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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 17, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Clearing Clear and cooler tonight with Low temperatures in the 50s. Mostly sunny thursday and no important temperature changes. Yesterdays High 83 Low 65. Today at 7 ., 65. Total precipitation .04 Inch. Sunset 7 54 . Sunrise 5 59 Bennington Bennington Vermont wednesday August 17, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 20,147 to cents John Spargo Dies founder of museum John Spargo 90, of Monument Avenue old Bennington founder and director emeritus of Bennington museum distinguished historian author and close Friend of three presidents and Many world statesmen died in his sleep this morning at his Home his death Marks the end of an illustrious life. John Spargo was born Jan. 31, 1876 in Stithians Mabe Parish Cornwall England. He was the scion of an ancient Cornish family whose documented lineage he traced to the founding of the Parish in 926 and. There is evidence however that the family had existed in that area from the Middle of the fifth Century. It is therefore one of the oldest families in Britian. Some of his forebears made their Mark in British history and lie burled in Westminster Abbey. His parents separated Early in his childhood and subsequently were divorced. His Mother emigrated to the United states Banks hike rate on key Loans new York up a three to limit credit and thus help big new York Banks a Chase restrain rising prices Fowler Manhattan Irving Trust and said a surely there is a better Morgan guaranty truest a Way to limit credit than by today followed the Lead of simply raising its several other banking inst Ltd the Banks announcing the tons and raised their prime increase usually accompanied interest on business Loans to a the statement with an explain record 6 per cent. Tion that the Rise would Cut the Morgan guaranty and Irving demand for Loans. Trust also raised the rate for physics lab goes into orbit this last photograph of John Spargo last was taken on his 89th birthday at his old Bennington Home. He is and photo mining a piece of Sunderland pottery from his collection. Brokers Loans from 6 to 6v4 per cent. Bank of America in san Francisco the nation s largest was still to be heard from. Although the hike Only directly affects Short term Loans of 90 Days to a year made to prime business customers the move was expected to keep Money tight in All borrowing transactions. The first announcement of a raise by first National City of new York came at 3 45 . Tuesday after the close of the Stock Market. Several other Large Banks across the country quickly made similar announcements. In Washington the Johnson administration made a plea to Cape Kennedy Fla. Up a the United states shot a Pioneer physics lab toward a wide ranging orbit around the Sun today to Chart interplanetary space and the radiation hazards lurking in the path of future astronauts. The 140-Pound Sun satellite was headed away from Earth tossed out Jeffrey Gordon of new York a member of the pro communist China progressive labor movement is removed from the House in american activities committee hearing room tuesday after he began shouting a a let a get out of Viet his ejection touched off outbreaks by others who were also tossed out. Up the time he was 14, he had a full time Job in a foundry. The bitter experiences of those years had much to do with shaping his adult life. Where she married again. She died in 1900. His father also Winston Churchill. Later he As his father and Grandfather remarried and the family moved heard parliamentary speeches by had done before him Young keep the Price of credit at the on a course designed to Send it to Penryn on the a Cornish Rivi such men As Arthur Balfour her Spargo in his teens took up the present level which is already cruising around the Sun every Era Quot near Falmouth and lands Bert Asquith and Joseph Cham family Trade of stonecutter at a record High. 404 Days Between the Orbital end. Berlin father of Neville Cham years of swinging a heavy Sledge Treasury Secretary Henry paths of Earth and Mars. Its the family knew dire poverty Berlin the tragic figure who developed a physical strength in Fowler said he hoped the track someday May be followed in those Days and Young John sought a peace in our time at his and shoulders that was increase in the prime rate did by spacemen flying to the a red As a boy of to found work at Munich. There were Many others astounding in one of his slight not offer the occasion for a times in a nearby tin mine. By but it was Gladstone who planted stature. He Early became a Leader general hike in lending rates. A sleek Delta rocket making the first seed that Day in the Little in the Trade Union movement and Cornish mining town. Years by the time he was 18 he was later or. Spargo memorialized much in demand As a Public the event in a poem which a speaker. He was one of the found geared in a volume a verses ers of the social democratic throughout his life