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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 1

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Austin, Minnesota Steel layoffs May push Duluth jobless rate to 9�/o by John Lindquist Duluth Minn. A layoffs at the . Steel Plant at Duluth nov. 13 May trigger a climb to a 9 per cent unemployment rate for the port City by january. That is the estimate of Glenn Gronseth research analyst with the department of manpower services Dos in Duluth. In september there were 2, weather partial Clearing sunday. High today 40s. Low tonight 15-25. High sunday 28-36, Chance of precipitation 20 per cent today to per cent tonight 5 sunday established 1891 500 jobless of 5.2 per cent of the City a 51.000 work Force. The rate climbed from 3.6 per cent in september 1970, when the labor Force at work was 49,800 and 1,800 looking for jobs. A your Economy is beginning to decline a Little a Gronseth said in an interview this week As he reflected on the Layoff of some 1,200 workers at the steel Plant. By estimate of United steel workers Union sources 600 to a remain at work. In the first half of the year the Plant employed some 2,500�?considered a Normal complement. A a if this Layoff is 1,200. We will find by the first of january assuming there Are the usual seasonal layoffs a the jobless rate will probably go to 9 per cent a said Gronseth. A it Hasni to been that High since 1964.�?� by Friday of this week some 700 idled by the steel Plant cutback had applied for unemployment compensation at Dos offices. Gronseth noted that the office handles claims for an area from Cloquet to grand Marais. Workers who live elsewhere or in nearby Wisconsin communities would file in their own communities. Gronseth figures about 900 May file at Duluth. The Dos analyst also pointed out that the City a Job picture had been punctured during the past year by closing of Litton industries avionics Plant. That meant a loss or Transfer of 600 to 700 jobs he said. Although the Duluth business Index barometer for All economic measurements including shipping Rose five Points to 127 in september from the August Figue it was Down from 134 in september of 1970. Jobless workers can get up to $64 a week in unemployment compensation through the Dos up to 26 weeks. . Steel has a so called sub fund supplementary unemployment benefits which could double those total benefits to about $125 for a family Man with several de Pendents. Duluth and the Arrowhead Region of northeastern Minnesota have Learned to Roll with Good times and bad. Much of the Economy is built on Iron Ore. Fifty five years ago . Steel built its big Plant in the Morgan Park Section of West Duluth. For decades it has channelled Lifeblood into the area s Economy and helped . Steel to turn a tidy profit. But the steel Industry has been finding the going tougher for a variety of reasons in the past several years. As costs of the . Product climbed in Pace with an inflated Economy steel faced More Competition from such coun steel layoffs continued on Page 8 Austin daily Herald vol. Xxx no. 320 Austin Minn., saturday november 20, 1971 single copy 10c 16 pages i of St division starts pullout Viet troops and Armor set to attack red bases phenom penh Cambodia apr thousands of South vietnamese troops and armoured vehicles were seen massing along the cambodian Border today poised for a possible attack against North vietnamese and Viet Cong bases. The cambodian command s chief spokesman said earlier in the Day that a South vietnamese thrust into enemy bases along highways i and 7 in Eastern Cambodia would help ease the pressure on cambodian forces near phenom penh and on the northeastern front. Informants returning from the Border area said that some Saigon forces already had been moved from Mekong Delta in South Vietnam across the Border into Cambodia. Cambodian forces launched two new Clearing operations North and South of phenom penh in efforts to ease North vietnamese pressure on the capital. 69 c cambodians at the same time military Headquarters reported 69 cambodian troops killed in the first two Days of a third drive on phenom penh s Western outskirts. The cambodian command claimed 300 North vietnamese troops were killed. The new operations Are entered 15 Miles Southwest and 25 Miles North of the capital. Campaign fund voting is set by of Hall Washington a the Senate has broken its deadlock Over a bitterly controversial presidential Campaign financing plan and agreed on monday As the Day to vote whether to add it to the $27 billion tax Cut Bill. Republican Leader Hugh Scott made the proposal Friday night for a monday vote and won the acceptance of his Republican and democratic colleagues. The agreement came