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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 10, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Clearing partial Clearing and cooler with Low temperatures in the Low and mid 60s. Partly Cloudy thursday with no important temperature changes. Yesterday s High 89 Low 67. Today at 7 ., 68. Total precipitation .09 inches. Sunset 8 05 . Sunrise 5 51 Bennington Bennington Banner wednesday Augustio 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily i903, no. 20,141 to cents criticism answered Hogan explains details of listing procedures major break in air strike Bennington taxpayers tuesday night were provided with a rundown of the a whys and where-fores1 of the new property appraisals for the 1966 grand list carried out by listers. There was no Public meeting however at which the informs Tion was broadcast but instead a formal presentation by the chairman of the listers Francis j. Hogan to town selectmen with his comments clearly intended to be for distribution by local news Media. The session with Hogan was scheduled by selectmen in response to the outcry which has been heard in recent weeks from a number of property owners Over the new appraisals. Various of these property owners have charged that listers have done a poor Job on the across the Board reappraisal that they Are not qualified for the work that in Many cases they did not inspect particular properties before setting a valuation and that they had provided taxpayers with no indication of the criteria or standards used in developing the new valuations. A number of the aggrieved property owners have been seeking Legi channels by which they can Challenge the whole grand list and not merely their own particular assessment Appeal procedures for which Are Gei it e rally known. At a meeting last week a Legal remedy known As a a town agents appeals was revealed and Steps Are now being taken to set such an Appeal in motion. Under this property owners whose property assessments amount to i percent of the grand list May file an Appeal with the town agent atty. Norton Barber in Bennington Scase to seek adjustments in the list. The agent May then petition the state tax commissioner who in turn would appoint a special appeals Board to review the listers assessments. Or. Richard Sleeman of 325 examiner opens Globe Lunion hearing testimony followed some Legal Maneu vers As a hearing opened this morning on charges of unfair labor practices brought against the Bennington Plant of Globe Union inc. By the United Auto workers la of or Cio whose local 1371 is the collective bargaining agent for production maintenance and certain other employees at the local Plant. The hearing was called by the National labor relations Board no by j on its complaint against the company issued As a result of charges brought by the Union. Presiding at the session is Norb trial examiner Samuel Ross. The company and Union opened negotiations on a first contract in january but after a number of bargaining sessions a stalemate was reached and no further bargaining sessions have been held for More than a month and none Are scheduled at the present time. The Norb complaint alleges that the company committed unfair labor practices by refusing to include in an agree ment provisions relating to group insurance pensions or an incentive plan and in three cases by granting unilaterally wage increases to employees in the bargaining unit without prior notification to the Union. The complaint this morning was amended by atty. Robert c. Rosemere general counsel for the Norb to reflect one of the wage increases which it alleges was unfairly made. This was an increase made to a a employees in the bargaining unit a the number was unspecified on or about aug. I. The other two wage increase complaints referred to increases made to single employees in one Case a in or about the first week of february and in the other a in or about the third week of in his opening statement Rose Mere claimed that the company a had introduced an element of futility by its refusal to include in a contract provisions relating to the pension and insurance plans and to the incentive wage program. Counsel for the company atty. Herbert Wiedemann in rebuttal claimed that the matter of the incentive plan was still an a a issues not yet resolved in the be see hearing Page 12, col. 3 school St., a chief spokesman for a group of property owners which have protested the new appraisals told the Banner tuesday night that he and others Are in the process of obtaining signatures on a petition seeking a town agents Appeal. A a we re about Halfway through now a he said a and in a fairly sure we will get enough. We be been doing very Little exerting to get the names that we in his review of the procedures used by listers in their read it Paisal Hogan made a major reference to the valuation schedules based on local construction costs that had been developed by the professional appraisal firm of Cole layer and Trumble which had carried out the Complete Bennington reappraisal in 1951-52. These Cost schedules were based on the costs of construction for 194 m1, according to Hogan but Over the years these clearly have become outdated. He noted first that an Effort was made to obtain from the company current schedules but he said these were not available. Listers he said then worked with a local mathematics teacher in coming up with a Factor of 250 per cent which could be applied to the existing schedules to update them to More accurately reflect current building costs. The problem in the grand list is that Many properties which had not changed hands had continued to carry an assessment based on the old schedules while other properties which had been sold carried new and larger appraisals reflecting the fair Market value As determined by the Price see Hogan explains Page 12, col. 7 countdown advances another attempt is being made today at Cape Kennedy to launch this picture taking satellite shown Here in an artist s concept after it was stalled tuesday on the firing pad by Atlas Booster rocket trouble. Weather however remains a threat As the heavy Rains High winds and lightning of predicted Thunder storms could cause another delay. Up Johnson seeks substitute for wage Price guidelines Washington up a president Johnson is shopping for a better anti inflation tool than his battered wage Price guidelines. But in the meantime the voluntary restraints will have