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Barre Daily Times Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Barre Daily Times (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Barre, VermontBarre daily time the Price two ," Vermont. Thursday september 23, 1920.v.ol. Xxiv. No. 162. Ermont Democrat Millerand was bring w Omen in Hartness Campaign Cost $38,260.99 besides found not a deserter because not legally elected to a y Premier becomes presi Dent of France succeeding Deschane inducted into service state committee increased to 28, a woman from each county be ing added platform adopted. Burlington sept. 23. Representative democrats rom All Over Vermont gathered at the Sherwood hotel yester Day for their convention. They adopted a platform voted to increase the size of the democratic state committee from 14 to 28, so As to include one woman from each county discussed various Campaign issues and were addressed by Rev. W. P. Johnson of Augusta 4le a prominent member of the methodist Church and Delegate to the san Francisco convention. After the convention the executive committee of the state committee or fast time mad National Assembly Barnes protest japanese suit Morton at Northfield fair. Made the Choice halts inquiry robbers took All Jack pots. Army Federal judge overrules u. Court martial Albany Man requested ruling whether is threatened new president has Aland re Becco carried off first Money in 2 race attendance estimated t 10,000. Large single item of expense to secure Republican nomination for governor was $19,155.80 paid to his publicity agents the Hays Adver Tising Agency. He should be examined further in Campaign expense investigation. Ways been keenly inter ested in labor cause Northfield sept. 23. Wednesday Washington. D. C. Bert. 23. A leases draft South Man called in who went to America before if California anti Japa n the Middle Day of the dog River Valley Tair was an Ideal Day and there was seven armed but unmasked men broke up card games record Breake r crowd. It was Estenta right of Way before the Senate com m it tee investigating Campaign expenditures wag held open to a for Wil Versailles sept. 23 by the associates legislation is enacted de that 10,000 people were on the ground. Mid a y was filled with sindhis number was called. De press. Alexandre Millerand to a Liam Barnes of Albany new York. Shows and fakers. The exhibits Gani Zed As follows Park h. Pollard of Cavendish chairman prof. George it Stackpole of Winooski Secretary Harry w. Witters of St. Johnsbury treasurer. The following were chosen As demo cratic nominees for presidential elec tors h. C. Comings of Montpelier mrs. Inez h. Bryant of Montpelier or. W. Barrows of Stowe arid mrs. Jes Sie d. Middlebrook of Burlington. The convention adopted a platform. In this the democrats endorsed the a the committee s inquiry begun Yea Floral Hall were excellent the Large was elected president of France by the National Assembly succeeding Paul Deschanel who resigned because of ill Gerdav into the publication of a Book in Coffee House at and greatest variety of vegetables Everon ground Billon republicanism in 1920" by or seen in the Hall. There were Good sex Barnes through i newspaper the Al health. Bib its of cattle horses sheep a Waterbury con unconstitutional St. Albans Messen Ger got $10,685.85 for paper Etc. Bany journal was temporarily stopped Swine. Judge criticizes action of court in finding guilt by or. Barnes denial that the affair the races were Good. Northfield Cor the Complete vote was As follows Alexandre Millerand in 5. Gustav Delory socialist Deputy fro had anything to do with the current police say the robbers go net band furnished music Between heats. Lynn Hill gave an exhibition Japan to ask u. S. Govern tonal platform at san Francisco com mended the work of the administration political Campaign and his request for Lille department Norde fit. Of acrobatic stunts that were very Gooda committee ruling As to Buetner be and the work of Vermont boy in the scattering 20. Blank we. The election took place in the his should be examined further. And ent oved by everyone. A demo War. Condemned the Republican party away with More than $3,000 f. Babbitt. Another ment to effect Settle ment of problems to a the committee was prepared stration of automobile jumping was for alleged partisanship in failing to with re Berds of charges made before it also Given. Topic Palace of Versailles. The National Assembly comprising the milliners of the Senate and chamber of deputies candidate for governor congratulate the country upon the winning of the world War condemned concerning the matter and hoped to 1 the summary of the races was As ready to decide the Point. Wasteful