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Austin American (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Austin, Texas Cloudy Central Texas partly Cloudy and a Mai warmer Friday and saturday. Fresh southerly winds thursday. High in afternoon 92. Details Page 21. The Austin american vol. 37, no. 24 Austin Texas Friday june 23, 1950 three sections a 48 pages Lone Home i a a a we amp a St a a i she baps my isms kiss a Sassy up Asanbe my a i ayoung stick in the mud a firemen struggled for 45 minutes before freeing Jimmy Sisler 14. When he was trapped in a Mucky quagmire of a water filled Gully in Southwest Denver. The boy had sunk below his Waist when the firemen came to his Rescue. He was held fast in the mire for an hour and 15 minutes. A Hospital examination showed he was exhausted but otherwise a wire photo. 70-group of dealt setback Washington. June 22.�? apr president Truman again opposed the Long sought �?o70-group air Force thursday. He Austin Travis census boosts tenth District City and county gain offsets area losses by associated press Austin and Travis county boosted e the loth congressional District into the gain column of the census thursday. Eight of the South Central Texas District s to counties lost Popula i Tion. But Travis county and Austin showed enough gain to offset i the losses my give the District a net gain. The District s population was announced As 313.334. A 27,224 gain i Over 286,110 in 1940. The net gain for the District �?27.224�?was less than the gain for Travis county up 49,328 from 111,-053 to 160,38i and less than austins gain 44,034. Up from 87,930 to 131.946. The established trend toward cities continued. Almost every major town in the District gained Al it though most counties lost. San Marcos potted one of the Best gains 1 �?3,955, up from 6.006 to 9.961. Here Are the county figures Bastrop 19.561, loss of 2,049 from 21 Rio in 1940 Blanco 3,771, loss of 493 from 4,-264 Burleson 12,953, loss of 5,381 from 18.334. Burnet 10,311, loss of 460 from 10.771. Caldwell 19,263, loss of 5,630 from 34 893. Have 17,794, gain of 2.445 from 15 349. Lee. 10,111, loss of 2.640 from 11,-751. Travis. 160,381, gain of 49.328 from 111.053. Washington 20.489, loss of 4.898 from 25.367. Williamson 38,700, loss of 2.998 from 41.698. Figures for other towns in the District included Bastrop 3,158, gain of 1,182 from 2,976 Smithville said the country can to pay for it. This was a setback to 70-group 3,381, Gam of 281 from 3,100 Elgin advocates who were pleased wednesday when a Senate House liar Ara Yard or he u i 3.155, gain of 1,067 from 2.008 Caid i a o,ot6�,ro�.� air verify s 2 99th commencement Senate whips through 3-year Extension of selective service Cambridge mass., june 22 a pvt Secretary of state Dean ache son said thursday Hopes of reaching an understanding with Russia rested on soviet leaders first adopting a a live and let live philosophy. Until then he said solemnly. A no approach from the free world however imaginative and no Trojan Dove from the communist movement. Will resolve our Mutual yet the Secretary of state held i the United states is ready to sit around the a International Confer i ence tables any time. Acheson told the Harvard alumni association that despite the obstacle posed by the a inordinate ambition of soviet leaders that War was not inevitable. Speaking from the same platform where general George c. Marshall launched the a Marshall plan a to rebuild Europe a Economy just three years ago Acheson said the United states and its allies were a on the threshold of a new period in their quest for peace. Giving an optimistic report on the european recovery program the Secretary of state said a an unprecedented rate of economic recovery has now brought the productivity of Western Europe for the most part above pre War More than 10,000 crowded in the president Given emergency Power to set draft rolling Washington. June 22.�? a the Senate gave overwhelming approval thursday to a three year renewal of the peacetime draft act with limited authority for the president to order inductions in Case of emergency. It took this step by a voice vote shortly after both House and Senate had passed a Stopgap 15-Day Extension of Tho present conscription Law we hich is due to expire at Midnight Friday. The emergency renewal was rushed through because administration leaders feared that the existing act might lapse and the selective service machinery lose its Legal Kesis before the two houses could agree on Long Range Extension. But later in a final burst of Speed the Senate brushed aside proposals to attach a segregation amendment to the measure and then shouted its approval of the three year Extension requested by the