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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 1, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy flurries Cloudy and not so cold tonight with occasional Light Snow and Low in the 20s. Light Snow Friday ending in the afternoon remaining Cloudy and somewhat colder. Yesterdays High 33, Low 6, today at 7 . 6. Sunset 6 18, Sunrise 5 32. The Moon will Are Ive at its new phase tonight at 7 21. Bennington Bennington Vermont thursday april i 1965 Anner founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 19,724, to cents Young Man with no worry a South vietnamese boy calmly eats his Rice As troops of the 2nd Marine battalion pause near the Small Village of hoi an sunday before moving on to attack nearby Viet Cong installations. Up photo jobless fund Bill okayed Hoff wants wider measure Montpelier up a the House today passed and sent to the Senate without debate a Bill designed to gradually increase the Reserve in the Vermont unemployment compensation fund. Gov. Philip h. Hoff who says the Bill does no to go far enough has indicated he a May very Well veto the measure should it gain House approval. The fund presently is Down to about $7 million considered a Well below the Safe level. I Der the measure some $1.5 million would be sunk into the fund Over the next two years. Hoff who thinks that even the $9.5 million he would like to see in the fund by fiscal 1967 is a not really Safe a said he would work hard in the Senate to get More Money poured into the fund at a time when the states Economy is booming and the employers presumably can afford to pay in More Cash. The House also advanced a measure which eliminated a stipulation that 50 per cent of the amount of social Security a retired state employee is paid be deducted from his state pension. The Bill would now allow retired state workers to draw a full pension and full social Security benefits. In the Senate a Roll Call vote of 17-10 gave final approval to a Bill that would raise from $35 to $75 the amount of property see legislature Page 16, col. I House reapportionment Battle set next week Montpelier us a next tuesday May be the Day the Vermont House of representatives decides what size the lower chamber will be after reapportionment. The House reapportionment committee late wednesday voted 13-6 to suggest a House of 150 members a move which would lop 96 seats from the listers Job today 6hey there Fella who own that horse a current House of 246. But Small town lawmakers who want the size of the House to remain As close to the present number As possible Are girding for a floor fight that could prove a Ding Dong Battle. Also circulating around the legislature is a plan for a 210 member House. Republican Thomas a. Chadwick of Chester said he would confuse matters even further by introducing a plan for a 240 member House just six fewer than the present size. Chadwick said he believed that Many of the lawmakers who favor 210 would also Back his 240 seat plan. See apportionment Page 16, col. 8 Washington up a president Johnson holds a top level Council of War today to hear ambassador Maxwell d. Taylor a new proposals for forcing the vietnamese communists to Lay Down their arms and negotiate. There were Strong indications the president would decide to pursue with new intensity the fight against the Viet Cong rebels in the South and the red regime in North Viet Nam. Secretary of state Dean Rusk and defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara were scheduled to attend the afternoon meeting at the executive mansion. Taylor has said he will offer a definitive proposals on . Policy in the Southeast asian conflict. Taylor a recommendations led to the presidents decision to inaugurate air raids on North Viet Nam two months ago. Today he was expected to urge stepped up attacks. He also was believed to favor increased military supplies and Money for the embattled South vietnamese government and some increase in . Ground forces there. An air attack on the North Viet Nam capital of Hanoi apparently has been ruled out for the moment. High officials emphasized however that the City enjoyed no particular a a immunity and could come under assault eventually unless the communists a Send their Johnson and Taylor conferred at length at the White House wednesday night a their first meeting since the ambassador arrived sunday from Saigon for consultations. After a late afternoon meeting in the president s office a described by the chief executive As a a very profitable hours a a Taylor returned for dinner and further discussion. Taylor said wednesday s White House conversation was a largely general in but he said he would have Concrete proposals to make after meetings this morning at the state and defense departments. Talking with newsmen after his first session with Johnson Taylor dealt the final blow to speculation that he was preparing to resign. Asked about a report he would quit before the end of the week the general said a i have no plans for the White House and state department had issued earlier denials of the report. A new mood of grim determination to intensify the anti communist Battle in Southeast Asia emerged after the terrorist bombing of the . Embassy in Saigon two Days ago. It is being Felt throughout Washington. Secretary of state Dean Rusk it was disclosed wednesday night has vowed with some heat that while he and Johnson Are in office a we Are not going to travel the Road to he made the remark at a meeting of the nations mayors tuesday night after one of those at the session said the american people wanted to get out of Viet Nam. Johnson said he May ask Taylor to return to the White House again Friday for More talks. The general also is scheduled to meet Friday with members of the armed services and foreign affairs committees of both House and Senate. His tentative