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Baytown Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1966, Page 1

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Baytown Sun, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1966, Baytown, Texas The Sun invited and 409 James to the Branson this Coupon Good through september 28 for two when presented at the Box the movie now showing is the greatest Story Ever told Micro film Sigl Box Tex service s b Apt Otott your Home newspaper serving Bayt Erthe Golden Circle of Sochi was Texas 31 77520 september 1966 Telephone number 5828302 ten copy City employees Are honoured for service at annual picnic f m f City employees were for serv ice saturday afternoon at the annual City employees picnic held at Roseland Twenty year service pins went to be Berry of the water department and Edna councilman Andy bras handed out the 212 received retirement watch at the annual Outing saturday is enjoying the gathering with his Williams of 3120 and his Dwayne two other City employees also received certificates for watches As they retire from City service Oty manager Fritz made the presentations of receiving the awards Aro Augustine and ten year pins were awarded to Jean 3agtion of the City managers office and other left to Rowe and late news a Tropi Rte storm Inez grew into a Hurricane today and roared toward the Leeward islands with top winds of 80 Miles an the weather Bureau hoisted Hurricane earnings Over the Leeward at the East end of the Caribbean sea from 3iarie Galante to heart rate also High space Walker bushed before he left ship space ship to take his shortened stroll 11 space Walker Richard Gordon revealed today he was tired and had a pretty High heart rate even before he left the space Mother Dies sue Mother of Ben Thomas of 1610 died at saturday in a Baytown the body was sent to the Wrigh Ferguson funeral Home in for services and burial by earthman Funer Al Parent teachers Council Cedar Bayou Parent teach or Council will meet at 7 monday in the school Auditori rotarians meet medical opportunities will be discussed by Lynn Hodges at the regular meeting of the rotary club at noon wednesday at the Tower Coin club meets the Bayshore Coin club will hold its regular meeting at 7 monday at Sterling Munici pal officials said there will be a door weather Clear to partly Cloudy with tie possibility of scattered afternoon temperature Range 7090 Optimist meeting coaches and officials of the Baytown Optimist clubs pee wee football leagues will be recognized at a regular meeting of the club at 7 monday at the it will be ladies a film on football will be three closes open three classes Are still open for enrolment at Lee they Are automotive electricity and ignition elementary clothing construction and advanced clothing anyone interested should Regis Ter As soon As possible in the registrars aldermen to meet the Beach City aldermen will meet at tuesday at the Community camber of general Tele phone will discuss the franchise set Ween his company and Beach Highlands pc teachers will be introduced at a meeting of the Highlands Junior school Parent councils parents night scheduled for 7 the meeting will de followed by visitation of the Asa Wilburn kicking up a storm about a Little bit of Honey Herbert Duke visits Sun office to pick up Ball game tickets and Loy Williams surprised by visit of their son Maurice on his Way from Dallas 10 Steele Mcdonald whizzes along Garth Road on a business Call Danny Underwood seeks some a burning mattress excites Normandy House residents Elizabeth Hill makes big plans for retirement Robert Weinberg tries out a new car fied Dittman left a pocket knife valuable to him As a Keepsake in the Yos Toffice Sun and he sure would take care of the person who returns it to Blair and Dot Mann attend a Houston swimming party Ronnie Anderson takes on a Brand new Low Cost Auto Loans citizens National member in he what he thought would be a 30second task of tying gemini 11 to an Agena with a 100foot Cord turned out to be a monumental task of about 30 Gordons walk in space Dur ing the record smashing flight of gemini u was eventually Cut Short because he worked so hard sweat poured Down his face in to his he told a news conference that he and his flying Navy Charles Conrad got about two hours ahead of time in preparations for the stroll the second Day aloft and even considered asking officials to let Gordon begin one orbit so essentially i was sitting there with no Gordon noting that he was already bundled just in his Bulky at this Point we were off the spaceships Cool ant and the pressure suit environment system was not yet turned they stopped the preparations and Gordon went Back to the spacecraft system for Cool As a he i was tired and had a pretty High heart rate before we opened the Gordon said he really got tired while straddling the nose of the gemini 11 a while it was linked to an Agena rocket they had captured in the worlds quickest