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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 20, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner tuesday August 20, 1963 a want to Transfer to my school kid a Small world the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials breaking the rail stalemate the Railroad unions acceptance of binding arbitration by a special Board is a Welcome move toward averting the crippling rail strike that has been hanging Over our Heads during the past year. By agreeing to submit two of the Pri Kliest issues to a six member arbitration panel whose ruling would be accepted As final the unions apparently have cleared the tracks for a settlement of All their disagreements with Railroad management. It is expected that a Host of minor questions can be ironed out once a ruling is obtained on the two main Points so called Feather bedding by unneeded firemen on diesel trains and the size of the Crew for each Complete train. Both sides agree that this matter of workforce reduction is crucial. That the unions ultimately will have to accept a substantial Cut in the number of Railroad jobs seems self evident. Not Only the companies themselves but a number of outside study groups have found that 32,000 firemen now working on diesel trains Are unneeded since they have no fires to tend. Over the years the unions have been battling to save these menus jobs. If the arbitration Board decides to an author conveys an important message it was Vermont Maple syrup plus the influence of the late Arlington author Dorothy Canfield Fisher that first Drew Pearl Buck to Vermont and to Bennington county. The presence in the Green Mountain state of one of the nations most distinguished authors was thus explained by correspondent Mary Dillmann in an ably written article in mondays Banner. County residents rarely disturb the peacefulness miss Buck enjoys in her Winhall Home which overlooks the ski trails of Stratton Mountain and rightly so. Several residents were Given the Chance to meet her on sunday however at a reception Given by the Manchester business and professional women a club. The setting was especially appropriate a Ormsby Hill a year round Home for underprivileged boys of All races. At a time when criticism of our nation often seems a popular pastime it is refreshing to read miss Bucko a description of the United states As a place of special advantage for authors a place where the creative spirit is Given free comment Don t worry Ivan we re a bit Sloppy too Berkshire Eagle before taking off for Home week after a 26-Day tour of the soviet Union with four other american construction experts sex governor John a. Volpe had some p Retty harsh things to say about standards of workmanship in the marxist Paradise. With few exceptions he said the russians Are doing a rather shoddy Job in the building trades. No doubt the verdict was sound if tactless. Or. V Olpe after All qualifies easily Asun expert on the subject having acquired impressive credentials As a contractor state Public works administrator and Federal roads superintendent before serv ing As governor. But As Uncle Dudley pointed out on the editorial Page of the Boston Globe the other Day or. Volpe did no to really need to go hid f Way around the world to find Sloppy workmanship on Public construction projects. Our own capitalistic state of Massa eliminate these 32,000 jobs As seems foreordained it is to be hoped that provision will be made to ease the Impact on the firemen and their families. The agreement should encompass provisions for gradual Lay offs financial assistance during the transition period and training programs for firemen seeking other jobs. The very fact that the Issue is to be settled by binding arbitration rather than by collective bargaining imposes a responsibility upon the Federal government to minimize the hardships. As for the rail unions which evidently have lost a round in their Long fight for the firemen the decision to submit to arbitration probably is Wise. Pressures had been mounting in Washington for Federal action on the Long drawn out dispute and Congress might Well have called for some form of compulsory arbitration that would be less favourable to the unions. In any event it seems Clear that railway workers could have gained very Little and might have lost much by continued resistance to work Force reduction. If they and the rail management will now cooperate in reaching a full settlement without a strike they should Benefit along with the National Economy As a whole. Reign tolerated and encouraged. In addition she said a a. As a writer i am glad to have this country As my base because when we speak we Are in a Way it seemed strange that this author who has devoted her life to better interracial understanding chose not to speak about the current intensified struggle for racial Equality which has dominated the nations headlines of late. Perhaps it can be explained partially by noting that a number of dark skinned visitors were present at the reception sunday at Ormsby Hill. That Factor plus the fact that Ormsby Hill boys have fit so Well into Manchester a Community life Over the years could have made any comment unnecessary or even out of place. In that sense then miss Buck succeeded in getting across an important message without saying anything explicit. At any rate miss Bucko a visit should serve to remind us that one of the cultural advantages of living in Bennington county is the atmosphere Here which attracts and encourages the residence at least part time of authors like the creator of a the Good Earth As Well As other writers musicians