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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 5, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Al Bennington Banner thursday Aurist 5, 1965new a blood analyser does 12 tests at once medicare 6 rams White River jct a a new device called a body chemistry Analyse re now in Dally use at the new a Hospital in Cleveland can perform twelve different chemical tests in a single operation using Only one Small Sample of blood serum. The analyser developed by or. Leonard t. Skeggs vans chief biochemist at Cleveland was do scribed by him at the recent Centennial symposium of University hospitals held in Cleveland. Or. Skeggs analyser automatically charts on a single medical record measurements of a patients a serum Calcium Carbon dioxide Content Chloride albumin alkaline phosphatase total protein bilirubin glucose sodium potassium glut mice Oral acetic trans Inase and urea nitrogen. Because Man s diseases Are often reflected in abnormal body chemistry improved Means Are needed for measuring a Large number of chemical factors in order to distinguish Normal from abnormal function and to identify disease. About two dozen chemical determinations Are presently use by Joseph d. Hutny an Washington up a the Federal governments new medicare welfare legislation will pump More Money into state programs now caring for needy persons who Are elderly Blind Ful in the recognition of disease according to or. Skeggs and he predicted that a 50-test chemical Auto analyser could eventually be devised to Aid physicians in recognizing Early stages of diseases. Editor s note this is the sixth in series of dispatches on the new medicare social Security legislation. It reports on the changes in welfare programs including a broadened program of medical care for people below age 65. Disabled or have dependent children. The emphasis will be on improving medical care but there will be other benefits too. The Federal Ald does not be come available automatically. To receive it states must consolidate their welfare programs in these areas pay More benefits improve services and make them available to More people. The new medical insurance program for persons Over 65 included in the legislation is bound to lighten the welfare Load of the states. Congress Hopes the states will take the Money saved and flow it into you must be pleased or your Money Back that a our policy so shop a amp a and. Get guaranteed values for a Hange Ilfe other welfare services. About 7.5 million persons would Benefit from this plan. Included Are about 250,000 needy persons Over 65 who Are receiving medical assistance under a Federal state program enacted five years ago. This is the so called Kerr Mills plan devised by the late sen. Robert s. Kerr d-okla., and rep. Wilbur d. Mills dark. Forty states now have such programs. The new Law would encourage states to keep their Kerr i Lim in in in in in in in in 150 extra plaid Stamps ii broiler ii with this Coupon and your is of or Mori Purchase of Good through saturday aug 7, ims limit on Coupon pm customer. Not Good for tobacco products and i i # Quot a in in in items prohibited by Law. 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To receive this new spurt of Federal Money the states would have to Combine All of these medical assistance programs into one administrative package. They also would have to provide certain minimum services. This Means comparable eligibility rules on income financial resources and residence for All persons in the program. It also Means adhering to a single Standard for medical care benefits. Congress Felt this would remove some inequities in the present Hodgepodge of medical Ald plans which operate independently. To receive the extra Federal Money a state must begin this consolidation by Jan. I 1966. If the merger is not completed by Jan. I 1970, the state loses All Federal Ald for these programs. The new program also would modify the present medical assistance plans under Kerr Mills. These Are now basically programs to help the medically indigent. If a state elected to incorporate its welfare programs to get the extra Federal Money its Kerr Mills plan would have to be brought into the package. And it would have to be broadened to assist indigent persons of All Ages who Are disabled or Blind and All needy families with dependent children. The aim is to bring in those who Are not poor enough to receive Public assistance but who done to have enough Money to pay their medical Bills. Not Only would the states be required to bring in More persons into their Kerr Mills programs but More services would have to be available. The previous Law released Federal funds to All Kerr mall plans which provided some kind of institutional and non list Ltd tonal care. The new legislation is More specific. Those states who want to retain the Kerr Mills concept in their welfare system must provide five minimum services a inpatient Hospital care outpatient Hospital care nursing Home service physician care and a Ray and lab service. These same services also would have to be available in the other medical care programs which were included in the merger required by the legislation. Any state which did not meet this Standard by july i 1957, would lose its Federal Ald for the Kerr Mills portion of its welfare program. The Public assistance program is a Complex one designed to help Many different types of persons in need. Congress this year studied it