he looped the Cord from the Agena to the gemini for a later formation flight sex he called this the biggest Shock of my Gordon explained that in simulations Earth he could do the Experiment in about 30 Sec but found it difficult in space to sit on the nose of the spaceship and use both i was unable to sit on the spacecraft like i had done in Zero he i kept floating astronauts use air planes on Earth to take Steep dives and simulate weightlessness for Brief All i had done in about 30 seconds in simulations turned out to be a monumental task of about 30 Gordon it was easy to perform in but was really work in Conrad described the Quick rendezvous during which they caught an Agena during the very first orbit As right on the the Public conference Marks the end Ocean extensive series of space of technical experts and Fel Low Gor Don and Conrad planned to Fly to Washington to attend a White House dinner to Honor German Chancellor Lud wig Erhard the two 36yearold pilots rocketed into orbit sept 12 after two frustrating delays and right off the Bat began setting space they splashed into the Atlantic Ocean with pinpoint accuracy three Days while they and lined with an Agena rocket in the worlds quickest space other space chases have lasted three and four but gemini 11 eased upon the Agena in less than to mans highest Altitude above using the main engine of the Agena linked to their spaceships the pilots set a new Altitude record of 850 breaking gemini 10s Mark of reef exercise Tom Hospital corps Nan third son of and Jen Kins of 509 Cedar Bayou is a Crew member participating i the first Fleet unit eager this exer Cise is designed to ready ships for combat roles in the Western Small world from now our world today officials Are consider ing a four nation blocking Force to Stop the infiltration of North vietnamese into South Viet american Railroad experts seek to improve battered Viet namese Allied forces claim nearly 300 communists killed in weekend West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard will ask presi Dent Johnson for postpone ment of an agreement to buy equipment Worth diplomatic sources republicans Are ready with their own Antipoverty plan As the administrations program reaches the House what does his Barber say about president Johnson pretty fussy and very Metic Lynda Bird Johnson and actor George Hamilton enjoy a weekend of water skiing and picnicking at the Lej two typhoons leave 309 japanese dead or missing and do nearly damage to Bruce Elpaso times visits the Tara Curnara indians and finds they Are suffering from Star of workers tour palsy Center Here bombers Knock out red gun Sites gloomy future King blasts american Church Dallas Martin themselves with the statement Luther King forecast a gloomy that the Law against which they future sunday for the american protest is Storey said it was up to the courts to determine whether any Church unless it come to grips with racial inequality and ceases to Mouth pious Irr Elaw was Legal or levance and sanctimonious third the most John Bishop of in Dallas to address the anon said it was Nual meeting of the International logical and psychological Al convention of the Christian for christians to love churches of King said the Church must recapture its prophetic Zeal or become More than an irrelevant social club with a thin veneer of the Atlanta civil rights Leader continued honesty impels us to admit that religious bodies in America have not been faithful to their humanity has no you cannot Send it a Christmas the Bishop he advocated the love of individual persons King it was a stench in the nostrils of god for opponents of negroes civil rights to say that negroes Are not ready or the time is not Ripe for full racial convict goes on trial in Viola Liuzzo murder Kun flux Klansman a Daniels of was Eugene prophetic on the ques already under a 10 year Federal prison slain by Coleman while the two clergymen were in Lowndes county helping be cerebral palsy a United fund in is toured by of workers prior to the opening of Tho Campaign on John director of the assists one of the youngsters who receive physical therapy and rehabilitation service at the United fund division chairmen looking on Are John commercial Ralph general and alien goal this year is of racial trial in state court in a voter registration at an Airport news the killing of Viola ence before the Church a civil rights admitted shooting ing charged that the the Call of the docket men but claimed self de proportion of negroes Century old american combat troops in found the state seeking was questionable reflects the deep an assault special Deputy would go to f discrimination in our a special Deputy this week regardless of of wounding ruling because the we need to rectify rights worker in charge against i where Only 10 per in the slaying of Liuzzo of the population is general priority on the 3d per cent or so of in personal the wife of j loops in Viet Nam Are both Union official Antic a judge