Congress condemned Congress w Waterbury conn., sept. 13. Seven Philip i. Rome of Worces Ter mass., had been sentenced to a year in a 1 military prison he was called to order by Leon Bourgeois the president of the , sept. 23 by the Asso cute press. The Washington government for failure to sympathize with the men unmasked but armed Early to spent $6,942.94, largest single item of which. Millerand received an ovation a Iceland committee named. President during his illness condemned the Republican party of Vermont for Dav held up a Coffee House of Bivi Nohe entered the Assembly Hall a moment will be asked to appoint a commission to effect a solution of japanese after the session began. After his elec Brothers on Bank Street gathered Uthe action of gov. Clement in blocking will investigate and report on Condi american problems and in the event of was $2,010 for postage the right of women for the ballot con All the Money on card tables and robbed claims he did not re Tion he was proclaimed by Bourgeois the 11th president of in Ireland. The dozen or More players. The polic follows 2- Pace 2 36 Trot purse $300. Sally by. M., Benoit 1 1 red Dot b. M., w. Berry 2 2 Dorothy mater cd. M., san born 5 t Ilia Moore by. M., Hanley. 3 3 Bell boy 4 4 Peter Monroe b. G., Berry. 7 5 Bradwell sub b. G., Carpenter it 7 lady dreamer a m., Rumrill 8 8 time 2 234 2 2." 2 25 4. 2 23 Pace 2 19 Trot purse $300. Damned the republicans of the state for a condition making it possible for c. S. Emery has not Eive notice of Call to the passage of the California e legislation the japanese govern ment will arrange for a lawsuit against the California legislature on the ground that the Bill is unconstitutional and say that the proceeds to the Robbera Alexandre Millerand. Who was born new York sept. 23. Oswald Garri son Willard announced to a that the selection of the membership of the the governorship to be purchased with Nib Nev condemned what they writ the filed expense account were Between $3,000 and 4,000.in fans Reta in Ana . For the bar has Long been one of the Flat method of accounting in our stat committee of 100 on ire Larm formed figures in the political life Ofa violation of the treaty rights of the japanese according to leading new spa claimed that the primary Law of Eron an invitation of the nation for the threaten to shoot ont is a failure and advocated repeal purpose of investigating and report France his entry into parliament Dat ing Back. To 18tff. And his Cabinet exp Persiny publicly upon condition in ire advocated the building and patrolling mayor Peter Boston sept. 23. Philip t. Rome the newspapers say the above pro Rienche when he became a Mem of trunk line highways for the state. Outside of hotel expenses it Cost Gram was penned at meetings of Neof Worcester found guilty of Deser land with Especial reference to atrocities a been completed. Members of the state committe Cabinet and the diplomatic advisory third warning of intended violence inner of the Waldeck Rousseau Cabinet. His Early affiliations were with the Radical socialists and he always has were elected As Fol Louv hearings Are to be held in Washington by a commission of five Buick St. James Fiat Petrice b. M., Pierce. Major Dean cd. G., Slayton. Belle Locander by. M., Hanley Armona b. M., w. Berry. Riley again b. M., Hanley. Addison count v. I Iniard Smith of James Hartness $38,260.0 to secure the Republican nomination for Gover nor of Vermont Over f. W. Agan c. S. Emery and f. Babbitt. His Cam 48 hours received by Boston Benoin Gion James p. of the committee. The per been keenly interested in labor questions and has fathered numerous Meas ures for the betterment of the work still no solutions Onnel of this commission has not Bee announced. Five tinted states Sena Liston feet. So. A third warning pain expense account As filed to Day of bomb outrage ing world notably the old a act Gan and miss Elizabeth Jeanv of Bennington Caledonia Arthur i. Gleason of St. Johnsbury Chittenden. Matthew. Eary of Burlington and mrs. Jessie Middlebrook of Burlington Essex tors Johnson and Phelan of Cali of intended violence within 48 hours with the Secretary of state did no which became operative in 1005. It was his services during the Grest was received by mayor Peters to a detective fornia. Spencer of Missouri Ashurst of Arizona and Walsh of Massachusetts a Well As four governors Edwards of Flynn scouts the theory Wall Street explosion John w. Thurston of Island Pond time 2 19 ,. 