he liked grave and Gay a which he pub federation forerunner of the to recall that in 1886 at listed in 1946. British socialist party. He was Camborne where his father was to attain his ambition a took a close associate of the Liberal then working he sat at the feet a bit of doing for a boy whose leaders of the time among them of the great Liberal prime minis formal education was limited to David Lloyd George and j. Painter William Ewart Gladstone the local elementary schools. But say Macdonald who later became who delivered an eloquent Cam he attended night classes after a prime ministers of Britain. Pain speech seeking the support 12-hour stint in the foundry. Later on his 24thbirthday he married l j of the miners. Young Spargo was he took Extension courses from at Falmouth Wales where he teenagers hurled rocks and Monitor cosmic rays and to spellbound by Gladstone Sora Oxford and Cambridge univer was working at his Trade Pru firecrackers at bands of hymn map magnetic Fields tory and the majesty of the Sites. He read omnivorous land Dence Edwards a Petite Brunette sin amp is negro demonstrators the probe is the second in a phrases that rolled from his listened to every Public speaker 0f Yorkshire extraction who Shar tuesday no amp it in ail White new series of Pioneer space silvered Tongue a like the tones whose lecture he could attend. De Liberal vote. At the time neighbourhood on c h i c a g of a Craft designed to give the of a great the in blessed with a photographic of Marria the his Trade Union Northwest Side. Police fired nation a set of a a eyes whirling try Lincci boy in am am. A a a i a am u my a a my in in la n a amaim/1 Ika Olin f a Laos t o he aft would learn to speak the eng or re a seume is urn lie he stand for parliament. But he although he admitted a need its 40th launch sent the glittering drum shaped spacecraft on its Way at 11 20 Edt. The 92-foot Booster raced skyward leaving a Geyser like column of White smoke in its Wake. Hupac pushes ahead disputed War probe teen agers hurl rocks a t negroes Washington up a the embattled House committee on in american activities pushed ahead with its controversial stemmed from the panels latest anti communist foray an investigation of americans who allegedly have sent Money of a sort in both the courtroom and the hearing room tuesday. Minutes before it met an appeals court panel overruled fourteen hours after launch investigation of americans who blood and equipment to the Viet an order handed Down monday Chicago the $15 million Pioneer was expected to be Radi oing Back its first scientific report. It carries six experiments to measure up a White charged particles in space to Ald the Viet Cong today Cong or have tried to interfere prepared for anything from with the military Effort disorder to court order. The committee maintains it nearly too Capitol policemen is holding the hearings in and . Marshals were stand connection with a Bill which ing by at the big House caucus would make it a Federal crime room in an attempt to insure to engage in such activities any that today shearing was not a time . Forces Are engaged in repeat of tuesdays chaotic armed combat. Session. But most of the witnesses it meantime three blocks Down Bas subpoenaed to appear and boy vowed that he too memory a word or phrase once colleagues were demanding that their guns in the air to disperse around the Sun to keep tabs on Pennsylvania Avenue govern some others a contend that the Jam to speak the enc heard or read became his and he he for parliament rut he the crowd. Its radiation activity and to ment attorneys acting for the committees hearings Are a ush language with the same dig could recall years later where he brushed them off for Ai he said there were no serious measure magnetic forces in Nulty and fluency. First had read or heard it. In later years his youth and Lack injure so at a Eaf �?~2, persons deep space through 1969 other great orators of the under such cultivation glad. Of political know How a would have were arrested by police who Pioneer 6, launched last time helped to Spur Young stones seed flourished and bios. Made me mincemeat for the sex Wade into he jeering White december on a course closer to Spargos ambition. They included some into a career that won Perlen ced hands he would have cry d Ltd a Ulys la its swinging the Sun on the Venus Side of sir George Otto Trevelyan Neph for John Spargo International re been up against among them such the Rev. Jesse Jackson one Earth has radioed Back More new of Thomas Babington a Pute both As orator and As Mas famous men As Asquith and Stan Alea Ders of the open Caulay the historian and him Ter of the English language. His Ley Baldwin. Housing marches protested self a historian of note whom sentences were flawless and the an a a out came Early in 1901, when police arrested two or. Spargo often described As extent of his vocabulary was not Long after his mothers death 7� whose car was plastered a the greatest orator i Ever heard astounding. Even the simplest in new York City when he