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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Aug 16 1963, Page 9

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 16, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Att ii 4 a _ "1_ a Bennington Banner Friday August i women Amateur championship disasters no stranger to , Skopje opens monday at Taconic course Williamstown mass. A the 63rd women a Amateur championship of the United states Golf association will be played aug. 19-24, at the Taconic Golf club at Williams College. The will be at match play draw will be made today after deadline for entries. Play starts monday at 8 30 . With the first round of 18 holes. The championships Are being limited to 128 golfers although the Urga received 148 entries. The decision for selection was made on the basis of handicaps those with handicaps of six were declined. Lots were then drawn among the players with handicaps of five. Miss Joanne Gunderson 24,of Kirtland wash., is the defending Champion. She has won the Crown three times a in 1957 at Sacramento calif., in 1960 remember you get double triple a a so Blue Stamps every wednesday at grand Union Empire no minimum Purchase necessary at Tulsa okla., last year at Rochester . The Only Vermont entry is mrs. Mae Murray Jones of the Burlington country club. Mrs. Jones was runner up in the 1950 women a Amateur championship is the daughter of Jim Murray professional at the North Adams mass., country club. Some of the top players in the tournament will be the Veteran Glenna Collett mrs. Edwin h. Vare jr., of the Philadelphia cd women a Amateur Champion six times Between 1922 1935 miss Roberta Alberts 16 of Tampa fla., youngest player to reach the Semi finals of the women a Amateur which she did when 14 miss Barbara Jeanne Williams Richmond calif., lost to Joanne Gunerson on the 20th Hole in the Quarter final round of the 1962 women a Amateur miss Joanne Goodwin Haverhill mass., runner up in the 1959 women a Amateur miss Jeanie Butler Harlingen Texas 16-year-old runner up in the 1963 Texas women a Public links championship. Saratoga entries 1st�? Trot. My. $l,2b0. Candle Pel clone s. phone. Strato break Ray nibble. Anthony Patch. Or. Gordon. Bernadell. Rolondi princ. 2n< a Pac mile. Ivo. Dailey pick. Linda de Vivian Tenbrooks. Dona Anthony. Knight Yeado tul Lymon. Dicki Volo not yet Jarrettown Cliff. 3rd Trot i$3.hoe, the Baa Shuckrow memorial. Sunny i la Hoot do morn. Hup Palt Ria Demon. Mona Hill velvet Demon 4th�?puce, mile $900. Lusty Law. Rem mias chef sue. Susie Mae. Deena Blue. Queen miss Elvis doras Joy Cinderella boy Hodge direct. 5 he Trot. No $1,400. Roeba Victoria Genie Oak Julian s Way general Sampson. Gay Evelyn after hours Swarthy Hanover High hat. 6th�?pate, mile $500 rebel land. Morton Vav shed Dale i tone. Mel bum Belle scottish Bareca. Pena a Are lad Audey Hanover Bev Hile 7th Pace rn1 a 9o0. Adios Agnel Yankee s a. Imperil Cathy Rob harm Charmette or Wahoo. Gold bar poor Johnnie. 4th�?Pace mile. S s a 0. Bountiful Bonny Fen. Mabel Haven. Henry born May doll Vera Connelly sky Eden. Lato acas Glacier. 