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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 5, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Partly Cloudy partly Cloudy with Brief Snow flurries in the mountains and no important temperature changes today and wednesday. Low temperatures tonight in the upper 20s and Low 30s. Yesterday s High 47 Low 20. Today at 7 ., 29. Sunset 6 23 . Sunrise 5 26 Bennington Bennington Banner. Tuesday Prii 5, 198h Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 20,034 to cents safety promised by automakers Waves of violence again sweep Saigon space Center Houston Ipi a the United states beefing up its bid to beat Russia to manned Conquest of the Moon today has 19 new astronauts and a streamlined launch schedule for a vital super rocket. The Rookie astronauts officially named monday will begin training in May for voyages that Wil take some and perhaps All of them to landings on the Moon aboard Apollo spaceships. A words fail me a said one of the new pilots an obviously delighted air Force maj. Edward g. Givens jr., who once was considered for a position As one of the nation s original Mercury astronauts. Simultaneously the . Space Agency switched two upcoming critical firings of its Saturn in super Booster in an attempt to strengthen its chances of sending the nations first three Man Apollo team a astronauts Virgil i. Gus Grissom Edward h. White ii and Roger Chaffee a into orbit around Earth late this year. This will be the first of a series of Earth orbiting Apollo flights planned As rehearsals for a projected american bid to land two men on the lunar surface by 1968 a Well ahead of the a National goal of a Moon Lall by 1970. However e Are Indica posed a provision which could Lead to Federal regulation of their Industry for the first time in its history. Bugas zeroed in on provisions authorizing the Secretary of Commerce to impose National safety standards on automakers. The Secretary could at his discretion set the standards of Detroit failed to make adequate advances in car safety within two years. The Ford executive said this Section gave the Secretary a virtually unlimited Power to establish safety standards affecting the design and develop ment of motor he said there is no precedent for this Quot with respect to a High volume consumer Detroit and its products came under heavy fire monday from lawyer writer Ralph Nader one of the Industry s most persistent critics and Joseph Kelner president of the american trial lawyers association. Kelner said that past performance in the safety Field by the automakers showed it was time for the government to step in. Kelner joined Nader in contending that it was much easier to improve Auto designs than to try to change human nature when faced with 50,000 Highway deaths a year. He said the mounting injury and death toll was proof that current Auto safety campaigns a stressing Quot the nut behind the wheel Quot a were inadequate. Canadian Power hearings opened Montpelier up a the state Public service Board pub opened hearings today on a petition by the Vermont new England Power Exchange to set up a non profit corporation that would import some 2.1 million kilowatts of Low Cost Canadian Power. The i it edition was strongly opposed by spokesmen for Ute state s largest Utility the Central Vermont Public service corp. Of Rutland. Attorney John carbine speaking for the Rutland firm called on the pub to reject what he called Quot this callous i vietnamese demonstrators Young vietnamese demonstrators join hands As they face government riot police and firemen during a wild evening of rioting monday in Saigon. Roving bands clashed with police who used tear Gas and clubs to disperse them. The rioters re formed again and again threatening to turn the City into a Battlefield. Up administration officials fear effect on Public of Viet riots Washington up a Johnson administration officials were concerned today Over the possible damage the continuing political turmoil in South Viet Nam might do to american Public support of the anticommunist Effort there. They said the unrest and uncertainty in Saigon undoubtedly would hamper the War Effort if it continued. At the same time they acknowledged that . Public support of the american War Effort eventually might be weakened by the spectacle of recurrent political chaos. Secretary of state Dean Rusk said monday that the War Effort had not yet been affected by South Viet names political crisis. But he added Quot obviously anything that detracts from the Solidarity of the South vietnamese people is a diversion of Effort from the main Job at no . Official for the record would comment on possible damage on the american Home front. They said privately however that there was a danger of a substantial decrease in the . Public s sympathy for the Aims of the nine month old government of Gen. Nguyen Cao by who apparently has been unable to enlist widespread popular support in South Viet Nam. President Johnson s deep special session Cost $380,000 Montpelier up a the special session of the Vermont legislature which ended March 12 Cost taxpayers some $380,000. Finance director Bruce Mosher said monday the legislative account had a balance of $202,-150 on Jan. 5 when the session started. The 180 legislators collected some $216,000 in salaries alone and another $68,000 in expenses. Concern Over the situation was illustrated by his action in authorizing use of american transport planes to Fly Kyd a forces to Danang to put Down the unrest in the port City. The United states was anxious to avoid the impression it was attempting to direct Saigon a political affairs. But it was Plain Washington was hoping by would gain control of the situation and avoid another Long series of governments such As followed the overthrow and assassination of Ngo Dinh diem in november 1963. Danang South Viet Nam up a Premier Nguyen Cao by tonight reached an understanding with leaders of the rebellious City of Danang and returned to Saigon after apologizing for saying Danang was under communist influence. But