2 19 is 2 19v 2 13 Pace 2 09 Trot purse $300. Becco b. G., Berry 1 1 4 Nora Hill b. M., Pierce 221little Batise cd. G., Call. 3 3 3 Bingo b. G., Dawson 4 5 2 Hector King by. H., Eaton 5 4 5 time 2 16 4 2 18" 2 17. War however As minister of War in the Viviani Cabinet and his notable that Franklin Herbert a. Pond of be knew Jersey Carey of Wyoming. Fraz it was contained in a letter signed reds which said you will be shot Friday night at 12 o the mayor contain the hotel expenses because it was or. Hartness Contention that that item should not be included. Interpretation of the Law at the Secretary of state s office however is that hotel conduct of France s forc Rign policy As shr Brand Isle. Allen Hail of is Leier of North Dakota and Campbell of the successor of Clemenceau in the Tion from the army by a court mar Tia which sentenced Jim of a year in a military prison. A released by judge Morton in the Federal District court y on the ground that he had never legally been inducted into the service. Rome had been assigned a number in the first stages of the draft in 1917, but left for South America on Busi Ness before he was called. Subsequently orders from his draft Board to report for examination went unan swered and when he was arrested on his return to his Home several months ago. He said he had not received any notice. " the your martial first decided that Rome was within its jurisdiction and subject to military trial then heard was a in Accident. New York sept. 23. After one week 1s Matte Lamoille. Rooert n. Kovic Arizona have accepted places on the committee which is made up otherwise last night issued a proclamation Cal premiership alter the tigers retire ment last january that raised him info eligibility for the presi expenses should be included and therein upon All citizens to report to the authorities any act or word involving of investigation of the explosion that spread death and terror in Wall Street last thursday officials to a were fore or. Hartness will file a supple old resident of Barre. Of Johnson and miss Kina Shaw of Stowe Orleans. W. Bernard of new port Rutland j. C. Ditrick of fair Haven Washington t. E. Callahan of Montpelier Windham. John k. Isle of of Wilfurd Windsor Park h. Pollard of Centary to Public institutions or Oft of persons prominent in the discussion of Public questions. Sir Auckland Geddes the British ambassador and prof. Kara on de Valera As representatives if England and ire Lair have been invited to provide the still seeking a solution of the mystery. Dency and compelled his reluctant quit the premiership and stand As a candidate to succeed president Deschanel. The largest single item of the Tab mrs. Susan Jones died at her Home of clues stories and conjectures have been sifted without result. Eastern and Eva h. Wilson of William j. Flynn chief of the depart St. Albans girl run Over. Lated expenditures is 10,155.80 to the Hays advertising Agency of burling ton which managed the publicity Campaign of the candidate while the Sec Ond largest item $10,685.85, was to the mrs. Susan Jones one of the of Derby Thelin counties where the woman me shall legion play politics committee with information and to submit lists of persons who should be called As witnesses. Ment of Justice agents was As positive residents of Barre died at her boreas Ever that the tragedy was the re Eva Rinaldi seriously injured by an " filet run Avenue at h 20 o clock t i bars of the committee have not been chosen the committeeman from that ult of a plot of anarchists. He charac St. Albans messenger co for paper enhorning. For four. Years mrs. evidence in the Case and found him guilty. On a writ of Hareas Cor ended As Plain bunk renewed stories Delopes is Ero swered to make his selection. Is question to be settled at convention in Cleveland. Cleveland 0., sept. 2,1o be of the had been a Semi invalid and since last Mav. When she fell and fractured Herst Albans sept. 23e a. The hat it was accidental and predicted the expense account la divided into mail order houses announce drops three year of d daughter of or. And hat those responsible for the disaster left hip at her Home she had been com two classifications first the amount spent directly by or. Hartness . Charles Rinaldi was run Over on would ultimately he brought to Justice. Petely disabled. The Long confinement to o men Are held Lake Street yesterday afternoon by to her bed terminated to a v As the pus judge Morton had the Man transferred from military to civil custody admitted him to .$3,000 bail and Urda a handed Down his decision that he was free. Judge Morton in his decision said the insistence on the prosecution the automobile of Rrok Roland an it was a criminal outrage he declared. We Are positive of that and we Are going ahead on that theory.". On suspicion immediate result of pneumonia. Second the amount he paid to the Hart Ness Campaign club. The tabulation is As follows. St. Albans messenger co. Engineer. It la said by those who wit Susan Jane Waite As she was known before her marriage was the second Ofir used the Accident that or. Roland was driving slowly when the Little girls. A. R. At business. Right children of Daniel and Alpha paper envelopes Etc $10.68s.foj desertion by the army authorities a Farr the real farts had been brought ran out into the Street directly in front b Waite and was born in Stowe an flays advertising Agency 10.155.80salaries to assistants. 