9th�?pac mile $700. Ear v Hanover Adios Tim o b will. Rom Mckloy. Bonny easter Tim Sharon , Topaz Tornado. Hill View Nash. Venus Scott Washington special a devastated by an earthquake. The macedonian capital of Skopje in Southern Yugoslavia has lived with disaster throughout its Long history. Earthquakes have levelled Skopje before. It has known too the havoc of fire pestilence the pillage of invading armies the explosive Impact of modern bombs. Each time a new City has risen from the dust ashes of the old at its Crossroads site in the Balkans. Since world warn when Macedonia became a Republic within the yugoslav federation san Ole had experienced an other explosive form of change a modernization an abrupt population increase. The present City of 200,000 numbered Only 92,000 inhabitants in 1948. Modern buildings had been encroaching so rapidly on ancient parts of the City that one writer prophesied in 1960 a old Skopje is Well Worth seeing but you should see it soon in to years time it May no longer the prediction was fulfilled with unforeseen suddenness in the Early morning of july 26, 1963, when the earthquake struck. About 80 per cent of the City was destroyed. Its inhabitants Saratoga raceway results a Trot Mill 1500. Golden Hanover Van Deusen 4.00 3.00 2.ao space Ray Larouech 3.00 2.70 Nana Hilla is route 7.40 time 2 10 3-5. Alen started Shady Date flutter Kola Pence or. Pm Iii burning Blaze. Cla Haven duper. 2nd�?pave. Mile. 500. My bail lady Huff 11.00 s.90 4.00 Burt Patch Hourihan 4.40 3.60 Shady Al later Bromley 4.70 time 2 12 4-5. Also started Sandy e. Volo 8cotty Chance lady True lab Way mighty Judy. Dally doable 2-6 Bald $41.26. 3rd�?Trot, mile. $600. Runt Irmede Cathy Bonafed 8.00 3.40 2.so Chestnut song tangle Al i.40 2.70 Olympus current 3.30 time 2 15. Also started Missouri Chuck. Runnymede Colin Shady Al Comet Frisky Jimmy Davel Dean. 4th�?pac, mile Alta Mcdonald memorial. 13,000 div. Bar boy Mattucci 73.00 23.10 11.90 Scot Haven bomber Lamb 3.30 6 20 flying Demon Kalll 7.00 time 2 13. Aleo started. Brittany j. L. Trail. Roy abbe. Yankee Lowland. Topaz Viking. 5th�?Pace, mile $900. Seaway Sam Elmier 7.40 4.00 so grand Lime Bell 1.20 4.50 Cindy Berry Lamb 3.30 Tim 2 13 4-5. Allo started h a. Direct adorable Wick Runnymede june Meadow Mac Runnymede sparty 6th�?pact. Milt. Alta Mcdonald memorial. $3,000 . Chandala Bryan Lamb Iso 4.70 2 90 Broncho Sam Benedict 7.00 3.50 Maynard a Huff 2 40 time 2 11 1-5. Also started Phyllie c. Scott. Express pick bomber Pat witty Wick Battle git Guy Demon. 7th�?Pace, mile the b Nal brith $900. Belvedere pick Arthurs 5.10 3.10 2.70 the Bon Bogardus 3 30 3.00 of pshaw banners 5.00 time 2 14. Also started Runnymede Meg. Indian Beach. Fax in to Pace Melody Gold. Scratched doctor dream. 8th�?pac, Mil. $500. Honest injun Huff 7 50 4.oo 3.30 Dusty dream Larouech 6.70 5.10 Tony Genoa Heeney 3.10 time 2 19 3-5. Also started Clever Belle lady Pace. Jarrettown Leo. The Fox Pewee Potter. 9th�?Pace, Mil. $500. Black Diamond w. Childe 5.50 v.40 70 lib Genesee Mattucci 5.60 4 80 Suhomen Pavo Dawkins 8 90 time 2 20 1-5 also started Edith e abbs red Bear Hal Roe Croft Vicki pen Burn charming Chic. Att. 4,134. Handle $184,549. Were forced to leave arid bulldozers soon began to raze the Little that remained standing. A new City is planned perhaps on a different site nearby. a strategic position on the route of caravans later on major railway lines governed much of its history. Originally called Scupi or Skull Skopje was the capital of Dardana a province of ancient Illyria. Conquered by Rome it was the Birthplace of the emperor Justinian who restored the City after the earthquake of . 