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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 4

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Austin, Minnesota Austin daily Herald politics Frank c. Miles publisher saturday May i 1965 a Page 4rolvaag appointment is criticized governor Rolvaag has rejected criticism that has come from some groups within his own Democrat Farmer labor party Over his appointment of John r. Jamieson As the new state Highway commissioner. The governor has also admitted he has had some difficulty within the party Over the appointment has received Many Calls about it. Quot it is utterly impossible to satisfy everyone in the Liberal movement when la Tor is divided it makes it particularly Rolvaag commented. The division Over the appointment is apparently along political lines but there is some other reason for apprehension. Jamieson an Engineer at Honeywell inc., has apparently had no substantial connection with Highway work. Evident ally his Only connection was that he was a Leader in a protest several years ago against state plans for a freeway through Southeast Minneapolis. Rolvaag says he is confident Jamieson will work out All right in this Post hut one would feel More comfortable had at least a part of his career been involved in state Highway construction. The interstate High Way program has made the state Highway department a tremendously big operation it will not be easy for a newcomer to pick up the threads of operation for a program near the half Way Mark. Some Der members were disappointed because Frank Marzitelli former Highway Deputy commissioner a Man of experience in the department. Was not appointed. We can Hope Rolvaag a Confidence has not been misplaced that the new commissioner will approach the competence exhibited by his predecessor James c. Marshall who because of politics was not Drivers a Bill that would permit Iowa courts to Send persons convicted to second or third offence Drunken driving to hospitals for treatment of alcoholism has been passed by that states Senate is expected to be enacted into Law. This would be an alternative to sending such persons to prison or fining them. Representing a different approach to the perplexing problem of drunk Drivers the Experiment if the Law is enacted will be watched with considerable interest. Iowa Law now cracks Down harder than most states on this offence. Second offenders can be fined $500 to $1,000 sentenced to up to one year in prison. Those convicted of a third offence May be sentenced to the Penitentiary for a one to five year term. While Stem measures May have an effect to deter some motorists in committing such violations this is probably Seldom True of an alcoholic. Police judges in arresting sentencing alcoholics know that the penalty is Seldom a cure for alcoholism that the offender will probably be Back again again. They know that if the offender is an alcoholic the court penalty will not deter him from continuing to be a drunk driving Hazard to others on the Highway. All drunk Drivers Are not alcoholics but when the offender is obviously an alcoholic the Iowa courts will be allowed to commit him to an institution for treatment. The Bill recognizes that alcoholism is a disease the chances for a cure Are More probable through treatment than through lines or jail juveniles Bill Sands has some firm ideas on the question of whether newspapers should publish the names of juveniles who violate the Law a they run directly court ter to some of our Minnesota Laws. He staunchly believes that newspapers should be allowed to publish should publish the names of All offenders juveniles or adults. He went As far As to say it is Quot immoral illegal not to publish them a it is a crime for authorities to withhold the names. A a juveniles must learn they have to suffer for acts if they do wrong they must accept punishment a he said. It is an injustice to juveniles not to publish names he contended. He added it is also an injustice to the people of the Community who have a right to know who is not conforming to the Law. The Many people of the Community who were impressed by the ideas of Sands a former convict in speaking Here have reason to feel that by background experience study he is in a position to give competent advice on correction Reform of offenders including this business of whether names should or be of others grades such As the development of interests abilities not contained in the curriculum. It should be noted that the three Fields included in the research study a business education government require interest in the skills with people. Grades provide needed incentives useful measurements. But it is healthful to be reminded that life human nature Are too Complex varied to be caught by grades pinned for All time like dead butterflies in an exhibit Case. We suspect that most inhabitants of the big red Book Are More outstanding for continuing to learn grow after graduation than for their High grades while in school. Chicago daily news. Sports opera is Whitey Ford through can arthritis plagued Sandy Koufax regain his old form can Warren Spahn Quot too old at 43, be a winning Pitcher for the mets at 44? these burning queries from the world of baseball make one fact of life unmistakably Clear. Sport is Many a substitute for woman a soap opera. The sports editors provide their male readers