1,101.70of the machine. Is3b. On july 2. 18oo, she was mar most important questions to be Dis cussed before the second annual convention of the american legion who h will open Here monday is that it the legion s participation in politics. Franklin d Olier the National com Mander declared to a the in Gion Constitution states that the organization shall tie absolutely he said and shall not be used for dissemination of partisan principles or for the promotion of candidacy of any person seeking Public office or preferment. Legion men every where believe that she w As re spied to the St. Albans their reduction amount to 10 or 20 per cent in some lines men clothing to be cheaper. Chicago sept. 23. Price reductions of 10 to 20 per cent in several lines of merchandise were announced to a by Sears Roebuck & co. And Montgomery Ward 4 co., mail order houses. Cotton Staples such As muslims Cambric sheeting and Poppins led the list in amount of reduction. Cuts also were made in men s and women s ready to ried to John k. Jones one of the first postage 85.8 2huspital by or. Roland a Bare she was stonecutters in Barre who worked at Telephone and Telegraph 187. In connection with the death of step Daught of one of them girl was at first supposed to have fallen off roof. Boston. Sept. 23. Charles h. Rod Ders a negro and Santo Fuji glib were under arrest to Day As suspicious Ier attended by or. Arthur o. Morton and the John Collins shed off Hill Street renting other than Buldra Alan Davidson. She is reported from this Union three children were latins 41.65 in a critical condition. Her lather la born All of whom died after gaining photographs 98.47 travelling 384.75roprietor of the cite fruit store on maturity mrs. D. D. Grout of water Burn mrs. Thomas metro Vern Street. Delegates to annual Encampment be Gin actual work. Indianapolis ind., sept. 23. Dele Gates to the annual Encampment of the grand army of the Republic to a y turned to the business of the organization the first of the business ses Sions opened to a Many veterans who came for the Parade and social events started for Home. Sixteen thousand veterans registered and it was estimated that there were thousands More who did not enter their names on the record paid to Hartness f. Jones. Or. Jones died i according to mrs Roland the first sons in connection with the death of Telephone and t Telegraph 8fi.851sj.sa.w of the child was when she was mrs. Jones came to Barre fro few feet away and apparently going printing 826.81 clerical assistance 2.775.05her was in safety. The next he knew Cambridge mass., in 1870, together she was under the car. He asserted be with her family. For 1ft years a Thuv to their attend him seems to me to be far from the court held that it appeared Clear that there could not be indication by default unless the person so indicted had reasonable notice and a reason Able Opportunity to appear before be ing the rules and regulations under the selective service Tut contained no Ade quate provisions with respect to Amer ican citizens who having been registered had been allowed to leave the country and were the dec Ision continued. Apparently there was a oversight due undoubtedly to the Baste with which the regulations were enacted. The regulation under which the Petitioner was defaulted being inadequate to fairly protect the rights of registrants in this situation Wens on that account unreasonable and As to them void. The default was in my opinion unwarranted and the indication based upon it Tig millinery business was carried on postage and express 1.123.41 buttons 614.14 seals and signs 1,022.70leing the child dodged As the a Rodger s six year of step daughter. Dorothy to was found in cow Chou s on the ground in the rear of an fast Street House on tuesday morn ing and died shortly afterwards. The men were arrested late last nil lit and by mrs. Jones who in time Purchase Chine neared her. One wheel passed Over her stomach. Spectators nearby Wear Flotow a and shoes. Recent Price reductions of 20 to 25 per cent announced by textile manufacturers will be reflected in the prices of men s clothing next Spring. Kit Strouse president of the National clothing manufacturers association declared at the association convention yesterday. He added that men s clothing