and artists. Chusett can provide current examples aplenty. Such As to cite Only a few items on the Globe s list the steel that collapsed on the Charlestown overpass or the lopsided abutments on the Southeast expressway and the route 93 overpass in Methuen or the countless tiles that had to be replaced on the new Callahan Tunnel or the brickwork that had to be redone at a Cost of $4 million on the Boston veterans administration Hospital or the potholes and disintegrating pavements on a number of major highways that Are Only a few Yth ars old. The list could be expanded almost indefinitely. But what makes it particularly depressing is the suspicion fortified by such documents As last weeks Blatnik report that a lot of the shoddy construction is due less to incompetence than to the greed of contractors and officials who have been cutting Corners at the taxpayers expense. Of a perhaps Russia has the same problem. No doubt the communists have their Bagman and fixers find hungry officials who just can to say a in yet to a lucrative proposition. But this is a subject which a visitor from Massachusetts might do better to leave alone. Fischetti a Long ways from Home w asian it on ailing Herlock in the Berkshire Eagle All economic cures tried thus far have Cut unemployment very Little by Marquis Childs Washington. A conspiracy of silence protects for the time being what has been for the Kennedy administration a dismaying discovery. None of the Steps taken so far has had any real effect in melting Down unemployment. What is More disconcerting the present rate a 5.6 per cent of the labor Force in july a is Likely to increase. Looking Down the gun barrel is a grim exercise for those who believed that with the upturn in the Economy in the first half of the year with the manpower retraining program with area redevelopment More jobs would open up. The Prospect now is for a slowdown of expansion in the last half of the year. Respected economist forecasters such As Ewan Clague commissioner of labor statistics Are fearful that the rate will go Over 6 per cent in january and february of 64. What this could mean in a presidential year a with the shadowy threat of a recession in the foreground a does not need to be spelled out. Various prescriptions of a Radical nature Are being talked about. But the injunction from the White House is for strict silence until a most important and still undefined deadline has been passed. That is the passage of the tax reduction Bill which has been making its tortuous Way through the House ways and Means committee and should be on the House floor Early next month. Sex a lot of Hope rests on the stimulus the tax Cut will provide if it is passed taking effect in two stages next year and 65. Therefore the warning from sen. Harry f. Byrd chairman of the finance committee that the Senate May not have time to get to the tax Cut has ominous significance for the president and his economic advisers. Hat Boyle s \ at rebook opposed to the tax Cut and to deficit financing Byrd is a master of the technique of protracted delay. A warning similar to Byrds has come from the Republican leaders sen. Everett Mckinley Dirksen and rep. Charles Halleck. Any suggestion of plans for new and More Radical spending to help cure unemployment will stiffen the opposition to a tax Cut. But expert opinion varies on How much effect a tax Cut would have. As Federal taxes Are reduced state taxes move steadily upward. Pennsylvania for example put through a tax increase of $142 million with a record sales tax of 5 per cent. So far As the consumer s Dollar is concerned the state increases can offset the Federal reductions. Recently Clague prepared a series of statistical maps for 36 cities that show with dramatic Impact How Lack of education coincides with unemployment. This is True whether the jobless Are negro or White. Of the 4,322,000 persons recorded As being without jobs and looking for work two thirds have not completed High school and one fifth have not gone As far As the last year of elementary school. Short of a massive retraining program a including the three is a these people will continue to be jobless. This is structural unemployment a built that is into the Structure of the Economy. The affluent can conceivably go on becoming More affluent while the jobless As they increasingly exhaust their benefits become poorer. One of the programs privately discussed is for a frontal attack on ignorance a a kind of Marshall plan for the functional illiterates to prepare them for jobs. This would not discriminate Between Whites and negroes. Secretary of labor Willard Wirtz recently reported that 8,000 workers have completed retraining under the present manpower development act and of that number 5,600 have found jobs. This is a drop in the bucket and even with proposed changes which would remove certain restrictions and expand the program it is like bailing out the Ocean with a spoon. A of those determined to be hopeful can cite their own straws in the wind. One widely noted Here is the report of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago on business conditions. The upward movement now 28 months from the Low of february 1961, a retains sufficient vitality to justify an extended life expectancy a according to the report. Whether even with continued expansion the Structure of joblessness can be touched is still a pressing question. It relates to teen agers with an unemployment rate of 16.2 per cent and to negroes for whom the rate in most cities is two to three times that of Whites. Here Are the deeply emotional problems bound to grow More acute in a Static Economy. By Bradford