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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Bennington, Vermont Fair and warm fair and warm today with High temperatures 75 to 80. Fair and Cool tonight with lows in the 50s. Sunny and warmer tuesday. Yesterdays High 75 Low 56. Today at 8 ., 60. Total precipitation .01 inches. Sunset 7 59 . Sunrise 5 56 Benning Bennington Vermont monday August 14, 1967 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903 no. 20.559 to cents lbs opens drive for tax hike attacks continue near chinese Border Washington up a the Johnson administration opened its drive in Congress today for a to per cent tax increase arguing that it was necessary because of the costly Vietnam War which shows a no Clear Prospect of any Early president Johnson sent his three top fiscal experts to Capitol Hill to testify at the opening of hearings by the House ways 4 Means committee on the tax hike. Treasury Secretary Henry a Fowler told the lawmakers the increase was vital As a measure of a fiscal responsibility in meeting the War costs. Despite the arguments of Fowler budget director Charles l. Schultze and chairman w. Gardner Ackley of the presidential economic Council the administration faced an Uphill struggle in its quest for the tax hike just 15 months away from the presidential and congressional elections. Fowler testified a we Are engaged in a costly conflict in Southeast Asia with no Clear Prospect of any Early he referred repeatedly in a 53-Page statement to the fact that the United states is engaged in a shooting War. A in a wartime context a Fowler said a a fiscal responsibility must include the courage and willingness to raise the Celebration was successfully re Shaftsbury fire dept., Best Best Luiu Ord us commonly that is As necessary As Juven ated this past weekend with a Pearing auxiliary. Drum corps the guns planes and material a bag full of activities climaxing Bennington county Young need of our forces in Southeast with a Parade watched by More republicans Best Battle Day than 5,000 people sunday after float for the administration s part noon. A Pownal Center fire dept., Fowler promised that the hundreds of children swarmed beat fire prevention float president and government Agen Over memorial Park on saturday _ mass fables Des would a restrain Cut and a kids Day a As the Bennington Best sentor band it it it when Gen. John Stark Rode off to Stop a band of British he probably never suspected the w Lav it to Battle that followed would be remembered in such a big Way 190 years later. But it was. I o. I saturday and sunday when the Bennington Battle Day Celebration brought bands and fire will to Ink men jnt0 town for a weekend of parading and fun. More pictures on Page 5. Buckler a successful Celebration by John Sullivan a Williamsburg mass fire a Majestic knights Best sen dept., department coming the for drum corps Bennington s annual Battle Day longest distance from out of state _ Spe Glaires drum corps were Leonard Morse and Russell Carpenter of Bennington and Saigon up a american bombers attacked vital North vietnamese Railroad targets less than to Miles from the communist chinese Border today for the second Day in a Row an american spokesman said. The air War escalation with the personal approval of president Johnson was aimed at cutting the major flow of War materials from red China. Never before had . Fighter bombers hit closer than 30 Miles South of the Border. On sunday the bombers hit the giant Railroad and Highway Bridge at Lang son collapsing it like a grotesque a Bito the by Cung River. Today the raiders returned and hit another Railroad Bridge just three fifths of a mile away crumpling the Southern Span of the 360-foot, four Span Bridge. The spokesman said that on sunday other warplanes caught hundreds of boxcars loaded with War materials clustered in the area and destroyed or damaged 143 of them the highest number chalked up during any Day this year. The strikes were part of a list of targets that official sources in Washington said president Johnson approved last tuesday. Edward Keough of North Ben is was the Day before adj . Grant Sharp commander of . Forces in the Pacific control the administration Hopes to raise $6.3 billion in the current fiscal year by imposing the to per cent surcharge on personal and corporate incomes. The committee s chairman ing both Days was excellent. Rep. Wilbur d. Mills d-ark., the top award for fire depart the most influential tax writer ments in the Parade went to in Congress reflected the mood Shaftsbury unit judged the of the lawmakers when he Best appearing with equipment. Fire department and Myca staff _ Val m supervised dozens of contests band. From pie eating to greased pole climbing. With a Sun occasionally screened by High Clouds weather Dur Junior a Hoosick Falls fire dept., oldest piece of equipment Parade judges were chiefs Carmi Duso of Enosburg Falls Francis Shorkey of Cornwall Ralph Johnson of Bristol Walter Reed of Dorset and Alfred White of White River Junction. Judges of the musical groups Kington. Francis d. Mike Walter for. C. Mer Bennington fire department testified before the Senate chief was chairman of the judg preparedness subcommittee. Ing committee. Sharp also is understood to be awards for firemen a compe exerting pressure on the pen tuition went to Readsboro a j�?1 t0 of m 7�n6 Ter Polo Bennington Rural centrifugal pumping Lanesboro Harbor. This was successfully done during the japanese mass., rotary gear pumping and occupation during world War ii. No american planes Lanesboro Midnight alarm. Termed the measure a about the toughest proposition that he Johnson has had to face. In the Field of led by a car carrying past chiefs of the Bennington fire department and it. Gov. John Daley who walked the distance Mao foes seize arms bound for North Vietnam even if Congress were to buy the Parade halted at Putnam Hong Kong up a foes of beat up its skipper and a in a Mao s Way of giving his the Bill Mills said it was Square for a Salute to deceased chinese