administration. This legislation now goes Back j to the House which previously had voted a two year renewal with the stipulation that none of the draftees could be inducted unless Congress gave specific authorization. Of his own race provided a majority of them in 36 states expressed such a preference after Abt months operations of the Law. A somewhat similar segregation idea of Russell s was rejected wednesday by a vote of 42 to 29. The final wording of the draft extender now will have to a worked out by a Senate House conference committee. It was just to make sure that the conference group would have time to Iron out the differences in the two Bills the Senate and House earlier voted the Stop Gap Extension of the present Law. The temporary renewal now goes to the White House for president thu Many a signature. Senator Tydings Ltd my chairman of the armed services committee told his colleagues wednesday that if the draft act were allowed to expire the millions of Voung men now registered would have to Register All Over again Tydings said this process might take four months and he asserted that if an emergency arose this country could not spare that time. Senator Watkins a Utah told a a. J his colleagues that the House Limi n under the Senate measure. The tat Jons should be accepted because president could Issue the draft Calls of what he Callec. The a monumental Only when Congress is not in aes blunders a of the Roosevelt and Sion and after finding that a Truman administrations in carry National necessity exists when in ? out this nations foreign policy the lawmakers Are on duty they Watkins said the Senate version Lei of #7 from 2.is7 conference committee agreed on that figure As an air Force ceiling a a the acre Ary of state the Truman program Calls for asserted about 48 first line groups. The Are building our strength in Well 2.1 Burnet 2,361, 416 gain Over 1.945 Marble Falls 2.046. More than double 1.021, gain of 1,025 Lockhart 5.531, i gain of 513 Over 5,018 Luling 4.289, loss of 148 from 4.437 Giddings 2,-522. 522 gain Over 2.166 Brenham 6.919, gain Over 6.435 Georgetown 4 943, 1,361 gain Over 3.682 Taylor 9,083. 1,208 gain Over 7,875. Figures trickled in meanwhile from other districts. The Mcallen District office reported a 2,175 gain for Maverick county up from 10.071 to 12,246. The Nacogdoches office announced a revised figure for Walker county of 20.168. Slightly higher than 19.-878 in 1949 but gave Huntsville a1 giant b36s make grueling 33-hour training Mission most double the 1940 from 5.108 to 9.802.�.-im the Corpus Christi District office a ver the Pacific reported a 1.436 gain for Bee coun-1 a spokesman for Hickam Field i Quot group Quot is a variable unit made up i Ord a we Rasy Quot eliminate the of no fixed number of planes. At conditions which would give Rise to present a group May be 30 bombers War it and we Are on threshold or it May be about it it fighters. 0f a new period in the successful i the conference committee agree Forward movement of this ment must be accepted by both without elaborating he went on houses and signed by the president to say a we face this new period i before it becomes Law. Even then with Confidence but we must be lit is a Mere authorization and does very Clear in our minds about our not increase the number of planes purposes in times that lie until Money is appropriated. Fur declaring the nations of the North Ithemore the conference committee Atlantic were building up a com Honolulu june 22.�?vp a six did not flatly Call for 70 groups but i defense system for the a Pri l Hon Fri did put the air Force at Quot not to Mary purpose of preventing a giant b36 bombers j oat it d beyond exceed 70� and this was considered Gre Sion Acheson said frankly the hawaiian islands thursday on a Victory for those who have Miracle for a Mother mrs. Charles Richard overcome with Joy. Clings to her two year old son Charlie the object of an All night search who was feared drowned in a Rock pit near their Miami fla., Home. Tile father upper Center broke Down and cried As searchers brought the child Home and Laid him in the mothers a wire photo. Would have the Power to decide whether such a step was essential for i the Atlantic pact the chief exec just before final passage the gives the president too much Power and he declared that under Senate beat Down 45 to 27 a proposal by senator Russell a a to slap on an amendment which would have allowed a draftee or enlisted to request service with a persons Senate panel to probe primaries expenditures Washington. June 22�? Pic i which will determine the holders forthcoming investigations in Penn an official probe of Campaign sex of 36 of the Senate s 96 seats. J Sylvania North Carolina Florida. A