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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 1

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Austin, Minnesota Austin daily Herald established i81u. Vol. Xxv no 21 aus in Minn saturday july la 1966 single copy a 10c �?Tt32sk la p of. I it artist s sketch brings traffic toll Mullan 4-year-old daughter of or. And mrs. Marian Anders of Rural Fairmont minn., did no to have to wonder what happened to the candles on a Livi n g of boy it s hot room Wall. The temperature in the room was about ii decrees several Days ago when the candles and Carman wilted. Carmans Mother said it took about a Duy for the candles to i o i d Over in the living room at the Northwest Corner of the Anders House. Al wire photo dispute closes Morrell hog kill and May bring permanent closing of Tuma Iowa up a a labor dispute Over whether one Man using a saw should be allowed to do t h e work that formerly required two men using knives has closed Down the hog killing operation of t h e John Morrell amp co. Plant Here. There was a possibility that the dispute and similar ones in other departments Over t h e amount of work done by employees could permanently close the Plant which employs 3,100 workers a approximately half of the Ottumwa Industrial labor Force. Trouble Regan monday the trouble in the 200-Man hog kill department began last monday officials said when t h e company substituted sawing for cutting by knife at one Point on the production line. If. E. Hansel of Chicago the firms vice president for Industrial relations said workers insisted on using knives to Slit hog brisket instead of using the saws. As a result he said six men were suspended. Hansel added that the plants Supply is so closely tied to processing that the rest of the plants production departments will be closed monday because they wont have meat to work on. Serious problem he added reopening of the Plant will depend entirely on the outcome of negotiations Between management and local no. I of he United packing House workers. Ralph Helstein of Chicago the unions International president said a fall i can say is that we have difficult problems and in a hopeful they can be last month during a dispute on work standards in the beef boning department la a n s e i recommended that ii the company a work standards be met the Plant should be closed. 1956 a losing in 1956 the company a involved in another Union dispute a closed the Plant Here for to Days opening it after its demands were met. A month ago with the focus of the dispute then on work standards in the beef boning depart a e n to Hansel recommended closing the Plant if the company a work standards were not met. Last May. Morrell Omitt e d its regular 25-cent quarterly dividend and 2 per cent Stock dividend reporting that the company had lost $1,158,031 for the 26 week period ending april 30. At that Lime the firm transferred several key staff members from Ottumwa to corporate Headquarters in Chicago. Warned of action company president w. W. Mccallum announced at i ii e time that productivity at t ii e Ottumwa Plant had to increase a so that the efforts of our profitable units will not be diluted by unsatisfactory results at Ottumwa or a a we will not hesitate to take whatever action is necessary to Correct our problems at Ottumwa or other units Quot he added. Morrell one of the country a Oldes and largest packers formerly made its Headquarters in Ottumwa. Several members of t h e Morrell and Foster families whose ancestors founded the firm in England 125 years ago still live Here. Open housing Compromise said stronger than imagined by the associated press four More deaths All youngsters in separate accidents have boosted the 1906 Minnesota Highway fatality count to 398, or 31 More than the total one year ago. Two boys Riding two wheeled vehicles died in collisions Friday at Minneapolis and near Crookston. A three year old girl was killed on a South Minneapolis Street. And a Minne a pol is youth died in a mishap near Park rapids. Marry Ann Bradley 3. Daughter of or. And mrs. Jack Bradley was killed when strut by a car driven by Steve Prich 33, St. Paul authorities said. Authorities said the girl suddenly darted into the Street. Thomas Dallas la. Minneapolis died when his bicycle collided with a two ton truck near his Home. Authorities said the bicycle collided with the rear of the truck which was Bocking into a construction project. Robert Knox 12. Crookston was killed when Lur Motorbike crashed Headon with a car on . 