after a lengthy acrimonious session which democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said a has not been one of the Senate a finest hours. A we have been dilatory we have been engaging in tactics of obstruction we have been playing politics a he said. Democrats continued to insist they had the votes to tie the plan to the tax Bill which is a key part of president Nixon a economic program. They Defeated a Republican Effort to kill the plan on a 49-46 vote thursday. Gop senators said the weekend respite would give them time to try to change enough votes to get a Senate rejection. Agreement also indicated republicans wanted to get on with the tax Bill which already is behind schedule and is stalling other major Senate business. The Senate put the Campaign financing Issue aside for today and took up half a dozen amendments dealing with various tax benefits in the Bill. The presidential Campaign financing plan could give each major party nominee up to $20.4 million in tax funds next year. It would be particularly attractive to democrats who have had Money problems since the 1968 election. The Money in the fund would come from taxpayer checkoff designating on income tax returns that $1 of the tax payment is to be allocated to Campaign finances. Scott in proposing his agreement to vote late monday took another shot at various democratic senators contending for the presidential nomination. He declared they were voting for a a slush fund which could Benefit them personally and that speakers would be out in the Campaign a going from one end of this country to the other and pointing out this colossal conflict of a fall this does a he shouted a is to bail out a political party from its own shortcomings and from its inability to raise its own pretty Dixie Houser a member of the Pep squad at w. T. White High school in Dallas had to boost her team Friday without making c Peep. He choir Rule imposed directed ordered the taped Mouth to save Dixie a voice for better things like the interscholastic league vocal Competition beginning saturday. Maybe Dix the commands chief spokesman it. Col. Am Rong said he doubted that two North vietnamese regiments totalling about 3,000 troops would attempt an attack in strength on the capital itself. More than 8.000 Cambodia troops oppose the two North vietnamese regiments just to the West of the capital. Am Rong ruled out the use of South vietnamese allies near the capital. Am Rong added however that a South vietnamese drive into enemy sanctuaries along Highway 7 in Eastern Cambodia would help ease the pressure on government forces both near phenom penh and along Highway 6 on the northeastern front. If such an attack is launched by the South vietnamese military strategists say it would draw away North vietnamese forces from other Battle zones to reinforce their own base Camps. 13.000 troops the Saigon government has about 13,000 troops based along Highway 7 in Eastern Cambodia around Krek and to the South rights chief Donald l. Miller named As the Pentagon a new civil rights chief is shown at his Bergenfield. N.j., Home Friday. A retired army major Miller will take Over the Post dec. I. He will have to Deal with Rac i a i problems in the armed services described by some Congre s s men As explosive. A i r a photo ies voice teacher is sorry now the White footballers were Defeated by Carter High in the City championship 24-14. A wire photo of the town on the South vietnamese Side of the Border. He added that the enemy has been Able to withstand his losses of men in Cambodia and that the current North vietnamese and Viet Cong strength is roughly 55,000 to 60,000 men no significant change from enemy troop Levels in recent months. Am Rong put the strength of the cambodian armed forces at More than 220,000 men. He said the High command feels that South Vietnam is still the primary target of the enemy and that the North vietnamese and Viet Cong in Cambodia appear to be seeking either psychological victories or food supplies. 101st division in Saigon the . Command announced that the 101st airborne division the last remaining . Combat division in Vietnam had begun phasing out six weeks ahead of schedule As part of president Nixon a accelerated troop withdrawal to Send thousands of gis Home for Christmas. The command said 1,585 troops of the 101st were pulled out of combat in today a initial phase preparatory to withdrawing All . Forces from the Northern Battle area South of the demilitarized zone. The command also announced that South Vietnam s remaining Stock of a defoliant known As agent Orange will be shipped Back to the United states a in the immediate future and be destroyed. A spokesman would not specify where or when the defoliant would be