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Baytown Sun Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 1

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Baytown Sun, The (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Baytown, Texas Sun a Oknan thu the ouch 2i Tot two the Bru Viboit Box office to move now showing who minding the Stork Tutu your Home newspaper Golden Circle of Southeast Texas Texas december 1963 precautions against freeze advised Telephone number 582330 ten cents copy a of 20 predicted for the Bay town area tuesday night and should protect water ten Ner vegetation Ami ear the weather Burrau in Houston a howling North will buffeted Hay town All any sunday and wll into the bringing with it freeing rain and skies Clearing in Lafo Chi Rem of an ice the temperature plunged t in unofficial 33 m Bay town sunday Many residents had fix Ixon Eva try degree Low forecast Here tonight Jiff i i us i i r 11 pipes monday whip some car the penury dipped Lowns in decrees in some areas of Llesis cols Are advised to water miming to avoid no turned half break in the ilium Hong cold is the High tuesday will be Down to 8 my Sulphur Only in the Jim Illo Grande the asset Jakl in less Clear Skios Snow in but frigid continued to chill the Knerly morning from Fifo Rishi id Valley add the Terni Tonj Nofu Inifi if is rapid damage sunday but Farmers grrr concerned Over predicted hard monday a Low of Nrec Typl for upper Valley Early Tupuda i slug tempera expected to Dennl the ire and Snow re Fin Jhc Northern Hilf of hut another Harry with 15 to 2r degrees were monday temperatures Earv Mon Day included lob Lxvi and fort Worth 10 degrees Scilla and 11 Wuo in Beaumont and mid and in Houston 20 Laredo 24 and Victoria and san an Lonio 25 Kilgore in East Blank eted under six inches of a nov had a temperature nine degrees monday morn leading were in a far South As the up Grande up and Down the Valley in Pitt weather protect Ion devices a Harl but the Mercury did nor in the a Jav of i be weather predicted Noih Phard for the Citrus and Zirli Aren monday up in five inches of Snow up Ijiri across front it panh Aurili die we led of Kast chs Marshill five Tyler hive and dal flopped and skies Inie for few Clouds along rlucons1 in hip Wichita skies were Clear in the to Jinny the a Host of cold Jur heralded the official arrival of Texas Gas supplier of for Sroul of announced Lis use by its Industrial cts in areas his by Ibe which went into of casualties feared As ship Rescue continues j lov1kdn up a l forced persons to the Iris truss Konin in the Verc in and Knorp than All appeared possibility of s aboard greek All Bur Slin disaster struck Sun cruise ship la in the Atlantic a Fiir Jua to Siulc opera Tion plucked hundreds from the Ocean and More were being saved a air Force said Ranger from 170 to Day night 651 passengers on a mostly British but including four and a Crew of report of the to was and f hip ship explosions Baytown is bustling with Yule activity walks away Maltor u walked the m Reck Pun after it approach to Philadelphia International him two and Koura h monday with Las minute preparations for a Jianfu also expected to late Bav tuesday be a Rath hectic Day shoppers rare the then when Tisall ionian1 will join Over the world in Mas pm ploys of area with 01 hers quiet Chansl close Muai downtown sets tag the regular time of and other and department stores at hours rocked her 60rfoot length when Rescue vessels arrived on the scene about Iso Niles North of Casablanca water j Wai dotted Wanh ii Febok and swimmers great Clouds of rolled up from the a Priboi peo ple wild with of waved from lifeboats a rescuers approached Olheis struggled to swim far from the Lakonia As they or temperature was r4 i warm enough to give those in Lores the spa a Chance to the arcs t and 8 throughout child for officials of Tjie Tine believed i two babies and to under 2 were some so including Humble Oil and ing Bay i j a Huber and United Carbon will have a Holiday Only Skeleton Crews Tull work Christmas merchants full no Reinila Clr Kunc hours the Post will be closed Mau d tossing lifeboats and of in the wafer incl unto their children afloat us Sun spots close at Mas and i 3 thursday be and British my Hilary irn closed m be maintained trash which is made on Dies Bay trnian nerf Uncle of died sunday in survivors in a Ludo f and Virgil Gor St 10 tuesday at the pm Quirch in i if Oil weather and tides Ron to nerd rold tier Nugoli t Harl in Alrh at not Iru it s Myca schedule Tife Myca Christ Jis holidays schedule has been there will Noti Vilics Voith adult supervision from 9 to noon for girls from 