re swastikas and nazi and master of the most Beauty statement was a Delight to the see Spargo slogans Ful another was sir ear of his listener. Page to col. 4 than 400 million instrument readings and is still operating. Acting for the panel were preparing Legal device to frighten into silence arguments to present to a those who disagree with , special three judge court that police in Viet Nam. They claim was been asked to declare the the committees mandate is committee unconstitutional. Ague and in fact is Union Stith the hearing and the Legal tonal in that it threatens Challenge the most serious the Freedom of speech committee has Ever faced the committee won victories Viet Cong launch attack near vital air base a everybody should enjoy Freedom of expression a he said. The hostile reception occurred in Jefferson Park a White neighbourhood where six separate bands of demonstrators picketed and prayed before lbs says Alliance for Progress has destroyed myth of Castro Washington up a pres Kennedy a death to the verge ident Johnson said today the Alliance for Progress has by general world standards but Saigon up a the Viet motor position Only two blocks Cong attacked the . Tan son from a Bachelor officers Saigon tonight and fired on an quarters on the air base which american nurses Barracks. The communist guerrillas killed one vietnamese and wounded six others when they pumped mortar shells into an army motor Pool at the air base but there was no report of injury to the american nurses whose quarters were sprayed with bullets. Only a a Light material damage was reported. A . Military spokesman said police found one Viet Cong Leddy nominated for Post Washington up a president Johnson has nominated Bernard j. Leddy a Burlington attorney As . District judge for Vermont. Leddy 56, was a member of the Vermont apportionment Board in 1965 and was assistant . Attorney for Vermont from 1940-53. Leddy headed Johnson s election Campaign in Vermont in 1964 and is regarded As a close personal Friend of the president. Since 1961, Leddy has served As a civilian aide to Secretary of the army Cyrus Vance. Gov. Philip h. Hoff endorsed Leddy a Democrat As a a Topnotch candidate for Leddy is married and has two sons and three daughters. The Senate must now approve the nomination. The president also nominated three others tuesday for judgeship in Texas and Illinois. Is Viet Nam Headquarters for the . Army and air Force. The Viet Cong attack came at 9 19 . In a series of thumps and booms that rolled across Saigon alarming the residents. The mortar fire hit the . Army a 1st logistical command motor Pool on suburban Plantation Road. The Road circles the air base Headquarters for the army and air Force in Viet Nam and Premier Nguyen Cao by s vietnamese air Force. Four months ago a major Viet Cong assault on the base killed or wounded More than too americans and vietnamese and damaged 35 aircraft. A . Military spokesman also announced a North Viet names surface to air Sam missile fired at a flight of . Navy skyhawk Jet bombers Over Haiphong tuesday plunged Back to Earth and exploded in a populated area East of the key port. There was no immediate word on How Many civilians May have been killed by the russian built rocket. Hanoi radio made no mention of the Freak mishap. Navy pilots said the Sam guided missile a a flying Telephone pole in the air mensa Lingo zoomed past them and plunged Back to ground East of Haiphong. It exploded on Impact and the . Airmen said fires were seen in the area. A similar incident was reported last month when a wayward Sam landed in a North vietnamese Village. Ground action within the South was reported Light although . Marines killed to communists among a Viet Cong unit which attacked a tank and amphibious tractor command Post South. Real estate offices. It a a t. Hours after scattered Demon destroyed the myth that Fidel the self help plan. Stations in downtown Chicago ,t-., Drew scant attention from of collapse but Johnson has that there is a tendency to seek sought to breathe new life into expensive weapons unrelated to in his speech the president need for thousands of homeward bound office workers. A a in ran Cuba was a the wave of the emphasized the future in the Western heels concentration on phere. Housing education resources. And cautioned the is it Heppl a Arnst using bad a needed to a Money for unnecessary arms. Real Security requirements. A in these americas where by solemn treaty and by improving established practice our govern and food ments Are bound to resolve disputes by peaceful Means a he said a we must find a Way by . District judge Howard f. Corcoran that would have blocked the hearings until the courts decided whether the committee was legally constituted. The committees Small army of Law enforcement officers won the other Victory later in the Day when it finally managed after much tugging and hauling to quiet a noisy band of demonstrators and bring some semblance of order to the session. In the end 17 demonstrators some of them members of the militantly