518. Serbs captured the City under Stephen Nemanja in 1189, under the emperor Stephan Dusan in 1346, under King Peter in 1912. During the interim Skopje was ruled by bulgarians in the 13th 14th centuries by turks from 1389 until 1912. The turks who renamed the City Skub built mosques whose Graceful minarets dominated the Skyline from then on. The 1963 earthquake destroyed some 30 mosques that still remained in Skopje a sold Quarter on the left Bank of the River Vardar. In the 17th Century Skopje a a population was periodically decimated by wars plagues fires. After the last serbian occupation ended in 1912, a new Western City began to grow alongside the old Oriental town. Skopje became a major Point on the Simpson Orient express railway line to Greece attracted the unwanted attention of world War ii bombers. Occupied by nazi aligned bulgarians in 1941, Skopje a a fall assured the Axis Victory in the Balkans. The postwar reconstruction of Yugoslavia brought about establishment of the macedonian state recognition of its people As a separate nation within the yugoslav federation. This fulfilment of a dream Long held by macedonian nationalists sparked a feverish burst of building activity. Sourdiffe nursing Home with special tic full skilled 24 hour nursing for diabetics aged retired convalescent suburban Bennington Tel 442-6070 Hinsdale raceway entries a Cement a Concrete a Brick a mortar Why not Start your building with Quality materials h. Greenberg amp son 321 main St dial 2-6324 or 2-6325 Bennington Young defending Cham Pion miss Joanne Gunderson 24, of Kirtland wash., will open the defense of her women a Amature Golf championship monday at the Taconic Golf club Williamstown mass. She has won the title three times the first time when she was 18-years-old firefly boating championships Saratoga Springs . A the Saratoga Lake sailing club has been selected to Host the North american firefly championships the weekend of aug. 24-25. The club is located at Kay Deross Park on Saratoga Lake is reached from the Union Avenue interchange. Arrangements have been made with Skidmore College to House the Skippers their Crews. A cocktail party dinner dance will be held at the Casino in Congress Park saturday evening aug. 24. Anyone interested in attending these events should Contact a club member. First Trot clo 0. I mite $500. Lady Carol Gallant Yankee tuition Mabton Gal Luil sob miss red Dean recoup w. E Row Croft Alto in term Everett Scott our son belie second Pace. Clos d. I mile. 500 Bambi mop Leprott Julio Rose Abbot miss Payre a Root Els Prince duo Gold formal escort Nellie Breeze Chandler Hanover also entered senator Brook tops Lybrook. Third Trot Clos d. I mile 500. Ace Mon Burgess Hanover Bob mite Shaitan David a Success Gordon no key winged Volo also entered. Or. Scotch. Fourth Poco class d. I mile 500 Roy Reward no 13 Knob Ben Star Oneco s Teresa Volo Tossy s waybill r w pick Crumpton Len also entered Somers girl fifth Trot class c 3. I mile 600. Hot feet Billy borderline Lolo r Bailies c h f per Schord Niro s Princess Prince gallon also entered country style. Sixth Pace class c-3, i mile 600. Grey Volley b e hoi Milt a Esquire Star Royal Philip Lassie Ben Turlington Jimmy Bro Nigon roman sword also entered Dorp Silverheels seventh Pace class c-3, i mile 600. Dirty Don Dudley Hope Chocko Yotte David Cost reword also entered pistol Pete eighth Trot invitational t 1000 Post positions associations. Horvey s boy first try Moldo Calumet a Hazet Plash dares Homestretch dude Esquire sea Bee score a ninth poet Clos a i mile 500. Jet son Mordka scotch Brook c Blue Waters Goy Beau Galt Way Vivian Cindy s Shadow Abbot Deli Lees Woy c also entered Coman hero boy state Andy widower Spencer Diamond t lord toss mile tropical treat time Dairy Queen next to a amp w Root Beer Hinsdale raceway results spa thoroughbred result double to Stamps wed. Super Poper nothing a so relaxing As Money in the Bank. That a especially True if your savings Are earning daily dividends in the Vermont Bank Trust co. I to neut meow Mimmi Iween Iii no 1090 a in Tum bpm Ctm mums Ellis Muti a. Rio Carat sir Vici first 3900 Maidens. 