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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 1

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Austin, Minnesota For , portly Cloudy sunday tonight and sunday Low tonight 5 below to 5 above continued cold monday. Austin daily Herald a. Extents i . I Tali ties damage 1956 904 122 1957 811 la i non $125,460 $103,270 vol. Xix a no. 152 single conv�?7c Austin Minn saturday december 28, 1957 member associated press 16 pages Freeman orders state crackdown on drunk Drivers St. Paul up a gov. Freeman told the Minnesota sheriffs Assn. Late Friday that 1958 will see a drastic crackdown on Drunken Drivers using the states streets and highways. Freeman said reports had reached his office that some such motorists through local pressure had Drunken driving charges reduced to those of careless driving. A we must not make a Farse of this Law a the governor told sheriffs a these practices must be resisted. In the deviations from Oast no p. _ _ j Groper Law enforcement has i Lane reported missing found at Iowa Airport been made and this policy will be named president of the a Soria Tion was John Cahill. Bemidji other officers chosen at the annual meeting Are f b. Simpson. Walker Paul Zil Gritt. Red Wing and Peter Lahr St. Cloud first. Second and third vice presidents big spill a a huge Gas transport Laid on its Side Priddy night after Jack knifing on the icy Highway at Brownsdale Corners at the lower right Gas can be seen cover ing the Highway. Austin firemen were on hand in Case of a fire or explosion from the highly flammable fluid 11 dead 14 saved in Coal mine explosion 8,050-gallon Gas state schedules transport upsets samt8rv 8c�< in 13 counties cause of Gas blast unknown Amon a the. A. Of a Rescue workers today recovered the bodies of ii miners killed late Friday when a Gas explosion trapped 25 men below ground in a mine straddling the Virginia West j Virginia Border. Fourteen miners were brought out of the Colliery uninjured shortly after Midnight Canvas was draped Over the victims earned out of mine no. 31 of the Pocahontas fuel co on a Coal car. About too persons looked on in the first Gray Light of an overcast Day All accounted for the miners were hemmed in 500 Minneapolis it a ii Harp Tuvell Charles Carver. Far Jane rep. Red Nan on a flight Bau my retard and Charlo a Chi a from fort Dodge. Low., to min hasting., treasurer Neapolis. Was located today at Hie. I. Hor o in a second talk Friday the gov i h a p h it Emor told the Minnesota count a Spring v�?~�1ie> Man luckily Carl Elam operator of a ser Noay Artemon. Attorneys Assn that the state was escaped serious injury at 30 vice station said Wagner sarm. The Minnesota civil air patrol under Continuer pressure for More p m. Friday when a ,050aon wag wedged in the cab the state St Paul m the Minnesota a a a a june a Quot a a a pm a Quot Gina a l and organized a search for the and More Public services because Aas transport he was driving health department is undertaking Finis said f 1 a Quot men originally plane piloted by William Hopp. F Sta growing population. Jai and overturned at a p an intensive Survey of lodging. Lapp a by the explosion were Bose. Minneapolis Salesman whose Freeman said the principal Chal Brownsdale Comers six nub a a Juzsu it Ltd Quot Al Bevera a businesses in he Cpd ankh account a for wife notified the Cap when Hopp neared t it be in the Educa East of Austin called blk a vvfn4r a aah a to failed to return Friday evening tonal Field and that a we must Glenn Wagner 4.1. Suffered stluf�?��?T7e through the Windshield. Hoppus wife said he left Minne continue to better face the in areas minor cuts and lacerations a n d Austin firemen also were Call Apolis Friday for business ii fort ing Challenge of a growing school was released after treatment a cd and the Rural farm truck motels Taverna and cafes in Chip i. Is a Salesman for pm St 01�f a a a too to us re in Case of a fire pm. Cottonwood. Jackson. Lac it la Quot no a. Quot a Quot Quot Tine Nul sign co. The an influx of red a Salfu Quot to Quot a Al a a the a a a it flammable Gnu Parte unc Nln. Lyoo. Murray it f Cap official had feared for dts from without the aute added a Ftp Quot to lb�1bnbt m n a a a Shway patrol my Noble. Pipestone. Redwood. Reo Fety of Hipp because a Quot bad to the problem of a naturally in la Holt 1 a a a a a a a it vtg.1 to the Volme Rock and yellow med Cine h a in �r7brou�ht on storm front Quot passed through the and predicted Waya b s a a a Jaek a med scene a second Gas truck was coi Mue Vlashe 72led urea Between and that higher education Tacil the a a interaction of highways called from Rochester to unload the. Inaction to coot for fort Dodge Iowa about the time would have to be doubled by 1970. J1. 