Victory for those who of Thorf mks bus figure up an unprecedented training Mission dreamed for years of such a mighty Cenci and of strength evidence the i pm and itunes in the senatorial Pri-1 in South Carolina the Vestiga i and Illinois. Gillette told a re str Kuig Power. Determination of the free world that marp8 a at least five states was Tion will concern the expenditures i Porter later that the committee will or. Truman got into the subject the soviet Union shall not by Coer announced thursday by senator of the states rights party a Dixie Send staff workers into South Caro it it it i _. At a news conference. He said it Cion or subversion destroy the in. Gillette d Iowa. Erat Money a Gillette called it. Lina within a few Days to Check on if Inoh ref nov sea of Arkansas 8ai< the or it at six eng med War j made no difference How Man dependence of free up for a Check Are the nominal j in the other states he named spending by the states fighters pm mfg was marked at i 217 a gun plan pm from 75 to too Miles. Groups were authorized the que without mentioning directly Crit in elections in Florida South car a Gillette did not specify whether of in Over a 729 North of the islands at about 2 we a How Many budget ice of the administrations policy in Olina North Carolina Pennsyl the complaints came from demo n in Hawaii time 7 p in est. Would allow Asia Acheson contended the United Vania. Illinois and possibly some a crafts or republicans. He did by their ��0imtted they were he was asked whether the sat has Given help a wherever other states from which complaints they concern both parties and that their course suggested y it coun by can pay for gush a f free men and their governments have been received. J it was alleged that the spending flying a great Circle course to the and Gay a thin its budget. He re have been determined to preserve Gillette Heads a privileges reached a a huge totals. Marshall islands in the Central a plied that the country can to pay for i their Freedom and their i depend and elections subcommittee which a formal statement on behalf of is Riding Herd on this years voting the committee served notice of the two life rafts from downed bomber sighted Toni a orce armoured thursday inthe Ain one plane took off from this increase a could have a serious to it a re it i with la crewmen aboard the California base about five hours effect on our ability to maintain Washington Jim 22 Iii i is missing somewhere Lear Guam after the rest. It also is schedule balanced military Force in subset Washington june 22 a up the sin we re turns to Fly a 38-hour Mission Quant years. A a Republican investigator said practice bombing Mission to Okin the eighth which took off with it other developments thursday in thursday night the Senate com Awa thursday afternoon when it the six is scheduled to land at a a a in of strengthening toe a Monist investigating committee the lath bomb Honolulu International Airport with i non defense. Cefic. They Art on a 38-hour continuous flight which is scheduled to end Here Friday afternoon. They had taken off at Dawn from Fairfield Suisun airbase in Central California. 2.400 Miles to the East. Friday june 23�? up a there Are eight of the planes Priow 70 groups. Congress last year in appropriating $15,586,000,000 for the armed services included $615 million to build the air Force to 58 groups. Or. Truman who had recommended 48, signed the Bill but impounded the $615 million saying that Prober claims he can prove Cal tech prof service divulged secret data lost Contact w Ith the Lutyj Wing on Guam to Whf i it attached. Air Force Headquarters said two life rafts had been sighted 140 Miles Southeast of Tokyo. All la were believed aboard the rafts. A search plane from Guam which sighted the survivors dropped a life boat. The four engine plane was attached to the main heavy us bomber group stationed in the a was described merely As a Long was spare parts Friday afternoon. At most the flight from fair a a evidence that the state depart the Senate armed services com. ,. E Mittee recommended that the sen mtg it career John Sera than 10ohiurrr a Lyre Quot Quot the Pantie porn anon Mij Philip j. Jaffe key the Illanes Art capable of going is of san Ltd Law did not say where the evidence la too mile wet hoist a fueling so a ton of auxiliary vessels and 10,000 a ame from. But chairman Millard of the pad i it could be Tols of experimental types it i p Tydings did a indicated it a would also permit conversion and covered. At Hickam Field the operation i modernization of tons of a combat vessels and 75.000 tons of Effic. Okinawa is primarily a fighter i Range navigation Mission Over the i auxiliary vessels i Pacific. At Fairfield Suisun it was 2. A Senate