75 three Miles North it f Crookston. Kenneth Gebhardt 23, Euclid Driver of the car was not Hurt. The boy was Lac son of or. And mrs. William Knox. His lather is manager of the Crookston Airport. Walter Heinkel 13 Minneapolis died thursday evening at a Park rapids Hospital several hours after he fell off the rear of a Hay Wagon about it Miles North of Thoro. He was run Over by a rear wheel. Schedule of pages flood of new leads Washington a congressional opponents of the houses Compromise open housing provision say the proposal a the most controversial of the administrations omnibus civil rights Bill a is far stronger than originally believed. The provision adopted by the House judiciary committee As a substitute for a wider ranging administration proposal is aimed primarily at real estate agents and others in the housing Industry. The rights Bill comes before the House july 25. Rep. Charles m. Mathias jr., r-md., author of the housing Compromise has said it would exempt most individual homeowners and any real estate agent representing an exempt owner. That interpretation was attacked Friday by other republicans on the judiciary committee in a series of dissenting statements added to the majority report on the Bill which was filed july 8. However the supplemental report also contained an endorsement of the provision by rep. William m. Mcculloch a Ohio the committees senior Republican and the party a leading House spokesman on civil rights legislation. Guardsmen told shoot to kill of fired on negroes desert streets Chicago apr flying squads of impressively armed National guardsmen and police restored relative peace today to the scarred streets of a West Side area ripped since tuesday by racial violence. Youthful gangs who had knitted. Burned and fired sniper style from rooftops faded away Friday night As guardsmen a told to shoot to kill if fired upon a went on patrol. Through the streets of a 140-Square-Bloek area rolled trucks loaded with soldiers rifles at the ready bayonets fixed jeeps with machine guns mounted police ears with shotguns poked out windows. Knots of negroes lined curbs in some areas cat calling occasionally. But there wore Only scattered incidents one reported sniper shooting with police returning fire but finding no one a fire bomb thrown into a Street outside a Home a few store windows broken several fires in houses and stores by Midnight police reported streets were virtually deserted. The Calm contrasted dramatically with thursday night when an estimated 5,000 were abroad. Then two negroes were killed by gunshot and 30 were injured amid widespread shooting looting and burning that continued into the Day Friday gov. Otto Kernel called up the guard. 3,000 Strong. Friday at the request of mayor Richard j. Dilley. The mayor said he Felt Olive alone could not Cope with the rioting worst in tin North since 34 were killed in massive rioting in Angeles last August. Maj Gen Francis i Kane held 1,500 troops in Reserve and sent 1.500 into action operating from a base in a parking lot. They teamed with 1 too police a if any lowly shoots at my men Quot Gen. Kane told newsmen. A my orders Are to shoot Back a shoot to the word must have gotten around newsmen interviewing negroes on the St reels reported an attitude of fear among Mony especially of the guardsmen. Thera was much comment Al cml weapons. And there were some who said the guard will leave sooner or later and trouble will come anew. A we can to Cope with the stuff they got on those guard trucks Quot a youth told a newsman a but we can Cope with the Philice. As soon As those Cis go Hack these cops Are Gonna make a a we All gotta die some time Well fight a said another. The trouble began tuesday night when police turned off a fire hydrant spraying kids with water during a hot spell. A crowd gathered. Rocks flew. Violence began. There was More wednesday night. Then the Climax thursday night and Friday during the Day with police reporting at one Point they were unable to control the mobs. Mayor Daley said that he blames the outbreak a in Large measure Quot on aides of or. Martin Luther King jr., chairman of the Southern Christian leadership conference. King and his staff have been conducting a civil rights drive in Chicago. Said Daley a surely some of the people that came in Here have been talking for the last year of violence and showing pictures and instructing people in How to conduct violence. They re on his Kings said King a it is unfortunate thai one in such a High position of authority As the mayor of Chicago should perpetrate such a traffic deaths state today 3951 a year ago 367 Iowa today 403 a year ago 356 late news 2 area�?3 editorial 4 society j classified . Farm sports comics Roll 7 -8 9 Eugenie to serve . Council United nations by. Api a the first woman to serve As alternate . Representative on the United nations Security Council is ambassador eugenic m. Anderson of red Wing. Secretary