51141 Cripp de b a sport. The Job a month will be conducted from is southwestern counties starting Amonate is in Southwest Vir Jan Yginia. 20 Miles West of Bluefield tile study will include hotels a w a. Bodies of the dead were re blast survivors emerge from mine Early today i up photo we he he Ndia truck topples into ditch tile truck started to leak Gas. Was completed about 5 a in. Hillary team is 240 Miles the Worthington Branch office a explosion in Pocahontas fuel co. Highway patrolmen said. And Crews this morning were Busy an operations base. It will include Quot Ines a the to Quot Der coalfields m Wagner was at first trapped in washing away Gas that had spilled nudes of w Ater and sewage sys a february Gas expo the truck the Highway. N. D. Man kidnapped 2 gunmen hunted in restaurant slayings terns food handling and Refrigeri lion and insect control among ethers. Up to 2.000 establishments will be \ i sited during the Survey to Hopp would have been in the air. A single engine Aeron a chief bearing the number n85958 listed to Hopp landed at the Spencer. Iowa Airport Friday afternoon of finals said this morning. Airport workers said Hopp indicated be was going to visit friends by is c of i a at Everly Iowa near fencer. Ii will a Wilc Dick Dirksen of Everly said Hopp spent the night at the Dirk Auckland n. Z. It sired sen Home after Landing at Spencer in my Hilary a party has Rea led Hopp and the Dirks us Are Reb be Point of no return on its Over lives Dirksen said Hopp landed and trek to toe South pole. The at Spencer because he we i run-,ouran.,sl4 to. 2�. My get Washington it Public cd assault hoax breaking amt tar 4 restaurant and resort pm St Irgin a a idea 0f toe Mug into bad weather. His Ingle from of Cox of is world. # fat of a fun a a in. By it the in Sald. service for the depart a Lagima engine plane was not equipped Hii Liary a radio message to Scot i _ #. Ment. Said that follow up Calls will a a a a a act ii. Batty. He Camp War Mcmurd Dak Ltd. Two Yunmin Fly pm it Day up act a who a Church hayride turns into tragedy one dead 16 Hurt Dirksen said Hupp planned to sound was monitored Here by his Nian today in an Effort to track restaurant in overtones car j corrected Vida Kwh Are discovered my in a be in Minn Eaux is by noon today. Ross sea committee sponsors. It two gunmen wanted for killing two Utji t r mum is j Jer of the Matt include in a. Spec f nirm i a a a u a Al inter to commandeer an Auto men Federal state company and Union Cap Here alerted the civil air pair Al Bere was alerted this Mandril for the i Ort Dodge plane which landed in Spencer after being reported missing. Austin police contacted Glenn Hovland of the Austin Aero service during the night. Seven Austin planes were standing by when word tame that the Iowa flier had landed Caid. Arthur Mcalister said. Cloquet Man killed in head on collision 21 a to accompany them. Wry the younger gunman drive 25d search Aion at a mine near Bishop va., snuff d out 37 lives. Names of the victims and stir ,. ,. Visors of fridays Blel t were Inwood Iowa it a sixteen Hospital jointly serving the two upset on a so Irp Corner after Kra ,. Mid Mornin members of a Young people a communities. One girl wits in a my a farm seven Miles South of officials said there was no Bidi cur cd Kroup Werp a i hospitals to Sioux Falls sd., Hospital. Here. Ire carried on by inspectors Carl f in a. Day recovering from injuries Sui Gilmore Beek. 22. Hull. Al the Young people were thrown brat Ber. Little Falls Earl Moor 1 a. It fend in a hayride Accident Friday Iowa was killed instantly in the from the truck. It was thought House. Mankato Emil Johnson . &Quot.,Virginia a it. My by in which 011 e cd their group mishap. Van Beek one of three guests of Rochester and William Wood and us it. A s w g. Was killed. J officers said 20 High school boys the Church group was killed when Ivan Barger both of St. Paul. Par men o int s. Ligini on it 0f the injured were Inland girls a but stir ii of them j the vehicle returned to its wheels Robert e. Hatot chief of a be of critical condition. One Morris 4 