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Baytown Sun, The (Newspaper) - December 18, 1960, Baytown, Texas December i960 editorials we must be ready to go it going to take t maximum of give and take and plenty of hurtle on the part of every one involved Between now and april 1962 if the Houston National league baseball club is ready to claim the franchise it fats been offered the other National league club owners awarded a franchise to Houston provided a stadium suitable for major league baseball is the Only Way one can become available to build it from funds county voters authorized Over two years often Public projects move and it is Good policy that they move in this the Pace must be if dirt work on the Mammoth covered air conditioned stadium not started by 15 Well never make it by starting Day Houston and Harris if they fail May not get a Chance again to yet the franchise and other facilities 3uch a will finance for at least a there Are going to have to be some How can we accomplish this task we must have Confidence in our leaders and support the plan they a Tarball and Park Board members must take the Public completely into partnership through the and other Media and Tell them All from beginning to end implicit honesty must be the order of the and in that the Baytown Sun Haa watched this movement from its and the Sun has 100 per cent Faith in the honesty and integrity of All who will called on to get the Job there must be 100 per cent cooperation from the Harris county delegation and from the state legislature and Price Daniel if enabling legis lation required Houston and Harris county can have the first covered in the world if the Complex picture can pfc put together it can be put together with the help and cooperation of All there wont be room for there wont be room for there wont be room for Houston and Harris county must go big if there were 24 to 30 months to finish the stadium instead of the Job would be a but there Only and that could be a because shortage of time often rules out unnecessary Houston can have a huge stadium and auditorium All wrapped into one it will not compete with smaller facilities for smaller Houston and Harris county can have an Zircon covered facility for the biggest sports events like world championship boxing huge Church and patriotic National and International conventions it in 30 it will a completely paid for facility owned by the county we cant stand around and jaw if we Are to have this it May code without any tax obligation to the a unique plan will be unfolded the City of Houston will be asked to contribute but utile but the City of Houston could balk the even the Highway department can figure m the Overall project the Sun you to wait for announcement of the finance plan study and you will see that there Are no in the a thu project rises in the Prairie off Bouth main within a mile of the Shamrock there will be some Rainy and some shiny thus the project has been dubbed a rain or Shine in the end Well have the weather Man completely Iti a big but the end results Are Worth the the eyes of the entire world from Tokyo to sew York will be on the lets go to Santa and the boy fish by Lucre it Hudgins Tau other views editors Stalc it in an oddity of our society All on a news Paf hrs sufficiency Are mailed or pinned to the All com Points Are mule direct to the this Dws not trouble the Cus Tomun this troubles the who absurdly h is a of like strangely few of the a tick wish to convert the editor Thev just want to get him they want to get a new editor no Thuv can it the new editor fired this a wild diversion that i undeniably it is diverting to a we paper can proclaim in promotional literature that 15 real by and that ran be True relatively it in often in an but such a newspaper Man see tent can get four letters a Day from its if the four Are the Man reaction is after is one note from rash if the four Are in the roof threatens to four critical letters constitute absolute or Cerf that the carriers Are tile printers me and the h Hunnan a it Doest actually matter if All four letters Are writ ten by the same critic under four different names the proof is this is really a healthy reaction a press unfeeling of Niblic opinion s a to the civil hut that Siroti Tiht All of this actively on is a note we got in the morning mail dear it in an obviously feminine 1 like your i it is Apt v like it we since he opened his own the publisher Hast been log Tomu Fred is Jim Preston published monday through and by the Baytown at pea Roe and Ashbel in editor and publisher business manager managing editor office manager circulation manager advertising department manager Paul Potman manager go rate National manager suns How twi Telephone Ca Natt Nelry by Rater Cerrow 9116 year Mai rate in matter at the poet of tact Walt Art of Congress of for i it or Ermima 14 it Sta ring Tom diving nippers Aad hog Given him by Loca cd on the to idiom of the Walkiw Wredt of the Blade with the Aid of the old can remember magic to Awata Saltet Elvei and Reindeer la me for chapter twelve the monster of the deep the sunken tilted on la Lay on the Ocean half covered by a Hundred hmm of Drifting Ali arc broken Roth from tie deck like Blue in a silent Blue Michael scraped at the Baradei and sea encrusted on the Mowls inc it Troj a with a Quick thrum of lie Suot up to the surface and swam bark to the he had gone a Long under water and twas some time before he Clov enough to it the Ive found it waved and thrash cd the Havrilo attract but there no of Cost Bricker High on the Michael grasped the rope that dangled in