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Beardstown Semi Weekly Illinoian Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 1

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Beardstown Semi Weekly Illinoian (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Beardstown, IllinoisA is amp a a ,. 4� a�igcyfei3#bb fire lightning and wind storms t a with Coit Dit _. In it pm 1 vat to. In _ agent foe the following first class companies Philadelphia. A Brooklyn n y masts i Manchester aug. Hartford Conn i fire association in it France co new York i pc Only insurance Coke Sce Lins. Co 1. St. Louis i Springfield f and m Sessco Xhu Serpool eng Lancashire ins co it lowest rates and policies written on the most Liberal forms Money to loan on Good farm at 6 and 7 per it for 3 or 5 years first National my Beardstown Illinois. Capital Stock,.$50,000 surplus and undivided profits $13,790.24 condensed statement at close of business May 4, resources. A liabilities Loans and discounts $187,74123 capital Stock Over drafts secured 6,410.35 surplus fund a a. S. City amp county Bonds 43,000.00 undivided profits Irving House Safe and circulation to ures 10,800.00 Deposit Cash on band with Banks 46,749 13 1891. $50,000 00 10,000 00 3.790 24 17.100 00 213,813 47 total $294,703.71 total $294.703.71 j ii Harris frc3tdenl it fac Ltd. John 11 ii s h a i a t Tai a of of 1 1t<m-I&Lt&Gti t k of it ji1ni1 ral Trik a John maw \ t7 John ii we i ii \ Jenhs no Liol a a a .ksh.1 1 we a Ltd kiss 11 of of r the first state Bank Beardstown Illinois of Lith its mar is to the ,.�il.li� for la. business of every tor Ujj Toerag internet Ora Elmo deposits a tent no i i Unis / of a am Toast. Us i air a a. _ in Jurii. Eva m i1iy f Fra Rovniy. Taim Arraet Rorri. L aug Siut ,31-.la.auwlun<at,�?.---- Itom not door. Strange Horto Torso Vehovc the afloat it acquired will is the Havner Atnacio like Many other things in business one the Sehoy Lor Cluxton. Says the dal _ hit a a the so Traylor Cluxton. Taysi the dal chairs has pts ass my hip ii Sorrl Mai of 11�� a till Ltd a i we a a l ment a i Mesara a ecu and 1l in or�1 three things in which our merchant tailoring exec Are Quality work mans a style in these things we easily Are the leaders. When you see a in in this Vicinity dressed in faultless style you can r r safely assert that he it one of in my n1, ,nrt"�?Tlp1kw, Maiuu Uirt air administrator s Sal of real estate. Butk Ucucu Aorta mtg Ltd a a a a a a a a a a a a Vul we met a i us co Unity h0� of 11.0 my is Vinn thu Nunuo a Rol �t0 tit. Of Tell a to la a a Viluan Adiraj to of a a a i Mem a a 100 lira Rio l to her Lei if a Tull in hich ,.1�?� it a a a a a a a no. a a Roll and More i it a Quot Rte a Quot a a a turn nil a Lilily a a us a a he won a pm a a a. F,.x�?zr i in Aid plaintiff nud the All. In Quot a �?1.1 la it a mini Xvi la a Quot a k e Partlou Sylba very a a 11 m us to. A our patrons we have an elegant line of suiting and Trouse rings which we Are making up at the lowest Price compatible j j with first class material and Superior workmanship a h i Miln t in the in Only a ourt. A mat ten. \ i a Ilos Iii Lri or ire 1 it Taien a a Ahon p. Aucon i a Ubu. And it and Lorn or let. . I Hill of an 1 lilt it it it i i �?~a"1 1.lur Muir Stock of Spring styles of a 7 clothing is Complete and we a i a guarantee every article to ,. My a inn ii he a a f n m. N lilt it a. 1 a i it .4 last. In Lis no a Quot of 111 or old Tats in lilt a i a a nut a into hit Ali to tight it m Llu a Swo. N o in Lorna As represented if you want a Nobby hat or Cap drop in and select from our Fine assortment a Large line of gentlemen s furnishings unsurpassed for. _ elegance and style. Quot a farm amp son semm weekly ill Indian. Gents outfitters. i a a Quot i Quot l i. Ii Ili. .1 a a it i Mil Rol Tinnin room Lcy no Riff i of i int \ n in la 4�?~�?