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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 2

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Austin, Minnesota Big Cache of captured pc arms includes lightweight flamethrowers 2 Austin Minn Herald saturday May i 1965 by Malcolm w. Browne Saigon. South vie Nam put a a big Cache of captured Viet Cong arms included precision. Lightweight flame throwers. Presumably furnished by communist China the vietnamese army announced today. Also discovered were East German heavy machine guns described As Espee Ialy suited for use As antiaircraft weapons. The announcement came As Saigon girded itself for possible trouble during the May i labor Holiday. The arms Cache was found Friday during a three Day operation Quot in coastal mangrove swamps about 60 Milos South of the capital. The government said 152 Viet Cong were killed during the action. Including 52 at the site of the weapons Cache. Another 35 Viet Cong were captured and 42 communist suspects rounded up. The government said. South vietnamese casualties were Given As three killed and eleven wounded. Most of the communist dead apparently resulted from air strikes by helicopters and fighter bombers. Al wet to guerrillas were machine gunned by . Helicopters As they tried to swim across a Small River civilians in the area were warned of the air strikes by leaflets and loudspeakers and some 4.000 were said to have poured into government controlled areas. Flying squads of combat police headed off trouble Between two dissident labor unions in Saigon today. There were no injuries or arrests. About 1,000 members of the vietnamese Christian confederation of labor the most powerful Union Iii the country gathered in a downtown Park to hear May Day speeches. A dissident group gathered several blocks away and police took up positions Between the two groups. The rallies broke up after several hours. Police were armed with shotguns and sub machine guns and reinforced by fire trucks with pressure Hose s. Authorities feared Vit Cong terrorists might carry out bombings or stir up a riot to celebrate May Day. The South vietnamese government protested Friday against a soviet description of Tho Viet Cong s National front As a the sole Legal representative of the South vietnamese the protest we As made in a message to the three nation International control commission on Indochina. North Viet Nam. Denied that its planes were flying night Airdrop missions Over communist held territory in Laos. The laotian government had claimer Plant s belonging either to North Viet Nam or communist China have been dropping supplies to the pro communist Pat hot lao forces. Spike Jones peking May Day celebrants urged to Suddorth vietnamese guerrillas Tokyo a communist China called on foreign delegates in peking for May Day celebrations to support the red guerrillas in South Viet Nam and continue the struggle a against a let us drink a Toast to the Victory of the vietnamese Peoples patriotic struggle against . Aggression to the Victory of the struggle of the asian. African and latin american countries against imperialism a a communist chinese Premier Chou in Lai told a reception in peking. His remarks were reported by. The new China news Agency. A fall peace Loving nations and people throughout the world should unite to smash the criminal plan of . Imperialism to escalate the War in Indochina a a Chou said. He said that the . A peace talks scheme was aimed at a forcing the vietnamese people to yield to Liu Ning i president of the All China federation of Trade unions called for the launching of a an powerful mass movement on a worldwide scale to compel the United states to get out of Viet Nam and a fall other places they have occupied a Liu also said the chinese people a were determined to liberate their territory of the new China news Agency said delegations from 70 countries were in peking for the celebrations. They included foreign minister Kojo Botsios of Ghana Spiro Koleka first Vic Premier of Albania and Hoang Van Hoan vice chairman of the National Assembly of North Viet Nam. The soviet Union was represented by a Trade Union delegation. May Day is celebrated around the world As a festival marking Solidarity among the Labouring people. North Viet Nam adopted a Resolution Friday night calling prepare rive men act of record by John d. Mcclain Hannibal. To. A the Mississippi River lapped at store fronts in Hannibal today As rive men prepared for the last act in a flood tragedy which has run from Minnesota to Missouri. Churning River water which has claimed 12 lives in Iowa Minnesota Wisconsin and Illinois and caused almost $150 million in damage is expected to flatten out in the wide River Banks of the lower Mississippi. The . Weather Bureau said the