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Baytown Sun, The (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Baytown, Texas Cloudy with a few thundershowers tonight and Satur to change tempera fresh Southeast and South russian Heads huge Jien smuggling Senate group hears a russian identified Only As Monovich has been named As the Kingpin of a Lucra it alien smuggling Racket Between Cuba and Here secret Senate testimony disclosed Flie Story was told to a Senate judiciary subcommittee Foj Miami immigration officials at a closed hearing in the resort City they said he is a Legal Resi St of Cuba and actually worked for the immigration ser one he has been behind every smuggling Effort apprehended Border patrol in this Donald chief inspector for the Miami l transcript of the which was conducted by Ator James was discussed to the Senate judiciary committee earlier this to committee promptly voted a continuing investigation Lihe whole committee chairman Pat said Story tied in with other congressional testimony to in Date that Cuba is a focal Point of communist efforts i the Western he said he is concerned Over ease with which aliens can enter the United states that Kelley told the subcommittee that Simonovich has been Loging aliens passage to the United states at s750 to 0 a he said they have been flown to by airports in and around Here is some evidence that Simonovich now considers planes too dangerous and May switch to the of they added that it would be relatively simple kind aliens on the ten thousand Island group near Lades i Senate opens debate 5 railroads on second instalment of military Aid funds the Senate opened debate today by on a of military Aid to free nations fighting 03 v tit measure was assured certain to pass but some lengthy arguments were before the final w i one proposal by senator Henry Cabot of would permit use of Ega counterpart participating nations put up to match us Keady Jamboree bound 3oy scouts Are William Bill Martin son of and 3l Martin of 701 Gainard Richard Dickie son of and Smith of 113 Scott and Kobert son of and Gunn of 113 West Annn Icett Rogers photo where a appeared near strike Kad shut of Timsic deliveries ollege students stranded guard Label ship firetrap1 nation Cit yes accounting t Hundred Many of the stranded students students from All parts of put fat Dor United stranded Here tories of University and coast guard condemned the College of aty of new european cruise a Tork had Money the norwegian govern went to High on Hud but said it was fire and could f rom 2stew Harbor until its fire hazards Ibsen the students Norse to get vre sail aboard the or whether we Are forced alternate accommodations is squarely the ii a spokesman norwegian con said he was awaiting 1 from until it 3 save nothing to he our contract with the nor Erskine Chil president of Thena tonal students provides that Clear Ance of vessel its Pas sengers under the Laws and regu lations of the United and at Rotter Dain is the responsibility Rof the owner the the Svalbard was built in Ger Many in 1938 As a it was used in the invasion of Valley landmark of tie american will Bethe Baytown area boy scouts Ween they leave Here at 7 Jarru for and these boys have been preparing for the big trip to the National Jamboree of the boy scouts of America in at after buying and preparing All the necessary equipment painting tents with appropriate Texas emblems such As the Lone cowboys and Texas and completing the of details for such an the boys have All their duffle packed and Are to Roll j a specially designed packed by Alt Jain spree will identical uniforms composed of Moss Green blouses Moss Greenland Yel Low knee length Khaki trousers Long Brown stockings with Scarlet tabbed Gart the ensemble is completed by coloured Jamboree i of in describing their preparations for the their Sou Venir collections must not be boys the Jamboree Trade souvenirs their state or country and Texas boys have been frantically Rattlesnake steer Texas replicas of landmarks and boys composing East Harris Jamboree troop 14 will go from Here to Houston tomorrow see Scouter Page 2 would Cut the Cost of the arms Aid program to us taxi House of expert the measure provide for Atlantic pact for Turkey and for South and the Philippines for the general area of Southeast Asia elsewhere Congress Public you Stdio i gave Fhaner reception to the in Baytown today a standby draft Bill which would of the itys on let the president Congress is not in ses City has asked me their to to Survey and make c2o Nijiu band fund goes Over Oiler Benefit game brings in ranking gop Mem on what needs of the House armed services