~l of innit ii. H k n m him 1 m 11 m a i 1hi ii. My. I . My. N the Bee live Aye have John s Nicholson editor and powr Tutor Okoh 1.amhkr8 Nln be. 8t4ik stick a i ment a i my Sara. A ecu Anil h. In Orocu has been to loud for Thor Day Julie 4th, and the Placo Gree Well s Mill tho Rev f m Sisson has been invited to a present and address the assemblage. Good singing everybody cordially invited. Or b c Andorson physician and sir Goon member of tho american Mcd Cal association a charter member of Omaha medical society pays special Talent Lou to surgery surgical diseases of women and Uhl Dron and diseases of the oar and Throat. Ollice North Side of tho Park. Residence Comer of Slot Aud Washington streets. V turf county convention of tho w. C t i begins its annual ses blon at the m k Church thursday in the evening will be a modal Coutont to which an admission Loo of ten cents will to charged All other services being without charge. Tiu session will lust through Friday closing Frida oven us in Tab an address by mrs Kmin oos stale Secretary us the 1 cure Bureau it is reported that tho Presl dont and he n lie in a Kulil Homo Over Lour Hun Rcd articles of Gold and Silver workmanship Given to Thorn a presents on Thor trip in the earlier Davs of our Republic before its glory was spread Over an much territory our presidents refused to re Peixe nil presents a Etc Enterprise. This is Doug mesh a thrust at Presl dont Harrison and his Ruc out trip ii cell had Jersey cow Given to mrs. I Leveland. While lady of the White House it would Perl raps have eased his die turbe.1 u i ii a i. Pm of r. Luu i from i . If Jelf Promise careful attention to Al. B i in Sliu 1 so int your set. .1 to of i Lirtha to get a. I do Wuhl a porn j j e w Utt n a a him e. M , t Quot we my Irvin myth Ken Amizith 11 kill ii Holt 1 i Honky jains Vick _ i i Are offering their entire Stock b Stikin of Woolen dress an Tabic Linen or l Iol Kuhl returned from a. Son hit a a it Lily a 1 Llu ilm a of a pct Suu in it. Un1 it it min i,�>11 m ii . N in the Earsl of Lair Only of join hru1&Quot Vuk i of. J t i i not Fri Curneil i if u \ pm it s1 1 a Quot is no a t in i l i re a a \ or i. It y Kri i to ii i Mil i to of . It Tanc up i i in i it i 1� of w my pm Ter. It Tanc u i Rte to t s an u improved Ano unimproved real estate will be purchased. Lots amp a houses sold on easy . M. Schmoldt Comer state and fourth streets Beardstown i1l too to r. Zee. Xdtj�ot2�t�?Ts for j hardware. B�o1ldie& a edwars. Farm implements a tip Are the unrivalled a Quick meal gasoline stove the goods at u per cent. Off napkins in the City. New or v 1 Mies Leviene lie Geo. S. Kuhl. A or til f incest it h h Dir a the in Day i. A Bibigul .0 in. I i nil. In riled. Monday june 1. By Rev f i a ii.il/. Win to miss Margaret la re. Re . In Emp St at m k 1 in icing at t a Quot in a Tuil Nam of run Lillie. Is ils Iju Iii Jaywood. San judge Job it w save go a Lormer Mouroe Preclik to this county and Luti r a i of Virginia died at his Home la Emporia Kansas last Friday lie was Well known throughout the Conn to having been Olet cd county judge 111 the healed slug Gnu of 1st a a it a a Beoh Tel Ali. Led for feral years with what is known As Holg Lily a disease to was lift i six years old has lived in Kansas Lor a i us years and we learn that Bis remains were brought to Virginia for j Hudnul us Laal sunday. I or wish to Lake to task Tiu of tor of i the in i t in column in tho Aali and Sentinel for tho concluding Soni Euco la this a the ladies of the Ashland Union take this method of acknowledging the kindness of the Formor editor of tho son tic 1, i if Stanley for tho use of an eur Tirc column of this Pipor for tho past leu Mouths and his help in Mayo tor Waya or Stanley is tho first of tor to this county Wlna Evor granted arty space to. Tho w u t l Quot we wish to simply Roi no v that tho last sentence is not Truo Lunoy says Virginia want a cd ecu we can let you Hayo Oue to Aro to bavi to Morrow end not Day i Gigant a out ring Cirrus and Oduca Tod Auh nals with that so outta Previtl. Re cos. To confess to a on this too Salon and look Back and mire tho tray on for Efthem mothers used to enjoy this a hmm of patriotic outburst. But what is hja7�s this Day and age for a fog nose that we have Ever been Able to la foyer Vve opine that we pro Only permitted remain Hote to hold m Check it a Oraleta Fai Uto Rilang and Tara Yak a i amnio As Well As by pts met -. Memorial Day was observed hers urday by Mclane Post Worms a a jmj corps and sons of Toleran Aitto d these orders assembled at q. A r. I and at two of clock took no the Al what a March to Oak Grove cemetery la the following order. A Young Gurla dressed in White Bearlapp by a a a Flowers. Quot Quot Tisi Beardstown band. Amp a amp a woman s incl Tel corps. A Claro la oat 0. A a sons of veterans citizens on foot. Quot ass tvs citizens la carriages. Of a tho ceremonies Prestr Llred by the to Ltd a Nal of Uto o a. R. Were oboe need in it Thil the addition that each Young girl As. Ahn a a deposited her Basket or hour act of a vhf Aera Row item a i appropriate verse. 