the water and tied it around pull me up he buttliere no Anwer from he yanked impatiently at the Sud Denly it tightened and slowly pulled him out of Chr water and up the tide of the Cliff he reached the top lie a ripped lie Edge and pulled him Vlf of its the he pushing fic maak and in Ucang the from her still on the How Plain be and Bli log he dropped the rope and turned to show with hit hand How big the Phlp the led from he head and Mouth full open in Surprise silting tie forc him on an old a was not Costen but re whiskered Man with the monster hurled the Chest into the a 3fingered Are you i am the moist or of the replied the he ribbed hired whiskered cola and gazed thought fully at you dont look like a said taking another step von you look like a t have Many the Mon Ster held up he a fingered i have Many on i fwd to have i Lom one in the wreck othe Aratoon a Hundred Yean i was a bar Nacle Riding on her when she Well Down i wan crushed be Neath i Loit another an a i was tossed a bore one Stormy night and a frightened Fisherman chopped off Ray now i have three lives that it very Pajl Media i but could you Tell me where is i left him Here on the Cliff where you Are fitting ii no Hes Here Bald the a monster and it at sea Chew on which he Jat that Box but i Hare put him talk the because he h after my Black i have Gooen rid of him i will gel rid of you because even if you do not gel the Pearl you will Tel Toben of it and try sure willbe Coin ing Here forever but not your Pearl protect a it belong to he we on the ship when tit Stokl very thing la the Ocean belong to said die so Aratoon Sank she became mine and everything on her i he Rose and began to shove the sea Chest the Edge of the from inside the Chest came a muffled help help he cant shouted hell drown threw Hon Whf on top the monster Michael aside and hurled the Cheit Over the Cliff and into the tomorrow the copy Rush of Drew Pearson says Washington whats really a Iii t stick a during the Wick huddles Over Ken Secretary of state is the future of unit controversial key City of Berlin and willing Ness to negotiate with in other the i Justion o n Lough policy or a flexible Olin up Over the perhaps of Peare or in part on the character Ami Wick around of tin new of Dean the former Secretary of state who lives Only a few blocks from Kennedy on p Streit in believes in a dont he was against Willai Stevenson it Hosp he Fri Iryl Adlai would not to when Acheson was Secretary of he followed his policy at that time the had easily the Strong est air Force in the Davit who lives at p Ami uth streets in just around the Corner from Ken Nedys House on n also believes in a touch As ambassador to West Germany ind a Ilose Friend of Chancellor Adenauer he tried to follow such is sometimes found that sen lower but in the interim since ache the armed strength of the United s t t e s hns in nipped Ceil land rear artless of the Politi ral pros and our military nip Aho have to do die fit Tilik Hase made it All too Clear that we Lack the strength we had when Truman and Acheson forced Whir Drain Itic showdown Russia omm the Berlin air lift in to Dan the Man Kennedy picked As Secretary of served As assistant Secretary of stale in the crucial years 194950 when Acheson was staging the showdown Over he under stands the problem of even he understands the fur served us assistant Secretary of state for far Eastern Ami Deputy under Secre tary of at the time the fared even More serious showdown with the communist world the korean Husk through me most difficult period of the postwar wrangling with he was one of the Young Colon res transferred from the Penta gon to the state department by George then Secretary of yet a n stale department official he sometimes wrangled with the army Over the ticklish question of hot Pursuit across the Yalu River into red chinese territory during the to Renn and it was Rusk who called to the White House one night in april 1951 to help Harry tru Man prepare the press release fir ing Douglas Macarthur is commander in the far Rusk is not a member of the Thrush Chi he is no but he is not As intransigent us ache he knows what it Means to go through another korean he understands the Ami he knows the political Pitfalls and the military magnitude of any military showdown with a nation teeming with in the new Secretary of state is a Middle of the roader with experience in the Kast and his eyes wide open regarding the the american embassy in mos cow has now diagnosed the communist Summit conference and sent word Back to Washington that out of the chinese russian Haggle emerged a six month at times the verbal slugging be tween the chinese and russian reds was and president Liu Shao delivered a four hour tirade against Thrush denouncing his appeasement of the West and demanding to know Why he was riving so much Aid to underdeveloped countries when communist countries needed Aid the chinese on Khrushchev were so bitter that even his enemies inside the Kremlin closed ranks came to his for the first according to word leaking out of the diehard stalinist realized that adj Knss Ive chinese communists a now out to take control of world and to keep their men like Mikhail Suslov suddenly moved Over to Khrushchev Side to help him Meef the chinese none of them Ever though Liu Shao would dare attack Khrushchev so viciously on his Home Ter the american embassy reports that lius language was so brutal it shocked even the communists who Are accustomed to brutal Lan the truce that was patched up from this vitriolic debate Means that Khrushchev is Given six months to make Good on his