water would Crest Between 25 and 25.5 feet sunday at Quincy 111., where the flood stage is 17 feet. A Crest Between 24.6 and 25 feet will about Midnight sunday at Hannibal a a River town with no levees. A about the Only damage we expect at Hannibal a except for a Little mud and Silt a will be from tourists a a policeman said. The officer said the streets were jammed Friday by persons a who were just driving Down to gawk at the almost a foot of water covers 15 Square blocks of the downtown area a but no one is worried. Only about 25 families have been evacuated because of water surrounding their Homes. While businessmen in Hannibal sandbagged their doors and built wooden Bridges four feet above the water the grim fight against the backlash of the River continued upstream. A critical spot is North of Quincy 111. Where the Northside of a levee at the Rock Creek drainage District is slowly being eaten away by the River. It is adjacent to a levee in the Indian grave District which splintered earlier this week and sent the River rolling Over about 10,000 acres of Farmland. The Crest has subsided at levees at Dubuque Clinton and Davenport Iowa and Moline East Moline and Rock Island 111. But the water still pushes at the Sodden dikes. Workers battled the River at Niota hi., where soft spots kept for last flood tragedy appearing in the dikes. Workers reinforced soft spots or boils at fort Madison Iowa just across the Muddy River. The . Army corps of engineers estimated the record floods had caused about $10 million in damage Between Dubuque Iowa and Hannibal. Binoculars help save girl s life Alameda Calif. A Angelo l. Gall happened to be looking through binoculars Friday scanning the san Francisco Bay Shoreline when he spotted a girl floundering in a Lagoon a half mile away. Galli quickly telephoned police jumped in car and raced to the Lagoon. He pulled Sydney Houghton. 12, out of the water and was giving artificial respiration when police arrived. A the saved her life a police said. The kid s a Chip off the old Block Augsburg Germany apr pvt. Wyatt Virgil Earp. A direct descendant of the legendary Sharp shooting Earp Brothers has qualified As an expert with tile m14 Rifle a . Army spokesman announced. Earp 17, is serving As a tracked vehicle Mechanic with the 24th infantry division Here. He is a grandson of Virgil Earp who with brother Wyatt tamed Tombstone ariz., during americans Frontier Days. On the South vietnamese people to defeat . Troops and a liberate South Viet Nam w Ith a View to achieving Viet names reunification a a radio Hanoi reported. The Resolution was adopted at a mass rally attended by president to Chi Minh and other North vietnamese leaders the broadcast said. Among those present was Giancarlo Majetta. A member of the italian communist party s secretariat who led an eight Man delegation to the festivities. More than 6.5 million people attended May Day celebrations in 750 japanese communities Tokyo newspapers reported. One of the biggest rallies was held in Tokyo a 1964 olympic Village where speakers denounced the United states and demanded . Withdrawal from Asia. Tomomi Narita Secretary general of the socialist party said a the United states must withdraw from Viet Nam. And Okinawa and get out of Kaoru Ota chairman of the left Wing Council of labor said a the United states is an aggressor and unless it gets out of Viet Nam and Asia there can be no peace and police estimated 235,000 persons attended the Tokyo rally. Other estimates put the number at a half million. Chinese nationalist Premier . Yen said in Taipei Formosa that labourers under the nationalist regime were free men while those in communist China were slaves who had to work half starved. Madcap musician dead at 53 los Angeles apr bandleader Spike Jones 53, the Zany musician who entertained millions with offbeat arrangements. Died in sleep Early today at Bel air Home. Jones had been released from nearby Santa Monica Hospital three weeks ago following treatment for an asthma attack and subsequent respiratory complications. Pete James agent said the bandleader had apparently recovered from lengthy sickness until he suffered a slight relapse Friday afternoon. His personal physician was called and remained with until he died. James said. Also at Home were Jones widow Helen Gray co a former Singer with City slickers band and their three children. Born Lindley Armstrong Jones at Lomg Beach Calif., in 1911, Jones started musical career As a drummer in swing bands of the Early 1940s. He said he got the idea for noisy style of music when he attended a classical concert and heard the conductors shoes squeak. A i kept thinking How funny it would be to substitute an outrageous sound for a musical note a be said. His first recording was a spoof on Adolf Hitler