plans Call for him to return to Saigon and his bomb scarred embassy this week end. Whether Johnson accepts All of Taylor a expected proposals to step up the War in Southeast Asia it has become Clear that there will be considerable increase in the american military Effort there. Cutis conference ends deadlocked Montpelier up a House and Senate committees of conference reported to their respective bodies today they have not been Able to Iron out differences on the so called Cutts anti apportionment Resolution. The House passed resolve Calls for a Federal constitutional convention to Amend the . Senate unit favors sunday Beer Montpelier up a the Senate Public health committee has voted 5-0 in favor of a Bill to allow Beer and wine sales in Vermont on sundays. The unanimous committee vote indicates Strong Senate support for the measure another step in the recent constant liberalization of Vermont a Laws on alcoholic beverage consumption. Proponents of the Bill say it not Only would bring in $100,000 annually in new tax Money but would enable Connecticut River Valley grocers to compete with markets in neighbouring new Hampshire which permits Beer and wine sales on sunday. The Bill also raises by two hours the time cocktails can be served on sunday in Vermont with full course meals. Constitution to allow the Basing of one chamber of a legislature on something in addition to population. The Senate Resolution was markedly different from the House resolve including retention of judicial review in realignment cases and striking the clause calling for a Federal constitutional convention. Most observers feel the failure to agree a although it May result in another conference committee being called a ultimately will mean the House will go it alone in sending its Antl re mapping resolve to Washington. Without the Senate endorsement the Resolution would Likely carry Little or no weight. The proponents of the House Bill Drew the line at removing the Federal con con clause. They said the Senate a has already Cut the guts out of the Cutts Resolution and if the con con clause were not replaced the resolve would be worthless. Two of the three House committee of conference members including the father of the resolve Royal Cutts a Townshend said they were willing to Back Down on the judicial review provisions and Basing one House on something other than population a but they could not agree on the con con clause deletion made by the Senate. The resolve which held the spotlight for the first two months of the session until it ran into a recalcitrant Senate now appears to be for All practical purposes a dead Issue. Living and dead the family of mrs. Viola Liuzzo follows the casket bearing her body from the Detroit Catholic Church where her funeral was held tuesday. At front left is Anthony Liuzzo Tommy 13 and Penny 18. In the rear Are or. And mrs. Johnson son in Law and daughter and Anthonyjr. Mrs. Liuzzo was allegedly slain by four Kun flux klansmen near Selma while she was transporting civil rights workers after the March to Montgomery. In Birmingham blast injures boy More bombs found Birmingham Ala. Up a a dynamite bomb exploded in the negro Section of the City Early today injuring a 13-year-old boy. Other unexploded bombs were found at the Homes of the mayor and the City a Only councilwoman. Police said a bomb consisting of about 15 Sticks of dynamite exploded in a Concrete Block garage at the Home of . Crowell a negro Public accountant. Bombs were found at the Home of mayor Albert Boutwell and City councilwoman Nina Miglionico both considered poverty unit incorporates approves Quot project Headstall East Arlington a Bennington county a anti poverty organization voted wednesday night to incorporate and sponsor a a project head Start this summer for pre school children. The two actions were taken at a. Steering committee meeting at the Federated Church of East Arlington the third such session held under terms of the Federal economic Opportunity act formal name of the new corp by Bob Hagerman Pownal a a Good Day my Friend. I wonder if you a be Good enough to Tell me who owns that a Why do you want to know a a a in be got to assess it As personal property for a Law go on. April a no. I May feel like a fool but i ainu to that a a make believe conversation but it might Well be taking place today As Pownal listers undertake the Job of assessing for local tax purposes the several Hundred pacers and Trotters assembled at Green Mountain Park Racetrack for the Start of the 1965 Spring harness meet. The listers themselves done to like the idea at All of attempting to put the visiting horses on the towns tax Rolls but in doing so they Are following instructions of the state tax department. A we really feel pretty ridiculous going Down to the track to do this a said Joseph j. Torna Bene chairman of the three Man listing Board a but we will do the Best Job we listers Are opposed to the idea of listing the horses because it appears basically unfair to them to tax something that is Here on Only a temporary basis. The Spring meet is Only 51 Days Long and some of the horses May not remain even for the whole meet. And Only those horses that Are at the track today april i the official listing Date Are subject to be added to the tax Rolls. Any horse that arrives tomorrow wont be. A just think of that horseman driving by my House right now on the Way to the track a Rabene told a Banner reporter wednesday night. A a he a going to be taxed tomorrow and yet be May be Only staying a week and then go on to some other listers also Point out what they believe Are obvious difficulties in collecting taxes on the horses whose owners and trainers will soon scatter to the four winds. Listers themselves however Are not responsible for collecting the taxes. They have been told that a Lien can be placed by the town on each horse As soon As it is