Werth wag slain by gun he also told reporters he would ask to from a passing car March Black Power is an dismiss without after the Selma to Unate use of words and the indictment civil rights Coleman of had joined others in the i agree with its use and was driving negroes t Means the massing of a Highway to economic and political and member of a of but if it Means alack then i have Lowndes county is charged with assault and Battery in the almost fatal works i believe in striped Power and White no tragic development on a White roman Catholic the Richard Morrisroe of his 69th fall our country than to one tyranny for another speaker at the has said repeatedly he feels Coleman should have been indicted on a More a former than assault and a Pope Paul f the american bar indirectly attacked King m the use of civil which carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a dismissal of the his 69th birthday with a Normal 18hour working which King has Long indictment would leave today urged to or negro open for a later grand Catholic theologians open Robert charge Coleman with a a we Klong International former vice chairman of in Rome to debate civil rights was but to respect each oth Aid that some participants and a Ivil disobedience student pontiff also asked the the experts to show the to avoid errors in inter United Carbon ecumenical Council doctrines modernizing the to be cited for in a letter to the he told the theologians to infuse their debate with Chari Robert senior safety supervisor to prevent Sharp resident of Ashland Oil and Cardinal ining and manager of the Vatican read the resident of United Carbon manufacturing of at the Domus Pacis vill address a safety will present the of peace or United Carbon employees award plaque and always before your i dinner monday at san will give the following rules Unity safety Liberty in doubtful the dinner is to recognize the 87 Baytown employees who executives attending Wil be executive Charity in How Many deplorable How worked a year without a lost Lime Accident and their to the president of m t sterile controversies have Arisen Owins to Lack of John coordinator of Safe who will present depart mental safety and Bill 67s Are higher Good Stock All special prices Thad Felton since 1934 Ager Industrial United j Carbon labor relations United car and Conj sultans and retired vice presi Dent of United and past president of United rubber and chemical Charles manager of United will others on the program include Myers and it the Pope called for full and free investigation of theological issues before the but cautioned for adherence to the essentials of the body of doctrines of the he said personal convictions should never be upheld As established truth and praised Exchange of opinions As a method of humid Ify and raids hit 4 missile bases also South Viet Nam a bomber pilots re ported silencing 10 antiaircraft gun positions in North Viet Nam sunday along a main line to communist during 127 bombing raids in the fliers also at tacked four surface air mis Sile Sites including one Only nine Miles Northeast of Navy attack bombers reported destroying a North vietnamese torpedo boat 50 Miles Northeast of Haiphong in the ground fighting in South Viet Nam dwindled to Small and scattered actions after a week end in which South Viet namese and korean forces re ported nearly 300 Viet Cong and North vietnamese during the raids Over the a air Force fu05 Acde chief was shot Down and the Pilot is it was the 386th plane reported lost in the War Over North Viet the antiaircraft gun positions knocked out by air Force Thun kerchiefs were part of a Chain protecting the Northeast rail artery 50 to 55 Miles Northeast of the red a spokesman Navy planes from the aircraft Carrier Coral sea attacked three Sam Sites in the Thanh Hoa and the spokesman said they heavily damaged All the fourth missiles nine Miles from was pounded by air Force marines operating near the demilitarized zone Between North and South Viet Nam re ported a possible kill of 60 North vietnamese army regulars i a fierce fight the leathernecks were hard hit reporting moderate in a predawn attack Over the demilitarized zone air Force b32 bombers Jia mered North vietnamese infiltration routes and Supply and storage i sources reported three helicopters lost in South Viet Nam one by enemy one by artillery fire and the other in a two crewmen were killed and injured when one helicopter the crashed in a mine Field at Bien copter knocked Down by ground fire 21 Miles Southeast of Saigon were flood Waters continued to Rise in the reaching rooftops in some sections of the hardhat provinces Chau an Ken Phong and Kien some vietnamese have been made homeless and thousands Evacula but no deaths have been the first armed forces television station in a combat zone in Viet Nam was in a tap cutting ceremony Sun Day at qui order your kiwan1s apples now National Bank of Baytown atm tit

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