communist progressive labor party were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. But for a time hundreds of others roamed the corridors of the Cannon House office building chanting a Send the War in Viet Nam. Get the troops false alarm Hay Ling Island England up a Harriet Kennedy was 21 sunday and her father gave her a sky rocket Salute. Fishermen in the area called out a major air sea search thinking a vessel was in distress somewhere in the English Channel. Or. Kenny said it was All backward latin american countries help themselves to a share of 20th Century Prosperity Johnson said the Alliance was a peaceful a revolution at speaking at the pan american health organizations new Headquarters Here Johnson said in prepared remarks that the Alliance had shown a deep social change is compatible with peace consistent with democracy and consonant with individual a we have sounded a sure and certain note a that great change can be wrought by reason and not rivals by builders and not bullets a he said. A today the Alliance is a revolution at work a creating he said latin american military budgets Are not Large to avoid the Cost of procuring very embarrassing because he and maintaining unnecessary served in the air sea Rescue military launches during the War. Kennedy and javits Eye Rocky a re election bid Albany . Up a Nelson Rockefeller is making his third try for the new York gubernatorial mansion. But the outcome of november selection could also strongly determine which new York senator Democrat Kennedy or Republican javits has the Best Chance democratic gubernatorial Nom a relative newcomer in the nation tuesday has aroused state is closer to the younger speculation he would Rockefeller to win. Prefer men in the party. Javits who would like a spot Wilding transforming reaching Lor the White House. Forward and touching the lives of hundreds of the president said the organization had shattered a number of myths including the one that progressive changes could not be effected in backward countries. A and it has shattered the myth that communism in this Rockefeller a Fate is being discussed in terms of How it will affect not his own but the presidential aspirations of other new York politicians with National reputations such As sen. Robert Kennedy and sen. Jacob javits. The governor must win to keep his political career alive the theory goes that Kennedy on the 1968 National gop ticket himself wishes to run for has placed his prestige on the governor in 1970 to acquire a line by becoming Rockefeller a Power base for a try at the Campaign manager. It is democratic presidential Nomina expected Rockefeller will suction in 1972. The governorship port javits As new Yorkus is a More powerful office than a favorite Sony at the 1968 a . Senators in terms of convention patronage and ability to com the Republican senator who in and the votes of convention earlier this year entertained delegates. The idea of running for hemisphere is the wave of the and reaffirm in his leadership of future a he said Quot the tragic the Influent Lal new York cop plight of the c uban people has delegation to assure him of shown communism a writ to be St Volce u the 19 it was five years ago today on aug. 17, 1961, that the Alliance came into being. A brainchild of president John f. Strong Republican National a 1968 Convell Rockefeller categorically has ruled himself out As a future still alive although the american edition of the new York Herald Tribune is dead the european edition continues in Paris. Student Christian Duprey Sells copies tuesday at the place de in opera. Kennedy it was launched at presidential candidate. He Punta Del Este Uruguay in a burst of enthusiasm to Spur greater Progress social Justice personal Justice and political Liberty in latin America. The unit it sought to Foster teetered several times after would probably revise his position if drafted by the National convention but chances of such action by the delegates Are extremely Remote. Kennedy who declared his neutrality in the race for the spokesmen heatedly deny the governor himself would suffer senator would want to see a setback in his quest for the Rockefeller beat any Democrat vice presidential nod if the including City Council president Liberal gop Wing with which Frank of Connor who now he is associated loses control appears to have the Gubernator of the executive mansion. Iukeredyl0undiubts would 1want a democratic governor who did not loosen the senators command on the state organization or Block the infusion of a a Kennedy democrats in key posts. This would account for the senator s Lack of enthusiasm for o Connor who like himself is Irish american articulate and a Veteran politician. O Connor has the loyalty of Many old line new York democrats whereas Kennedy on the inside columnist Elizabeth Dwyer asks if 1966 is so different a Page 4. Manchester elementary scheduled for re evaluation a Page 6. 90-year-old drummer ends 72 years in Hoosick Falls band a Page 6

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