listed. But this is a step that is up to the tax collector. In any Case listers were pre see Pownal listers Page 16, col. 6 on the inside columnist Ron Raynolds talks about plans for Cal Coolidge Plymouth a Page 4. Local Ford foundation curriculum project is looking for a new director a Page 5. First Vermont Job corps recruits leave for Texas training a Page 7. North Shire school study group expects 14 legislators to hear its problems a Page to. Oration the committee decided will be the Bennington county economic Opportunity Council inc. Attorney Robert e. Cummings or. Was to be contacted today to draw up incorporation papers. As a result of a visit to the Federal office of economic Opportunity in Washington recently by mrs. Gloria ii it was decided to press Forward As rapidly As possible with the preparation of various anti poverty projects so that full advantage May be taken of the Federal funds available. Mrs. Ii said the Federal Agency is actually concerned lest the available funds will not be spent before the end of the current fiscal year. The Vermont office of economic Opportunity announced earlier this week that the Bennington Rutland county area has been allocated $110,282 to get projects started. Further funds will be forthcoming to help pay for the projects themselves. The steering committee headed by Joseph Lopiccolo agreed that it would incorporate on its own and take a a wait and see attitude toward the possibility of having to incorporate again with a group from Rutland county. The group believed that the Bennington Srda is farther along with planning than is Rutland with whom there is Little or nothing in common. It was also Felt that if the Bennington area could show a a strength on its own chances Are Good that it can continue with its own projects and not be forced into an awkward Rutland Bennington District which neither county probably wants nor needs. The first project approved involves an eight week summer see anti poverty Page 16, col. 7 moderates in their View toward the racial Issue. The bomb found at the Side of Boutwelle a fashionable two Story Brick Home was made of nearly 45 Sticks of dynamite. It was primed with timing mechanism attached to a clock but was dismantled before it could explode. A similar bomb device was found at the Home of mrs. Miglionico who lives almost one half mile from the Home of the mayor in a neighbourhood located about seven Miles from the negro neighbourhood where the bomb exploded. The bomb was discovered by her 80-year-old father in Law . Miglionico at their fashionable Brick residence when he went out for the morning paper. He personally disarmed it. Miglionico said the bomb was in a cardboard Box. He said he grabbed the alarm clock timing device ripped it from its wiring and threw the clock into the Yard before calling police. He said he did not know when it was set to go off. Boutwell was in Washington d.c., attending the National mayors conference. The bomb at his Home was discovered by his son Albertjr. The bomb consisted of a Case of dynamite with enough Sticks removed to make room for the timing device. Police said it was possible that the explosion in the negro neighbourhood was set to divert attention away from the bombs set at the mayor and councilwoman Homes. Police estimated that the blast May have shattered windows and caused other damages to As Many As 20 to 30 Homes in a radius of up to too Yards away. Launna lira look Consol merge uni plan seen final solution for District the Jericho Road relaxing at a campsite on the Road to Jerusalem Are these members of the cast of a the Jericho Road a a biblical play written by mrs. Norton Barber which will be performed sunday night at 7 30 at the first Baptist Church. Seated from left Are Ricky Howe miss Marilyn Cone mrs. Elaine Witten and John Riddle or. Standing Are Marvin Sutton John Riddle Robert Hagerman who has his hand on the shoulder of Rosamond Burnham and Paul Riddle. Photo Prandini by f. Newhouse Pye local police were summoned to the county courthouse the other evening to disperse an estimated 75 persons who were fighting about fertilizer. The quarrel started police said after a woman gave an inflammatory speech at a meeting called to consider a unified approach to Bennington a innumerable problems. But its a Long Long Story. Here is a summary of the setting the background and those so so scandalous events. Generally speaking the night was typical of the greater Bennington area in late March. Snow alternated with rain and sleet. Cold winds made local residents shiver one minute and Balmy breezes forced them to shed their insulated underwear the next. As usual culturally deprived Over privileged and even emotionally shortchanged youths drove their cars into Trees guard rails and other cars. Meanwhile the towns responsible adults warmed their hearts in the clubs and pubs that make Bennington such a stimulating place to live work and play. But the Light streaming through the High arched windows of the red Brick courthouse gave a Flint that this evening was not entirely Ordinary. There could be Little doubt in the mind of anyone who ventured inside that something extraordinary was afoot. For As in every Community there Are in Bennington a few self effacing self sacrificing people who Are concerned about their towns problems and who Are determined to Lay the ground work for a happier More prosperous future. They organize commissions leagues and study groups for the betterment of this or the improvement of that which meet at the drop of a hat to complain about deplorable conditions or to draft interminable declarations of their intention to initiate action programs and implement recommendations. On this evening representatives of All the commissions. See Consol merge Page 7, col. I Newvit Nam moves to be told by Taylor

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