with More medical melodramas than or. Kildare could solve in an entire Winter of to surgery. There Are More heart rending sob stories dramatic comebacks breath taking romances in each clays news accounts of these athletic he men than were Ever provided by Quot Portia faces life or Quot As the world every wife Mother raising children coping with lost mittens full diaper pails already suspects she is the True realist in the family. Her judgment could Only be confirmed if she were Ever to Start Reading the sports pages. Can aching Roberto Clemente last years batting Champ shake off malaria hit .300? what is the True Story about Why Austin daily Herald f Oyd Patton spends 3.000 a year for a Thomson newspapers inc. Dws w1 la Hickey mantles knew keep 600 in isl drive Hemlock 3-8851 a new York times i second class postage paid at Austin. Minn. My in i Frank c Miles in til Dock \ publisher i ceral manager by 9 i i Send change of Ai a Ress notice to Box 578, Austin Minnesota it i in i subscription rates Fulg Mlock single copy at new dealers Street ale Home delivery in Austin a 20 years ago single copy other than regular weekly assessment of personal property in aus subscribers in tin got under Way yesterday As appraisers it weeks Carrier Demery u.70 started out on their annual tour of the City. Erne year 23.40 the first three months of 1945 saw 304 by mail zone i Drivers lose their licenses for driving in Bei Ivery in poet office within 50 Miles re it Jer the influence of alcohol. Fuis of aim ten All u. S. Armed Forres a anywhere in the United states or a howling Success will be presented ii area served by . And . Payable by the Lyle senior class wednesday eve a a a a Advance. A jew ode month. I so oing months. 4.25 to years ago morphs of Theodore Heimer St. Augustine so no Jill zone 2 More won first place $25 in an essay 11delivery in Post office outside 50-150 Miles contest sponsored by Quot the courier a win buy Able in Advance. Ona diocesan newspaper. Ammon a a. A a 4 75 Austin Jaycees Are seeking funds for a of months. Jjo the Purchase of an Auto clan for the Ster r8, email All other zones cation of Needles instruments for the livery to poet office Over 150 Miles radius Public health nurses office. Latin a payable in Advance. Mrs. R. K. Nangle has been chosen to at weak. A tend the National fat convention in Chi in Wuhl. 9.50 year. La a pc plus students a research study of 1,072 leaders in business education government listed in a a who a who in american found that a majority of them had averaged a plus to b in grades during College. From this it does not follow the Way to get into Quot who a a rho a is to avoid getting a. But the Lack of connection Between who sat the top of the class accidentally who sat the top of the nation in these Fields a generation later does indicate that school grades done to measure some important things. The reasons for a students not getting the Best grades May lie poor ones such As laziness inefficiency just As there Are poor reasons for getting High grades such As Overly narrow interests or caring More for Marks than for learning. But there Are also valid reasons Why Many students get less than the highest quotation for today what does Man gain by All the toil at which he toils under the Sun a Eccl. 1 3. I pc every Man should Mal. Up his mind that if he expects to succeed he must give an honest return for the other Many a dollars Adward Harriman american financier. The beginning of strife is like letting out water so quit before the quarrel Breaks 17 14. A t it for every minute you Are angry you is. 60 seconds of Waldo Emerson 19th Century american asks Bond Issue for roads sen. P. J. Holand will introduce a Bdl in the state Senate monday providing for issuance of $10 to state Highway Bonds for upgrading Highway 56, starting at Highway 63 in Fillmore county East of Leroy for a distance of 96 Miles to Hampton where Highway 56 joins 4-Lane Highway 52. The upgrading of Highway 56 in Mower Dodge Goodhue Dakota counties ii to provide an All weather non re striated Load limit Road for Leroy Adams Rose Creek Brownsdale Waltham Hayfield Dodge Center West Concord Kenyon Hampton. The Bond Issue also provides that Highway 218 from Austin to Owatonna be widened upgraded As an expressway. Further Highway improvement in the Bill provides that Highway 16 a which parallels Federal freeway 90 from Dexter to the South Dakota line a be repaired upgraded to modern standards so that in the event the counties of Mower Freeborn Faribault Martin Jackson Nobles Rock accept Highway 16 when freeway 90 is completed in 1970, it can be turned Over to the counties in a Good state of repair should the counties wish to accept these from the state. Senator Holand says that there will be Federal Matching funds for these proposed Highway improvements in the event the legislature enacts h i s Highway Bond Bill. To cannot Walt another five or ten years for these Highway improvements says Holand As the Cost of these improvements from Highway users fund is negligible compared with economic safety value As Well As incentive for business Industry to locate in the Many towns affected. Conservationists such As Izaak Walton leagues who just last week held their state convention Here other sportsmen a groups face a major setback in their advocacy of the Extension of the wilderness Canoe area. The House has passed a Bill