a Der fuehrer s face a in which the spluttering Bronx cheer was the outrageous sound. It sold a million records and catapulted to overnight Fame. Other top hits included own special renditions of a Black cocktail for two a and the classic Yonkers though overshadowed by Manhattan is the fifth largest City in new York state. # is Phil Goldberg Reliance National life insurance take great pleasure in the appointment of Johnel e. Quot Phil Quot Golberg Ai their representative in the Austin arca Tor information concerning one of Minnesota s most unique retirement plans As Well As All life insurance needs. Dial 433-5135 or 433-6455 free 24 or. Delivery dial 433-7448 we Welcome your charge account clinic pharmacy Austin a clinic bldg. Ruptured be Dobbs truss no bulbs no belts no straps is a fitter for reducible rupture it holds the rupture with o soft concave pod at Oil times White Watkins lifting or walking. Lightweight presses body i hut two places. Reason should Tell you not to place a Hulk at Ball in opening of rupture which keeps Muscles spread putt. Sanitary and washable. A Dobbs truss expert will this truss to you without obligation. Pat Man woman and children. Ask far or. Brandon at the hotel Anotia taos., mar 4 a 2 to b . G. M. Brandon Lakeville Minnesota reverse parliamentary twist brings liquor Bill Back after House death a How do you like the new paving Job that Concrete sure brings us customers Quot a business area paved with Concrete has a clean and substantial look that says progressiveness. Laid Flat Concrete stays Flat and smooth Riding. Does no to demand frequent repairing. Upkeep costs Are Low. Over the years the savings of tax dollars can be considerable. Recently the biggest most scientific pavement study Ever made confirmed again the unequalled durability of Concrete for streets. This was an unbiased test sponsored by the american association of state Highway officials with your state sharing in the Cost. You can see Why so Many cities Large and Small Are choosing modern Concrete for streets. Because there a no substitute Tor strength there a no substitute for Concrete. St. Paul map a the Minnesota House has voted Down the sunday liquor Bill again and a reverse parliamentary twist put it Back on the Calendar again. The proposal first was Defeated by a vote of 86 to 44 on april i. It was amended however and returned to the floor Friday. It was rejected again 85-36. At this Point the usual Man Euver is for opponents to move that the Bill be reconsidered then they shout Down the motion. This under House rules. Serves to kill a Bill for the rest of the session. The motion to reconsider was made by rep. Gary Flakne of Minneapolis who has opposed it throughout Ute session. On a standing vote the motion carried 47-45. Thus the Bill was revived and probably will appear on the floor monday. Before the vote to reconsider rep. Richard Richie of St. Paul offered an amendment which was accepted. It provides that any municipality which licenses private on Sale liquor stores could Issue a sunday License to a bar restaurant seating 50 persons or More. Thus the Bill now legalizes sunday sales but the matter of issuance of any licenses is up to local governments. Before the amendment was adopted the Bill provided that sunday licenses could be issued in Large cities unless banned by local ordinance. Rep r w. Johnson of St. Paul the principal author of the liquor Bill appearing As startled new Road Boss John r. Jamieson jr., a Minneapolis Industrial Engineer was appointed Minnesota state Highway commissioner thursday by gov. Karl Rol Vaag. Jamieson replaces James c. Marshall who was appointed in 1961 by then a gov. Elmer l. Andersen. Jamieson a appointment is subject to Senate confirmation. A wire photo As anyone when the Bill was revived again. Before the vote. Johnson had appealed for votes on grounds a the Only one harmed will be the state of much of the debate has entered around the number of minnesotans trekking to Wisconsin each weekend for sunday Din nor and booze. Going from liquor to milk the House voted 75-37 in favor of a Bill setting sanitary standards for the installation of bulk milk tanks on farms starting in 1967. Sometimes known As the a milk room Bill a the measure goes Back to the Senate for consideration of an amendment. The workmen s compensation Bill one of the measures on the late session priority list cleared the Senate labor committee. It has passed the House. The Senate approved a school District immunity Bill much different from the House version. The Senate Hill extends immunity a meaning school districts cannot be sued for negligence to Jan. I 1970, two years beyond the present termination Date. The House version extends immunity indefinitely. 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