declaration that its possible to get along with the the chinese dont believe in his theory of co but have agreed to give him six months to try i jtistasvjuin1 today grab Thi Quick if you have what Nils you t what famous Man fought against where u Glen Canyon dam Belner to melt How Many a ukulele 7 Ninevah was the capital of what ancient Empire him said tour off Civit part of temper in and accommodation to w of Toik of Fame oui Thi Mem watch your Lanou of therm on to Hurmey on noun an electrically charged particle from an incan descent origin greek plus to a Rood year in both and chem May be an Tor is a ret a ablation Toni profit to Muckor c and to Raj Rev of h to ref to lofty of Sert oae Young pictured when he was is one of the worlds great Litiff etch born in Iowa years he studied two year at the Una a varsity of took it me out of earn a Croix de j Guerre As a world War i ambulance returned to architecture at for six years he practice then taught t at Oie to firer sity of abroad to study Art in in Don and on a Guffin Heim he won awards in the Paris he married French furl and made a Home in Paris for some Effene j fore rectum inf to new inf land to his led him to tace camera his Man Jono cwt Fra press writer photo Hooka sad calendars have made him even More amour or these Are Cape cod in the old Sturbridge i Laje and soft Sclee who is he who bore the same first and last names As etcher waa also though not a trained their radically Bora in new Hampe Tare a he is famous today toe a illustrated my which he wrote about his experiences a Laryman in the mexican War and As a Reamer in the wild who was he Bottom Wotawa it Happ mid today on the Date m years age in Many Charley Mccarthy made la National Radie with Edgar on dec if of tale Date in its Mower Yre ement iwo Dow Uswa Marteel Keith Balbec gait in waen Hsy Howo you Maki out Infra Tamalio of the Luedee of the heart Julius at Glen analysing the news by James Marlow Washington his inaugural address on the new Dwight i spoke of this Century of it has been More than time of it has been a Century of fantastic changes and of Chal Lenges without even in Eisenhower eight years in the White no one has More reason for con left about them than president elect John since he must face both the changes and the just to note a in the first 60 of this Cen Tury the Rise of communism in Asia and the disappearance of almost All the the emergence of dozens of new nations from colonialism in Asia and the changing concept of War to missiles with Hydrogen warheads that can be fired Crow oceans or from under this is the world Kennedy in Herits and must Cope the changes came in a Rush in Eisenhower prominent As Allied commander in Europe in world War ii he could have smashed nazi Germany in a couple of weeks if he had had an atomic but he there want yet within a few weeks after Germany gave in the United states developed enough atomic of end the War with at wars end this country was the richest thanks to the the most most of the rest of the world was broke and by the time Eisenhower took office in 1953 americas Complete dominance had started the soviet Union by then not Only had developed its own atomic ending americas monopoly on the newest kind of but within a few months after Eisenhower inauguration had the Hydrogen out of the ruins of War the so Viet Union leaped ahead amazingly in science and influx Western thanks to american came up out of and by 1933 All Over Asia and Africa new determined to have a life of their had be gun shaking off Noth ing illustrates this better than one in the United nations the Afri can Section in 1916 had Only three members and plus the White governed Union of South now k holds More seats than any other area sixteen african nations have been admitted to the United nations in the present session so the facing Kennedy abroad will be vastly More com plex than those confronting Eisen Hower when he first took for just to pick How in these next four Yean to induce new african nations with All their separate and diver gent to line up with the West instead of with thu soviet when Eisenhower took of Irp there was turmoil primarily n two places the War in Korr which the United states was fight ing the War in Indochina which the French were both wore wars against both wars Are Over but the world is in and in More even though this country int involved in there is chaos in the civil War in fighting on a vicious scale Between the French moslem in right in the american Back in there is a dictator ship which Calls the soviet Union a Friend and the United states an there it endless Turbo Lenc Ein parts of latin where Many people have grown to hate the United How do you stand by Bajuk Goldwate Washington reviewing the world events Al the past 15 we Lind ample evidence of the truth that the affairs of nations Are not determined by Good will alms gestures of rehabilitation projects and discussion the affairs of nations Are determined for Good or for evil by the soviet Union would not have gotten where it is today through the attractiveness of its doctrines and it has set its sights on District Concrete targets on geographical areas Power Cen ters which it Means to infiltrate and eventually conquer and then it Haa turned the full weight of its National plus the Power of the International apparatus it to these particular target the United states has never viewed the world struggle in quite this that is As a military Campaign where one isolates his marshals his forces and moves on to we have proceeded on the tacit Assumption that virtue has its own Reward and that our Only