Smith Shaftsbury. Reading a report on refugees recently i recalled the words of a negro spiritual a sometimes i feel like a Motherless child a Long ways from More than 13,500,000 people in our world Are refugees. The words of the spiritual express their plight with simple eloquence. My first Contact with refugees was in Saipan during the War. When the japanese had been driven out the local islanders were concentrated in areas where they could be cared for and where they and our troops would not get in each other s Way. I remember the pathetic squalor of their shacks the minimal sanitary facilities the Row upon Row of Flimsy shelters which seemed to reduce the residents to anonymity. Children in rags came and stood in line with old gasoline tins waiting their turn to draw water from a tap. Women made Little fires of scrap in the dust of their door Yards to Cook a skimpy meal. More recently i visited the Camps of tibetan refugees High up in the Himalayan mountains of India. Neither their smiles nor their sturdy endurance could hide the same conditions. Their houses of stakes driven into the ground and Straw roofs gave Little Protection against the wintry air. With no Way to raise their own food they had to depend on handouts from the government of India and some of the International Relief services. Their isolation made it difficult or impossible to find jobs. Yet women wove cloth on primitive frames or made attractively embroidered boots. They had brought their religion and their crafts with them and they tried to keep them both going. The work of resettling nearly 9 million people who had fled from Pakistan during the bloody riots that marked the division of these countries in 1948. But Pakistan reported 3 million still unsettled. In the greatest single repatriation since the War 260,000 algerians who had fled into Morocco and Tunisia during the algerian War were returned to their Homeland. Some idea of what this involved is suggested by the fact that one group of 20, too refugees were stalled for a week until per Mission was Given to include the 30,000 animals travelling with them a 1,000 of which were camels. In Africa the giant a Tutsi tribe nearly 150,000 of them fled from their Ruanda Homeland where they had ruled for four centuries when they were Defeated in the struggle which preceded Independence. No matter which direction they took they were faced with starvation and disease. A group of 15,000 fled into the Ruiz a Valley of the Congo. Within a few weeks 300 had died of malaria polluted water or starvation. The High mortality continues but thanks to the the work of voluntary agencies it is gradually being reduced. When Algeria gained its Independence 750, too europeans who had lived there and whose parents in some cases had also lived there fled to Europe. In May 60,000 chinese who wanted to escape from red China had to be ruthlessly turned Back. Hong Kong already had More than a million refugees to care for. There is something depressingly Universal about a refugee Camp. Its people live on Hope because that is All they have. They talk about going Back Home but for the most part they will never be Able to. Or they dream of coming to the United states or some other country which is not already overcrowded. They dream of finding work and a Home. Their needs Are As Basic As that. Many of them will never for the rest of their lives find either. They will grow old and die in a refugee Camp the victim of some political disaster not of their making. Hardly noticed in the Rush of news this year Are several refugee stories which in Calmer times would have earned full coverage. The government of India announced that it had completed the efforts of the . High commissioner for refugees on behalf of these 13,500,000 homeless jobless people is one of the great humanitarian stories of our time. Without the ., it is hard to imagine How this huge desperate problem could have been handled. But with the . Coordinating governments and private agencies such As care the International red Cross Church world service and Catholic Relief services have tackled this huge Load of human misery with love and understanding. Our own government has made surplus foods available eased immigration Laws to admit More refugees though still tightly controlled and made special contributions such As $18 million to Aid the million Arab refugees from Palestine who after 14 years still await a solution to their problem. Over 200,000 cuban refugees most of them in the United states bring the problem close to us All. Letters to the editor Star who learns to strip finds it great exercise it head s Mth him by Mth Tou by Hal Boyle new York apr the movie career of Constance towers seemed utterly blighted at the tender age of 12. Working As a summer Sherette in a Small town theater she committed the most unforgivable sin of film Dom. A i acc Dently set fire to the Popcorn machine a she said hanging her head in mock shame a i lost my Job on the spot. A of but in the years since then the Little druggists daughter from Whitefish mont., has done very Well for herself. Today she lives in several worlds a All pretty wonderful. Miss towers became a top Singer in television and the nations supper club circuit. She married a wealthy Panama insurance tycoon Eugene c. Mcgrath whose brother is Catholic archbishop there. She has two Lovely children and a family yacht to dive from when she goes skin diving. Socially she is chummy with some members of the Kennedy clan and she is noted As one of the nations Best dressed women. After appearing in one film shed prefer to forget she got a real break when director John Ford