Prinea cannot go Down More quickly than the High Cost of labor and materials and that people Mut remember that the Cost of textile i not the Only Factor entering into clothing tract of land extending from Jeffer Frederick h. Babbitt of Bellows son Street to Tremont Street. Here in this provision 1 the fundamental Prin Ciple of the legion s being Al the same time they do not believe they must at All times lie silent on certain matters just because they happen to lie Politi Cal. Where matters come up which clearly involve the principle for which the Region stands the legion will not hesitate to give its opinion in Strong la Mel holies National adjutant said that the legion Mut participate in politics to a certain extent and not take the political clause in its Constitution too literally. Falls has also filed his statement of took the child from Leti eath the Carthe Driver could leave the seat. Or her instructions was erected the expenses in trying Tor l he nomination first Home on Eastern Avenue the House for governor his total being $6,042.94. Denied that they knew anything concerning tie death. When she was found it was supposed she had As having attended. The Encampment will close officially the most important questions aside from the election of officer before the delegates at the business session were the proposal to increase the per capita tax from three and one Hal f cents per year to 10 cents and the proposed federation of Veteran organization to r which she died to a Eastern ave of which the largest single item was jury has the Case. for postage. His Telephone Bill tie was named after the wishes Olmos. Jones while her Home was being fallen from the roof waa rix7.n0. Or. Babbitt sent in ills erected. At that time it appeared to account with Dav by Dav charge in Case of Lathrip a mad River lumber co. Of Huger. Told the police he had not shed with his wife for some time and had not men her or tiie child for four f. W. Agan had already filed his her friends that she was building a House Well Back from the town promote patriotism and tight red 1 his principle should be carried outdo narrow viewpoint Tatera ent showing expenditures of $5. But it has since become one of the the Leirion i months. He admitted that on monday with judgment he said 53.52. Of which $4,234.75 was for a arguments were completed and the jury charged by judge s. C. Wilson this Muir nine a count v court in the Best residential sections of Par j night he was in Blackstone Park where Souid not Side with and erasing. C. S. Finery the fourth be in social life she was an esteemed publican candidate had not filed his expect decision to a charter member of the order off at co Al rationing in Massachusetts account of social welfare should be taken says Harding. Marion. Ohio. Sept. 23. A Universal realization that material and humane Progress must go hand in hand was at others who filed to Day were Johnron Star As Well As a diligent worker Inge l universalist a nation wid e strike of to or candidate but it should take a j mrs. Had previously said the stand on questions vital to the nation in be girl left her to buy some ice welfare. If we Tail to do this we will j Cream and disappeared be neglecting a Public i Zungli. A Roomer at Ilyf fast x 1 1 Street House said he never saw the i 1" 1 of Lynn to i teacher training courses morning. W. Gordon of Barre candidate for congressman of ctr. The most other Only immediate relative surviving is a sister to tattle a. A value. In tested by senator Harding to a to hich waa for printing circular Andas cared for her continually the paste necessary if the nation is to attain travelling expenses including hotel several months. Other relatives arean Ideal state of social welfare. Frank c. Archibald candidate for at Torney general w to paid $1.34, Oti list of approved schools enrolment and their instructors. To grandchildren Luman Or outdid on Way Home. And mrs. B. Lease of to republicans from county. Ohio and to represent hich 36 cents was for warfare Between Montpelier and Barre and the remain there also survive three seven nephews and one of the Ohio dental association John Rae of William is. The mad Rixer lumber company. The Appeal from the settlement of the estate of c. J. Cleason a been entered in court. Mary Reed Appellant. The asset approved in probate court amounted to $jfl.047. And i7.0."ii a ordered paid Over to a. J. Katon administrator de Bonus non. Leaving $1i to the damage of the estate of Ellen .1. Gleason. The Button divorce Case is on the docket again. This tease in the form of Mary k. Button v. Worthen Button C. Taft for the Plain t Iff. The ease of v. T. Whitman v. Eon k. Daley trespass will be started this afternoon. This is a suit for