to do. In an Impromptu news conference tuesday Johnson knocked Down press interpret eat ions based on comments by two Cabinet secretaries that the administration was scrapping its guideline a air Force Ace shot Down in Quot Black sunday Quot raid Saigon up a the . Air Force Ace who led the first american air strike against Hanoi s Oil depots has been shot Down and lost Over North Viet Nam reliable sources said wednesday. Maj. James h. Kasler 40, of Indianapolis ind., was at the controls of one of seven planes lost on Quot Black sunday a last weekend s record Day of air losses Over North Viet Nam. Kasler who volunteered for service in Korea went Down in a fi05 thunderchief Jet fighter bomber North of Hanoi. Search and Rescue operations were called off tuesday the sources said. Kasler who had flown More than 75 missions against North Viet Nam made his War debut As a super fortress Tail gunner against Japan in world War ii. He shot Down six planes in the korean War and in Viet Nam became known As one of the Best american pilots. Kalse let thunderchief flights against the communist North in the months when the antiaircraft fire As not so heavy or accurate. He still led them As the North vietnamese struck hard by the i 05s, rapidly increased their antiaircraft fire. Kasler spoke Little of the flak. To him the bombing was the payoff and that was his concern. On june 29, he led the Thunder chiefs against the communist Oil depot three and a half Miles Northeast of Hanoi. Nowhere to go proach to controlling wages and prices. A i would say the governments position is that we Are going to constantly reassess and re evaluate and try to find an effective anti inflation formula. But until we do we Are going to urge upon labor and management to be As restrained As they possibly can be in this in a cryptic warning to those who would disregard the guidelines Johnson added a Elf it gets to the Point where they Are not restrained and it appears that other measures Are essential of course we will recommend he did not elaborate but it was Likely he had in mind a warning he issued last week. He indicated then that the Federal government would go on a buying strike against industries which raised their prices in violation of the guidelines. The guidelines Are intended to hold Down prices while permitting the worker to Benefit from gains in the amount of goods he produces. The guidelines Are intended to hold Down prices while permitting the worker. To Benefit from gains in the amount of goods he produces. The average annual increase in the amount of goods produced by an american worker is 3.2 per cent a year. The guidelines therefore set 3.2 per cent a year As the biggest non inflationary wage increase permissible to the worker. The guidelines for business say no Price increases Are allowable except in extraordinary cases. Washington up a five struck airlines and the machinists Union agreed today to submit their 34-Day-old dispute to binding arbitration a subject to permission by Union members. . Roy Stemmer president of the International association of machinists Iamsaad he would recommend to the 35,400 striking members a at the very first possible moment that they ratify voluntary submission of the dispute to arbitration. He indicated this would take about three Days. The Union chief emphasized that the strikers would a have to be sold on the ideas a that they might defeat it if it a hits them a we would definitely Tell our membership this is much better than legislation from the Congress a Siemiller told the House Commerce committee which is studying legislation to halt the strike. William j. Curtin chief negotiator for the airlines said the carriers would a of course go along with submission of the thorny issues to arbitration. The walkout against Eastern National Northwest trans world and United airlines has grounded about 60 per cent of the nation s air traffic. The dramatic break in the Long stalemate came when chairman Harley o. Staggers, proposed the arbitration plan at the outset of the fifth Day of hearings by his group on a Senate passed Bill to legislate an end to the strike. Staggers said the committee would continue to consider the Senate legislation while arbitration arrangements Are made. Staggers said the arbitration would be carried out under present provisions of the railway labor act under which All avenues to Avert the strike were exhausted earlier. Under the procedure staggers said the two sides would resolve whatever issues they could then the remaining unresolved issues would be submitted to final and binding arbitration. The committee was told that a five hour round of talks tuesday Between the two sides produced nothing. The strike of machinists has grounded easter National Northwest trans world and United airlines since july 8, cutting off 60 per cent of the nations airline service. Congress moved reluctantly to Stop the strike after a tentative agreement worked out under White House auspices july 29 was rejected by the strikers two Days later by almost a 3-to-1 margin. The Senate finally passed a modified Bill that would split responsibility for ending the strike Between Congress and the president. Reds touch off retaliatory raid by . Planes on Viet Village Saigon up a communist guerrillas fired on a . Air Force spotter plane in the Mekong Delta tuesday night deliberately touching off an american retaliatory air raid that killed 15 civilians and wounded 182, . Spokesmen reported today. A . Embassy spokesman said two platoons of Viet Cong were in Chau Nhiem a Hamlet 135 Miles Southwest of Saigon propagandizing the villagers when the spotter plane flew Over. The embassy said the guerrillas ignored frantic pleas of the terrified vietnamese and opened fire. The embassy spokesman said the villagers attempted to flee their Homes but were prevented from doing so by the armed guerrillas. The spotter plane meanwhile marked the Hamlet with smoke flares and two f100 super Sabre jets bombed and strafed it in one of the worst such incidents of the War. The embassy said there had been several similar incidents in recent months by communists hopeful of pm battering the villagers against the americans. This time the spokesman said the villagers Are a extremely bitter against everyone a the Viet Cong the americans and the vietnamese the Hamlet is near the larger Village of Truong than. The account of the incident supplied by . Military spokesmen agreed with that of the embassy which pieced