to Block further Exchange of lands by the state the Federal government. If the Senate concurs the project will suffer. Of All the letters the Herald has received in recognition of Austin Progress the one from gov. Karl Rolvaag is probably the nicest the broadest Best written. His experience As a College Quot prof stands him in Good Stead. While mrs. Johnson stopped traffic in Washington Friday to Plant a tree Minnesota a big Arbor Day will Walt for Friday May 7. The week of May 2 8 has been proclaimed by gov. Rolvaag As a conservation Hope is that our legislators will be conservation minded not pass any More Laws to Handicap the program. And now Minnesota Cong. Macgregor is in the spotlight this time As the result of his recent appointment As chairman of the conference task Force on Urban suburban affairs. Yes ifs a Republican group set for its first meeting in St. Louis soon. Our next candidate for governor macalester sup p o r t erg who heard former gov. Andersen tuesday night Here were so impressed with his talk general Mien that they came away from the meeting wondering How on Earth he lost i bid for re election. Will he try again no indications Are forthcoming that suggest any major Progress towards a Minnesota sales tax. Apparently other taxes will have to go considerably higher before the voice of the majority decides ifs a must to get some added Revenue from visitors in the state others who now escape state taxes. Even the strongest foes of the sales tax Are a bit worried that this new source will be n must. For while you hear a lot of demand for Economy screams when it c o in is tax time no one apparently wants Economy on any Points they feel essential. In our own fair City announcement that the gym would have to be stricken from the list a the new Junior College brought considerable protest the same Day there was a demand for More Public Tennis courts. Bill Sands offered some very Good ideas to prevent crime he got a lot of support Here. Alas they will Cost Money lots of it. In the end they will mean real Economy but in the betwixt a More taxes. A new mint seems to be badly needed but then More Money in circulation has always spelled inflation. Questions answers your social Security to a Quot could t we negotiate Quot lbs isolates self from chiefs during labor crises such As steel by Victor Riesel Washington . White House Telephone Bills Are smaller these Days than in the Era that was. The president is surprising fewer of his friends allies with sudden Noonday evening Calls. And that goes for the nations labor leaders too. Some who once talked with him two or three times a week done to hear from him in two or three months at a stretch. More More the president is extricating himself from labors crises campaigns Power plays. Insiders for example were surprised at How coolly he has been playing the steel strike controversy. Johnson has not called any of the due lists on either Side a not Dave Mcdonald not i. W. Abel of the Union nor any of the group in the big steel bargaining team. Nor did the president Telephone Al Cio chief George Meany to ask him to help Avert a steel strike. Neither has or. Johnson put the heat on labor Secretary Willard Wirtz a who has been travelling to parts Distant from Pittsburgh these past weeks. Instead t h e president has played it Cool. Occasionally he has been briefed by asset. Secy of labor Jim Reynolds. More often Reynolds has passed information on from the steel front to the White House staff. President Johnson said in effect we have a Federal mediation service ifs headed by a competent conciliator Bill Simkin. Its time All sides respected that Agency its director. Let him handle this. During the previous administration the late John Kennedy the then secy of labor Arthur Goldberg were in constant touch with the leaders of steel labor. Union president Dave Mcdonald was practically on a hot line with the White House labor dept around the clock. But not now. The steel War is not the Only crisis. Johnson has handled at a world h i s staff began working on his special labor message to Congress almost two months ago. Early in March about the time the White House inner brain Trust began putting the message together Johnson invited some labor leaders to his office. March to he spoke at length with Meany Dave Dubinsky of the ladies garment workers Jack Potofsky of t h e menus clothing Union. In the Long run this two hour discussion will make More history than the steel Battle. The labor leaders urged him to raise the National minimum wage from $1.25 to $2 an hour. They urged him to extend the coverage of this Law to an additional ten million people. They argued for a Shorter work week. They called for double time for overtime. After a w h i i e the president said looking at the Union chiefs some of his own staff who were present Quot we re All friends Here. Get together with will Wirtz Humphrey my economic advisers work things out then Well talk these Are vital matters. They can affect the wages labor costs of millions of workers employers. Ordinarily the conferences suggested by the president would have been held in the White House. In other Days Johnson would have popped in out of the conference rooms. But that is the Era that was. This time the government labor leaders their researchers met away from the White House a in the office of George Meany at labors National