members of Christian re after rolling completely ohm Biankie Spoor. Is. Inwood was formed Church Here were Riding one of a file injured boys ran to listed As seriously Hurt. Fifteen in a Stock truck cushioned with the nearby farm and called Lin r>"n1 a were in the Inwood Canton . Hay for a Holiday ride. The truck Coin county sheriff e. L. Hammer. Storm of Canton Hammer storm called in Lyon county Iowa officials. Hammer storm said the injured were lying or sitting Scatterer about Hie area of the Accident. Tile truck Driver. Anton Ham pen 17, Inwood was treated for minor injuries and released. E i Baker acting Lyon county Coroner said reek died of a fall inspection Ike to spend quiet it weekend it farm said the hand of new Sealander men and critically wounding a a a. to undergoing rom. Train at an other. Blk a a a Quot i re f a Quot in a Quot a ice Bra Mem. Will Eon under a a a _ parked the fugitives forced the. William Fullarton. Special As Altitude of 10.000 feet. The Trail Sedjo South cd win a _ Mattingly a and i i i a a Mutiny Distant to the president of Poca j but he added that they covered where the third of three persons army pfc. Larry Lee Monteith j 1111 a a i Bonita fuel co., said the bodies of 141 mile during the night which kidnapped by the fugitives was re Means the group is keeping up a leased unharmed Heady Pace. They have averaged police said the two men shot of Monteith a car the fugitives a a 50 Miles for a a Pat up restaurant Here Early Jester and their captives headed South a a a la i or argument Over a girl was released near Rich a a iss Ivull reports from another team 20 Tab. La proprietor George mond a after Daybreak Mon. In a i headed by British or. Vivian p. Rallies 33, and guitar player. Ypuh was left locked in the trunk Jofer act a Gulf that a blast trapped mud 111 two Howery a a a a a the acting Coroner quoted Kam Fuchs were not so Good. Travelling Kenneth Fisher 32, were killed. Of if automobile near Alberta a 1 141 a act Iona a Joy loading area ate. No weekend business appoint Eisenhower pet Doe was pen a saying that when he round j towards the pole from the of a Blind pianist Bernard main va., police said after the Fugi i Faribault Minn w _ a a a a automatic Coal loading May were scheduled at the i among the passengers in the five a curve the Young folks leaned polite direction with a British 28, is in critical Coo Dixon. Tives commandeered another car search Force of 250 us Ormed Chine 1 Contil Fuoua mhdnf4 Benhower a Arm Here but car motorcade which brought the toward one Side of the truck ears three men were reached about i a. M. The other eight were located about two hours later. Plans were Gettysburg a. A a quiet Hagerty said the pres Klent would made to remove All the bodies Al weekend broken Only by some it it s it work in his state of in he Sam Beek one time. A tur a lil Quot to a a a we. Diehard from the Arm trapped in 2 areas ahead today for president eaten outline to Congress Jan 9 his pro last week. Gram for the coming year. Commonwealth Trai Antarctic the Fri listed the two being driven by Asonia g team Fuchs has made Only 35.sought As Henry caly Overton 44, Richmond. Allman of then and volunteers including the Tref a80 the site a a Matic House press Secretary James c. Presidential party to Gettysburg ing to to turn Over in a five foot. ,. Missing Many a parents began a Cool loading equipment. The yesterday Hie dog Heidi is a ditch spilling the Young persons Miles since wednesday and has and Wayne Carpenter about 22. Miss Allman was released in Sternala Hunt today for a Vors were found by Rescue work mole coloured weimaraner. An sex out almost 500 More to go. They Are charged in warrants harmed yesterday in Cheraw so. Arris of St Paul who vanished ers at the Sile. Of a 3 of dlr German Hunting Breed. Three ambulances and a Doc i in addition to the two common with kidnapping unlawful to re pm la fan Bault state ��000 feet from where w Viv Hinckley. Minn. 4 a Minne wealth parties a russian team prosecution for murder and youth loses game Kota s traffic toll hit 69 Friday has set out from the soviet base Auto theft. Night up 2f> from the All time rec in 30 vehicles Ord set in 1936 and 32 ahead of Overton has a Long record of 0f russian Roulette the la other men met death. Hagerty told newsmen Hidi Tor s car took the injured to the this Date a year ago when a Cloquet Man was killed in a head on crash. He was Leonard of Jaska 30, j ruling alone Iii his car when it. Collided with another on . 