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Attica Ledger Press Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1913, Page 1

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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - October 31, 1913, Attica, Indiana The Attica Ledger press Ross Brothers publisher Attica. Indiana. Friday. October 31, 19i established 1851�?l-p. Vol. 3, no. 5 it will you vote for an Emblem or for your principles it has been Many years since the City of Attica has experienced a oppose the attitude of the men who Are behind the democratic ticket. Municipal Campaign that compares in interest with the one that will reach its Climax at the polls next tuesday. With four tickets in the Field and the three leading candidates for mayor running so closely together that neither is assured of election interest in the result increases almost hourly. And it is a keen healthy interest that bodes Well for the City. The with no platform no pledges and a ticket that could not work Harmon Ousby if elected they Are Bent Only on securing control of the City government because the order comes from the state Bosses to capture everything in sight to strengthen the hold which Tom Taggart Crawford Fairbanks it al have on state politics. We have no quarrel with any Man who votes any ticket so Long As great movement for efficiency in City government As Well As in business j does it with honest intent believing that the men for whom he votes and Industrial matters that is sweeping Over the country has manifested re Best fitted for the office or represent principles which he believes itself strongly in Attica and men and women too Are tii inking Over municipal problems As they have never thought Over the i before. This has been largely brought about thru the Entrance of the Best for the Public welfare. Time was when quot party loyalty quot was a virtue and any Man who dared vote As he thought irregardless of party emblems was a political progressive party into local affairs and its adoption of a practical plat renegade. Happily that time has past and now men Are waking up to form outlining a definite policy for handling some of the principal problems that confront the City and pledging the men whom it proposes for City officials to a strict fulfilment of this program. The men Olio stand upon Liis platform Are representative of tie younger men of affairs in the City men whose Energy reliability and fitness for the position cannot and has not been questioned. Men toa who Are free from political ambitions who consented to be made candidates Only because it was Imprest upon them that the City had need of men who would put its municipal welfare above politics. All of then have business interests that Are bound up in the welfare of the City and its residents and in consequence Are keenly interested in giving the people the Best and most economical and efficient nmn Cipal government possible. The l Dot or press believes in the commission form of government for cities and absolute h Nice Rule in local altars. A letter to Attica voters. Quot a quot quot Ypon accepting the nomination As a a a dilate for the Vilice of i Niyor it was my desire und to see every v a ter in tiie City person Illy before the election and h be a few minuses talk with him not in a i Endeavor to argue Myrv Ness for the position nor t him to Promise his vote to tie but in order that he might question me if he desire relative to what my Poi Civ shall be if i am elected Ai d thus form his opinion As to my fitness for the place. But the demands upon my time have been Suh that i find that it will be impossible for me to do thi so i am padres Ninfi this letter to those whom i May n t see. I his always believed that quot the Oitice should seek the Man quot and while in practice this does t Jln ay3 work out it is still right in principle. For that treas i decided upon entering the Campa in that i would not make a lot of specious promises that i should be Una Hie to fulfil if i were elected n r insult any citizen t f the City by seeking to influence his vote but the presi station of a cheap Cigar not that i have anything against the Cigar As such nor am i so quot crispy quot that i should hesitate at the Small expanse involved. It is one of the evidences and customs of the id order and i stand As the representative of a party that presents a new idea it ii is. Evi by Citize n owes certain duties to the Community in which he lives Ard if he be drafted to Servo As a Public official he is Recreant to his in he does not accept the Cali and give to the Community the Best their is in him. It was thus that the nomination for mayor came to me and in that spirit i accept t d it. If when the votes Are courted next tuesday it Shou d be shown that a majority of the citizens desire the it i Erve the City As mayor for Lour years i shall accept the in Good Faith and give my by is judgment and thought to the administration of the City s business. I pledge y u an administration free from favorit so Assur ring Justice ird a Square Deal for every citizen and the elimination of special Privit be the constant Endeavor being to achieve the greatest Benefit to the greatest number. I have no political purposes to serve no political ambitions to satisfy and shall make to attempt to utilize the office for political Vantage the platform upon which i stand pledging an absolutely non partisan and Miri stration both in City and school affairs. I am a believer in municipal ownership of Public utilities and in the commission form of government for cities believing these Are instrumental ties that will furnish to the Community the Best Public service and the Best local government at the least expense in taxation. Rightly operated our Light and water Plant ought to be not Only self sustaining it ought to yield a profit to developed a sinking fund for repairs and improvements. Cities like individuals Are prone to get into a rut and run along there for Jears fearful that they will be unable to stay in the Road without the rut As a guide when As a matter of fact the paths outside the rut May be smoother and better. To my mind we should get out of some of the ruts in which we Are travelling and thus increase our efficiency and Progress More rapidly in Community development. The progressive platform Points out some ruts in the Roadway of our municipal Progress and if elected mayor i shall faithfully Endeavor to put into effect the principles there set Forth. I regard the office of mayor not so much an Honor As an arduous service in which the returns in a financial Way will not nearly recompense the time and thought required by