Headquarters. March 29 Wirtz met there with Jack Potofsky Meany their researchers to discuss the possible inclusion in the presidents message of a recommendation for a higher National minimum wage. April 7 Gardner Ackley chairman of t h e presidents Council of economic Avis ers met with Dubinsky Potofsky in Meany a office. Did not Telephone the labor men As he used to in the past to the presidents men appeared quite receptive. But they did not commit themselves to recommendations for raising the National minimum from $50 a week to $60. Insiders believed however that the president would urge Congress to hike the minimum. But no one knew what the president was thinking. He slept sea kick things around. There is no doubt that some of t h e labor leaders Are still his friends even intimates. But the president is playing it a lot cooler these Days. It May be the Viet Nam War which keeps him aloof. Or it May be that he does not like getting caught in the Middle a As he is now what with having to Send labor message to Congress just As the steel crisis alienates the Public creates a disturbing consensus. Distributed 1965 by Hall Syndicate inc lbs did sensible thing says Ike Harrisburg a. A former president Dwight d. Eisenhower said today that president Johnson did a a sensible things in sending marines to protect american citizens in the strife torn dominican Republic. Quot i have nothing to criticize certainly a he added. A it looks like the president has things under control. As in be told my newspaper friends there is Only one Man who can handle foreign relations that a the president. It looks to me like he a done a sensible Eisenhower commented on the dominican situation during a train Side interview following his return with his wife. Mamie from their annual Winter vacation in Palm desert Calif. Here i another of a series of questions answers on social Security prepared by the Austin social Security office miss Leonora f. H i s a District manager. Q. A Friend of mine is receiving widows benefits from social Security based on the record of her deceased husband. She is thinking of remarrying but does not want to give up her social Security benefits. Is there any provision in the so Elal Security Law that would permit her continuing to receive benefits in Case she should remarry a. When a widow remarries her entitlement to Benefit Quot on her prior husbands re c or d ends. However of her second husband is receiving social Security benefits she can immediately get wife a benefits on his record. If her new husband is still working she would become entitled to benefits on his record whenever he retires q. I am a Young widow with four children. Recently my oldest daughter age 17, got married. As instructed i reported this event to the social Security office thinking that there would be some reduction in the benefits i receive. The social Security administration notified me that there would be an adjustment in the checks but that the family would receive t h c same amount of Money. Please explain this. A. There is a maximum amount that is payable per month on any one social Security record. Usually a widow with two Small children would receive this maximum amount. If there Are More than two children then the amounts payable to each member of the family Are reduced so that the total amount payable will not exceed the maximum a in o unt. Therefore when benefits to one of your children were stopped the amount payable to you the other three children was increased proportionately. When you reach the Point that there Are Only two members of the family entitled to benefits theremin be a reduction in the total amount payable. Q. My employer insists that i apply for a new social Security account number card. I lost my original card but my number is pm my old tax returns. I gave him this number but he says i have to get a new card. Is this really necessary a. Your employer is right. The number on your tax returns is probably Correct but a mistake could have been made when you copied it. The Only Way your employer can be sure he has the co rect number is to take it directly from your social Security card. You can get an application for a Dup i i c a t e card at your social Security office. The records will be checked you will receive a new card with your original number on it. Q. I have two social Security account numbers. Should i do anything about this a. Yes. Ask the social Security administration to Combine both accounts furnish you a statement of the combined accounts. Q. In be noticed that one digit of my social Security number is incorrect As shown on my w-2 form. Would this have any effect on credit for wages on my social Security records a. Possibly a social Security records Are established from your employers quarterly tax returns not from the w-2. You should Check with your employer to see if the Correct number was reported on his quarterly tax return. If n o to the employer should Send in corrective information on form 941c. Readers who have questions on social Security Are invited to submit their questions to Stanley Sprecher. Field representative Austin District office or through this paper which is making this Public service available. Today in history by the associated press today is saturday. May i the 121st Day of 1965. There Are 244 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on this Date in 