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Attica Ledger Press Newspaper Archives May 21 1915, Page 1

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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - May 21, 1915, Attica, Indiana Me Attica Ledger press Koss Brothers publishers Attica Indiana Friday. May 21, 1915.established 1851-lp. Vol. 3, no. U Mother s clubs in goo meeting annual convention at presbyterian Church proves interesting. Addresses of . Schweitzer and prof. Bittner helpful representatives present from mothers organizations i Hru out the District enjoy Day of inspiration in this City. The District meeting of the mothers ciub3 and pare pit teachers associations held in this City saturday proved As was anticipated a very successful and helpful meeting. Delegates were present from the greater number of Twenty five organizations in the ten counties which comprise this District and carried Home to her club new inspiration for the coming year. The sessions were hold in the pres a by Terian Church which was appropriately decorated in Blue and yellow the club rotors and with of Spring Flowers. Priv. H. O Tribbe period the first session with , followed by mrs. F. S. Purn tii Kip two ont s that were great by e j in d. Supt. A. F. Muhin Nix pc of a wit of Welcome in. Which it it i i. to plead f in a i Orr to bet e i i can Quot a bet a <.�?��. R. Nth. R a i the i v a i. R i a i of Ihn child. Mar. W. W. R. 1 the j = Lif i which . A i. A Ai. I ii Ai i \ 1,1 i. 1l of. A.-.ir�. A of Ine n . By 1. R. A a Schwa. Tzer of ii i i Jiant a fall. I a i i i head in. Whu in Tkv of the in it Vurm Milit a Mother a Iii teach a. Her a a the Hygiene of the Rizui Quot a i a naturally gave some idea Chat re new to her hearers and it arled their Houe hts along new lies. Thing she is tni4i Del Elive Chi Iii Ren should by j. I Iii itt. R. . I in the re g they in ire than hire of the teacher tie it Tion a hair the am up i -. Beside she instr that they d in the of Iii Choli the it re provided of schoolhouse is this possible said the lecturer. The latter part of the and i dress was ill aerated with lantern slides j showing Many photographs taken in Indiana Wisconsin and elsewhere. 1 showing where these ideas were Bei g i work out in a practical Way with most j beneficial results. At the close of the address the crowd went to the Church where the meeting was opened by Rev. A. W. Jackman j whose prayer was followed by a Short j musical program by the a. H. S. Girls Quot glee club. Considerable time was de voted to listening to reports from the j clubs thru out the District some of the delegates telling what their clubs had been doing and these reports proved of 1 great interest. I mrs. Charles b. Klein of Lafayette a gave a very instructive talk on Quot morals a in the Public schools Quot and discuss this i question in a very Frank and helpful i manner. The larger share of the responsibility for the moral training of the child she placed upon the p a rents and urged mothers to recognize the a importance of retaining the i of their children that they might Bett instruct the in the knowledge of the relationship of the sexes Mitter too often neglected and the one which i proves the greatest source of immorality both Iri the Home and in the school. Rev. H. ,. Tribbe pastor of the i presbyterian Church made a Short talk i in which he advanced some surges tons As to what to do wit i a boy during \ a a Tiomi it Nhsn t been i in yes men Craget an unto get Safe Nitro artists waste time and labor at Chas. He Neman s shop. Will Cage in take up practice of Law f visited c. Amp e. I. Station and opened freight shipments til Daybook bearing name of Wiiliam sport Blacksmith was found near tie scene of the Safe blowing Ince . Tris a 1 Eha a t of ii Teth a i. A t a a i tur. F a u. Irit v v. a and of for the first time i i Many months Attica was it go Nen sunday i night and altho enter Ince was Tai cute d into the c. So f. 1 depot a Eorge Heineman s grocery and Quot has. Heine Man s plumbing Shuji. In which latter place they blew the Ollie inf a they secured nothing for their Touhl the raid proved a compleat Waterh ii As nearly a c in be a a Tai Ved the first afire Hrabic Quot of he Thieve was at the c. Cd f. I. Stati it a. We re they broke the seals an 1 g n into two freight cars. There Nev Airi thru goods of various e r -.r. I Othi Vav tii Ltd a it Slis of c. Lewis Green will be inhere the i in the that he intends it gain to take up the of Law ill Thi its Kivior it a. For ence Iver the i Ura be work i i which he h is been for Post tvo years. Ireen is Weh Fiji it practice Quot c f lw. He in Cei de the degree of Biache i t f at the l it Rosity of vhf. . In after a c Hal it ired and la at coarse of tive years his prelim a re t do Avion rect Ivi ii in Attica a Hoid froth �?