appropriations sub Morris an appointee of cop Coin was involved in an Fri report to the committee on the five year old stolen secrets Case. Sen. Tydings flatly refused to let 2-week milk strike believed nearing end depicted As one of the most sex committee approved funds for the Mittee members confront service i Tensive training flights Ever under Navy to make Over to submarine publicly with the evidence. Taken with these big first line and six destroyers into the most service testified thursday that bombers. Modern types these funds were the a top secret information he Pittsburgh june 22�? up a the 14-Day-old strike that has Cut air base near fort Worth Texas off milk deliveries to 3 million per ten of them flew from there to brigadier general c s. Irvine commanding the operation was due to make the entire 36-hour flight the planes converted into the a a snorkel Type not included in the general Appro-1 is accused of transmitting in the privations Bill passed by the House. Amerasian Case actually was cleared the submarines would be i for publication months before by the having a breathing device that enables Tonger submersion at a Cost p late president Roosevelt he made the statement to Senate investigators after issuing a Blanket denial of pro red charges lodger publication because it was a factually Correct Quot service related. He said he believed it was mrs. Gaynus notes that were seized by the Fri in its 1945 raid on the new York offices of amerasian Magazine. Other persons have described it As a a top secret Quot document. Service flatly denied the accusations against him. He admitted meeting Philip a Jaffe co editor of and key figure in the controversial affair but said he thought he was a Newspaperman. He said lie gave Jaffe certain a background inform us grand jury indicts scientist for red denial los Angeles june 22.�? a dentist on eight counts of perjury and fraud. Or. Weinbaum 52, for numerous complaints have been received about activities there he said. With the nomination equivalent to election in South Carolina senator Olin Johnston s bid for renomination is being contested by governor j. Strom Thurmond who ran for president in 1948 on the states rights ticket. Representative George Smathers beat senator Claude Pepper for the democratic nomination for senator in Florida. In North Carolina two Senate seats were up. Senator Hoey won the democratic nomination for one of them. For the other democratic nomination senator Graham faces a Runoff election saturday against Willis Smith. Senators Myers of Pennsyl Varna was renominated on the live might use his authority to draft Young men for duty abroad. But senator Cain a Wash replied that under the present Law or. Truman has the Power to order youths into service but he pointed that the president Hasni to used that authority for the past 18 months. Cain then went on to say that the United states probably would have to make the draft a permanent part of its defense program a statement which was not challenged. Shortly before it approved the temporary draft Extension the House voted to allow 2,500 handpicked aliens to enlist in the United states army. After five years service these men could then become american citizens. The House passed the Bill to to 86. After a hot controversy Over whether the aliens would be a a spies for or against this country. Chairman Vinson Ltd a it of the House armed services committee said that the army wanted the foreign enlistees so As to make use of their special knowledge of countries abroad. Vinson did not name the countries but there appeared Little doubt that the prospective enlistees will consist largely of refugees from russian dominated nations. But representative Tackett dark asserted that the Only reason the army wants the foreign soldiers was to get �?o2.500 spies. He said that anyone who would a sell out his own country for citizenship in another country and a few dollars Isnit Worth a Hoot similar opposition was voiced by representative Allen Roll who said he feared that some of the alien enlistees later might turn Over to foreign nations technical information obtained while serving in the american army. Representative Short a to said he did t like the idea either but Ationo but denied him confidential i Anergy was connected we Cal information. I techs Jet propulsion Laboratory. As for complaints that he tried i the government accused him of to Quot sabotage us foreign policy i denying to army sons appeared dose to settlement Fairfield Suisun monday but it of $2200000each&Quot"the"cost"of"mod thursday night As the Al milk was announced without explanation the destroyers was not a against him by senator Joseph truck Drivers Union scheduled a that two were