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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 2, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Tearing scattered showers ending late tonight followed by partial Clearing. Low tonight upper 50s or Low 60s. Tuesday partly Cloudy with Little temperature change. Yesterdays High 79, Low 64, today at 7 . 66. Total precipitation .02 Inch. Sunset 8 18, Sunrise 5 40. The planet Mars will be seen near the Moon tonight. Benning Bennington Vermont monday August 2, 1965 Anner founded weekly in 1841, daily in 190.3 no. 19,827 to cents b52s Bomi Viet Cong base on North Viet Nam Border he a 3.jrwl one dead one be a Bennington Man Arthur s. Muchmore jr., 24, of 302 Elm St. Was fatally injured Early saturday morning when this car which he was driving crashed into a tree on the Bennington College Road. A passenger was injured. Buckler Bennington an is killed As car slams into free in Brattleboro i Leo Bay state teen agers die a Bennington Man died and a Connecticut Man was seriously injured after the car in which they were Riding went of. The Bennington College Road Early saturday morning and crashed top first into a Large Elm tree. The Accident victim and the Driver of the car according to state police was Arthurs. Much More jr., 24, of 302 Elm St. The cause of death according to the police report was a broken neck. The passenger Pascale f. Pasquale 25, of new Haven conn., was reported to be still in serious condition at Putnam memorial Hospital this morning. He suffered multiple cuts and a possible concussion. Police said the car travelling from North Bennington toward Vermont 67a, went into a Broad Side skid while rounding a left curve rolled Over onto its left Side hit an embankment and flew roof first into the tree. The Accident scene was the Junction of College Road and Harlan Road. The Bennington Rescue squad used the Winch on its Rescue truck to pry the wreckage Loose from the tree and with the help of a wrecking truck from Al Wells garage in Shaftsbury Bent the twisted roof and doors so that the two men could be removed. They were both taken to the Hospital in the Rescue squad vehicles. The car a 1963 Corvair was totally demolished police said. Muchmore was the seventh traffic fatality in Bennington county this year. His death raised the 1965 Highway toll in the state to 89. Dis armers spurn nuclear guarantee i Geneva up a neither Russia nor the Western Powers is willing to Grant non nuclear nations guarantees of Protection against atomic attack or Black Hoff May make Viet Nam visit Montpelier up a gov. Philip la. Roff told a news conference today he expects to be one of to governors to visit Japan and Viet Nam this fall. Hoff said he expects to be chosen to visit Japan for Trade purposes a biennial trip sponsored by the state department. Viet Nam probably will be included in the itinerary this year he said to lend a moral support and encouragement Quot to american soldiers serving in Southeast Asia. In other matters Hoff said the drought in Addison and Rutland counties has reached a a critical Quot Point. He said at a news conference that some 126 farms Are facing a dangerous drought situation and that 44 of these already have reached a critical level. Hoff said that Farmers in those counties Are Selling their cattle at double the rate they were a year ago and that the Hay crop is Down by one third. This has led to a shortage of milk production in Vermont he said. A we will do everything on the state level to help Quot Hoff said adding that he has requested the farm and Home administration to Send teams into the afflicted counties to determine whether Federal Aid can be made available to drought stricken farms and to advise the Farmers of How they can get Federal help. Hoff said he also has requested the state Secretary of agriculture to make an investigation of the Farmers needs and to report their findings to him. Some additional three to five Miles of piping will be needed to bring extra water up from Lake Champlain Hoff said in order to help some of the farms without water. Some $35,000 will be expended on this project $23,000 of which will be rebated by the Federal government when the project is finished. Hoff said he also has applied to the Federal government for permission to up milk prices 44 cents per hundredweight to help bolster Vermont slagging Dairy Industry. Hoff said that reforms Are essential if Vermont wishes to retain its integrity. Hoff said that a the cold hard facts Are that As state governments have become less Able to handle their own problems the Federal government has had to step into the vacuum. A if i Ever heard a Clarion Call for Reform in state and local government i heard it at the governors conference in Minneapolis last week he said. Mall informed sources Sid today. The sources at the 