general in Thant said in a published report to the Council that he received a . Note thursday telling of her appointment. Ambassador Arthur j. Goldberg is . Representative on the Council and ambassador James Madison Nabrit or. Is Deputy representative. Mrs. Anderson the wife of John e. Anderson will continue As . Representative on the . Trusteeship Council. Meanwhile she is in temporary charge of the entire . Permanent delegation in the absence of its four other ambassadors Goldberg Nabrit. James Roosevelt and Richard f. Pedersen. She is a former ambassador to Denmark and envoy to Bulgaria. Mrs. Anderson will go on vacation to Minnesota monday. Police confident they la find Chicago killer of 8 Chicago apr an artist s definitely was a White Man and sketch of the killer who Slaught that his hair was a somewhere Chicago polic e artist his Rathe Friday produced Chi eone ept on detailed description of the slaver obtained in a two hour questioning session with Amurao a Stude n t nurse who escaped the killer. A wire photo news briefs cab oks supplemental flights to ease t raffle italian papers hit by strike again Rome api a italian papers were hit today by their third strike this month As printers demanded new contracts with higher pay. The country will have no papers until monday. Ore Royalty payments too High say firms St. Paul api a protests that state Royalty payments Are too High were made Friday by representatives of Copper and Nickel mining companies in testimony concerning proposed rules covering 120, he acres of state land in northeastern Minnesota. State High court chief Justice quits St. Paul apr the Dean of the seven judge Minnesota supreme court is stepping Down after 24 years on the Bench. Thomas f. Gallagher an associate Justice announced Friday he would not seek re election this fall. He said his decision was based on consideration of personal health and medical advice to reduce his work Load. Soviets Promise India billion in Aid Moscow it apr a India s prime minister ended a Moscow visit today with promises of a billion dollars Worth of soviet Aid but a Kremlin refusal to follow her suggestions on trying to Start Viet Nam peace talks. Indira Gandhi told reporters before flying to new Delhi that soviet leaders had told her they could agree to peace proposals Only if North Viet Nam accepts them. Washington Al a the civil aeronautics Board musing to ease monumental Ait traffic jams across the nation has authorized 13 supplemental airlines to Fly nearly too routes of the five truck carriers. The cabs action Friday night came As Union and management negotiators were reported to he no nearer a settlement than they were a week ago. They meet again today. A cab spokesman said the supplement also those airlines that usually Fly charter and nonscheduled flights will begin accepting reservations immediately for most of the nations heavily travelled major Alla nites. Including coast to coast flights. The cabs Vecio Icalla granted the supplemental airlines authority to handle those flights for the next 30 Days that Are not now being handled by the no struck airlines. It reserved however the right to Amend 01-cancel the authority without a hearing. Tile walkout by More than 35.-000 machinists members of the Al Cio International association of machinists began july 8 at Eastern National. Northwest trans world and United. Last weekend the cab had Given the scheduled airlines not affected by the strike authority to add As Many flights As possible to help the flying Public. The strike came in the midst of the heavy tourist season. A but this was not found to Fie a spokesman said Friday night. A especially in areas not served by those airlines. A what we re doing now Quot he added Quot is trying to get More capacity. We re not in any Way involved in the strike tile pessimistic report on the strike talk proceedings came from asst. Secretary of labor James j. Reynolds who is presiding Over the negotiations. Reynolds said a we Are no nearer a settlement today than we were. Really a week ago Quot he characterized the latest talks As a another Day of futile rather than constructive discussions Quot and told newsmen he had asked the negotiators to return today with a some new approaches to the problem Quot id Chicago police Quot hirer Anent a who ret Lur ii to obey order to move Oil a tree Oil City tense West hide Only a few arrest were made Friday nigh As 3.imm Illinois National guard trooper moved Lulu the area to help police re store peace Al wire photo Wilson Back in Moscow l Nix n apr prime minister Harold Wilson left for Moscow today planning to visit a British Trade fair and hoping to talk to soviet leaders about peace in Viet Nam. Asked at the Airport whether he hoped for Success Iii his peace Effort Wilson said a this is something we can Only discover when we get to Moscow. A a the purpose of my visit is to visit the Trade fair and give encouragement to our exporters who Are doing a magnificent Job for soviet newspapers have said bluntly that soviet leaders wont discuss Viet Nam with him. Vii son is scheduled to hold talks with soviet Premier Alexei n. Kosygin monday. Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart told parliament Wilson would press the soviets to reconvene tin 1964 Geneva conference on Indochina. The soviet leadership turned Down a proposal to reconvene the Geneva enter enc made by Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi mrs. Gandhi leaves Moscow today an hour before Wilson arrives Kosygin asked Wilson to Advance his arrival time by several hours. Soviet sources said he did not want to make two trips to the air Bill some observers said Kosygin May not have wanted to make tis much it a show of Wilson a arrival mistreatment of airmen will get severest reprisal reds told bluntly Fred eight student nurses has brought a flood of new leads and a burst of new Confidence to detectives determined to Hunt the Man Down. A a we be been inundated with phone Calls tips and leads since we added the sketch to our description Quot said Michael Spiotto Deputy chief of detectives. A police artist sketched the killers face after closely questioning the Only survivor of the town House massacre who roused from heavy sedation Friday after the Long night of horror. Spiotto said the two hour interview was eminently fruitful. Quot number one we re confident we re going to get this he said. A number two we know the girl can identify tile girl Corazon Amurao. 23. Filled in details missing from her first hysterical account blurted out to police when she finally fled the blood splattered House of death thursday at Dawn. At least one mystery remained however and police shed no new Light on it after the interview with miss Amurao Why were there no loud screams no outcries for help during the time the killer bound and gagged the nine girls herded them into a Back room and led eight of them out one at a time to their deaths a there were some Light outcries by the girls who came in late but it Wasny to much Quot Spiotto said miss Amurao told him an autopsy report showed the girls had not been drugged to prevent screams. Three of them arrived Home after the killer had already gathered the other six into the rear room Spiotto said he believed the killer was no stranger to the area of the town House which served As a dormitory for the student nurses in training at a Hospital about a mile away. Miss Amurao told police she never had seen the Man before. The autopsy report produced no evidence any of the victims had been molested sexually according to Coroner Andrew j. Toman. He said lax oratory tests for conclusive findings would lie available wednesday. All the same police showed miss Amurao photographs of about 200 sex offenders. She did not identify any of them. Spiotto said but he added a there Are a few individuals we Are very much interested in a some More than the sketch drawn from miss Amurao a description shows a Crew Cut. Young Man with High cheekbones aquiline nose jutting Chin narrow set eyes beneath brows of medium thickness and thin lips. She said he Between Blond and Spiotto said the sketch had triggered scores of leads. He said his staff of 40, working around the clock with Day off cancelled plus 40 More detectives from other departments were checking out More than too tips. Many were from other parts of the country. Spiotto worked without sleep from 6 30 a m. Thursday until la pm. Friday a leaving word to he called at Home of there was an important development. Detectives had picked up about 50 suspects for questioning. None panned out. Laboratory technicians were checking about too fingerprints lifted from the town House. They had to he sorted from the victims own fingerprints and those of their frequent visitors. Chicago a crime lab staff also was sifting possible evidence from eight plastic hags of effects taken from the House a blood stained sheets clothing and the like. Police and officials of the South Chicago Community Hospital began a Check on present and past Hospital employees and the Hospital put up a $10,000 Reward for information leading to the killers capture. The autopsy report and further examination of the scene of the killings added details As to How each girl met her death government announces new safety code Washington apr the government announced today new safety standards for cars it buys. They include such safety features As head supports on front seats and rear window defogger. Those