3 veer Olds $ no Adlies amp mores. 6 furlongs Royal Terry Cazal $.16 3.46 2.96 sparkling Siren compost is 26 $.46 Deer fail Simeon tee time 1.12 2-5 also ran Highland Toncer. Picnic time. Tutogi. Coque Blue Sweet fool. Sun tanned turn the Page. Jon Constable second 3600. Claiming. 2 year Olds a Hies s 2 furlongs a Honorl lass Ruone 14.46 s.36 4 66 a seventy lever rot 3.16 2.66 lev quest Hernandez 4.46 time i 06 4 5. Also ran gee judge get a lot. B Sugizo. Silver suit. Beauty maid Timber twister b bras lean Bright Lassie we Mcmillan Mcleod entry. Daily double hot paid 56.40 third 3200 claiming. 3 year Olds a Hies. 7 furlongs Froirak Ussery 16.66 s m 4 to Esquina Boland. Ii m .76 a sultans twist Ward s to time i 25 3-5 also Ron bound to please a bobs match ancient urge an go i fish. Young countess sea porpoise or Mihe Tor n feathers. A Gerrity Freemon entry fourth 3900. Maidens 2 year Olds 6 furlongs Prince Omen Cazo 7.46 j.19 4.6 Rich wine Boland. 7.66 Soo lots hurry Wood ouse s.29 time 1.12 3-5 also Ron Bartow. Need spar. Save the Day Hooky go the squatter fifth 12 500. Promise hurdle Handicap. 3 Vear a ids. In Miles who i Rule unc Hosen in in 2.19 make Smith Wick. 2.76 2.26 task Force Jackson 2.m time 2.5. Also ran of Mimer Street Prince Beehive a John Canoe a Cut zen ship a Hogan win word entry. Sixth $4000. Allowances 2 year Olds fillies s j furlongs Crown Silver a Miaow 13.16 s.26 1.76 Beld Queen Wood ouse $.56 4.66 appreciate Ussery. In time i 05 3 5. Aijo Ron Rise ten. Hap a summer. Sove up. Face the facts. Little red Bell seventh 7500. American legion Handicap 3 year Olds amp up. In Miles on turf. The axe 2nd Boeza Ouick pitch Gilligan David Ussery. Time i 47 4-5 also ran Al Seraglio. Cedar key. Eighth 5000. Allowances. 3 year Olds by. 6 furlongs big end Boland. Coal Prince Combest due de Thor Ussery time in 25 also ran bounding o or. Sun struck. Lucks turn Watton communique. Point of Honor ninth 3500, claiming 3 veer Olds a tie i mile do North Bend Ussery 5.66 76 4.46 �?�5 Tat offence later rename. 7 66 in 4.m Chrystal Quartz Boland s-36 time 1.34 4-5 also embarrassed. Col a nys Pat dam Doren. Brasilia rein reneged. Gazpacho. Ebete. Dhu dead heat Tor first. 3.m 2.s6 s.66 1.66 2.46 Royal record. 7.m 4.46 a 7� 4 60 4.m first Trot class done m to 500. Success pert Bishop. 14.00 8 40 4.80 miss Quinton Scott Gilman. 3.40 2.60 Shapo sadist Bliss. 3.oo i�?2 10 3. Also Alamana Walshim s Jim Jean Harvey double f. H., but Ter no i a Auric. Second Pace class done mile $5u0 Killarney Rosan Harp 41.00 20 00 la 40 Sylvan Dell Padgett ? to 5 8c William s sister Bloke i8 60 t�?2.17 3. Also Century note coast chief C. Tiger Georgic Volo Rocker c. Daily double s-4 paid $244 40 third Trot cond new one mile 500. Able pick Gilman 7.00 5 40 3 00 Alro nor Toby Burgess 27.40 5 00 Loraine Soto Dewolf or 320 t�?2 15 2. Also Runnymede Jerry hoi Orion Joe Colby. Welcome Sheila fourth Pace clog 1000one mile 500. Bardwell Gilman. 5.60 3 00 2 40 rebel land Peter Sheehy. 