from end to end and did some matchup work where it Felt the program was weak. All of these charges were written into the new welfare legislation. In addition to the ones already discussed Here Are a few of the others contributions the new Law authorized a no strings attached increase in Federal Ald for needy elderly Blind disabled and dependent children programs. This amounted to an average $2.50 for each adult and $1.25 for each child. Most of the lawmakers hoped the states would add the Money to the recipients regular living allowance. However it could be used for training new social workers bringing in More beneficiaries or for administrative improvements. Childrens earnings a child would be allowed to earn up to $50 a month without having the Money deducted from the family a Public assistance Grant. The maximum allowance for each family would be $150 a month. This was intended to give a break to those needy families whose children May have part time jobs. Mental illness and tuberculosis beginning in 1966, Federal funds would be available to help pay Public assistance Grants for needy persons in mental institutions and tuberculosis hospitals. Previously this group Many of them Long term patients were considered a state responsibility. Exemption a social Security recipients soon will be receiving a a Aback pay Bend flt Check reflecting a 7 per cent increase in payments going Back to Jan. I. The new legislation states that this Lump sum payment shall not be considered income in calculating a persons eligibility for a Public assistance Grant. Also the states would have the option of excluding another $5 per month of each recipients income this would exempt his approximately monthly increase in benefits in the future. Parachutist St. Louis up a mrs. John Cuthbert 21-year-old housewife finds time As a parachutist. She a had a dozen jumps from planes. A i never want to have the feeling when i grow old that i missed something a she says. Mrs. Cuthbert has other hobbles such As painting and sewing. She also volunteers As a Relief House Parent at evangelical children s Home. Her husband is an Engineer on the gemini project at Mcdonnell aircraft corp Malraux in Olina reasons questioned by Joseph w. Grigg Paris up a the junket through communist China by French culture minister Andre Malraux is producing a lot of diplomatic fall out. Diplomats have been asking was he or Wasny the sent on a Viet Nam peace Mission for president Charles de Gaulle the 63 year old Malraux a former communist turned ardent gaullist and now one of the French presidents most trusted confident has been Given red carpet treatment by chinese communist authorities. He has Hobnob bed with top officials in peking. He has been making a pilgrimage to shrines of the communist revolution in Remote areas of the country. Inevitably the impression has gotten around that his Mission is a top drawer one and that it can Only concern the Viet Nam conflict in which it is known de Gaulle sees himself ultimately in the role of mediator. First official French explanations were less than convincing. It was said Malraux was on a private cruise for his health that his ship broke Down at Hong Kong and that he took the Opportunity to do some private touring in the footsteps of Marco Polo in the Interior of China. Later French officials conceded there was More to it than this diplomatic cover up Story. Basically it seems de Gaulle has been deeply disappointed by the results so far of his attempts to cultivate the chinese communists. It was in january of last year that the French Leader Leader Shook his allies by recognizing the peking regime. A Little Over a year ago the two countries exchanged ambassadors. But that a about As far As it has gone. There have been visits by Trade and cultural missions in the Normal pattern of relations Between the West and communist countries and the French Are preparing to hold a Trade exhibition in peking. But there is no warmth in the relationship. Frances ambassador to peking Lucien Paye rarely gets to see top chinese leaders and when he does see them they Tell him Little he does not know from Reading the official communist press. It seems almost certain that the main purpose of Malraux strip is to see whether some real warmth cannot be injected into the relationship Between the two countries. Malraux was a former communist who helped the chinese communists in the Early Days of their struggle for Power 40 years ago and who knows Many of the present Day leaders personally seemed an Ideal Choice for such a Mission. It is doubtful he was instructed to do any specific negotiating on Viet Nam. But it obviously could not have failed to come up in is talks in peking. Few negroes brings probe at Annapolis Washington up a Prest Dent Johnson has ordered defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara to determine Why so few negroes attend the u. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis my. The president tuesday asked Mcnamara and Navy Secretary Paul h. Nitze to make an immediate Check after Roy Wilkins executive Secretary of Tho National association for the advancement of coloured people n a a c complained to Johnson that there were Only nine negroes among 4,000 Academy midshipmen. The president met with Wilkins in the first of a series of discussions with civil rights leaders leading up to a White House conference on implementing civil rights Laws. %

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