17-nation Geneva disarmament conference said the question of guarantees added to existing complications on the Issue of halting the spread of nuclear weapons. The greatest immediate Roadblock to any treaty on nonproliferation is the russian demand that the West scrap All plans for a Multi lateral nuclear Force Milf under nato. The russians insist Milf must be dropped before talks on halting the spread of nuclear arms can even begin. Canada has i e d the nonnuclear nations in proposing the big nuclear Powers give them safeguards against atomic attack or blackmail if they pledge not to acquire nuclear weapons. The United states and Britain Are sympathetic to the request. But they Are reluctant to Grant it because of the grave political and military considerations involved. Brattleboro up a two Massachusetts teen agers were killed in a pre Dawn Highway crash today during a police Chase through downtown streets. State police identified the dead As Harold f. Rock 17, of Erving and Everett p. Bellon 19, of Orange. According to police Rock was driving the car when a Brattleboro police Cruiser spotted it and gave Chase. No official reason was Given for the Chase. Police fired several shots in the air. The Chase at times reached speeds up to 70 Miles per hour. The Small compact Sedan careened off the Road crashing into a tree stump. Rock was thrown through the Windshield. Bellon was thrown from the car and smashed against the tree stump. Police said that the car spun on Impact ricocheting into the police Cruiser. Damage to the Cruiser was estimated at $100. Saigon up a thirty american b52 Jet bombers roared close to the North vietnamese Border today and rained 500 tons of explosives on a known Haven for Viet Cong guerrillas guarding the vital to Chi Minh Trail. As the strategic air commands Guam based bombers carried out their seventh and northernmost strike of the War dozens of other . Air Force and Navy planes attacked Bridges barges and army Barracks in North Viet Nam. All previous strikes by the b52 bombers have been targets in the dense South vietnamese Jungles surrounding Saigon. The planes today attacked the communist do a Headquarters just South of the 17th parallel the dividing line Between the two countries. The largest raid reported Over North Viet Nam today was staged by 14 . Navy a4 sky Hawks supported by five f8 crusaders against the v i n h army Barracks 140 Miles South of Hanoi. A . Military spokesman said More than 75 sorties were flown against the communist North. Twelve buildings were reported damaged in the raid on the Vinh Barracks. The spokesman said the planes All from the aircraft Carrier Midway dropped More than 38 tons of bombs on the area. He said pilots encountered no anti aircraft fire and All returned safely. In other action a widespread search for communist guerrillas by thousands of american infantrymen and paratroopers South of Saigon ended today As elements of the . Forces began returning to their Headquarters at Bien Hoa. The five Day sweep netted Only two Viet Cong killed and two captured. The guerrillas faded into the Jungle avoiding any major Contact. A spokesman said artillery fire was a placed Quot on a Viet Cong platoon observed sunday but there were no reports of casualties. The spokesman said numerous trenches clothing and a Large Cache of Rice were found in one Viet Cong Village taken by the airborne troops. In Saigon american military commanders said they expect communist Viet Cong guerrillas to launch a major offensive before the next big wave of american reinforcements arrives in South Viet Nam. The private predictions by senior officials followed weekend air raids in which . Planes struck deeper than Ever before into North Viet Nam. At the same time communist Viet Cong guerrillas launched 24 attacks on government outposts around the Saigon area during the three Day period ending today a military spokesman announced. The attacks close to the capital were seen As a prelude to a new Viet Cong Monsoon offensive which the military commanders predicted would be unleashed within the next two weeks. Military sources said the communists were lying Low and Licking their wounds after Accord on Volt tax dears i rating Bill Washington up a a quiet Retreat by civil rights leaders has cleared the Way for final congressional approval probably wednesday of president Johnson a historic negro voting rights Bill. A turnabout on state poll tax repeal broke what could have been a Long and damaging deadlock last week in a House Senate conference committee which drafted Compromise legislation. The House is expected to approve the measure tuesday the Senate soon after. The House responding to the demands of civil rights organizations and Many of its own members had approved a measure that would have outlawed poll taxes still used in state and local elections