mini alleged to be due for cutting Timler Over the line. Ward of Barnard was seized with heart declared that neither social reformer postage on nomination arrangements await the a because of Scarcity of hard Coal Only three tons to a Householder will be allowed. Boston. Sept. 2.1. Rationing of hard Coal for Domestic ifs was ordered to Day As a Means of relieving the scared to which exists in All parts of the state. Eugene. Hultman. Chairman of the state commission on the necessaries of life after a conference with a com Mittee of five Coal dealers appointed by governor Coolidge. Announced that until further not ire householders would be allowed Only three tons of Coal. The other two Kep Umihan Ean Fli miners in great Britain. London. Sept. 23. Division relative to a nation wid e strike of miners was expected when the executive commit tees of the miners federation the National i Nion of railway Nien and the transport workers i Nion met Here to a the representative of Thep unions he triple Alliance of labor considered the reply of Premier Jerige to representatives of the Alliance Dur ing an interview yesterday which did not seem to meet the demand of the miners for an increase in was and a reduction in the Price of Coal. Or. Uned Lgeorge proposed that the Malter of wages be submitted to an rival of 1 a Man Trout. The Vermont state Board of Eilsea Tion announces the following Assin Tneia t of s. Tools for teacher train nor courses during the year together with the enrol Merit and the teacher Llian Don Hiiro Chuol. In Virtrude Richardson Randolph High. In. Klea no r j. Clark Danville High. 0. I. Ers nor Industrial Tii Elains a Nowiki View the problem of social betterment strictly from their own standpoint. Ates for Eon Gressmen in this District and the following expense accounts died at age of 79 octet h. Dale of Island Pond. $1. J Bethel. Sept. I to John Ward aed to i years an old resilient of Barnard i a s with a heart attack Mon re in exe Ninn when a few Rod from his Home in Barnard after a drive to j Woodstock and fell from the Wagon to 85.40 Ernest w. Gibson of Brattle we Mut awaken the conscience of the ignorant and the misguided he said to the fact that the Best social welfare worker n he world is the Man Constantino Calcagno native of Italy Boro. $404 h Benjamin Gates of moot Pelier. Candidate for state High. Margaret Kelly Keith Middle Hurt us the Road. The horse appeared a few died in Barre. Iva h came to Constantino Calcagni pent Fik and Harry a. Black of Ewor woman who does an honest Days work. We must awaken their con science to recognize that american business is not a monster an Euprea this morn Nir at 2 .0 Oclock. In his port candidate for Secretary 511.40. Nadeau Maugh Lii. Mary c x. Ivan spoil Ihrig High j minutes later it the Nihise without a Marre. 7. Marian k. Keeley Lyndon Driver and the two daughter his rid title High. I i. Allen rut land Down the and found their a Katherine Aagesen Troy j t her. High. Ii Anna l. Thomas june j they helped him to hrs feet and he Tion High. 11, am b. Brake t Liet Sra exclaimed i Ini m All in " and Ank alleged Auto tribunal for adjudication Anil firemen s convention. Home at 27 for Street at the age of 7c years. Chronic bronchitis brought about the end after period of notice Able failing for month. A was Horn in arc Isata. Italy August l.". 1841, and there served an state association to meet in burling Hank Britt. I. Knack and died almost immediately. Dose Ion Luea Oay Uci. . Hatch new Burn High. 8. Saah t. A. Lurrell was called and pronounced wedding took place last night at St. Sylvester s rectory Graniteville. A quiet wedding was solemnized last evening at St. Sylvester s rectory in Rani Evilie when miss Winifred my was United in marriage to Burlington sept. 2,1. A meeting of the executive committee of the ver Mont state firemen s association was apprenticeship in Stone Cuttin with his family he emigrated to America 45 that the miners work out with the j s on of cd Given impulse to create and n a of mines a system by huh i the Savior and the guardian of our Hap the y might augment their was by j piness our Homes and of equal oppor increasing production. I Unity for All in America. Whatever statements made by Union leaders we do for Honit. Humane american Cave indicated they have reached a of we do in the name of social Ron Clu to n that the Miner Hare proved Ellre. Hev Are entitled to a we Jap but equally True that we Mut and that the rail amen and Tran awake the Rotim inc of american port worker will a Aliu a j business to new Inicie l in the welfare strike. " j of american tinman Beins. It is not i enough for America that the by in is Palmer Poult Ney e Meiklejohn Bennington Bih. 7. Hoffman Chester