sent. Stop store fire in Owatonna Owatonna Minn. A firemen from Owatonna and Faribault were successful Early today in confining a fire in downtown Owatonna to the top two floors of a building housing the s is l department store on the main floor. The third and fourth floors of the buildings contained apartments and All occupants escaped without injury. Fire officials said the Blaze apparently started in a fourth floor apartment. The cause of the fire was not known and there was no dam a g e estimate immediately available. The basement of the store which was recently remodeler received water damage authorities said and there was a possibility of smoke and water damage to a Woolworth store adjacent to the burned building. Pedestrian killed near St. Paul by the associated press the death of a pedestrian in suburban St. Paul Early today raised the 1971 Minnesota traffic toll to 895, compared with 881 on this Date last year. The Highway patrol said James Logue 16, North St. Paul was struck and killed while walking along . 12 just East of its intersection with interstate 694. The Driver of the car was identified As Barbara Thorsten Lake Elmo. A single car Accident on Minn. 60 two Miles East of Butterfield in Southeastern Minnesota claimed the life of William Petersen 23, St. James Friday night. Petersen who had been married less than a month ago was Deaden arrival at a St. James Hosp in. The reappearance of Mickey mouse Mickey mouse in Ball non form will be in the Mary a thanksgiving Day Parade in new York this year after an absence of More than 30 years. At left the first Mickey mouse balloon is towed in 1934 thanksgiving Parade. At right the i s year s mouse h flight tested in Model standing 57 feet tall and Goodyear Rockmart ga., a needing 36 handlers. Picture Mility. The new balloon is More from Goodyear tire and rub than twice the size of the 1934 Ber company a wire photo Okay pay hike for miners by Michael Putzel Union officials have ordered striking coalmines Back to the pits following Federal pay Board approval of first year terms of a new contract calling for a 16.8 per cent boost in wages and other benefits. The Board s action in Washington on Friday apparently cleared the Way to a return to full production in the nation s soft Coal Industry which was shul Down oct. I when 90,000 miners walked out at the end of the old contract. Washington a despite opposition from its Public members the pay Board has approved a pay increase for striking Coal miners about three times higher than the boards own phase 2 guidelines. The action Friday sparked immediate criticism from Arch n. Booth executive vice president of the . Chamber of Commerce who called it a obviously a if monopolistic unions Are to continue to get preferential treatment by using the strike weapon and arrogant threats of coercion a Booth said a it is difficult to conceive How the vast majority of the american people can be expected to show the restraint necessary to make the anti inflation program three of the five Public members of the 15-member tripartite Board said the agreement clearly runs against the goal of the presidents economic stabilization Effort. The other two Public members abstained from voting but said they would have opposed the miners pay hike. The three opponents said in a statement the United mine workers of America contract signed Only 15 minutes before the wage Price freeze expired at Midnight nov. 13, amounts to a 16.8 per cent increase in hourly compensation during the first year of a three year agree ment. Tile pay Board s original phase 2 guideline called for a maximum 5.5 per cent National average wage increase. The five management members of the Board who voted their approval along with the five labor members said 4 per cent of the increase goes to make the Union s welfare fund solvent and la per cent remains for salaries. They said that was a permissible catch up wage hike. There was no immediate explanation of the differing Lig ures Given by the two sides. U m w a president w a. A a Tony Boyle called on his striking miners to a return to work without the miners had remained on strike to await the pay boards review of their new contract. The government meanwhile announced that the nation s Cost of living crept up again last month despite the Price freeze. The Bureau of labor statistics said the consumer pries Index Rose 0.2 per cent in october which it halved to o i per cent to compensate Tor the fact that prices usually Rise a utile at this time of year. President Nixon hailed the increase As a the lowest in tour years and said it made the freeze a Worth but democratic National chairman Lawrence f. Of Brien said the Cost Rise was a continued evidence of the total Lack of Confidence