61 just North of Here. Former teacher 79, is fatally burned twin Valley Minn. Do miss Ida \ Melaas 79. Retired Norm n county school teacher was fatally burned Friday when her clothing caught fire As she sought to Start h r Kitchen stove. Miss Melaas who lived alone rushed into the Yard with her clothing afire and managed to extinguish the to lines hut not before she was severely burned. She died in an Ada Hospital. The was not damaged. Weather official a s. Readings from Terald weather site on roof of ire station readings at 8.30 today a Al. Low previous 24 hours a 3-High previews 24 hours a 38. General weather a Trace of Low. Friday i p m. 41 i 7 p. M. 31 p. M. 41 i 8 p. M. 30 3 p. M. 37 9 p. M. 28 t p. M. 35 i to p. M. 24 5 p. M. 32 i la p. M. 21 6 p. M. 31 i 12 p. M. Saturday 20 i a. M. ____18 j 7am,. 17 2 a. M. 17 j 8 a. M. 17 3 a. M. 16 i 9 a. M. 21 4 a. M. 16 i to a. M. 24 5 a m. 16 j la a. M. 27 a am. 16 i la noon 29 �ih.v.u.0w�.�� the rest be work was instal Aff or drink act St he of a 7�?o Theatch. Hoed up on Tho a a we of a he cd Baen of East end of Wal col township three Inch Alon a it rm70 can my. On to Trp Here. Aho Miles South of Here and started cd d Assa los with Mil 11 la Uzi Trot run of the Back seat of tip one of the official limousines 17-year-old filch school student hums. 21, walked away i rom 4, a a a a d Gleen Bay. Vvs. A three which Carnel i also a cilia Uffer fatally wounded himself last night the institution Ike. 15. He was their his inmates who took part in an anti Ami Eisenhower Valet John in a deadly game of russian Rou j wearing Only Light clothing. A gaseous mine a free a Drinkin at amp wis Moaney. A a a a a with the searchers were or. And i a a a a a a. Consin state reformatory have the president and mrs. Sisco Batti e Creek Mil h of a a combing the Countryside. 17-year-old Bleb school student 2 h ured in St. Paul blast their backs. A Asi Fiu min _ ,. _ it t u ,. Officials said the mine was 000810 a Iamb Neilor Malory Navel to president and or. Ewen St. Paul his two workmen declaring i have nothing to mrs. Ivan Harris of St. Paul Par u # a a gaseous mine it died and five More men who said Tower three of their four grand remained in critical condition to lose Robert Eugene Keeler put Jents of the missing Young Man. We indicated that equipment used their drank were and children and or. Waiter Tkach Day after an explosion and Flash a Shell in the Cylinder of a .32s the search party under the i disburse the Aas present in fitted to the institutions Hospital one of Eisenhower a physicians fire late Friday at the Midway revoked Crnin la of a a Lin up at it in ump we. Tio Ai i. A a Quot Quot. _ _ varied quantities in a Coal mines i Fra la it Nass. 23, of Keshena made the two hour journey Iii Plant of the american can co. Put weapon to us head am hrs moving eastward across the had to on pr0perl> and Mariel Sherman 2 of Neils Bright Sunshine. They were Fob at Ancker Hosp suffering pulled the trigger. The gun fired Mae wide township tract and the Lulu been Villez Quot morning Mathaw wed later by Eisenhower a from critical Burns were Wulliam Keeler died two hours later autere Farmers reported finding touche of by a up Fork of unknown a Ohn on 2l of Clearwater Lake daughter in Law mrs. John Ellen Barnes 2i, Roseville and Jet Watt a Hospital where his Mother that someone might have Ujj wis., died Friday. Hower and granddaughter bar Morgel. 26, Newport both suburb j Theodore Kee or was on duty As slept in their outbuildings. Fuh Arton said the families of authorities said the five who Bara Anne. Jan St Paul. J a desk clerk. Taking part in the search were miners had kept a entered the Hospital today did not maj. John Eisenhower planned firemen said the men were Ponce said the youth had been members of the Faribault and Vigil at a station two Mues Iron appear to be seriously ill. A to arrive today to Complete the burned when Parks Apnar Endy set fire to fumes from a Che Mic a1 jus to coat Beer cars the Blaze was quickly controlled and the was Only minor damage to the Plant. Frank Linn and Gerald Fritz it a Side both of St. Paul two other work j target shooting with two Compon Zumbrota Nati. A guard unit. The disaster scene through must Hough the three who died did not Lamity Circie. Ions in the basement of his Home explorer scouts staff members of 0f tie no it unit bad been urged show