met her at an ice show and later signed her to co Star with John Wayne in a the horse in her latest picture a the Shock corridor a miss towers Sheds her usual custom designed finery to appear As a strip tease artist a role she undertook with some misgivings. A of a a it Isnit easy to sing and take your clothes off at the same time. Ifs like trying to Pat your head and rub your stomach she studied for her part by watching some real strippers go through their chores in a los Angeles Temple of the arts known As a the Pink a choreographer then taught her How to bump and grind. A ifs a great form of exercise if you need to get into shape a she remarked learn edly. A a you a be surprised How Many Muscles you hammering away to the editor of the Banner a you Well know How a Public official has got to steer his doings Down the Middle to please those with plenty of Money who insist we build another auditorium when we have two already and an armory for affairs. And How they hammered us simple folks something awful to build one until the whole thing fell through twice. And now comes a columnist or. Ostro who accuses our Union school Board Banner july 29 of wasting its time listening with patience to Toms Dicks and Ayres instead of up and telling up Plain what we Are going to pay for. That ainu to for him to say. Next the health officer will have his say and play it Safe. Ifs him they Tell to hit a drop of something in a barrel of water to pure it. Him being no chemist he adds enough chlorine on his own formula to smell the Glass at arms length As in Rutland and under the nose As in Arlington. Like the coloured preached in Virginia who was asked a reverend How cum you Calls it Hammer Gin a he pulled a pint from under his cassock a you stir in a spoonful of mine with a Hammer. It it floats the mix is healthy. If the Hammer dissolves you add More soon now the Public safety Man or fire Marshall will Send Down his report. He can t admit that the . Navy has built floors decks to them for years which stand Cannon fire without burning and have sent us blueprints How to make the old Mill fire and smoke proof Over the three Inch Plank with Cement and sheeting. The commissioner knows the a terribly simple materials used in new schools and the old Mill would be the must rugged and handsomest in his whole list. And in the bargain we get free an auditorium sprinkler system vault cafeteria and Kitchen. A huge bomb shelter it is. The architects say they can use much of their first plan. So lets Stop sending in slanted news. Let s Lay off our Board. Fairfax Ayres. Fairport farm Shaftsbury. Blinded Bike riders to the editor of the Banner a must it take a serious Accident before people realize they should dim their headlights at night for bicycles As Well As cars the headlights of an approaching car when on High beam can temporarily Blind a bicyclist As easily As another Driver. I ride at night frequently and know this. Why does no to somebody Start a petition or something to form a Law requiring that cars use Low beam when approaching a Bike i am 13 years of age and would appreciate hearing from others. Peter Stratton. 117 Soule St. Bennington. Radiation Danvers to the editor of the Bonner a in the to Days in which i have been visiting in Bennington i have enjoyed Reading the Banner each Day. I have especially appreciated the reporting of musical events by Lisa Tate and Bradford Smiths columns but above All i have been much impressed with the forthrightness and objectivity of the editorials. They Are a far cry from the canned editorials which find their Way into too Many of the newspapers in Southern Cili for la where i live. I was particularly interested in your editorial a Why All the silence about nuclear fallout a it May be of interest that last january the level of radioactive fallout from Snow in Hiroshima was la times the so called Normal level. And it snowed every Day. This increase was caused by the testing the previous autumn by the .s.r. Russian rather than american simply because of prevailing winds. Our fallout went to other areas this in itself is bad enough but what makes it even More serious is the fact that for those who have already had an overdose of radiation As did All those surviving the a baby bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki any increase in the intake of radiation endangers their already precarious health. As one of the Hiroshima victims has said a even by nuclear testing Many More survivors will get sick. Maybe die. Already we have too much this is information which our scientists know but it is information which i have never heard them use. Consequently i heartily agree with your concluding paragraph a whatever else May be said about the test ban treaty an abatement of fallout would seem to be justification mrs Frances Jenney Ross. 210 Washington ave. Bennington. Prize exhibit to the editor of the Banner a my desk is a mess of photos stories and clippings but the prize exhibit right in the Middle of it is a preliminary scrapbook showing what the Banner has done for the fresh air children of new York duing 1963. Pictures Layouts editorial and what fascinated me a classified and even display ads All keyed to seeking Homes for the children. I must take the time informally to let you know How much this contribution is appreciated by All of us Here. Richard f. Crandell associate director Herald Tribune fresh air fund. 230 West 41st St., new York 36, . Humor simple wants All the average woman wants is a roof Over her head and the right to raise it occasionally. A Danville a commercial Appeal. I

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