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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 18, 1965, Bennington, Vermont More storms scattered thundershowers Early tonight followed by partial Clearing and not quite so warm. Low temperatures will be in the 50s. Thursday generally fair and less humid. Yesterdays High 91. Low 67. This morning at 7, 68 degrees. Precipitation in the last 24 hours .07 inches. The Nebula in Andromeda is visible any dark Clear evening. Look Between cassiopeia and Andromeda. Benning Bennington Vermont wednesday August 18, 1965 Anner founded weekly in 1841, daily in 1903 no. I $841 to cents in los an Furlos police guardsmen Exchange fire w Ith negroes in Muslim mosque los Angeles up a police and National guardsmen today unleashed a barrage of gunfire into a Black Muslim mosque in the heart of a negro neighbourhood where we Klong rioting had been declared ended. Officers opened up with pistols rifles and shotguns after several heavily red negroes were reported to have entered the building and fired on police. Eight negroes suffered head injuries in scuffling with police who charged into the Temple. It was the latest of several violent new incidents in the negro District torn by killing arson and looting since last wednesday night. With a Force of 15,000 guard troops and police in the area gov. Edmund g. Brown tuesday lifted a dusk to Dawn curfew. Violent new incidents followed. They included the attack on the mosque of the militantly anti White Black muslims the critical wounding of a negro who ran from a National guardsman at a Roadblock sniping at patrolling police and a Volley of shots fired at the car of a newsman driving on a freeway near the negro area of Watts. Thirty five persons were taken to police Headquarters for questioning in the Wake of shooting at the Muslim mosque. A makeshift Shotgun was seized. Every window was shot out and a police Sergant said tile two Story Box like building a looked like a Swiss shooting spread briefly to nearby streets. Only last sunday members of the Black Muslim group had been addressed by Marquette Frye whose arrest for Drunken driving sparked the nations worst negro uprising of the Century. He was quoted As Laving told the muslims a these troops do not mean a tiling. They Haven t seen anything Frye was out on id i after pleading guilty to Misdemeanour Drunken driving malicious mischief in today s disturbance a Veteran s social club and a liar Ber shop were riddled. A garage near the mosque was set ablaze by a firebomb and the streets around the Muslim Headquarters were littered with Shell casings from pistols and shotguns. United press International photographer Glenn Wagner said four negroes fired at his automobile As he drove on the Harbor freeway toward the mosque. The mosque was the scene of a fatal shooting incident three years ago. One Man was killed and a dozen others including several Jagt lace were wounded in a sidewalk gunfight Between officers and a band of muslims april 27, 1962. Eleven men were sentenced to prison last March for their part in the incident. Today a violence erupted As the City moved to rehabilitate the lives and property of thousands of negro residents of the 46-Square mile Watts District where 35 persons died More than 800 were injured and damage amounted to nearly $200 see los Angeles Page to col. 7 i i it a it mgt ratio him it kit Legal intervention sought in Rule Burlington up a Barre attorney Donald Milne today filed a petition to intervene in the Vermont reapportionment Case in an Effort to prolong the life of the defunct 1965 legislature. Milne filed his motion in . District court for consideration by the three judge Federal panel in the Vermont Case. The petition was based on a Resolution passed in the closing hours let before the legislature went out of existence. Legal observers in Montpelier called the move the three judges have already tossed out a previous Resolution brought Lief re them seeking to prolong the legislative terms through january 1967. The judges earlier this year ruled the terms of members of the real apportioned legislature must end As of last july i. Milne a petition was carried lie Low the name of House speaker Franklin Billings of Woodstock and it. Gov. John Daley of Rutland. Both of them denied previous knowledge of the move and said their names were used in an official capacity not because they personally seek to overthrow the reapportionment Progress. The House Resolution upon which the petition is based directed the attorney general a office to seek recourse on the length of legislative terms with the . Supreme court. Because the highest tribunal has no official standing in the Vermont Case however Milne decided to bring the motion tie fore the Federal panel. Milne was appointed by the attorney general s office because that office is defending gov. Philip la. Hoff in the suit. Legal observers in Montpelier called the move a an exercise in futility and predicted the petition would tie shrugged off by the three judges. Seldom Marl Leicester England up a Brothers Albert Paterson 63, of list Rumcho Northern Ireland and John Paterson 74, of Leicester met Here monday for the first time in 45 years. Javits Aims a a Mai ii at Shriver Washington up a sen. Jacob k. Javits r-n.y., today pressed his attempt to Force r. Sargent Shriver to remove one of his two hats As head of the peace corps and Field marshal of president Johnson a War on poverty. Javits move was contained in an amendment to the administrations request for authorization to spend $1.65 billion on the poverty Campaign this year. The measure is now before the Senate. The amendment would liar Shriver a brother in Law of the late president John f. Kennedy from holding any other Federal office As Long As he is director of the office of economic Opportunity Leo which administers the poverty program. Earlier this year javits succeeded in getting the Senate to attach a similar amendment to the peace corp Bill. But the amendment was removed when the measure was compromised with the House version. The Senate has been debating the