Earb signs of serious illness was to a to Pital it the Hospital Faribault army re to return to their tomes Early this the men Dunk the motor anti p i i finn Kwh covering from a recent operation a nests game wardens Highway morning to await developments. Reeze taken from a machine idled Quot Sicy is or Silica patrolmen members of the sub although Only eight men had at a reformatory farm thursday j deferment Urban Rescue league of the to n been listed As working in tin con authorities said. They took 1 Rome it a Italy and great cities students from or. Olaf and tenuous loading area company of the can of anti freeze which was Memphis. Tem. Britain today signed an Accord for Carleton College and workers give facials later discovered la men by led a anti h Reeze and burned Singer Elvis Presley i or s. Suff red burrs and smoke in atom pact atomic collaboration in italian in in time off by employers to Ald were there i dust rial de elopement. An the Hunt. Ready for the big Day a the i 5 foot launching Tower stands ready for the big Day of the Austin Racket society. Sunday afternoon the Young rocketeer under the guidance of sister m. Duns scotus their adviser will attempt to launch a 5vg-foot mouse carrying rocket under the Glare of Public spotlight. The plan is to bail Ulysses the mouse out when the rocket Levels off in the background is the Blockhouse from which the rocket will be sent on its Way by electrical a intact. Sassy Road violator learns is lesson in Kasson court Kasson Minn it a Sassy 60 Days and said she would rectal Fie Law breaker Learned the no mend that his Drivers ii ease hard Way Friday it does no to pay not be restored for a year. To argue with mrs. Kathryn Ruth. As in started out of the room Kasson Peppery Justice of the Stork Cut Loose with some highly peace. Coloured prose a you Are charged Russell Stark 22. Of neat Kas with a second count of contempt a son. Was charged with careless said mrs Roth driving and driving after Revocal a i might As Well spend the rest lion of his License of my life in jail if you re the mrs. Ruth gave him an option judge a Stark complained. A i -v0 Days in jail r a $30 Hue mrs. Ruth said it was a1 right j to the careless driving count with her. Stark will face mrs. I Stark took Hie jail term then was Roth again to answer the contempt slapped with another 20 Day i in charges when he finishes the jail on the second charge. Term to which she sentenced him Stark his temper rising by tile Friday. Minute blew up when mrs Ruth mrs. Ruth said Stark has Sev i impounded his License plates fur eral previous driving convictions explosion continued on Page 2 a a 1re �?��?."yr13 wet 8 it Gnu w a a it mama Poison and Straine i it the High Day was granted a a Daj delay of valation but were not hospitalized. A loaf of bread in Hopes or re his indu it Ion into the army thus four others near the Bhim scene moving toxic . Then enabling him to Complete a mov including three women escaped they drank it in Coffee. A picture i r Paramount studios unhurt. A it Jinn n it i kp1 emotional upsets in pregnancy May affect children tests show Indianapolis a it new tests the. Experiments were described tests to measure int effect when indicate babies can be emotion today to the american Assn. For pregnant rats were made highly ally scarred by what happens to the advancement of science by a Arloua or subjected to elect of Quot. I in shouts their mothers during pregnancy. William r. Thompson psych lilo a a ,. While results Are not Clear Cut. Pregnant rats made emotionally Gist of Wesleyan University mid they appear to confirm Arliw anxious in the tests produced off dle town Conn. Work Thompson did with smaller Spring which were abnormal Emu he said some human studies in numb is of animals tonally. The effects Are relatively dictate that emotional upsets auf j a they strongly suggest that permanent jeered by a woman can seriously stress. Has definite effects on in one Surprise mice born to affect the unborn baby. The emotions behaviour cd tile off Normal mothers developed Emu flu me is possibly transmitted a Spring a he said. Tonal changes when reared by Bangos in the Mother s hormone a photo uni Foster mothers who had been Sui system. Scene of mine blast j jetted to emotional stress. Thompson said More research might bring practical application Thompson devised Elanor to in child cure Aud mental health

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