1 to 6 for boys each monday that nah will of close on Iris Trinh books winners Roarks won first in the five Island onks Tori Strons Deco is tetons of Jack 1908 Oak Uon preppy a rpm and Skib Gor bore pickup of Lark or no str Biira pick up in Channel on Iris turfs p5rhups ill Resu Nir f airman at Orlando airman first coins of 200 san Una nor veil i Oren non air Force Fin for duty with a tactical he is the of and cd Fjon of Ray town and is b in Uluave of Anahuac High the daughter of 200 san High wishes very Flat Happy or Titmas Dave me ranks of Bayton Aas whose water a pcs sinday night after Sinval me seasons first Blue Jamla Kwh things thai what says a certain Christ Inas gift prevail Jim Bond and Beverly dont rum Wonzong on in they work part of Many sundays Gentry All George into a heavy and Scarf when he mail Call Iitto sea Lam Cravey plans to tahe Olf save for a Brief business Fri m Mexico our Ward retired from a Iris Mas vacation in and other Points fort weather Prophet Chester Rog in was Medico Aid sergeant first John Nie of m Rozite has completed an emergency medical Aid Ronda Czetl by rhe Eva Catlon Hospit a George my completes germ on course Robert my of and Paul guilt of 1s03 hns Rubrn plated a German course con ducted by the seventh army in he is a grrr Lunte of Robert no Rotor y rotary i Only partial Crews on duty at fire and police Gar Bage pickup will not be affected and the regular thursday sched ule will t will be moved up a and trash will be picked up the Baytown Sun will publish its traditional Christmas eve edition Choc full of Yule features and personal about what folks Are do Witik Christmas the Sun will Bay towns c h o o 1 s dismissed classes letting out some said a c54 flying Over the from the azores told of the it said tar 00 were wearing jackets but All appeared to be radio messages Nojd of i dramatic the master of Tanker kempt on eng reported there Are a lot of people in the water we Nany As possible the vessel was on fire where except for the aft por said a radio a 7 a called for h 50 pet1 ent putdown by pm refit West Iii Aiea which includes such towns is Abilene tiie company placed Wrea from Southern Oklahoma through i dal fort Worth arid to Georgetown under a 25 a Sioke Sinai said the order did no Refici a shortage a to the is done to line with con tract with these Industrial a plants whenever a strictly As a pre Chrition in had i the order will remain in Al Foft until h bad weather the spokesman temperatures Hov ered below coals of Snow and that made highways hazardous for Woro Risis did not in Many depart unit of to warn motorists 10 use extreme a warming trend wok expected to Start mourners pay Gordon Honor k kit Leo hat Max of of hundreds of a Kopjo monday a sad Hoh Dav was member of ton Ris inv mourned the Palm Bucud of us Sypes of san Jarinen of cordon l Hospital and Tede find memorial social for Many of death inst Turk d Ibe retired town a Rinager of Jumble dlr Nosi at hip Borj the 1mie the transition to the methodist con up genre and Lem amed so hair baby Dies Voitk of few i y s cd Munifo in ribs the holy of Gary a in of Jurinic round the burning Are picking up a from one of three planes the 57th air squad Ron based in the Goodfe lows pack bags goal still Short 55co for years Day the next meeting mid new will for they turn to class rooms j Osc pm 4 w a Roc h to 1 Damn Isid Friday and collide total my will return to school thru Arv in the up Rev i the the Union the then to help a Ehver la r the chief f and Illinois family stopped by Welcome stranger their Are survivors still inthe the Feather in the area is repotted1 a n vinous unt i Al other i rods h the accounts of Bun Odix Call i i s will he Volunteer i j Onuf his jays a to he most move away Rene Ember Send the front door of the vast e finer he served he live until the his last assignment routine ices i for 2 pm moriday Maiks methodist with the the and a vane t District and for Amer St Maiks official he was Horn in were conducted by Goose Creek 119j at the Forest Park mausoleum in hous Suu Nois include mis famed Julia Ann Wright Baytown Hoo g o r d o n Hennein Wright and Kobert both i Baytown two Sis John of Jiunti of j j Baytown and Khz Beth Hahn of Baton n William of Baton pallbearers were Joe Van Merj Jampo is nor albeit son and Idieo honorary pallbearers were members of Baytown and Al sonic and uits of the Baytown refinery of i Fumble ii and refining officers of citizens of Texas Ings and i association Andi National Bank and Trum co of the Borford i of Jacinto Lios and Foi i the of Sari Phinio Fino i 1 lid i Man few weeks most Active in the Bov scour and Houston Harris Rajie 2 cok