in Alabama Mississippi Texas and Virginia. The Senate hardening to atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzen Baches Appeal to steer Clear of constitutional problems wrote in a court Challenge of such levies. Both houses attached their differing provisions to the administrations main proposal to strike Down without previous court approval literacy tests and other anti voting devices and provide for Federal officials to Register negroes to vote in seven Southern states. This part of the Bill is by All standards the strongest voting rights legislation Congress has approved since the Post civil War reconstruction. Even during the period last Spring when pressure was strongest to pass such Legisla Tion some House democrats conceded privately that the poll tax repeal Issue was a Case of the Tail wagging the dog. But a Parade of civil rights spokesmen from the a acpt Sroy Wilkins to cores James Farmer testified that the Bill would not be adequate without elimination of poll taxes. Losing More than 7,500 killed and captured since their first big offensive of the Monsoon season began in mid May. American officers believed the communists would move shortly in order to destroy As Many South vietnamese army units As possible before an additional 50,000 american troops arrive As promised by president Johnson last week. The new troops will boost u. S. Armed strength in South Viet Nam to 125,000 men. Viet Cong rebels have launched battalion sized attacks involving 500 or More men Only twice in the past three weeks. Before that they were attacking in hordes of up to 2,000 men. The u. S. Commanders said the communists Are now regrouping retraining and preparing for another major offensive. Observers believed the communist attacks sunday against a Cluster of government positions were designed to cover a major Viet Cong troop movement. Hanoi bid could halt bombing Ball Hoff likens Viet Nam War to Early Vermont struggle gov. Philip h. Hoff saturday compared american involvement in the War in Viet Nam to Early Vermont history As he warned that american participation in the War could go on for Many years. The governor spoke late saturday afternoon on the Viet Nam crisis at a special session of of statement on War policy Brines Ley of foul from lbs Johnson City Tex. Up a president Johnson has sent a Blunt warning to tile Republican leadership in Congress not to base criticism of his Viet Nam policy on non partisan secret councils at the White House. The chief executive in an otherwise amiable mood after Church sunday threw one of his sharpest political shafts at an unidentified Republican Leader for having violated the Confidence of a White House War meeting in an a untrue and perhaps malicious Quot manner. There was immediate speculation that Johnson had in mind House gop Leader Gerald r. Ford but Ford pleaded innocent in a statement issued in Washington. He said the presidents comments were a unfortunate Quot and probably resulted from a mistake. The political pot was certain to simmer even More while the president extended his weekend in his Texas ranch through today. Johnson was expected to Fly Back to Washington tonight. There were these other new developments at the Texas White House a Johnson announced his selection of an old Texas Friend of some 30 years Robert Wood Akers to be Deputy director of the u. S. Information Agency. Wood 59, retired a year and a half ago As editor of the Beaumont Tex Enterprise and journal and has since been travelling in Europe and the Middle East. A the president ordered the defense department to take extra Steps to eliminate any waste of military manpower in View of increasing troop commitments in Viet Nam. This meant cutting off any non essential use of troops in Light of demands for additional strength in South Viet Nam. A United nations ambassador Arthur j. Goldberg completed his weekend talks with Johnson and flew Back to new Rork. While their overnight visit at the lbs ranch was largely social Goldberg had an Opportunity to run Over with the president some of the More pressing matters building up in the International peace organization and directly related to the u. S. Position in Viet Nam. After Church sunday Johnson invited newsmen to visit the ranch briefly to meet the new Usia Deputy and ask a few questions of they so desired. A there is a Story in some of the papers that you were dissuaded from taking a stronger line in Viet Nam because of something that sen. Mike Mansfield Senate democratic Leader said Quot a reporter said. A can you comment about that Quot this was a reference to a column by Robert Novak and Rowland Evans or. Dealing with a meeting Johnson held last tuesday night with congressional leaders of both parties concerning the buildup in .