it but if you desire that i serve you in that i shall accept the Trust and give you the Best of which i am capable. So strop by do i feel this View of the matter that were it possible to buy the election i would not expend a Dollar for it no Man can be a successful mayor without the people behind him and without your support 1 would not accept the Large responsibility which the office carries with it. As a voter you Are entitled to know my intentions and i shall be glad to meet any resident of the i y face to face and discuss with him any Phate of the situation or any proposition in which he May be interested. in Attica in its future As a City in its men and its institutions and i feel As deep an interest Here As Tho my whole lifetime had been event within its limits. My Home and interests Are Here and i thare with every citizen the responsibility Kcjr the City s Progress. It elected mayor the City s interests shall have my first a ion and i shall strive to the u most of my ability to make Attica a better place in which to live a sanitary place in we Rich to rear and educate your children and a place where the inequalities that hamper the average citizen in earning his daily bread will be reduced to a minimum. With a deep sense of the responsibility of the whole matter and As burning you of my absolute sincerity i am your Friend Thobias a Kelsey. The fact that quot party loyalty quot Breeds party Bossis and that always Means inefficient government wasted Public Money and High taxes. The Independent voter 4s the salvation of politics and the progressive ticket in the City Campaign represents the Independent movement. Its election will be of Little or no political advantage to the progressive party in county state or nation but it will be simply a Victory for Independent Home Rule for efficient government and a set of officials who Are pledged to pry the City out of some of the ruts into which it has fallen and Start it on the Road to a bigger better and More prosperous Attica. Altho a progressive newspaper the Ledger press does not ask support for any Man on the progressive ticket because of that fact. We believe every Man on it is fully competent to fill the place for which he was chosen and that As a whole the ticket is the Best put up in a local for that reason we election in the history of Attica. Further you know what these men will a d j because they Are pledged to a practice ii program and to principles that i will apply to the solution of any question that May come up. What would the democrats or the republicans do if elected nobody knows not even themselves. With the former it is merely a de i sire to get Possession of tiie offices for political effect. This they admit j individually and As an organization by their failure to set Forth any principles which would be to the advantage of the City or taxpayers. Attica should be Able to govern herself without taking orders from Indianapolis or French lick. J tie Republican organization is acting from similar motives. A few of the leaders who place quot party loyalty quot above Progress and efficiency thwarted the movement to secure a non partisan City government re fused to con mint themselves to any policy or platform and Are asking 1 support solely because the Eagle Heads the ticket. To Weir candidate for mayor More progressive than his associates has set Forth some of the things for which he stands but they do not represent the principles of the Republican party and the candidates for coun Ihnen Are not pledged to support Plieni. If they Are his Prin Naples he is out of Harmony with it his party and should be voting the progressive ticket i for the socialists we have not a word of criticism. They have i principles and convictions set Forth in a consistent platform and they Are voting honestly for them. That is exactly what every Man should do. In conclusion the Ledger press Asl a every voter of Attica to Pon i der the question Well before casting your ballot. And remember this i dare to do your own thinking. Don t let any Man Lead you to the Booth like an of and Tell you How to vote. Attica has seen enough of that kind i of politics and the Day for it has past. Be Man enough to know your own mind and have a reason for the Way you vote. We do not ask you to vote the progressive ticket because it has a Bull Moose at its head but i because it stands for something because it represents principles that of a feet your daily life because it promises a closer relation Between you and i your City government because it promises a Square Deal to the tax payer j and because it represents a sincere desire by Earnest men to make life a i Little easier for every woman a Little happier for every child and a Little better for every Man in Attica. Will you help us?cs7 open letter from j. Wesley Whicker to a mayor will b. Reed will b. Reed candidate for mayor of Attica. Dear sir i have read the leaflet recording your accomplishments and heralding to the four winds the eleven things for which you stand. I have also read the article in the Lafayette morning journal of thursday october 30th, evidently inspired by your own Good self and extolling your Virtues. I observed with some degree of interest that you stand first and last for Attica. Attica has stood for you for nearly Twenty years and has made you every thing that you Are and can Ever Hope to be. Attica pick you up when you were the Star of local Amateur vaudeville made you the principal actor of the show which has been pulled off for the last Twenty years and furnished you All the Para Hernal you ask to play your part. Attica has Given you every Opportunity to make Good. You have not j been absolutely satisfactory As a Star i player and now Only yourself and your j understudied Are applauding you at the finish. The second thing for which you stand is quot Progress in All if you Are progressive quot in All things quot Why not in politics. Why stand upon your past act with the rest of us in the present and vote the progressive ticket. In your fourthly your fifthly your six they your seven they your nightly your int Fly and in your Tenthy you stand on the progressive platform of the City. The progressive party pointed out to you on the night it made its debut in City politics the principles for which you now profess to stand. The fact that you have had Twenty years of Opportunity and in these Twenty years you have not had any of these things for which you stand enacted into Law is an admission on your part that you have been a weak executive. The trouble is dear brother you have quot stood for quot too Many things and remained standing. The City needs a progressive