Dox Fakir cd the in i Hud pm Tom and children of Mui Here of the were s is Reed Plears of Fon Berlin Wall firing Mars yuletide Harlim api German in a to flee therlin to Day As other Ami log red fld satiny West to khmers through the fierling Wall to visit in the communist see the lines Don m us the a Viown been annual at Liat this from the Suene Indi d the ing through the u i by the Ofhie most and Holiday the Here detained on Highway 146 by Baytown t my Man Ray Hardy Uhi Lethey were in route to Seabrook to visit mrs cot ton a bother Ami and or Ken Al limit Hainly stopped the Chi Ard be Gmo Naros were Lotfi Chauv Mcd by Wilton her of the Optimist the honoured family was then taken t to the Holiday inn to enjoy a l thus 11hs Bly the Iii i radioed she Grid picked up some some the a i s freighter Salta Leporld to have Horn to 400 rhe British Saki it had a Xii Vilois she Argentine a nor bad the her engines would h Oion or lilt for his is film i r in find tit my in h Chi will fifth o thu onh Burion child to Hov Tov Host s in of nou Lull Ali Ihm v Tondu Chieti Hart Hunan Al Home of the Farned for Ole and in pvt oven j after Jei his town Ala trims i it was oif i t a i of Fri onh in he As Funchal in the Brit ish Consul Ai Funchal is love army Frankie spa a list 2 five whose lives at 131t win has completed a German Ian Girage course Rood red the Fonh Armor Rvl division in Ger Hotto Woy father of Bishop of Ward died monday morning in funeral arrangements Are pending c 10 hints from Sutu Vechine guns at Man apparently twins i much the to Souphom to of West could not see prior the the victim he Early morning he Light and heavy but heard the Mirds shout halt this was followed by a Fillad the Tho followed by of a Wall m the Beau of the flow of hot liners Loday after 1 to Tuin ots at Nav Friday from England to with then parents Are resident business l he at Advirn islands Iii in is n the fruit the our world today t i 01 nationally known treas Lei jul Amilt Jority and Iran Chr Timur Ralty of Dirl Sun Flay in in ii in a h in re Frim to Ajbai he be retd Fostir in int us nov s from iv17 to lie in Ted in the Ivl irjary in my h a Kkt Nill to Iii i Quonn h and drove St Raicht the nigh until Rei Rhine mrs Ottofaro w when the Lati ill was drive my b t i 006 will know i but id better she later told Martty she a tent Knovs he Stoppel fellow hid b u r it i them hut that when we it Van car inv can Whirles said Paul it would i Bavlo Wrt the i c in Nin from Xii Iii Sofii i Attr in sued i Ifil on Sudri is the turn nn1 t Fin err a Inifi Unrine to Tuhn inv or there until h j i menu by if in in gird j m to plan la t 1 Vietn pm h to in indent o the or n w lit m m d Iuri t lir i t f x Foll t n1 he 111 ii ii my bulletin Dallas off Cert took a Pisto from i trip per called i Rodsy in the Bond hearing for Jack a ghz Clup Ope Rator who lulled me accused diva skin of president the gun Ems found a Scarf in fhe purse of it strip leaser named Karen Lyn Riffle performs in Rubys Carousel it was found flt officers tearched witnesses they were taken into the courtroom of be Ivorn a group the including miss vere tit Lien info in anteroom to Repir to the shorty after Rubys Bennett said Ruby had sent her Money for her she lives in fort defence m Homey Melvin Belli tried to establish whether Dallas police had taken precautions against la Man with an in mind in preparing for rhe Transfer of pc har vey charged murder irs assassination of president from the of the county was when Oswald being led the Dautas m Roby stepped a crowd of newsmen gunned him the family was officially pilgrimage by carrying a wooden Cross along via the Street of As the chief the t do i tree of Cobb Dies rites on tuesday Don and is having b wonderful time although in has been freezing at Ever since i got the Bill Adams family on Florida Street get a real sur Yvrose visit from Santa Claude Mccule Ufland has Ftp on a Hay More than went this is a real Fine and h5s first As shopping easier when you me a raft from tick the Wail during same period rut at the u termites in 1 poisons queued tip in freezing member 10 for although we have heard about the friendliness of we never Exive med anything like Connaro the Only complaint they against Tex was in Pope s proc atm with his curb Las broach cast to the the will up him Busy inmost until he Veun Fis Mui iced in cd jct q Prat foul for the the drive voc of the v ions Bettr Jixie n or hrs h inc a of of of rights i it noels Bill be passed in resident and Vij the Cobb plumbing survivors Are of he by in s 10 the a j of Linja Nastor Chunjie ant Cheek of finn cram

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