communist party Lead rare peking Bac Down in the followers a badly needed Victory firemen. Or Mao tse Tung have seized Sleno soviet struggle for world in his Power struggle. It was other awards to Parade units two shipload of arms bound for communism s leadership set it the first provincial a Victory unlikely it would be voted into effect by oct. I As the president asked. On the eve of the hearings Fowler stoutly declared he was confident that Congress would accept the Levy when a fully confronted Jynith the alternatives a we will do our dead level see tax hike continued on Page 12, col. 8 went to North Vietnam Hong Kong a Brattleboro fire dept., Best newspapers said today appearing they also quoted travellers a Adams mass alerts Best from communist China As appearing out of state saying the More than seven a Bennington Rural fire million residents of Shanghai dept., most men in line of March the nation s largest City Are a Essex Junction fire dept., Vermont department coming the longest distance free following a protest by since february. There still Premier Alexei n. Kosygin. Remain 18 provinces without the travellers reported seeing such a pro Mao regime the Hill of corpses at Canton s one Veteran China watcher main railway station after a said a most of Mao s opponents four hour Battle Between anti probably will recognize the Mao railway workers and Ballyhoo about Shanghai for embroiled in a whirlwind of fanatic red guard supporters of what it apparently is an Slaughter and chaos. The travellers witnesses to communist China s Power struggle also reported that fighting sunday Between Mao a foes and backers in Canton left a pile of dead a was Large As a the aging peking Leader. Almost desperate attempt by the dead were counted in the the maoists to have a Victory hundreds the travellers said. They Are not Likely to give up the arrivals reported the the struggle. They have too violence As Mao s massive much to propaganda machine broadcast that All was Well with his forces in his a cultural revolution were reported to have been shot Down during the two Days of raids closer than Ever before to the chinese Border. American pilots previously had been forbidden from flying within 30 Miles of the chinese Border to prevent them from acc Dently violating red chinese air space. There had been several previous incidents however including one in which an american Pilot chased an opposing fighter plane into China and shot it Down. Migs frequently flee toward chinese Sanctuary rather than tangle with american pilots. Presumably american pilots May now be allowed to Chase them in a hot Pursuit closer to the chinese Border. Pilots reported seeing migs in the air during the two Days of raids near Lang son but no dogfights were reported. American military officials feel that red China will not enter the War unless chinese Borders Are actually violated. The righting newspaper tin purge of foes in the party tin said persons coming from Canton reported rampaging anti Mao mobs attacked and seized the two arms freighters at Khampoa the City s deep water port. The anti Mao forces carried away a a huge amounts of arms and ammunition that had been destined for North Vietnam s port of Haiphong. In Moscow the soviets reported their freighter Svirsk limping toward Home from the red chinese port of Dairen where red guards ransacked proclamation the vessel battled the Crew government and red chinese army. Peking radio the voice of Mao said a pro Mao government has been set up in Western Shanghai province the fifth province claimed by Mao s forces to have had such an Organ set up. A great Victory a said peking radio a great Victory a said peking s newspapers. Observers of communist Chi grizzlies kill two in National Park acting like a candidate Romney to tour Europe Mackinac Island Mich. Up a Michigan gov. George w. Romney looking More and More like a presidential catch to polls is going downhill Date plans a three week tour of Europe next month which May include stops in Russia. Romney made the announcement sunday after a Tennis match with Rhode Island gov. John Chafee that concluded Romney s weekend of relaxation at his summer mansion. Romney met with Chafee new York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller and former Pennsylvania gov. William Scranton. A a reportedly to discuss his pres As Romney Lias the Glacier National Park up a the grizzly normally belies his ferocious scientific name Ursus hornbills the horrible Bear. But two of the usually pacifist. M a a Al. Grizzlies turned killer saturday a 1 a night. They savagely chewed of the Shanghai and clawed to death two 19 Power Organ appeared to be Yearld girls and mauled a teen aged boy. Authorities today hoped to question four distraught witnesses and the youth to determine what happened in the two widely separated incidents the first killings by bears in the 57-year history of the Park the spotlight of International the victims were two sum news at a time when president Mer employees on weekend Johnson s popularity according outings 35 Miles apart. Julie Helgeson of Albert Lea minn., cml of o too i and Michelle Koons of san lamp for Rannel on nl8�?T dle amp a it calif., were killed. Date for the Republican pres Park Siroff a intend Ltd it Keith ident Lal nomination in 1968, Dino. Ooh to to a Nielson immediately ordered All Romney seems to do incr rain _ it. _ a <i1abi tourists out of the areas and the Tempo of his Long hard sen armed dark rangers in look at seeking the nomination armed Pant rangers in at Seekonk a nomination. With 0j.ders to shoot Rockefeller Scranton and suspected killer bears. Chafee told reporters after the Roy Ducat 18, of Perrysburg gathering that they were a a devoted to securing the nomination for Romney. Mina Tion for Romney. I w a j Rockefeller even went so far 1/0 talc insect a Berlin memorial West berlins mayor Heinrich Albertz at right stands during ceremonies sunday marking the 6th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall. Albertz placed wreaths in memory of refugees killed during