High 7, Minnie Stinson Deriv High 7. Or. Harriet de Wanton High. Ii. Or. B. F. Nhor years ago. And after residing in West five men arrested in Springfield mass., for Boston Case. Springfield. Mas., sept. I t. Five men Sinic their a Dree As Kox tiry and believed by the of to lie an gang o automobile Ihirg. Were arrested Here to a in an Auto Mobile Aid to be to I. Mer Rill of the Little budding. Hoton. One of them id they the car of i Atniel .1. Sullivan of Madison Street t Amir neg which later Thev wrecked held yesterday afternoon with presi Erly. R. I., and lir Oton. Conn., for 23 Alexander and a u. The ceremony was Dent Ceorge h. Horton of Winooski the cause of death organic heart Dis ease. Or. Ward i tried by his wife and be vital children inclining Joeph h. Waid of and Ward of Barnard the latter operating s lame w. Hatch place. I to funeral a held this a i Ning in the t a Liolich Church at woodlot. Lenni Kiilan Knish re fall High and Burlington was be Lei Ted As the Plao of the next annual meeting Winch will be held it. 12. Tie meet ing was held in the flier of City Tress c Amii Ham Tiddark Minary. Barre. 1". Ilia both Sinkin i genes h go. 12. Mary b. Slovan revolution danger past. Years moved to Barre. His residence nere dates Back 22 years. Or. Cal Cagni working for i he first few years in this City As a let Ler Cutter. Or. Calcagni Circle of acquaintance stretches far and wide in Barre and Vicinity especially in the italian col onies of Thi City and Montpelier. He is a member of the Barre Branch of the Hirw i. I Crant and comment shall lie honest they my t Al o be humane. Men. Women land Chad run of amp Ira Are not com i url not. N High. 1. Mary Patrick no in Merrill car. I Ney. Ii Fara. R. Performed by Rev. Father ii a Nee the single ring Servia being used they were attended by mis France Finnigan and Herbert Amedy. The Bride wore a suit of Navy Blue Sere with hat to match. After a wedding trip to Makaehu sell. Or. And or. Nadeau will re Side in Westerville where the Tvr i employed. Struck 0f crossing. Mere Vermont s big the names of c. I. A v ii. Or. . Ii i m it in american musings cannot it is intended to open with a Busi Ness meeting Al 2 30 o clock in the City Hall. Al this meeting papers will favourable a arts out f Italy. I flourish or tin material Troskis Sriv of srm Myrv. Tiara Murray. Iron i. To unit. Mart n and 1 lion s s Kinney. Tim opened with near la in All . Torto Lutei. C. 1. Ant Cha is mint noon a a foundation until by prote Tio of Hulth by he Date pen Pmj j informal Ion for be read by different members of the j association and different phases of i Are righting dealt with. In the eve i m Swiney slept Well i lie lir of a Thurnon a enl re i r. F j i. Be it i 1 of m . No Lee preservation 01 9 besides t free Itera. Of Roluna an Josephine residing in Italy and . Erit. The i Upil f z is m n 1 n Lama there v11 pm assist Fenre " v Ermont and stale . Amen a and t ii and ii aim Kin ehil4 not a raft Ca Cani of Leveland Ohio be is sur Vived by eight children namely. Mrs Ning a banquet win of served at one of the leading hotels of the City. It is i a petted that Between and 100 Dele Gates will be present at the meeting. In his condition to a . Sept. 23 lord Vavor Mae Mary Canova and or. Amelia Fano with finial exercise at the colleges to Nahum. Ahm m Tople . Perrid a t w. Bailey de of a. Anthony Lala Toni of to i we in Stiie la Vrtar of or by Jomn. " attorney j Arthur Baler not the run. T i a the inline of j. Massachusetts. Re a Alf f to t irn a Ain to 1 itt fir Mas. Spi. Actor. Of an ,. R Dir fim. I Twy Arthur to Dav annoy Ord in re Jat if .1 n. New Yors boys resist rpt. Cadet Prev it of Ibe s str s " 1 a fast Vange. Mrs. Alice Kir ofb0wd0in has 13s freshmen sane of t Ork had a few hours rest Ful sleep in Brixton Prio n St nigh Buwa offering severe pain n i 1 i Rcd la Tir t adhere As president. J i is Lein. " the Tav w i Quincy. Mas. Or. Rose Kona of month tier mis Irene Cakarnis of no definite for air s live Heen Nen of i of is t. R s that he w 11 re he an in Rndt Wead and very weak this irn i the there is big enrol meat in Merrit Elbrdge of Nesburg Falls a injured. Froburg fall. Sept. Flan do was injured yesterday when the milk truck he was driving a struck by a Central Vermont train at Burt Rios re. Aht a mile South of ii place. The trek a wrecked and Ike contents Stren Over to kith i r and track the extent of or. A badge injuries Hatm bin Deer it of d Barre. Frank to Ahapiw of Montpelier l a of . T it Allt and Lute for Mich i of Staje. Or t. Ord to t a Oil let m Issue in or t he i out vet a f Reg Atio but Iliia and Harry of Taimy. t upper Cusvey. I Runswick. sept. 23. Bowdon 1. 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