poverty Bill since the beginning of the week. So far it has beaten Back Republican attempts to trim the Bill and to restore absolute veto Power Over poverty projects to state governors. Miss. \ Oles \ Olin Quot Law p i Halides Jackson miss. Up a Mississippi voters overruled the objections of segregationists and the Kun flux klan tuesday and adopted voter registration requirements in line with the new Federal voting rights Bill. The changes in the state Constitution were strongly supported by gov. Paul Johnson and most of the state s top elected officials. Voters in a special referendum ignored charges that the state was being a sold out and approved the new voter Laws by almost a four to one margin. The up count from 1,575 of the states approximate 1,878 precincts showed 120,234 for and 45,277 against. Johnson had warned that presence of Federal registrars in two counties under the newly enacted Federal Law a should be proof positive of what Federal Power can do in Mississippi unless we get our House in Lai a be Viet Cong unit hit in big Marine operation astronauts l. Gordon Cooper right and Charles Conrad walk lift ill l up the ramp at Complex 19 recently at Cape Kennedy during a rehearsal for their 8-Day flight in gemini-5 tomorrow. Despite to fit a slight problem with one of the capsules fuel cells All signs look Good for the flight. Gemini-5 set for ii Day Birl astronauts fit for record try Cape Kennedy up a the Federal space Agency said today that despite the a rare possibility of a Power problem the record seeking Orbital flight of astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles Pete Conrad remained a a go for thursday. Paul Haney Public affairs officer for the Agency a Houston manned spacecraft Center denied a news report quoting him As saying the blast off probably would be delayed beyond the planned 9 a. In. Est to . Edt lift off time thursday. The possibility of trouble was indicated by a computer run in connection with a test in St. Louis mo., of fuel cells of the Type designed to provide Power for Geminl-5�?Ts eight Day voyage through space. But officials at Cape Kennedy said a the problem has not been detected on spacecraft-5. There is no problem out on the launch nevertheless technic i a n s were putting gemini-5�?Ts fuel cell system through a extensive tests to make sure it continues working properly. A failure in mid flight could Cut its time in space in half. Officials said the potential trouble indicated by the St. Louis computer a is a rare the main concern was that some of the cells vital Hydrogen Supply might boil off because a Lack of adequate insulation. Otherwise Cooper and Conrad were a fit ready and raring to go on the Long voyage. They spent the morning today reviewing the status of their 109-foot-Tail space machine. Hero s Welcome planned for seagoing newsman nor Dir ration in Springfield Oscar Bright Center Springfield mass., Core Leader stands on the District court Steps after he was arraigned on a narcotics charge tuesday. He is free on bail and is one of the organizers of a demonstration set for saturday in the racially troubled City. He is shown talking to Springfield Core officials. Up disturbance in Springfield a probability says Volpe Springfield mass. Up a gov. John a. Volpe said today information reaching his office indicated a Large scale disturbance in racially tense Springfield was a a probability rather than a the governor told his weekly on the inside on a steamy August night v Village trustees talk about heating a Page 5. A hot primary contest is shaping up in legislative election District 32 a Page 6. Banner Garden columnist gives tips on planting evergreens a Page la. News conference in Boston that James Bishop his Secretary for inter group affairs spent All Day sunday and part of monday in Springfield studying the racial situation. The governor was asked whether Bishop Felt that a Large scale disturbance was a probability rather than a possibility. A i would say that a a fair statement a Volpe answered. The governor said he had talked with the office of mayor Charles v. Ryan or. And a other interested parties and was a on top of the he said the National guard would be called up Only of he deemed it necessary for the safety of the citizenry. Tuesday night Arthur r. Caney a Springfield mayoral candidate. Asked Volpe to Send National guard troops to this racially troubled City a to prevent another los Caney said he had Learned that several Hundred persons have formed a White vigilante group to oppose negro demonstrations. Volpe said he would not think it would be necessary for him to visit Springfield personally unless something happened. The governor said the Springfield situation was not comparable with the los Angeles uprising and added he hoped the problems in Springfield can be solved at the conference table. Caney said he wired the governor expressing his fear that a interracial violence similar to the rioting which took More see Springfield Page to col. 2 Falmouth England up a Solo Sailor Robert Manry relaxed with his family today in a hotel overlooking the vast Ocean he conquered in his tiny Sailboat tinkerbell. Refreshed by a Long hot Bath and a stiff drink Manry slept late. His wife Virginia and local police shielded him from hundreds of britons anxious to shake hands with the Man who sailed alone across the Atlantic. The 48 year old Cleveland Plain dealer copy editor will be feted at an official Welcome by the City thursday. His Only other plans were to arrange for shipment of the 13v2 foot tinkerbell to the United states rest up after his voyage and return to Cleveland in time for work on aug. 29. City officials and about 20,000 vacationers cheered when he arrived Here tuesday at the end of his 3,200-mile voyage. His first act was to Kneel and kiss the ground. Then he hugged his wife and kissed their children Robin 13, and Douglas la. Tinkerbell let the smallest boat Ever to make the West East Atlantic voyage was taken under Tow at the Harbor Entrance because officials feared it might be swamped by the flotilla of Small boats waiting to Greet Manry. On the