�.�?�. A i i k i i Iii. He Ted to the b,.r in i in a a Quot i j a d Ift his idalion practice until i Ali when he m,.ved to Danville an i formed a Partril in wit n i Hon pc on to Allen. H a w s a Sucin Ted with Well a v Lini for t a o and h hah Quot year i and retire d to accept the District Agency for like commercial l Iii c i h his Ilice ill this City. Vitt now feels impelled to return to Profe to to d Devi let Al matters. He will retain his a a ice i h a a her i Ink l Uil Dir a. A i Oliue o be. H fat Rinc a .1 1 a entry work he a forts to Nti Thoraf to i in. A window at the v. A the ice to in Dow i Rie 1 no i a Fth p1 a Tor an 1 ick int.�.si a it w i i to Wor the i a the if m a Wil a o 1 to ti.-, a a in tracks some lion Quot i a cirs at the c. S e. 1. Id it ee h Cut the re Ruc to h. Ioc it is a Pire t the Ili m. In a id a Ore Gigli Neezie i. Hies. L be c.idwalladi Fani ily a he re it t from in it. A t t key heart in. A a i o a i cd True Login a further Utt a i so Looi Lii a �1a nil Derr tee a l iwnite.lir.-. T c j a Over Kirk. a Quot w i Quot a a i a to d to the n 1 e Orth Benton a v. Re i t. I Ippeciin-.-.-, to. Mriz. F we. Side the for nov it and of i Tiv Ollic residence Burn s h Lor i i. The Tri it direct ii of the i v of 1 Sui Nir t. For the it c j�1 very Eredita Tipiere it w Var ii u we of for the. A j urges medical i id injection Tschoi i children .d Lor the it Ceu , the Vivi advanced Mary reasons wily the i v re Iii i Heinith should be 1 out after. Tipiere Hoks in ill. Dinner was served in the a by the of the Chur he a cd who were in at the took advantage tiie Opportunity to secure a Bunche ii the re m order to by on hand Early for the afternoon session. The first feature after dinner was an illustrated lecture and in order to utilize the picture machine this was Given in the Arcade theater. The lecturer Community As u a was Walton s. Bittner of the univer Vest Lebanon Man killed. Is train Tov. Hii ii past s attic i i 1 a a. A. Ran o in a id killed a in i near loj Are ii it Saur May. He was Linail Ide tilled As Andre. Anady. Pc nerdy a in Idel of West Lebanon where he was a Thris it t .aker. He was about 70 years of age and hard of ing a h charge. I exp Ilo i j a i door to. 1 i Cei t w. I Iraq l Quot Evi i it the Hux Cut of nov of pan. -.-t v t h Soult try it i -. A thru i. A h to in. A a at of to a in a i a t a a a a it a i . A pert i hut y. . I.-. the Saith nip a i a hearing so evidently was not aware of sity department of Indiana ,.a a University and he spoke on Quot the child approach of the Tram. He had and the Community Center. Quot he pointed i. A i. A i. A a. L some time and his relatives there did out the vast difference that exists be. I. I a j j i not know where he was until notified tween the country life of today and. ,. In i u i j j 01 his death by the authorities. His that of a half Century ago and discuss relatives at West Lebanon Are poor and the changing conditions that have brought it about and the changes that have come with it. Chief among these is the decadence of the Rural Community interest. The country Church is rapidly dying out he said and the country school is being very largely superseded by the graded High schools. This latter feature he approved but at the same time pointed out that it was aiding in destroying the Rural communities thru out the country. To Aid in offsetting this he recommended that the school House in every Hamlet Village and town be made into a Community Center by methods not unlike these used in social settlement work in the cities. Idle schoolhouses and churches he asserted represented one of the greatest economic wastes which exists in the country today. He urged that they be utilized for a Community meetings that the Young folks be encouraged to use them for meetings debates entertainment Sand social gatherings that a gymnasium be provided to which All could have free Access both men and Var Gurnen boys and girls. The school building should be to every american Community what the to every european town the real Community Center around which the life of the Community moves. Only thru the achoo can the artificial barriers that divine the comr unit i. To Little cliques be broken Down for the american Public school is the one common meeting ground where Rijh and poor protestant