ethic protest against hindu religious practices stressed love of others. In the depression of 1894 Jacob s. Coxey Ohio businessman led an army of 400 unemployed to Washington to petition Congress to create jobs. In 1932 Congress ignored the army of unemployed veterans of world War i who came Here to pet it Ion for a Bonus. Those that stayed were driven out by the regular army. Humor Only a Lew Are ailed summoned by a woman taken suddenly ill the Clergyman answered the Call but was somewhat puzzled for he knew that the woman was a devoted worker in another Church. While waiting to be shown to the sick room the pastor chatted with the Little girl of the House. A it is very Gratifying to know that your Mother thought of mein her illness a he said. A is your minister out of town a a ooh no a answered the child. A a he a Home. We just thought it might be something contagious a and we did no to want to take any risks a a English digest. Humble origins before Long the equivalent of starting life in a log Cabin will be having been born in a Hospital that was not air conditioned. A canner weekly

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