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Bemidji Pioneer Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 1

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Bemidji Pioneer (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Bemidji, Minnesota Serving Beltrami Cass Clearwater and Hubbard counties7hth year number 78 Bemidji Minnesota saturday july 21, 1973 a it i \ t it Community Well being is primary concern in a Bee Colony Long without a Queen in residence so workers carefully ensure the existence of a Queen by automatically raising new Queen larvae in such emergencies. The resident Queen usually kills each new Queen that hatches and it is Only when an old Queen fails reproductively Dies or swarms that one of the new Queens is allowed to live mate and become Monarch of the hive. Workers protect the hive with their lives. Given intrusion by Man. Or a Honey hungry animal the workers literally Lay Down their lives by stinging the intruder usually leaving their syringe like stinger in the victims a situation which ultimately Means death to that worker Bee. While the Queen is supposedly the Monarch of the hive she is really More matriarchal than monarchical. All other bees in that hive Are offspring of the Queen her constant reproduction of eggs up to 1,500 per Day would tend to seem More Drudgery than monarchical privilege and the rude dismissal she receives if she proves to be infertile or incapacitated certainly makes her life less than human. The workers Are the scouts nurses builders and architects food producers and venturesome creatures of the hive. These Are the bees hovering Over honeysuckle Flowers and industriously toiling in Clover patches. Workers Are also the stinging members of the Community. A there Are a number of fascinating aspects to the study of honeybees Quot or Borchers says. A a highly sophisticated system of communications exists in the hive. A minimum of about sch individuals is required to make a hive successful and each individual Bee in the hive is conscious of the condition of the entire Community As a result of the communication which is not to say that bees have Many a ability to reason. The communication system consist of the chemical pheromone or Queen substance. Which circulates through the population of the hive of for instance there is no Queen the workers will perceive a Lack of Queen chemical and the workers instinctively begin cultivation of Queens. A in addition to the internal communication by Way of the Queen substance bees also communicate about food and other matters outside the hive by Way of a dance a Lior Chers explains. A through very precise movements the workers can describe the location of nectar bearing Flowers sources of pollen interesting hive Sites and other during the Csc class students have had the of port Unity to see the observation hive in their Laboratory swarm with the original Queen and about halt the workers leaving the hive and seeking other quarters. The swarm was recaptured and placed in a hive which was placed in a Balsam Grove in the country swarming is a natural Way lines establish new colonies and is a reproduction of the Overall hive a a hive of bees will naturally swarm about once each year if no one interferes with tin process a Borchers explains. A for maximum Honey production however it is desirable to interfere with swarming so one is forced to destroy Queen cells within the working hive to delay the swarming a the class has had ample Opportunity to handle hives the tools of beekeeping and work in the midst of the times most of the students have been stung at least once and this occupational Hazard of beekeepers has become rather routine to the students. A a Llu sting of the Honey Hee is somewhat less painful that that of hornets wasps and Bumble bees a Borchers says a they Are a slight nuisance however and it is desirable to avoid tin sting weather the care taken in handling the hives and the temperament of the bees on the Day in question All have something to do with their tendency to sting beekeepers Are Able to puff smoke into a hive and Calm the Les in that Way but those who Deal with bees expect to to stung on occasion. A beekeeping is a reasonable to a of agriculture in this pan of Minnesota. I Localise t Here is a variety of plants that give Boney distinctive flav ors. Borchers says a Given a certain Basic education in the habits of bees and the equipment of the Trade it is relatively inexpensive and can become a relaxing Hobby with an income for the Pierson who wants to go into it in a bigger members of t be class almost unanimously expressed a desire to keep bees once they get through with College and established somewhere in tin meantime they be bad tin Opportunity to study and observe tin habits of one of natures most interesting creatures All state hospitals to stay old buildings to go Success pc carefully holding the Quern for this picture Borchers determines that the hive is healthy and the Queen present ensuring future propagation. St Baul Minn a an official of the Minnesota welfare department says plans Are to keep All of the states to hospitals in operation and to demolish unneeded buildings As the Hospital populations decline assistant commissioner Wesley bested added thur slav that the department plan recognizes a prevailing sentiment a in the 1973 legislature bested said it May be that within four years one or two hospitals May lose enough population so that it would be impractical to keep them open during the 1973 legislative session the department recommended that it a Hospital were to be closed the Faribault facility would be the departments candidate the legislature did not adopt tin re a Ort the hospitals population is on the decline ten years ago it totalled Aloid 17.000 the total population now is about ,7 h harping a file who says. I be never lied a just seeking the Queen amidst hundreds of flying bees Borchers seeks the Queen in an Effort to determine if the hive has reproduced a Queen. Story and photos by Hugh Bishop Csc news director not infrequently men have looked at the Honeybee As a Model for their own societies. Philosophers concerned with the Well being of societies have pointed to the hive As an Ideal of social order where each individual is necessary and the Well being of the entire Community is primary. In fact a Beehive is viewed As More than a Community of individual insects and it is postulated by some scientists that the hive itself is analogous to an organism made up of hundreds of individual insects that act in much the same Way As cells act in a organic creature. Study of this natural commune is the subject of the Bemidji stat College Quot biology of the Honeybee class taught this summer by or. Harold Borchers. The Queen is supposedly supreme within the hive yet she is almost completely helpless without worker bees to feed her clean the hive construct egg compartments circulate air through the hive on hot Days and do All of the doing its things a worker explores nectar potential other menial tasks. The drone of a clump of Flowers near the hive operated As a project is cultivated As carefully As by the a Sci a biology of the Honeybee class. The Queen but Dies immediately As a result of mating with the Queen. The hive cannot continue

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