together the facts after sending in Relief teams. But the military was teaser saying the planes struck exactly on a target that had been approved through All proper channels including the vietnamese province chief. When the tragedy struck american province Aid representatives and . And vietnamese military officials went to organize evacuation of the casualties. By canal boat and Road the streams of wounded and dying moved eight Miles from Chau Nheim to can Tho City. They were taken to the . Aid Hospital where american and vietnamese doctors worked Side by Side All night to treat the wounded a including three communist guerrillas caught up in the attack. The attack occurred at dusk tuesday but it was 14 hours later before news of the tragedy was revealed. Tourists set new records St. Albans up a campers Are visiting Vermont in record numbers this year according to the chairman of the state Board of forests and Parks. Roland Keenan told a meeting of rotarians Here tuesday that some 30,000 campers were in Vermont when a Check was made two weeks ago. Keenan said that figure showed a jump of 30 per cent Over last year. Keenan said he expected the figure to continue to Rise in the coming years because of the Large amounts of Money Vermont is spending on recreational facilities. Legislators contend Deer hearings violate intent of legislature take an elderly South vietnamese woman and her granddaughter take shelter in the tall grass near Chu Lai As . Marines conduct shelter a search and destroy operation in Quang tin province this week. Nothing to do new York a a Sharp in crease in births has been reported by several Large hospitals Here in the last 36 hours nine months after the 1965 blackout. Sociologist Paul Siegel who is directing a National opinion research Council study of the Impact of the blackout on 1,300 persons when asked to comment on the increase said a the lights went out and people were left to interact with each the blackout started at 5 27 . On nov. 9, and plunged the entire City into darkness along with parts of eight states and one Canadian province. In areas where lights were restored in two or three hours the birth rate was reported Normal tuesday. Sociologists and obstetricians were reluctant to attribute the birth increase to the blackout but some said however that the disruption in routine caused by the Power failure and the absence of television might have contributed to the phenomenon. The administrator of a municipal Hospital where births had increased recalled newspaper articles that had said the electrification of Rural villages in India had markedly reduced the birth rate. By John Sullivan Arlington a three state representatives attending the meeting on Antler less Deer Hunting tuesday wondered openly if the entire series of eight Public hearings was being run the Way the legislature intended. Did the 150 Hunters and Farmers gather at Arlington to ask questions and make suggestions about the details of a special Deer Hunt set for a week in december or were they meeting to determine whether in their area there would be a Hunt at All the representatives a Kena Lene j. Collins of Readsboro David j. Allen of Bennington and Marjorie Doyle of Arlington a said they understood the Bill they helped pass Early in the year left quite a bit of the yes on the inside columnist Elizabeth Dwyer comments on the Joys of summer a Page 4. A Sandgate photographer looks in on old Home Day a Page 6. Williamstown wins rave review a Page 6. And no of a Hunt up to the consensus of Public hearings. But fish and game department commissioner Edward f. Kehoe opened last night s hearing with the statement that the meeting was not being held to determine whether there should or should not be an Antler less Deer Hunt. He said the Hunt s regulations had be6n studied and approved by the legislature and fish and game Board and turned Over to the fish and game department for administration. As Kehoe described his position after the meeting a it s like we re the general in an army and the president tells us we be just declared War go out and fight. We go out and do the rep. Allen who helped draw up the Bill on Deer study and Doe Hunting said his committee made it a Point to include provision for Public hearings. Section 4132 concerning the study of Deer herds does state that when overpopulation of Deer in any area of the state is reported the fish and game Board shall conduct Public hearings As provided in earlier sections 4086 and 4087. No mention of Public hearings is made in the Section permitting an Antler less Deer Hunt. The earlier sections on Public hearings were established in 1965. One says that the fish and game Board May be petitioned to investigate conditions affecting fish and game and hold hearings on them. The other sets Down rules for Readsboro a rep. Kenalene j. Collins a Readsboro District 32, said this morning that of she is re elected and the Antler less season is held in december she will introduce a Bill to repeal the Law that gives the fish and game department authority to thin the Deer Herd in Vermont her decision came As a result of tuesday nights meeting in Arlington where about 150 landowners gathered. A though my plan might not pass the re apportioned legislature i would expect that out of it might come the amendments for proper administration of the program a she said. These amendments would set up an administrative criterion and Force a review she added. A in any Case it would Force a review of the departments announcing the hearing. Though the department said the meeting was not to be a discussion of whether there should or see legislators Page 12, col. 2 handling of the Deer Herd a she continued. Rep. Collins said the Public hearings had been set up so the Board and department might hear suggestions and ideas from residents of the areas designated for thinning the Herd and that was the legislative intent. She and rep. Marjorie Doyle a Arlington and rep. David Allen a Bennington voiced complaints that this legislative intent had not been carried out at the hearing tuesday night. Allen was a member of the House committee which Drew up the Bill. People in the Central part of Bennington and Windham counties have expressed themselves to the effect that there is no need of thinning the Deer Herd but so far they have not come Forth with a Way out rep. Coif Lins said. Rep. Collins proposes department restrictions

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