1 in tho evening an address was delivered at g a it. Hall by d. A. Biose. Sunday oven Long the memorial ser wow Quot i was delivered by Bov. F. M 8bw>s acc a the m e Church and was patriotic appropriately historic lacking Soth Lagud a vim Aud tie o. A by r. C. Aud 8. Of v. Bong present. Tyi Lookout j Lio j ii s Veoa of Toleo Liuro. Tor Iii. R a tor i in Church her b Imlay Lush ill Lucky goods Rice Ivel coi h i. K ii la. Uu--1 o a it i 1- Mno z t it with or medal at m f. A hurry Elmr a t a to Iii at 7 0 10 while there was no Especial a fart Quot Rumado to observe tho Day beyond the Al manner there was a Large Attea Danoe and everything was pleasant and passer off quietly and with the sole Nalty has Ling the occasion. Sunday night about nine of clock i _ Rad ii Chart while suffering Froni a of gig aberration of mind ran oat of his la his stocking Teet so plate of the so mfr forts of his Wyllo to detain hlj., fort less. Were put on his track As some a pose i and a vigorous search a a night was Lut ensely disk Al traced Early pc body was dam covered in l Street at fourth Aud a a was lying on his lightly clenched. He on Hla face in an Pretl in the Sand. Ills Ltd if from Barb win a us month. A Han him was Roandl one stocking was hang wire Fence. Wheat _ cd him Over to identify i still warm Bulg cd. The to Muhlman a songs ii Stalil ashment washed sad ring Cirrus and too Cadieu aug us a a a a an admission of ten and Twenty cents 1 his Home. The Coroner was a. on a Etna Rio a ssh a Fly Lei Tow Itti a a oth for 1 m Aib a Praml Llang. This a Nung mrs Spring a Ida a of the m k Hunny some people fairly dote on a Oue ring circus tho boys Here in la stance Are already talking it up and magnifying its a callus Aud advantages three ring Whon to think tho truth la it is on be court of tho Price next week we Are to Hove Terrell Bros Shew which is a higher priced one but you can pay your Mousy and take your choler but we slut i you that neither do any newspaper advertising .1. .1 i Al a no a no Cream in the a St of Liq a of heir Ai Ury returning the that he came to Hla death by a Asas Mothe Ury unknown Willa Wau Quot Shudt lbs streets of Baard staur let Ween the Honra of p r 1891, and 0 a. Jana 1st, 18s1 believe him to Hava been at Tom temporarily Insana. We have been watching with h gaze for a year or More. The Liml. Of Virginia in her a Lortta. J j tto Klug of Quot Acbo olt this is a i ill k big Cut bargains to. M. 81. It j a Pipis the bldg for hip month Ore approach tickets ii. Rash 8.s 00, making total re i to 1 i x. Ourselves la readiness at any time yet. Re Cord its Success Bat oat Jade Matt a but is made to reduce stack preparatory to making a i Phi whited Moheit pick bribed wire Eon fences i 0�lavim> m. H. Harris amp dealers in Glass. Psf fihs a wooden and Willow wave Toto. 3 Paris. How. Illinois Beardstown a finest Stock to select from in the City w f. My he maj to amp son or a . Undertakers amp embalmers dealers is ill Tuuu oof of second and Monroe streets. Best carpet a Chain All. Colors ,�$1.00 a m h. H. Littlefield a a it Rock of ma.1 htree7 on to Troel. Nealjr oppo Itle Ibe us to Chultz bad jaw amp co. Raore Knob a Home roller Mills. These mlle ire located in Ltd do a a a a a a a a barrel in n i ittle out he ill and f. T i i kill Voois liven Kums i ii of i. Ago. Drove . R Here Kun ii Ilie a Atn Raj j a a i Omar any you will need s i physician xxx Luzj you have new True s Teaberry and u s la Coli pc Partlou at hand sold a a where Rex f i my Bliz and family departed by the Early train this morning for Olit Lago. Whir de will assume the pastorate of St fou r s lutheran Church w and Wilfo who have Chen Laid up for the past three weeks from injuries received by a Hora running away arc Able to to about although not fully recovered St to Nola