across this nation in or. Nixon s ability to Cope with the economic crisis he has brought upon the along with the Price increase the bus announced that average weekly earnings for private nonfarm jobs dropped two cents last month to $129.11. That figure appeared to Back up critics of the freeze who had said it would hold Down wages More effectively than prices. Nixon s move to press controls met by brusque labor dismissal by Neil Gilbride Miami Beach Fla. A president Nixon a Blunt pledge to press wage Price controls whether organized labor likes it or not has met with brusque dismissal by a hostile Al Cio convention. The confrontation apparently signals a major presidential Campaign clash in 1972. Labor sources expressed mixed views Over who came off Best politically in the rare Public clash Between Nixon and president George Meany of the Al Cio at the federations convention Friday. A Nixon was speaking to a National audience a said Peter t. Schoemann a member of the Al Cion a powerful 35-Man executive Board that earlier won convention approval to refuse cooperation with Federal wage controls. A White House aide said Nixon came Here against the advice of All his advisers. The aide pictured the convention treatment of the president As a studied Many labor leaders viewed Nixon a speech before some 2,-000 delegates alternates and guests As the opening Sally in the presidents bid for re election. Did not win a the did t win any friends Here but in a afraid its going to have a big effect in the nation a another Al Cio official said of Nixon s fact to face showdown with labor critics. Nixon said whether he gets cooperation from labor Ani other groups or not a it is my obligation As president of the United states to make this program of stopping the Rise in the Cost of living the audience at Best gave scattered polite applause and laughed when Nixon contended that his 90-Day wage Price freeze was a remarkable Success and that a if you Don t think so go Home and ask your wives who go to the grocery Meany and most other labor leaders Are waiting Only for the democrats to Settle on a presidential nominee before throwing All their support that Way. Democratic presidential contender sen. George Mcgovern of South Dakota got a comparatively warm Welcome in a speech backing labors pay demands. He suggested that Nixon be a phased out of the White House next year. Labor leaders Many of the labor leaders Here talked More favourably about a democratic ticket headed by sen. Henry m. Jackson of Washington with possibly sen. Edward m. Kennedy of Massachusetts As Jackson a running mate. A while some of you May be against me politically and some of you May be against my party i know from experience Over the last three years that when the chips Are Down organized labor is for America a Nixon said in one of numerous appeals that fell All but Flat. Al Cio officials refused to introduce Nixon Over their Loudspeaker refused to permit live television coverage of his speech and sent their musicians out of the Hall so they play the traditional presidential greeting of Quot Hail to the Nixon appeared shocked and angry when Meany banged his Gavel and ordered delegates Back to their seats. A we will now proceed with act ii a Meany said. Nixon stalked from the big convention Hall and returned to Washington. Castro Allende hold talks today puerto Montt Chile apr president Salvador Allende and prime minister Fidel Castro of Cuba were off on a cruise through the Scenic fjords of Southern Chile today for a private talk on the state of socialism in latin America. Chilean socialists who know Castro claim the cuban leaders visit to Chile his first foreign trip in seven years might alter his preference for violent revolution As the Best Means of establishing marxist regimes in latin America. Schedule of pages editorial�?4 area news�?9 society�?6 sports�?10,11 8 farm page�?12 comics i 3 classified�?14, 15 news bulletins pravda reports China crisis Moscow apr pravda said today reports from peking indicate that the communist chinese leadership has suffered a a grave a by All accounts considerable changes have taken place in the political Bureau of the Central committee of the chinese communist the communist party newspaper said. A the depth of the new crisis in the maoist top echelons is seen from the fact that it has affected figures who until recently were considered Mao tse Tungos closest associates a pravda said. British troops search monastery Belfast Northern Ireland apr British troops carried out new searches today around a roman Catholic monastery following the arrest of two of its monks on charges of sheltering Fzli Errilla of tin wish run Uhlean army

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