want know whats we will insist Good and How to keep if on the under which and whats bad and what can be nobody but Congress could order done to Correct Dossey the Start of Haner and Doss Eyare auditors at fee York Lions Cius fund Campaign goal of the fund drive was Sosoo to Send the Robert e enough Chi school band to the lion convention Cago and Backhoe a with Allex at Chicago in mid july went Penanes the top with i a hang last of Nuncess Margaret picks Man Shell wed Fickli Young scottish Earl of Dalkeith is Royal Choice de together in gone to in he is scottish Ojo Princess mar the theatre and visited at in the present raging Campaign for Cas picked the Man she each others More Home Rule for i me is going to Rode the same extremists speaking of breaking staads said today he is the Earl at Ascot two and the Many ties with a immensely and Eali was oae of Tfaye House party at Union might be a calming scottish Duke of Windsor m the Buccleuch own huge areas six game in Humble proceeds the i Gaine amount Dho Weil chair Man of the fundraising said hot latins use tongues and pistol Buenos two members of the chamber of deputies fought a Duel with Pis Tols each one shot at 20 neither was per nista Deputy John William Cooke and Radical part Deputy Inore than 5300 raised from game brought the total Tormore than Aino unt in will be Ari nou aced in the near Bau club made it a perfect night All the Way around by defeating age of Houston will pro the opposition for manager Clarence pillows Crew at 8 today in the Humble Clar ence former Houston Buff May Start on the Mound for Golden Cater reported that 430 adults 150 youngsters paid to see the Benefit umpires Heinie Schuble and Pete donated their As did Len pop Shires on the loud sex representative Harry the towns said place and Galena the put the the said is be Ger on sex criminals who Are Point done in much the same Tennial he urged speedy As Harris had House approval of his Plain set up a congressional committee to the Survey should be completed f tomorrow and the Reco Myrienda service Diplomat John some time motors due to was recalled by the sub Coin Mittee for secret on snaking r 101eak Oid strike sunday against the Denver formation he game ameralis new son i and Rio Grande the Chi or Omaha a great tie great the congressional Mother and her new born son the Island atomic Energy committee has met Are excellent of Western Pacific with of general electric facials of a Hospital the the Rock the company to discuss of the infant was born two ago Bow were Toi suspend Hydrogen reported see i i us re it the Goose Creek Navy was about grown so dont at i direct from the ready to hangout the so enough posted orders for eve so is a theatrical term for stand r does not her mind engagement will be announced on or 2gth birthday August Sari of Dalkeith is so Emi eligible for into family that courtiers were to Over s their speculation Over a mate for slender Earl who inherit Ibe Wavy red hair of his fight has been some close to the were childhood if in youth and in Post few years been is same they have Din Szces rest of the e full name is Wai president of the band officers dime a challenged Serrot last spoke briefly Over the loud tha night because the Radical called thanking everyone for the mands the flagship has him a traitor and a convert Job pressed another of his boats into in the warmth Ter Francis John Montagu Douglas for switching from the Radical to in addition to the Money raised service Wandha commissioned and of their Friendship led cynical Cour belongs to a family whose the per nista from paid Cater said Miral George Mckinney Man tiers to say they were too Good Dukedom goes Back to when Cooke also challenged Radical that More was raised by the Swain friends Ever to get countess Anne of a Duel passing the hat will be the deck but lately there has been a sub est heiress of her married the on the same seconds were the the there tie i it was also announce that Admiral Fred will give a description the flotilla enter ing the Trinity River radio Telephone to radio station Suzanne gathering of Southeast land a subset heiress of her married the on the same seconds were theban performed during the there were indications today noticeable change in the Duke of Huegi Tamaie son scheduled to arrange the details at seven thinning stretch that other boats would join the i of Charle 5und town Barfield and Hack go Tucker making an Early and hearing some relationship the tall Earl and the Charles Short Princess she is Only a mite the present eighth of Over five feet court circles the was so soften say it is Romance in full As a possible husband for