mayor who will act. But since you have come to the progressive mourners Bench i believe it would be Best for yet jul to have a few years probation an Opportunity to repent of your past Beautiful As it seems to you in looking backward. And your accomplishments Well by Heck if you have accomplish All that by your Little self you certainly need a rest. Who paid for the $150,000 Worth of property owned by the City did not the tax payers Why not add the debt of the school City now $25,000 to the debt of the civil City $25,000 and let the people know that the City is $50,000 in debt if you stand for the fullest publicity of All Public matters were you Ever in Mishawaka ind ? if you Haven t been there and will go some of the progressive candidates Ross Kelsey Deselms Martin i Jacobson the progressive ticket Ploog. Ploog. Prog. Pitog. Prog. Prog. Prog Prog. For mayor Thomas w. Kelsey for treasurer John q. Hock for clerk Clyde Martin councilman at Large Charles t. Jacobson councilman at Large will g. Ross councilman first Ward Arthur l. Sergeant councilman second Ward Omar c. Deselms councilman third Ward Joseph j. Little in More or the progressive platform quot he progressives of the City of in Coa mention Assen ribbed for the purpose of nominating a ticket for the municipal election feel impelled to set Forth their reasons for Entrance into the Arena of City affairs and to present to the citizens of Attica this platform outlining some of the progressive Steps which they and the candidates whom they put Forward purpose 1�?we believe in the non partisan management of City affairs and the elimination of partisan influence so far As possible in the election of its officials and deplore the necessity for entering a Campaign where the lines Are drawn on the issues of National politics rather than on the things which would make Attica a better town in which to live and earn a livelihood. Altho put Forward on the progressive we pledge our candidates to non partisanship in the conduct of City affairs and to alone in transacting All business of the City. 2 a recognizing the great need for better sanitation for the Protection of the health of the City we favor the planning of a Complete sewer system and its construction in sections As rapidly As funds can be provided believing that this should be the next Public improvement of any consequence undertaken. 3�?in View of the great personal and financial interest that centers in our school affairs we favor the publication of the receipts and expenditures of All school funds As is required by Law of other funds that the people May know where their Money is being expended. We further pledge ourselves to an absolutely non partisan administration of school affairs and to the appointment of a woman on the school Board believing that the motherhood of the City is entitled to a representative thereon and that her presence will work for Good especially As regards the cleanliness and sanitation of the school building. 4�?we pledge ourselves to a strict compliance with the health Laws of our state and to a policy of municipal cleanliness that will not Only beautify the City but will better protect the lives of our citizens. 5�?recognizing the great importance to Attica of Ravine Park we pledge a faithful conservation of its natural beauties and a maintenance of its present status altho we believe that for the time being no further prove ments should be undertaken there until gent needs elsewhere Are cared for 6�? recognizing the great value of Indiana s new Law governing Public utilities and believing that the people s government should take the Lead in securing proper service from Public utilities we insist that the City administration should take Steps to secure better Telephone service in the City and its environs. 7�?finally, we pledge ourselves and our candidates to a sane and economical administration of the business and affairs of the City and a City government As capable As honest intent and a sincere desire to Advance the common Good can make it. You May get some Light on Well lighted streets in Small cities. And now. Brother red is it not a fact that the actual Cost of producing the electrical current in this City is More Thani should be and thit the Plant is now running at at a loss. Who paid for the sidewalk system. Ravine Park and pubs Library Don t you think that the people who put up the Money Are entitled to some credit was it you or Andy Carnegie that gave the City $10,000 for the Library did you make the River frontage or was it fronting the River when you came Here quot the nucleus of a sewer ju9t the nucleus and you a All our school Board non partisan Well if they were selected by non partisan methods what do you Call politics and special interests during your Twenty years in office have the methods in letting the contracts for the Street improvements of which you boast been above critics san Why is it that since the coming in of outside Competition with the letting of the Mcdon Alij Street contract the local Street contractors have quit business and now brother i see that w. B red quot the grand old Man of Attica quot according to the Lafayette morning journal has increased the population of our City one Hundred per cent in the past Twenty years and fifty per cent in the last ten years. Surely it has taken a grand old Man to do this i read also that largely thru your instrumentality we secured the National car Coupler and Poston Brick plants. Did my $325 help you any a and there Are Many who contributed More. And listen w. B a i remember trying to get a loan for mrs. Dunkin from you in order to Cut the thirty acre tract the Brick Plant stands on oif the Mccabe farm which i was Selling to or. Martin. I explained to you that this was necessary in order to Hokl that thirty acre act for a Brick Plant. You refused a loan of $900. I made the loan with the Tippecanoe loan and Trust co., of Lafayette and if or. Marshall of Otterbein had not recommended the loan to the Trust company on the same statements i made to you the Poston Brick Plant would not be Here today. You and your coterie of supporters had an Opportunity to Aid in holding this thirty acres for a Brick Plant and you refused to do it Ravine Park was presented to the City by the Attica land Ard improvement co., and you had no More to do with it than any other member of the company. This is your record. You could not escape it if you would. Would you escape it if you could j. Wesley Whicker. R s. V mrs. Sarah Black returned to her Home in Kingman wednesday afternoon after a visit with her Niece. Mrs Frank Campbell

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