30 2 60 Shower Bolt Watson 2.40 t�?2 la. Also b1 Wick single s Pixie i a to Mahoney Lula Chiel la Baboon boy. Fifth Pace cond new one mile Quot to Handy r ., Nason lady Dogan. I mite Kolibab t 210j also inca i King Cole Cousin sixth Pace class 600. Midwest Queen Gilmon Gad Way Pat Damon miss Biu Hood Nason t 2.1o 3 also Tel s Clona Heather Adram r Pace Doss c 3 60 2 80 2 80 5 of 3 m 6 of Lusky s go Toko Peg. C 2, one mile 13 00 6 so 3 60 5 of 2 so 2 by tip James Sroi t one the in Oyal majesty Matison 1 40 4 60 3 40 Vul o it Kuchen 1 20 3 cum blackguard Pike 2 86 i 2 j if 0 one Byrd Kady Royal s Frisco scottish Zephyr Eich tip Pace Ore mile 700. Bets Dawn Burgess. 7.20 4.00 Jim Lynch Szimeszku. 1160 princely Duvet Padgett a .0 Vivian k., for 3 46 s 20 3 m a sky c counsel time. 2 07.4 John Furman hoi or Hackie hoi. Ninth pare class d one a e. 500. Verna Duke Mattoon 14.40 5 so 4 46 shed Dale direct Collins 6 to 4 46 Licorie Kolibab. 3 4 tune 2 i0 1. Also Zeida a Sheridan song Jolly Jane Lou Ann Cedar Cie Jim. Attendance�?2121. Handle�?33,378. Spa thoroughbred entries f ret Here $3.oop. Claiming. 3->ar-md end up Maiden fillies marts. 7 Furlong Leger jewel a harem Sitz by isl to Dies kid Annie Giro prowl no More 11 a Ivy a or. It Scallop 112 maid a Fly Al pillar of Gall 112 its us 114 112 116 fifth race�?3.bcv Wuagon m in. Phut. 3-Vear-old up Maiden trend inv it follow thru 117 Rort Johnson 122 a Parkway Friendly Yankee Blat people 117 Gay Jive lord Balmoral a come 117 spend Peni Alto eligible Tio 117 117 112 117 second rec 3.son for Olds 6 Furlong. Ming a account a altered Mao Bratha r Nae a 117 a supreme 117 chief it lit cd Mon out tonight drive to the raceway on the modern Northway coming from the South leave Northway at Saratoga route 9 exit. From the North leave Northway at Union ave., route 9p exit. Saratoga raceway daily double closes 8 00 . Post time 8 15 . Harbison h�?zc1e Hui Kelly Jann yet out rid plea Hurt Cruie 104 ale Gayl la. J. Kurt 117 civic Crown to air lash 112 Contro Point 111 111 111 117 to a mrs. R by Nanuet f. Who Aker entry. Farm in try. Third 300, or Mil Hur Dee. 3->ear-old� up. Claiming so iss a Peppy boy 134 Young Stamford sunny Midei 144 13n wild Dale 13 go mph 132 first mortgage of Platter 138 13s Jat 135 a a. Nicholas mrs t. A. Randolph entry fourth race�?83 200. I Furlong. 2 Star old Filiti Maidens claiming. Swinging Gal lower level Anilo miss reason spirit my orbit Hok a Ololla p. Ii Mia limbo 111 119 woo Cape 115 115 coming 116 ii Candy Stripe 119 119 Cindy a Rula 119 110 super Craft la. 115 Tilp Home 119 also eligible auf Weid Crehen Spring reunion 119 ill Harl Princess 119 Stocky 119 menorah lady Tiff no 8u# 119 113 a Verna Lea farm Dana stable entry. B r. A Urgil a. Mccluskey enin1 a a a Ewing my to River Stab. Entry. Siston race�?34.000. 6 furling. I year Olds up. Allowance. Bal Musette la. Rare 115 Tom dream 115 Widy 115 doctor Hank k Sld Luck 115 la. Bright package dinner jacket 119 115 exclusive franc 11$ Nashua 121 seventh race $10.non, All Marce 3-year-Olda up fillies Marti. The Galway Trad Star in King a Story a Windy my 122 Rudomaha i try Karachi 109 Mah moola 122 Chara Piv log race $4 200. 7 Furlong Chut. 3-year-Oldt up. Claiming. Shillelagh tin Adam Henry 114 on Union in haunt 117 Clever hand 122 count now Tork a Tudor Sovereign 119 116 Gyro 117 a a Maca Weeti entry. Ninth race-$3,700. Claiming. 3-year-Olda up i mile no problem Lucern lion Chinchilla to Nasol to Tara Dunstan to 111 urn a blend 115 118 merry will 115 115 Orion 115 -3 x�?5 xx�?7, xxx to the. Mac. 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