real problem is to make sure that the world perceives our we entered this sup posed contest for world approval with a kind of guilt per haps As our accusers the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima had something to do with it but i suspect the cause lies deep in americas past in our traditional attitude toward Power in order to prove that we were unlike our predecessors in Power began to lean Over backwards and to gear our policies to the opinions of there Are three fairly Plain course As Lor we have submitted to the imperatives of Sel defense in in in the Formosa in Berlin but in theme and Trust and american foreign pol icy has been primarily an exer Cise in popularity there Are three fairly Plain reasons Why deference to world opinion is so harmful to Ameri can it is self defeating in the other views Chattanooga news Farr pmc88 a Reader sent us the self explanatory Little item through the mail the other we believe its Worth sharing a True Story a Young Man lives with his parents in a Public hous ing he attended Public schools and participated in the fre lunch he entered the army and upon retained his National life insure he enrolled in the stare working part time at the state Capitol to supplement his i educational upon he married a Public health nurse and bought a Home with an Cha then obtained a Small business loan to go into a baby was born in the City he bought a Small ranch with the Aid of veterans land program and obtained emergency feed from the Gove Anent later he put part of his land in the soil Bank and payments Scon paid off Hin his father and Mother lived on the ranch very Comfort ably on their soda Security Rel lines supplied the the government helped him Clear his the cry Jonty a cent showed him How to Terrace it and the government built him a fish Poev then one Day he wrote his i Trish to protest these excessive governmental expenditures and attendant High i be Liepp in rugged t think people should stand on their own feet without expecting a hand i am opposed to All socialistic trends and i demand a return to the Polar to of states v0id you know a top Auto offer an fax ref Tiger Durine an sense that the very admiration and respect we covet is denied to us the moment we go out and beg for the would be beneficiaries of our concessions and self denials soon construe them As weaknesses and want and i speak now if terms of propaganda a Long history of trying to prove our Good Faith when it had never really open to has the paradoxical effect of raising doubts about our Good by not taking the superiority of our motives and our cause for we forbid others to take them for granted and we find our selves forced to make a new plea before the bar of world opinion every time pravda opens its in electing to gear our policies to world we have chosen the Standard that is most vulnerable to manipulation by our what is world opinion who participates in the How do you measure when we talk about world Opin we Are not talking about a consensus of two billion human most of whose opinions we know literally nothing we Are talking about that tiny Seg ment of the worlds population that can make itself heard the the the organizers for this or that the impatient the opportunist political figure and these voices who claim to express world opinion Are historically prime tar gets for communist by concentrating on these the communist influence is far out of proportion to communism real strength in the the readings on the applause me ters in popularity contests Are frequently rigged Only the inexperienced and naive would seriously attempt to shape american for eign policy to satisfy such an in How do you sir role verse and the spirit and the Bride and let him that hear eth and let him that is Athirst and whosoever let him take the water of life revelation know your Bridge by Jay Becker Kast both Saldee a both k10952 q10 47432 jb63 South 10954 North 3nt we Dent Baet South weat Pasa 1 it Pasa open inc of a hand reported the Brit ish Albert in it Ridge has some in ure suns it Vraa played Tat a team of four at the first South made a Good Riemee when he played the ten of clubs from Kin with the Declarer led the of Spades which West took with the after winning1 the duo re South cashed three Spades and the a of weat showing out Declarer then played a Diamond to due King and a Diamond in with the and with Only the ajm5 of had to return a permitting last Diamond and the Kyff of t to Moke As a Booth made tricks for a score of 630 at the second the nine of waa Alao opened against three the unlucky Declarer at Thia to go played the Queen from seat covered with Tae which sooth my returned a South took the Aoe end Casaver the a of showing out with Foum from bad to 1 hopefully led the ten of unwilling to look a Gutt horse in the grabbed tip Ace and ran Wulc find tricks to Thia position weat Jed the last dab mis South could take no More try Cal Dummy discarded a met a and Declarer a heart the Queen of hearts Lead video the coup de so the outcome was North South made ten at one while at other table with the tame opening Bast eat co Klag natures daily crossword King feature to Mem lubricate inem ceo Sll arps lady purpose Scotland sri Fabor tellurium Bullet sound not fresh Broad wrest in Job in malt Figura and hold legally Bora Breaul enclosure Scot a playroom old tires arc Baio Mother order guard stretched careened taut Jozap Aaeree Day tire vote sicilian Volcano German River Good Queen knot at waste Sok failure u girls name greek Island 4t ton of sorrow a Flamer

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