waterfront while thousands pressed around Manry to catch his words police took charge of the boat to protect it from souvenir Hunters. Several people grabbed barnacles from the boat s Side and peddled them to the crowd for 35 cents apiece. Manry s voyage began june i in Falmouth mass. Only his family knew of his plans a he did t even Tell colleagues on the newspaper because a i did t want any fuss a i would have been when the Story leaked out his editor termed the voyage a paid assignment and sent Maury a family to England to meet him. Mrs. Manry had some anxious moments when Clouds and fog hid the Cockle Shell Sailboat for several Days during the last week of the voyage. It finally was sighted monday 50 Miles off the coast but it took another 36 hours to reach the Harbor Manry sported a Handlebar moustache he shaved off his Beard for a reunion with his wife at sea two Days ago. He told a press conference about giant Waves which knocked him overboard and hallucinations brought on by Pep pills. The worst pan of his trip he said was a when the rudder broke and i drifted around the Atlantic for a few when they leave thursday they plan to stay in space until at least aug. 27. In Between is a planned 191 hours 53 minutes in which Cooper the Pilot with the Oklahoma drawl and co Pilot Conrad stand a Chance to virtually rewrite the manned spaceflight record books. The gemini-5 astronauts who Shook a a flu like conditions to win their final medical clearances tuesday. Snelling defends i in position Burlington up Shelburne industrialist Richard Snelling whom Many feel lost the lieutenant governorship for backing right to work Laws today vigorously defended the controversial Laws. Snelling wrote a letter to the editor of the Burlington free press a today defending the a right to work Laws. Reporting to a previous letter in the paper Snelling said some Day opponents of the right to work Laws will a understand that Section 14b and a right to work Deal Only with one subject a compulsion versus individual Choice. Those who really wish to concern themselves with civil rights and with the Liberty and dignity of the working Man must eventually come to understand that no Man is free when a a a two other Guys can sign an agreement which decides his sea hears of Cleome a pleasure boat overloaded with a crowd of Well wishers draws alongside Cleveland newsman Robert Manry a 13% foot Sailboat tinkerbell tuesday As he nears the Harbor in Falmouth England after his 3,200-mile Solo trip across the Atlantic. The trip took 78 Days. Up i a. Attack Ter me to a Ery Success fat a Saigon up a a massive Force of . Marines inflicted a a hundreds of casualties on dug in Viet Cong near Chu in today. It appeared to be the biggest american Victory of the War in Viet Nam. Thousands of leathernecks hit the Viet Cong by land sea and air catching a guerrilla Force estimated at More than 1,000 by Surprise in what a spokesman called a a very very successful the operation supported by fighter bombers helicopters and the big guns of the . 7th Fleet was described As the biggest Marine action of the War. The spokesman said it was still continuing. The spokesman said the marines suffered a a Many casualties from what he called the toughest guerrillas they have yet faced. But he said the casualties were Light in View of the size of the operation. The marines reported capturing Large numbers of weapons and supplies in the naval air and ground attack which began this morning and still was continuing late today. The Battle took place at the Village Complex of von Tuong 12 Miles South of the Chu Lai Airstrip. Chu Lai is some 50 Miles South of Danang and about 320 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The Airstrip is one of the main defences for Danang. The spokesman said Surprise and Good intelligence were largely responsible for the Victory. The marines said a a Many battalions of leathernecks took part in the operation along with helicopters Navy ships and air strikes. A Marine battalion runs 1,000 to 1,500 men. The attack came after the Viet Cong made attempts to penetrate the Danang Airfield base perimeter during the night at four widely separate Points. All four attacks were repulsed. The marines killed two guerrillas and suffered no casualties. A . Air Force spokesman reported today that american air Force Navy Marine and vietnamese air Force pilots killed 15,123 communist guerrillas during airstrikes so far this year. He said the figures were based on actual body count by ground troops or Forward air controllers. The marines swept through the area last week with what the spokesman described As a great difficulty and then withdrew. Today the battalion commanded by it. Col. George Scharnberg of Vista calif., went there to stay. The marines used amphibious tractors rubber boats helicopters and armoured vehicles to Seal off the area. Contact was first made with the enemy at 8 17 . The operation was expected to take two Days to Complete. Civilians were warned by helicopter loudspeakers and leaflets to move to a area designated As a a Safe by the marines before the attack. Refugees were screened and will be held at special Camps until the area is secured. When the fighting is finished they will be allowed to return to their Homes. At noon the marines reported the operation proceeding unsuccessful. The latest attempt by the communists to get inside Danang air base occurred tuesday. It was unsuccessful. Second Lii Home Washington up a a finance facts a a monthly newsletter published by the National consumer finance association says a second income has become a typical characteristic of family income Structure. This trend the newsletter says is not confined to families in the top income bracket but is evident throughout the Range of family income. The report indicated that about half of All american families have an extra income from Public and private a non work sources in addition to what they earn on a Job or from self employment. Much of this income a finance facts reports is from savings and investments

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