new Waves of violence swept Saigon. By had flown to Danang with a Force of crack loyalist troops for a showdown with mutinous military leaders and anti government buddhists. The situation eased but a deep crisis remained. Unrest swept the major cities of South Viet Nam including Nha Trang where mobs burned the . Information service Usis Library. Shooting broke out in Saigon tonight and new disorders at the ancient City of Hue challenged Kyd a hold there. In Saigon where repeated clashes broke out during the Day Between Buddhist students and troops and police the situation appeared to be deteriorating. Buddhists attacked vietnamese paratroopers outside the Buddhist Institute and were driven Back by Rifle fire Over their Heads. By appeared to have backed Down at Danang. He apologized to the people of the City for saying they were under communist influence and he declined to Send in his Tough rangers to try to win the City Back to the government Side. The situation worsened at Hue 60 Miles North of Danang on Viet names East coast. Maj. Gen. Phan Xuan Nhuan the new commander of the South vietnamese 1st division threw in his lot with the antigovernment forces. Nhuan proclaimed his loyalty to it. Gen. Nguyen Chanh thl whose ouster As 1st corps commander touched off the unrest and violence. Nhuan sent tanks rumbling into Hue and ordered his troops to fight if the pro by forces should enter the City. The situation remained tense at Danang despite Kyd a departure. Pro and anti government forces there faced each other behind machine guns and barbed wire barricades. By Nightfall the situation in Danang had eased though by left his forces on hand. He had conferred with Gen. Nguyen Van Chuan the new military commander of the 1st corps and with some Buddhist leaders. At dusk posters signed by Chuan began appearing on the streets of Danang advising the people the Quot situation is in hand Quot and telling 1st corps return to their for civilians to their Homes soldiers to Camps and return to remain Calm. And Creek Tanker defies British Oil embargo Beira Mozambique up a a second Tanker suspected of carrying contraband Oil for Rhodesia in Defiance of a United nations Resolution ran a British naval blockade today and is approaching Beira Harbor informed sources reported. The greek owned Tanker Joanna v with 12,000 tons of fuel arrived in Beira earlier today and dropped Anchor off the Harbor wharf where fuel supplies for Rhodesia Are received. It had been stopped on the High seas by the British frigate Plymouth but was allowed to proceed. The second ship was identified As the Manuela. It passed through the Mozambique Channel As British prime minister Harold Wilson was holding urgent conferences in London to discuss diplomatic moves to prevent the Oil cargoes from reaching Rhodesia. The British frigates Plymouth firemen gained nothing from Railroad strike .streamlines space schedule Agency Starnes 19 slew astronauts tons the soviets still Hope to beat the United states to the punch. Western sources say Russia May attempt to Send a manned Vos Khod ship on a trip around the Moon before the end of this year. The 19 new . Space pilots averaging 32.8 years of age and including one flier who already wears his a cosmic wings Quot will join 26 Pilot astronauts and five scientist astronauts already in training. The fledglings who probably will be Given seats on spaceships Only after the first or second lunar Landing include four civilians two Marine corps officers seven air Force officers and six Navy officers. They Are Vance d. Brand 34, a civilian test Pilot for Lockheed aircraft co., now assigned to the West see astronauts Page 12, col. 6 study started to replace spa convention h do Saratoga Springs . A although no final decision has been made on building a facility to replace historic convention Hull destroyed by fire five months ago an architect was selected monday night by the City Council to prepare a feasible study for a civic Center. The architectural firm of of Neil Ford and associates of san Antonio Texas which is working on the new Skidmore College Campus Here was the unanimous Choice to draw preliminary plans for the proposed Structure. Work Cwi the study is expected to be completed by summer. A tentative limit of $1 million has been set As the Cost for the proposed facility and this will be used As a basis for fhe study plans. Washington up a the brotherhood of locomotive firemen and engine men Blue has emerged from its four Day strike against eight of the nation s major railroads in almost exactly the same shape As when the walkout began. But in the process the Union apparently has incurred president Johnson a Wrath May have made itself the target for costly Railroad damage suits and possibly May be out of pocket a total of $27,500 in contempt of court fines. Brotherhood president h. E. De Gilbert claimed after the walkout was Over that it had spurred time consuming bargaining in the Long standing dispute with the railroads Over the firemen s Job on diesel locomotives in freight and Yard service. But government officials say there is Little the labor department can do to compel the railroads to Speed up negotiations on the Complex problem. Its Clear that the railroads Are hoping for delay to thin further the ranks of the firemen. Nearly 20,000 firemen s jobs have been abolished under the two year Federal arbitration award which expired March 30. And the Union membership May shrink even further if Federal courts Rule that the railroads do not have to replace firemen who retire die or quit in the future. The railway labor act with its Maze of time consuming mediation procedures governs the bargaining on the railroads. Gilbert s Union has been trying to accelerate this lengthy process while it still has some membership and strike Power left. Union sources say the Surprise strike last weekend showed that the brotherhood still can shut Down some carriers. They expect it to have a healthy Impact on future talks Over the future of the firemen. Furthermore Union spokesmen say they do not expect the firemen to