1898. Adm. George Dewey told his Captain on the Cruiser Olympia. A you May fire when ready Dewey a Fleet made tile first of five runs against the Spanish Fleet in Manila Bay. Before noon Dewey had finished off the last of the Spanish cruisers gunboats. On this Date. In 1847, the Cornerstone of the smithsonian institution was Laid in Washington. In 1873, the Penny lost card appeared for the first time it s now four cents. In 1893, the world columbian exposition opened in Chicago. In 1942, japanese forces captured Mandalay. In 1943, american troops cleared famed Hill 609 in Tunisia. Ten years ago a evangelist Billy Graham was winding up his crusade in Scotland estimating he had reached 2m> million persons by radio television in person. Five years ago cuban prime minister Fidel Castro made it Clear at a May Day rally in Havana that he had no intention of holding elections. One year ago a soviet Premier Nikita s. Khrushchev says . Policy toward Cuba could Lead to another world War. People s pulpit editors note letters must be Brief 250 words or less moderate in tone written plainly on one Side of the paper. They must Bear the name address of the writer. The Herald does not guarantee publication of any letter in whole or part especially if in the judgment of its editors it is of no particular interest or is repetitious ill natured or questionable As to important facts. No reflection will be permitted on the integrity or loyalty of any individual. What no gym editor the Herald Austin is headed for another we Are going to build a Junior College Brand spanking new without a gymnasium facility. 5 Ince this announcement Over a week ago we have been puzzled amazed even appalled by the seeming Lack of Community resentment. When this edifice is completed we predict another Bond Issue will have to be floated to build a physical training facility. At a much greater Cost. Just How sophisticated have we become in overlooking this most vital part in the training of our youngsters if this is Progress Strain for intellectual ment god help our youngsters. Leading educators have said that education consists of spiritual intellectual physical development. Without equal portions of All three we fail to develop the Complete Man. Lets reconsider. Now Verne i. Ojanpa 507 10th St. So. With its achieve vigorous Ray Cromley women urged to fight for equal rights jobs a ims by inca in. Quot you gotta admit a boats afternoon to Quot Washington Nea the male is now going to Hove some real Competition from the female. In the publicity Over negro rights it has been largely overlooked that the civil rights act of 1964 provides for equal employment rights for women too in All industries Quot affecting interstate or foreign Commerce. This Means most businesses industries a such As Trade manufacturing banking a which have too or More workers unions of the same size. But the women a Bureau of the department of labor has not overlooked this word a a sex in title Vii which Quot prohibits discrimination because of race color religion sex or National origin by employers labor unions employment there will now be an Active Campaign to get women to fight for Equality of pay promotion. A woman will be Able to bring suit if she applies for a Job a Man gets the Job instead she feels he got the Job because he was a Man. A woman can sue if she feels she is in line for a promotion a Man beats her out for the higher Job if she feels the Many a Victory was due to his being a male. Note that a woman also will be Able to sue if she feels she a been unfairly kept from joining a Union membership in which is often a prerequisite for getting a Job. In these three cases of course she will have to prove that she was equally qualified for the Post or membership she sought. Watch july 2. The be 11 i n g Here is that within 60 Days after that Date some woman will sue some company for unfairness in not promoting her or increasing her salary some other woman will sue a company for not hiring her. In 1965, Only companies with More than too employees unions with More than too members will feel the weight of this woman pressure. By july of 1968, the Law will apply to Campania unions with 25 or More employees. Even without the new Law women have been cutting into the labor Force right smartly. In the past 24 years there has been a doubling in the labor Force of women Between the Ages of 35 44, a tripling of women 45 to 54 a three a half fold increase of Home 55 to 64. In 1940, 25 per cent of the american labor Force was won in. Now women represent 3 per cent of american workers. Mathematicians have been fiddling with their slide rules rulers. They estimate with their fingers crossed that if present trends continue 51 per cent of the labor fore will be women by the Yeai 2000 . Then men will be in the minority in their Choser Field. But the women a Bureau it the labor department Hole that a women Are some wha More crowded today then the were before world War ii the lesser skilled less Rewar ing less rewarded Field we Are a much larger Percer age of those in the clerical. And service occupations at we constitute a smaller proc Tion of those in this the women a Bureau i tends to remedy. Some grumbling men a suggested that the labor e apartment now needs a Mer Bureau to fight for the High of males trying to com p e i with females

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