-Viet Nam forces. The column told How Mansfield read to the meeting a three Page statement opposing much of the presidents program in Viet Nam but promising to uphold him publicly. The article said the Mansfield position partially explained Why Johnson put off calling up reserves for the present. A that Quot Johnson said of the Story a was the result of a Man who broke my Confidence and not Only broke it but distorted it. I read sen. Mansfield a statement very carefully following a backgrounder held by one of the prominent members of another party. A and i found nothing to jus see Johnson Page 12, col. 7 the american legion convention held Here Over the weekend. Hoff returned from Washington saturday after participating a two hour a detailed Quot briefing by president Johnson on Viet Nam to 43 governors. About 300 legionnaires and Bennington residents turned out to hear the governor describe the situation in Viet Nam As a grave but not the governors talk was interpreted As a response to a plea by Johnson to the governors to drum up support for the presidents Viet Nam policy which has been subject to heavy criticism by republicans and by some democrats. Hoff said Johnson a policy As outlined in the presidents press conference last week a is absolutely Correct Quot and called for greater understanding by the Public of a Why we have to stay in Viet Hoff described the presidents policy As the course Between outright withdrawal from Viet Nam and a military posture that could Lead to a full scale nuclear War. This policy Hoff declared was a most difficult one to follow because the course of a limited War a depends largely on the understanding of the sit on the inside columnist Alan Sophrin writes about the Cost of learning Page 4. House minority Leader Gerald Ford will be Vermont Gopas fund raising speaker oct. 2�? Page 5. Cambridge n.y., plans a program for saving Young eyes a Page 6. The Public can Sample the Good food of the pious shakers a Page 7. Nation by the american people and their commitment to it in View of the very Long and very protracted nature of the Hoff said the president has no desire to escalate the War see Hoff on Viet Page 12, col. 7 Washington up a undersecretary of state George w. Ball says it is possible the United states May halt bombing raids on North Viet Nam if the communists publicly pledge to Stop infiltrating men and supplies into South Viet Nam. But said Ball sunday a the proper context for a discussion of that kind is in the total consideration of How we end violence in the whole of that unfortunate he said there Are a two elements in what the North vietnamese Are doing. Not Only Are they infiltrating men and supplies into South Viet Nam but they Are also a through the Agency of the Viet Cong which is really their own creation conducting a guerrilla War against the people of South Viet Ball appeared to Rule out at least for the time being any new bombing a pause Quot such As the United states ordered earlier this summer. He said that both North Viet Nam and Russia a responded by contempt Quot to that move. For that reason Ball added a i done to think that a pause in and by itself is necessarily useful a which does no to preclude the possibility that another pause might be undertaken at some time but under different conditions when we would be assured that it could have a better asked Why . Planes have not yet attempted to Knock out the five soviet missile Sites ringing the Hanoi Haiphong area of North Viet Nam Ball said that a at the moment we have military targets which we Are finding in North Viet Nam which do not require attacking these particular surface to air he emphasized however that the Hanoi Haiphong area a is not a Sanctuary which we he said the United states is trying to a avoid the kind of air attack which would bring about Large civilian Hanoi is the capital of North Viet Nam and Haiphong is its seaport. Yin Riner sends last picture Pasadena Calif. Up a Mariner-4�?Ts repeat transmission of its historic closeup photographs of Mars will be completed at 11 41 . Edt today. With completion of the rerun of Mariner-4�?Ts taped pictures scientists at the California Institute of technology a Jet propulsion Laboratory jul said they planned to compare visual picture elements those produced from the run. The spacecraft took 21 Tures and a fraction of a when it flew by the red planet last july 14. Three of the photos were made Public july 17 and the remainder were released last thursday in Washington . Ind wit h first Pic 22nd legion color Uard a color guard and Drill team from the St. Albans american legion Post Heads the legions state convention Parade Down main Street. The event sunday climaxed three speech filled Days which included an address by gov. Philip la. Hoff. Flags and other patriotic regalia adorn shop fronts along Bennington a main thoroughfare. Hurlburt

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