and seven other regulations set Down by the general services administration Are expected to become the basis for congressional Auto safety legislation later this year. The standards published today apply Only to vehicles purchased by the government after oct. 13, 1967. But during the recent hearings on Auto safety legislation it has been widely stated that Federal standards will be made applicable to All automobiles on an interim basis by the Secretary of Commerce. Weather fair to portly Cloudy and o Little warmer through sunday. Outlook monday warm with Scot to rid showers or thunderstorms. By Jack Bell Washington apr Rov ing ambassador w. Averell Harriman publicly warned Hanoi today that mistreatment of . Captives a will change the w Hole feeling of the w a Quot which. In1 said up to now has not been aimed against the people of North Viet Nam in the strongest words yet issued by a Washington of Lucial concerning red threats to try american prisoners As War criminals Harriman said a North Viet Nam still indicates that they believe that the 1111111x1 states will give up. Just As France did some years ago it they hold out. Quot now ii they think there is anything in this at All one of the surest ways Lur it to assure that the american Public will stick to this thing to the end no matter How Long it takes would he their mistreatment of our airmen. A even though i can to give them any encouragement that we will give up a the president has made it very Plain that we will stick to it to the cud a it will change the whole feeling of the War. Quot so tar there has been no bitterness on the part of the american government or the american people against the people of North Viet Nam. But this Barbaric act would heighten the temporal feeling and can Only react against the interests of tile North vietnamese Quot Harriman shaking Iii a voice of America radio inter View noted that president John son had offered to let Hanoi participate in Southeast asian economic development Atter peace comes to Viet Nam and promised the United states would contribute $1 billion or More. But mistreatment of . Prisoners he said a would have a great effect against any future relations Between our two countries on the kind of live and let live basis we Hope would come Harriman also reported that efforts to Exchange a captured Viet in Ong terrorist for a . Civilian prisoner held by the guerrillas in South viol Nam had fallen through. Viet Cong representative s Iii Algiers had Al one Point indicated they would undertake such unix change he said. The prisoner is All official Gustav Hertz on other Points Harriman soul the North vietnamese have refused to give any information about the number or names of the . Filers imprisoned believed to total 34 or More. Nor have la icy allowed the internal t it Mal red Cross committee Access to the captives he added that Hanoi has refused to accept the International red Cross committee headquartered in Geneva As a protect my Power. Harriman voice of America interview was aired hours att i sen. George i. Aiken r-vt., warned that it Hanoi carried out its threat to execute . Airmen a the american people will demand the Complete destruction of North Vici Nuin Quot Aiken who has criticized acceleration of the War thus put into blunter words the carefully phrased warning of 18 self styled democratic Quot doves Quot Friday that such action by Hanoi a would provoke the greatest reprisals and further Blacken the Hope for Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield who endorsed the statement by the 18, agreed generally with Aikens appraisal of prospective Public demands for retaliation. St. Paul youth 14, drowns on Hospital Outing Hastings mum. A a 14 year old patient at Hastings state Hospital drowned Friday Iii the St. Croix River Hospital authorities identified the victim As Kenneth Vav Mes sen hours son of Kenneth Messenburg and mrs. Jean Owens both of St. Paul authorities said the youth was one of 23 patients on a swimming Outing which was supervised by three ii in guards and live Hospital staff members described As a Good swimmer the youngster was Given per Mission to swim off a diving Dock with three others Iii the group authorities said. Tile Baxly was recovered 2 1 r hours after tile youth a reported missing. Somebody has to Alexander j. Jal Turs. May a r of Milan ban Wilkinsburg pm. Said somebody had to Colie a a i he garbage in his Borough when garbage men walked Oil heir jobs on behalf of a Par raise so he is leading a group of Volunteer on la Dally rounds. After his first Day a the Job. J of furs said Quot i m Moi a disposed to consider the rid lectors i financial Reque i a Quot a wire photo

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