attempts to escape East Berlin. Up ident Lal chances. The european swing expected to include Romney s first visit to Russia and possibly stops in the Middle East is being tailored to bolster rom nomination sewed up by Sug. Gesting that the Choice of the running mate was a up to the Long planned tour scheduled to Start sept. 9, was Ney s foreign policy credentials reportedly discussed along with a an area of some political civil disorders like the worst weakness. Race riot in modern . History observers said the trip would in Detroit some three weeks also allow Romney to bask in ago. An editorial on the Bennington Battle Day Celebration urges a let s make it a Page 4. Area films concerts and plays reviewed a pages 7, to. It. Snow Golf championship goes to area linesmen a Page 8. Although there Are no known chinese military units As such operating in North Vietnam the chinese have sent More than 50,000 men to help maintain the Railroad and to operate antiaircraft guns which help protect it. The twin Bridges at Lang son were prime targets. Across them poured thousands of tons of War supplies for the Hanoi regime. Knocking them out coupled with bombing out a Span of the Doumer Bridge across the red River at Hanoi has effectively Cut for the time at least a major part of the War materials needed by North Vietnam to carry on the War in the South. In South Vietnam american soldiers today battled communist forces in the deep Jungle valleys of Northern Quang tin province. In two engagements 35 communists and two americans were reported killed. Another 19 i s were wounded spokesmen said. Mounting w a costs seen hurting lbs election chances Burlington up a As the Cost of the War in Vietnam goes up sen. George Aiken says president Johnson Schance for a 1968 presidential win goes Down. The Vermont Republican said sunday he did not know if the president was a a moved by mounting criticism Over his War policies a but if the president s popularity decreases at the same rate it is now next year hell not be moved but in a television interview Wax to a you can quote Methe senator called president Johnson s request for a to per cent surtax on incomes a political a to raise enough Revenue to do what the president wants would take a 20 percent increase in the income tax a Aiken said. Aiken a member of the Senate foreign relations committee said he thought the administration overestimated this year s $30 billion deficit. A i feel the deficit will be nearer $25 billion and this would put the Johnson administration in a Good position to go before the Public in 1968. His move at this time is pure political gimmickry and its not the first by this he said Johnson could show the nation his administration was right in seeking a surtax to reduce the deficit and curb inflation. Johnson is in a quandary Over what the next step in Vietnam would be Aiken said. A the knows As do we that the u. S. Can t get out. Johnson is stuck and does t know which Way to go. A Vietnam was an american obligation rather than a commitment. At the same time Johnson sends troops to other areas of the Globe then conjures up a commitment Over an idea a Aiken said. There had been very few congressionally approved commitments in recent years Aiken said. Ohio a companion of miss Helgeson was clawed and bitten by the Bear that killed her. His doctor said the youth May be Able to disclose today details of the tragedy. Miss Koons and four friends went on an overnight trip. They had just bedded Down in sleeping bags when the killer Bear came sniffing into their Camp. Four of the campers Ray t. Noseck his brother Ronald Paul Dunn and Denise e. Huckle All employed in summer jobs at the Park jumped from their sleeping bags and climbed Trees. The Koons girl could t get out of her sleeping bag. Her friends told authorities Michelle seemed to a be trapped. A. The Zipper locked like it the Bear dragged her out of the area and partially devoured her. The witnesses were so upset they were Given sedation and put to bed without being questioned further. Dave Cutler Deputy Flathead county Coroner who examined the victims said the Helgeson girl died a from loss of blood and puncture wounds around her Chest. She was covered with claw Marks and bites Many of them Cutter said the Koons girl was a partially devoured. She had Large gaping wounds Over All of her Ducat suffered both claw and bite wounds. He was taken from the area by helicopter after he ran for help. Gas line explodes los Angeles firemen Battle a Blaze Early sunday after a Gas line exploded at an Oil Well drilling site. Eight were injured in the fire that raged out of control for nearly two hours in the Southern part of the City. Congolese mob sacks belgian embassy Brussels up a a congolese mob sacked the belgian embassy in Kinshasa the Congo today and burned furniture and files on the sidewalk before president Joseph Mobutu personally stepped in and stopped the rioting reliable sources said. Mobutu accompanied by foreign minister Justin bom Boko drove to the embassy in an automobile while members of his revolutionary party were sacking and burning its contents. The president immediately appealed to them to Stop the demonstration and return to work. Members of the mob were composed mainly of members of Mobutu a popular revolutionary movement party. An american living next door to the belgian embassy was reported to have been seized and beaten by the mob according to informed sources in Washington belgian Deputy foreign minister Rena at Van Elslander called an urgent meeting with the congolese charge do affaires in Brussels to Lodge a Strong protest the mob shouted slogans making it Clear the attack on the embassy was in reprisal for the capture of the town of Bukavu by White mercenaries last week. Many of the mercenaries Are belgian. The British and French embassies also feared an attack since some of their nationals Are with the Bukavu mercenary group but the belgian foreign office said it had no knowledge of other attacks

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