returning. Seven Given. In addition an unspecified r Mccarthy a wis and Pat meeting for Friday new wage proposal. To vote on a took off Over Dawn the Pacific about As you like it number of other destroyers would. Be improved in certain ways at a Cost of $100,000 each. These funds will be considered next by the full appropriations committee of the Senate. A tinker a Toad apparently buried for nine years under six inches of Concrete gave the first sign thursday he might live. But he s still a pasty Gray and is scared of insects Normal diet for toads Page 9. A thieves apparently done to think much of police and police commissioners in Pennsylvania. Not Only did they steal the commissioners car parked in front of his Home they added insult to injury. They left another stolen car in its place. Page 22. A there a one firm that has a list of 400 potential employees to help Man the 251-Man Plant. Reason the company is slicing another profit pie and sharing with the employees. The firm is distributing $41,355, an average of $164.75 for each worker representing 30 per cent of the company a profits for six months. The Gravy is ladled out each six months and $299,26 has been distributed in the last five years. Page 9. Daily features classified. 26-31 i markets. 22-23 Centex. 6, 7 in. 18b radio. I comics. 14b Reuben. 7 editorial society local. Sports Driver stops car has Bull a session Dallas june 22.�? up a Noble d. May # topped his automobile for a traffic Light downtown in wednesday afternoon s heavy tray a Fie. Then there came the wild Clatter i at hooves and a Young Bull climbed onto the Hood of Mays automobile. The Bull lost his footing and fell off head first. In the Best Keystone i cop tradition a corps of City policemen came dashing up to hang a Lariat on the stunned animal. Until the Bull number 996�? j tangled with the automobile he led the cops a merry Cha be til rough the downtown District for about an hour. Number 996 wandered away i from the Swift and company Stock i pens and made the mistake of j venturing downtown instead of j heading for open country to sniff i Flowers said Mays a i just stopped there j when that Bull climbed All Over my car. I sure was Rick j. Hurley former ambassador to nationalist China. The handsome 41-year-old state department career officer who testified in Public at his own request said he was Only an innocent bystander in the 1945 stolen secrets Case and that it was a a false that he tried to a knife Quot Hurley s China policies. The person to whom service was accused of slipping secrets was Mark Gayn a free Lance writer. Like service Gayn was arrested in the Case but later cleared by a Federal grand jury. Service admitted he briefed Gayn on the background of the appointment of the late lieutenant general Joseph r. Stilwell As Overall commander in China and his later recall to the United states. He said the briefing was based on his recollection of two dispatches which or. Roosevelt sent to Generalissimo cd lung Kai Shek in 1945. Mrs. Gayn was present he said and took notes. That was on May 19, 1945. But there was nothing wrong in what he did service testified because the same information was included in a dispatch by Brooks Atkinson published in the new York times in october of the previous year. Atkinson then the times China correspondent was told by the newspapers menacing editor that or Roosevelt cleared the dispatch in China service said a was my written refits from China clearly indicate i had a full appreciation of the dangers of russian domination and sought Means of preventing such experimental Navy air plane crash kills 3 Bedford Ajune 22�? a a at. Least three and possibly four or we Baum. Five persons were killed thurs the government accuses Wein Day night when a four eng med i Baun of holding a membership in Navy aj1 new Type experimental be communist professional unit plane crashed eight Miles South of no 122, under the party name of Here near the Paterson mine Rock i Sydney Weinbaum was Quarry i bom in Russia. Witnesses said the wreckage wast Dubnoff joined Cal tech As a scattered Over at least an acre of a research assistant in 1936 after rugged terrain. The plane crashed j serving As a Laboratory technician democratic ticket without Opp Oai Tion. But there was a Ding Dong believed it was necessary in the the in Rand Surv thursday night Amon republicans for the interest of National defense j no i to oppose him governor indicted or. Sidney Weinba in c James Duff beat representative fornia Institute of technology Sci John c Kunkel for the spot. In Illinois Senate majority Leader Lucas got the democratic nomination without a fight. The Republican Choice for the seat is former representative Everett Dirksen. Federal Laws