Naples and Peoria packet Compaq in of Floc no 1 i state Street tick Ete on Sale for All landings Between St. Aud 1�?Tourla freight received at nil to my i h , agent 1 John in Elg a and family spent sunday at the old Homestead Ucer Bluff 8prlngs, a to cd brate to birthday of Hli father win oui Geu who is to years old and that of his own daughter Mamie who la Simuen t the Al m Rand sold to Ltd room trip to copts from brr to Harln afield saturday of memorial Day and i9 i round i if tickets to sunday i on a coot of us. Dedication of the now lutheran College a Kuju amp Sec and no it general my lems business. Louisel Tylah Fuhwa lube to it us a i pc Ltd paid tor Graniu j ceo. Swan wholesale and ratau do Alcor to All Kyndi of Illinois River fish fast it of Washia Fob nil Beardstown Illinois. Fon. T Xvi by order of the Road Tom Mission cars of District no a i shall put All poll tax not paid by june. 1891. He to bands of in officer for collection l. A Joss clerk dust no 3. June 1, 1891.the business menus association Havo before them for a very fair proposition for a Marcub Tetory at Homo importance and one that can possibly by paper o. M Ross a Formor re Eldont of this c i Ute fall r of mrs j j Ito Klug d this City and Brollier in Law of f a Hamra or died thursday morning May �?-------7�?o�8, at tho residence of Bis son in Law u that a Small James l Yorkett in�?Ttjuumw., Iowa. He Dow a a air Home was Howell Nebraska. He removed ton wholly from to Asama was to Here to Atchison county. Mo., to usher of a a a go 1st1, and Lias passed through Many Al cos Forest in pushing stud is. The latest of which was la feb and Baa not Only adv Caud Runny last when to was injured in a rail adoption of Heb Road Eccl Cut at Galesburg which Baa vigorously at tbs Ron the cause of i. Death. Us was a bin nun lost gom9ioanbd Man stirring la a matters and while to was Sucre Raful of a to Wash i 0 a where he seems to Havo reached beyond Allons Oak to relent lil melt in his Western Purchase. He Hood the leave. Quite a of children mostly to erect Ball Dongi. Haw w us a us a 90 cd Alzaaa of Var talk y the City Council meets in regular a of Loloa stud Majl ot.�����?, Siou to no get at which Elmo tho question 1 the Rewalt was thar�.wraatfy�. Of what has Boot asked for heretofore kit i Jority ago Ait bold Aad help of tho now Railroad project c8 use Tow Asble was Wiljam. Como before thu body in proper Saspe. L # % Riu ror a #ebool--t4w�ir�l we say Cau come to do not undertake i of the part of the Quot a a to say that it will but think it should. I who Ada suck Law it behoves us to Lay aside our own no-1 directory will a Abutas Mons in regard to what others Bould do Jyh to Tal Ghana Donamay a Law to Whon Enlace ring a Schemo that is As Apt u fact there is a Taat to Ben Oili us As any one else. If we Kem directors resigning and that Waif a in the balt of eel Tashly draining ourselves Jaq a a tlal0j goes of la a Laag Takyi within our shows and saying to tho out be show log he lbs Gulk a Side world that tre want this or that i d pia�0 the blow Apo of guarantee this or that value received be-1 pro rub lethargy ton we respond to might As Well shut Proba 3ia resignation of the Der Detoth up shop on nil efforts to build up within i ing been so shabbily our Borders and Tiras extend those Borj by Kerr alleged appaj"�?o�?8 Dors the amount asked for be not Only a Tobl Nglen a fort iwo to a a mall compared with the object in View to i Ettje High school go the a yet but ills a reasonable Sam for tho Pur i Many other proposed , and the demand has been compiled i Udvanc meat Al Virginia s into rss Al he is with promptly All along tho line. I which Ira always Defeated by the Celebration of the 4th of a nay a getting t0h�?o time to constr it it been for that matter rather ago towns a there la a off a capt Slalz a and to a great extent congruous. Therel Bod Isata ovum a Are so few who agree As touching the one old t to m Wes thing intended la 1u took a a cads Tosh we Are so Moy who turn it into and Ayol a Aro so Many who turn it Lato mar 01i�, took Caro Msal and pointy All around Reau ulna a a Nir to theirs Elvis at least that the Dency 1� to uon thu fold Oil uld Wora. A it a a we
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