Princess although technically Margaret can marry any White protestant re that an denial was issued is of his the Noby Palace in will be relieved if the Earl of today Buckingham Palace had is actually the final nothing to about the Romance he has Breeding and of Margaret and the Earl Church stands by repast minister admits he attacked girl 14 noon by United press the Lee will leave Tommy Morrison of greens from Houston train for Chicago Bayou pondered the at Friday they the Goose Creek Navy is no will arrive in Chicago on the Fol closed Admiral Felton lowing atthe Stevens they pounds of Catfish hotel while and Start Home at the White and route changed to miss Bay own Inte brings suit for s12 Wjt junk Premier Oil and of Texas asks damages an antitrust complaint against 12 Oil companies and 19 South i oilmen operating in the done theban will special the train that the Texas have be ships and chartered to make the obtained on ddn Jack was chairman of the Park the ticket committee did ask that All working on the commit Craft meet at Cedar Bayou tee were cd yacht Basin at so the cuz Fred trip can be a Allen Rice and that the Admiral Sparky nobody win left the the proposed route for Robert property in old manager Middleton said Houston county funds for improvements to City jail May be included in the county supplemental budget on the and of the Hugh county Commissi Osier Hugh May agreed to the May reported to the commissioners the City manager talked to these court yesterday on plans for improvements to the 5aia Howe and putting on a pretty with their antics at a Holl Wayand Allen Rice a Duel in the Sun Sooy All snowed under with Ria lots Garrett herring Joe at a compete Lavern for and getting that was welcomed grabbing the Coffee everybody Relsa is a i and t i i ii i to install new he Mer Manlove Kirks has Ritt Cirks flock stood by him to first class Joh As Day As he faced charges of raping almost everybody fed one 3oung girl and slugging two for him and his Young Stead of Beulig can a 27yearold War Veteran stable Hurley often and the father of two baby Daugh j1 admitted yesterday that he Unity a 14yearold girl on a coun Over his first pastorate of the succeed Unaa 01 me Road and beat her two com Vii Knox beavers tonight win be installation banquet Kannarr of Junior chamber of Commerce and Johnson will be in the see what could done about changing the proposed route inspected the of the North South thoroughfare so this reek and j As to leave City property behind City officials is a possibility that an addition to the jail could be of the Jaycees and stated a president of the Jaycee beavers and Johnson t j of vhf of and Beather two com pan ions unconscious with a Ger Man Luger if convicted of he faces a charge possible death Walter chairman of the Board at the disciples of Christ his Taul nobody wanted x night so those City make tip games Kirk was afternoon one of he had Felt urge to pickup a woman hitch Church where Kirks is said hiker once but had resisted the minister was undoubtedly the Kirks reserved with four divisions in arid head by a will be the Humble dining beginning at to out with some turning mail nearby neighbor pulling hard for the band the Church fund his confession difficult to i Nabor Oua Mil Texas first aluminium Plant port Lavaca Texas first Plant willbe open Here formal Cere including an address1 by Henderson letting on he usually onetime so Dan Stallworth everything that for kind of Feller Shaf tries to friends with me right off the Ani Erica the Minum opened Texas congressmen it tend opening include Kehne Iii Clark Joyd John Eryle and Frank Boykin the the new Jaycee presidents a product of Scott missis but been a Baytown resident since he received his the barn in old Pelly intact the drive will a curve at Riggs Street toward the old rail the addition would be used Road right Otway and straighten Justice of the peace court space be provided for sep Arr ate for and connect West main quizzing s by with Market just of be withing to pay the Jailer if the out again at Isavro Robert drive will run North and South old Pelly with Market just Lee drive has been changed to the Market Decker drive we were certainly get the change Middleton continue education at Robert High if Flere College and missis for the tray the was Laid out originally it would would have necessary three of the welfare houses 35 a buteo this change to since beavers been employed the technical service department of the Baytown wife is named Polly and they Are the parents a 15 daughter Inarae these Andy at 407 from Crasti Les Fhi Irmin of

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