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Baytown Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 4

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Baytown Sun, The (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Baytown, Texas The Baytown Sun september try Sun classified variety of research studies is under Way coming soon a scientists now can create any kind of pretend or toy world that they in order to learn what is really going on in the environment of the real they can jiggle the toy worlds around to dig out facts that can replace some guesses about what is causing pollution or trouble in Man s environment and they can in and whether some proposed remedy would actually or whether it might backfire with unexpected upsets in the intricate balance of the experimental worlds May Lead to discovery of unsuspected Phenomena or forces affecting plants and these Are some of the promises from a unique new research the Birtron at the University of Wisconsin it contains ranging from close sized to a two Story in which almost any Environ ment can be and kept under control by individual temperatures can be prescribed from Arctic cold to desert a room May be kept Bright with continuous or Black with 24hour or any proportion of air May be kept Mountain pure or intentionally tainted with ingredients of smog or other humidity comes at a wind Tunnel can produce slight breezes and winds of Hurricane you can prescribe cycles of daily or seasonal change for growing Birtron Laboratory was dedicated recently with scientists stressing that an essential requirement for solv ing Complex problems of environment is first to learn what is ready going on in the interactions of his a plants and Ani the ability to simulate different environments and to set up and alter experimental conditions becomes a powerful feature of the dessert dish on Sale this week the Earth Don Young readers nature Library Bookstore on the rocks Platina Matching glassware Tumbler prices Good sept 30 rights reserved to limit potatoes detergent lettuce carrots Bell peppers prunes Tomato Orange juice fresh ground hamburger Morton Honey buns serve with Pood club Saltine Toast mates cleaner Royal banquet pork Steak faultless Spray starch Quaker instant grits top Frost Golden Corn dinners double big Bonus Stamps tuesday with Purchase of or wore Fryer thighs Lea i Perrin sauce inspected Fryer breasts livers Blue Label beef cutlets Bacon chop Pettes inspected drumsticks Gravy Steak Blue Label beef Rump roast Farmer Brown or Corn King Franks All meat Raisin bread Ham Choice tender aged beef round Steak full Choice tender aged beef ground beef extra lean Choice ten3erageo beef Rump roast or pikes Peak Choice tend6raged beef loin tip roast Choice Tenor rage beef minute Steak Choice tender aged b6ef round Steak Boneless or Tenderizer Oak farms cottage cheese Green giant mex Icorn Green giant peas Welchs grape Jelly asst flavors Kool Aid Chicken Bologna inspected mixed Fryer parts plut Gilch Yogurt eight years in planning and the Birtron was paid for by the National science the National institutes of the Ford foun and state of it is available for scientists from United states and foreign government and a Cost of 10 cents per Square foot per or 15 cents if the chosen climate runs below some research began in May three years with a smorgasbord of projects either com now in or they include the effects of extreme heat or extreme cold on the growth of cancers in Ani Mals How to keep germs out of sausage during the curing proc Ess the effect of acute cold and prolonged exhaustive work on humans hormonal control of Plant growth and development causes of asian flu the improvement of protein Content of cowpeas a search for better methods of garbage disposal and sanitary and the effects of different Levels of Dot in the body at different temper maybe bean plants could be come a kind of environmental warning of some pollution or stress in the Environ ment at a very Early much like canaries were taken into Coal mines to detect any presence of dangerous this is a project of Theo Dore University of Wisconsin who growing bean plants now under 24hour ordinarily bean plants follow a 24hour Cycle of dropping their 1 leaves to sleep and raising them again Whan the plants under constant Light they follow a 27hour and in movies taken under time lapse the j plants resemble Birds in flight with flapping he is trying to establish exactly what bean plants ordinarily on tiie premise that variations in their behaviour could Supply clues to environmental they might Supply indications of yet unidentified pol for Bill helps unwanted mailings Washington a thei Senate has passed 79 to 0 and sent to the House a Bill that would allow recipients of porno graphic mall to return it Billing the sender for costs plus a 50 j cent the measure also requires such mail to be clearly i think that when these materials Are sent without re quest or there is a Clear invasion of a persons right to said Mike the Bills chief the Senate Post office com Mittee says most unsolicited mail of a pornographic nature la the shipping Label would read rally oriented advertising and if a requested by the and be returned to the sender unopened at no Cost to the the Bill defines sexually oriented As any advertisement that depicts in actual or simulated or explicitly in a predominately sexual human any act of natural of unnatural sexual any act of sadism or Mas och or any other erotic subject directly related to the fore open daily to open thursday and Friday until 8 30 civil rights teams seeks race Unity Germany a a department of de sense civil rights team moved into West Germany today to study growing racial tension at military Frank Render Deputy assistant Secretary of said the teams Mission is not to determine if there is a prob Lem but to assess the pro Grams and policies of the departments equal opportunities West with about troops and 12 per cent of them has experienced a series of racial incidents Over the last several 4 be ready when the cold winds special Purchase untrimmed Wool Coats will hold your selection in layaway save 54 90 and Pett 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