appear to set no to army review Board questioners that he was a member of the communist party. The indictment was returned before judge James m Carter after several hours of questioning of or. Jacob w. Dubnoff 41, senior researcher in biochemistry at Cal tech. Us attorney Ernest Tolm said that at first Dubnoff refused to answer questions about or. Weinbaum. Later Dubnoff was taken before judge Carter. He said he was ready to appear again before the grand jury. Shortly afterwards the grand jury at i returned the indictment against in a Thicket of Brush and Small Trees. A heavy drizzle was Jallim when the plane caught fire and crashed about 8 30 pm est. Or. E. L Johnson Bedford Coroner said he was certain at least three perished in the crash. A a a there might have been More a Johnson said. Quot there were quite few arms and legs which dido Bedford is in the Southeast part of the state near the City of Lynchburg. Mrs Charles d. Clayton resident of a nearby farm said she and members of her family saw a a burning plane in the Frank s. Mitchell a Bedford electrician living on a farm near the scene of the crash said at least three persons were killed he said the dead included the Pilot a Collet and a Man in a Sailor s uni at the University of California in 1933 and 1934 and a research fellow at the University of Kansas in it la be hotter today but winds will help temperatures started warming up thursday after remaining in the Low eighties wednesday. The weather Bureau recorded a High of 91 degrees thursday and limit on the amount of Money that forecast slightly warmer a opera can be spent in primary campaigns,1 twos for Friday. But require that state Laws must be a but it won t seem quite so hot observed in general elections can j the Weatherman said a because of dilates for the Senate Are limited fresh southerly winds a to a maximum of $25,000 House skies Are expected to be partly candidates to $5,000. Cloudy. Mcaa net tourney semifinals slated at Penick courts today by Bill Lee. Fuster and Don Hamilton of the sports editor College of the Pacific related stories pages 24, 26 generally codicil and Stewart netters of the collegiate world favored to meet Flam and get Down to the a meat in the Cocoa-1 Garrett in the finals saturday How nuts stage Friday in the Mcaa a for. The other teams have shown tournament with semifinals in both a Promise All week and upsets would the singlets and doubles division not he out of order scheduled for the Penick courts at a clan a Flam takes the court in the opening match of the Day at 9 a rn., facing Cochell in a Battle Between the second and third seeded stars. Memorial stadium. It will be a double barrelled Day of activity for Earl Cochell the Southern California Star and herbs a a _ Flam standout from Urcla. Bot Zejp Tulan. Aet ded no. 1934-36. A spokesman for Cal tech Are m the sing semifinals and 1 ase ending Champion will meet said there is no record thai he was their doubles team Are scheduled Nicardo Balbierz curly thatched connected with any military work j for afternoon Competition. There. Pilot form. A trucker hit killed by his spare wheel Hillsboro june 22 up a Otis. David or 26, of Fulton mo., was killed Early thursday when he was struck by a flying spare wheel which had fallen off his own truck. Hie wha Al dropped off the truck bed about s 15 a. In. David left hit brother Robert in the truck and stepped out to search for it another truck struck the i ooze wheel. It hit David and killed him on Tho spot As a matter of fact the West i coast virtually has a strangle hold i on the doubles Competition with three teams in the semifinal round of play. Play the rest of the Way in the tournament will be for the Best three out of five sets Flam and Gene Garrett of Urcla meet the sole Eastern entry still in the running Princeton a pair of Gilbert Bagley and Charles Dvoe in the first doubles match at 2 15 p. In the second doubles semifinal Battle slated to begin i p. Rn., will be an a West coast affair pitting Earl Cochell and Hugh Stewart Al Southern California inhibit Henry chilean from Rollins Colage of Florida in the second singles semifinals match scheduled for Law peek courts at 9 45 a. In. As defending Champion Tuero was cast in the role of favorite. But a i Biers has marched to the semifinals with victories in straight sets in three of his matches and has played great Tennis. There were some observer who predicted an upset Victory for him. Following a Day of rain wednesday the collegians were frosted by pleasant weather thursday. The Cooling Bravata were Welcome after Days of stifling heat. The court War in top should a perfect for final match. Ill a a a Hmai in Mem Myrv

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