be restored to All 20,000 jobs eliminated during the past two years. But they do believe thousands of firemen should be kept aboard diesel locomotives for safety and for training As engineers. But management spokesmen say the Union Only lost Public respect by defying a Federal court Back to work order and extending the walkout for two More Days. In addition they said the firemen s brotherhood has no jurisdiction Over the training of engineers. It is Clear that the railroads have decided to play Ball with the rival brotherhood of locomotive future. Meantime Issue engineers in the the bargaining is somewhat moot because labor and management views Are before . District court judge Alexander Holtzoff for a decision on the status of the firemen now that the award has expired. And gurkha were ordered to watch and report on the second tankers movements. Britain already had warned Portugal of serious difficulties of it allowed the Oil to reach the Colony which declared its Independence from the British Commonwealth last year. Britain determined to enforce its Oil embargo against the rebel rhodesian regime of Premier Ian Smith warned Portugal a Quot most serious situation Quot would arise if the Tanker unloaded its Oil at Beira a portuguese Colony. In London prime minister Harold Wilson conferred with top aides about the incident. He called in his Cabinet defense committee foreign Secretary Michael Stewart Commonwealth relations Secretary Arthur Bottomley defense Secretary Denis Healey and army Navy and air Force chiefs of staff. In Athens a spokesman for the greek government said the owners of the ship the Joanna a would be penalized if the Tanker delivered Oil to Beira. But the Plymouth was powerless to Stop the Tanker the 13,000-ton Joanna v registered in Panama but under charter to a South african firm. British sources were convinced the precious Oil cargo was destined for a rhodesian refinery at Mutala via the Beira pipeline despite a statement by the skipper of the Tanker that he was under orders to take the Oil to see greek Tanker Page 12, col. 2 Tornado wreckage after tornadoes hit Tampa Fla., monday killing a reported eight persons and leaving Many Homes totally destroyed scenes such As this were not uncommon. Up wide path of destruction left by killer tornadoes in Florida Tampa Fla. Up a hundreds of families today sifted through the splintered remains of their Homes shattered by killer tornadoes that sliced a path of destruction across Central Florida a populous Citrus Belt. The roaring Black funnels slammed ashore Early monday from the Gulf of Mexico on a Squall line pounding the state All the Way to Cape Kennedy on the Atlantic. A woman who died today of injuries brought the toll to nine dead and 198 injured. The latest victim was mrs. Flora Bowen 25, of Rural Davenport. Mrs. Bowen was in her trailer Home with her two Small children when a twister struck. The children also were injured. One of the victims monday was a 20-year-old expectant Mother. Her unborn child also died. More than 350 Homes in to cities and towns were destroyed and 500 others were damaged. Total damage was estimated conservatively at $6 million. A i saw devastation at its worst a a declared gov. Haydon Burns after inspecting the damage from the air and on the ground. Five persons died at Lakeland and three in Tampa. At least 48 persons were hospitalized. Washington up a the nation s automakers promised to make their cars safer today but warned that president Johnson a proposals to regulate vehicle design could disrupt the Industry and have Quot Adverse effects Quot on the . Economy. The cautionary note was sounded by John s. Bugas a vice president of Ford motor co. And chairman of the Industry a safety administrative committee in a statement prepared for a Senate Commerce committee hearing on the administration proposals. Representatives of general motors Chrysler and american motors together with Ford the Quot big four Quot of the Industry appeared with Bugas before the Senate panel. Bugas said the Industry endorsed those sections of the administration legislation aimed at improving state and local safety programs highways and the collect on of Accident statistics. But he said the automakers strongly of guardsmen it a Dertl to amps Lorman miss. Up a state troopers reinforced by National guardsmen tightly guarded the Alcorn a amp a College Campus today to prevent a recurrence of Rowdy demonstrations by negro youths. Gov. Paul Johnson ordered guardsmen from Natchez and Vicksburg to Lor Man Munday night after troopers used tear Gas to Clear a dormitory of bottle and Brick throwing negroes. The guardsmen 175 Strong and under the command of a colonel rolled into the National guard armory at nearby port. Gibson Early today. A spokesman would not say whether they would physically occupy the Campus later today or remain on standby Alert. At least 35 persons were arrested monday during demonstrations protesting the alleged firing of teachers and suspension of students from Alcorn for civil rights activities. Officials of the state supported negro College denied the accusation by civil rights leaders. A new shipment of tear Gas was flown into this Rural southwestern Mississippi town monday night and troopers part of a contingent of 180, guarded the main Gate to the Campus with riot guns and Gas masks. The troopers barred at jut 300 persons led by negro Leader Charles Evers from entering the Campus monday night. Sheriff c. W. Mckay told the marchers that a we done to feel its Safe for a night an attempted March by civil rights workers and College students around noon monday touched off the Melee. Officers blocked the marchers from entering the Campus on the basis of a chancery court injunction issued by a judge at nearby port Gibson. Luna to orbiting an artists Conception from an official russian source of the soviet satellite Luna to in orbit around the Moon As it beamed the communist Anthem the internationale Back to the meeting of the soviet party Congress in Moscow. Up

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