Catholic and jew meet and mingle in the various phases of Community life in which they Are All interested. At no other place but a did not care to assume the expense of his burial so he was buried at logans port. His body was badly mutilated the head being entirely severed from the trunk and every Bone in his legs and arms broken. Mrs. C. Cronkhite dead mrs. It Kristopher Riik Riitta sister of Yanniel Frame of Quot Williaim Sciort lie Ltd May 17tli at her Homo in Chicago and was brought to her of i Oliie at West for Hirial. The final funeral sit ii is were Hehl at Ltd 00 o Quot clock yes Tir la in the Hristian Cli urch at West , a. A. Jackman of Liis Cut a. Ollie rating. As Horn at West it n of it d War Yot been i i. a so a iia Fri Radium honk near a a a ing the ii in. A i .i,.i i Rig. A Young a Blick a in a a Ali it in i a i it. For cd a in Ide the e i. W a of a old Quot. F. I. Pay right. Jointe i t Flimsy a a Imper Wlinich. Darkie the thief a i evidently took for .pi currency. This a i had evidently a Chi be ured a i the de of a Quot a. A marshal Hnn. hts this boo n. His to via i t hut has Litt e Ella a Uii i a Al Quot. pm Rollit v Al a a Star .ii\ Attica High school class that will graduate tonight Kiel \ As the the. A la 11 .1 i. Ltd i. of Santili Frame. Sho i Mccami. Roll k h i 11 a a lid since i ill Iii a of. Quot ill is sur-11-1.ail.i. Loar it l . Of Tail Liot m a. Lohi be Ili it a ii i rain ,. Frame of Liti of Afi-.-1 a Iii Iii a a a at Lily Iii in a ii .11. A t 11 l i Lay City a at mar a. Iii. Kiel Firulli i Oil he Iii a ill he offered and this v. A ii afford to get something god for sunday s Plinner. Iii of 1 Iii te.1 an e �1 at the w Liili Iii i Linin i of it i 1 of 1 of to ii p. 111. Payoung Man attempted suicide. In a tit of depression yesterday afternoon Charles Vick a farmhand lil years of age attempted suicide by shooting himself with a Shotgun. He sustained injuries that Are believed to be fatal altho he i it still alive this morning the incident occurred at the Home of his employer t. E. Martin in Troy township. He had borrowed a shot Trun from a neighbor and to kit with him to the barn about 1 of o clock. He was not seen one of the to Nen to go to the barn about of. O clock and found him Unco Sci jus. I bleeding from a wound in Shoul 1. R. At first it was thought to ban Dent until . Martin recalled that the Young Man had Given him a note for his wife and on Reading this it was apparent that he had contemplated suicide. Two doctors were summoned from Covington but they that the shot had penetrated the lungs and gave Little Hope that he Wourl survive the nit Rbt. In the Avenir he wp., taken to the Home of his brother in Law Alfred Irown where his wife and three weeks old baby were staying. The Young Man is n son of Chas \ Iek who resides on the Foster place at Rob Roy. And a Drother in Law of Scott Brown of this City. He was Given to attacks of and i Aid to have Fri Iuerio threats to erd his two Day Alfalfa tour Purdue will Lead big party cd Fountain . Will Honor the Soldier dead memorial Day to be observed in fitting manner. Rev. A. M. to deliver the address in Mcdonald p.4rk communities round about Arram Iii for Fermi is ind the of >.\ance of tie l a it ill be eneral. The ce.t.. Tree Delegate i to in Range the p Orram f. the a. U of it St of d by in Attica in to Arai for the Pian outlined follows closely that i. _ ,. J _. _ t t v a of preceding year Cupler band wiil furnish the re a and the band the old soldiers the Sivanish War \ veterans and the a a is i the a a. I. Will at the City Hall an 1 at i in t a mme Bald Park what re the i be hem. Its h is Heer f. R Vears. If the . R hot a i As j As at Prie to the a i the id of the cur nes St a. A .1 of it n. Fir of v. La air Hals m will Elsil Alfalfa Field each in the county Tiiu it will be by l lectures Iii Denion .irions ind she it id Ltd i Ros c \ Ery interesting and la Elpaul. I i t a a de. A to Che a Cern iut to that resin a thing y i in pertinent .&Quot-.iti.i.iy. A f foun nor a inv �.lu u i u a i Al Arr. his it it.mtv Ersh a Lav itinerary i plated. The tour Iby Schwai. Of i .Iue visit Ard Eunice i every to Enship in. R. 11. It i we Gen mits for in w been. A a 1. Charge of i Rof. And he t Jilot of Alfalfa in the purity using t it f the i eld before him As a for Dern on stration printing the reasons fat it Success failure whichever he lifts. It is the intention to have As Many Farmers accompany him m automobiles 1 a As can be induced to go Ami already a i a re than two dozen have pledged i their co i petition. It is thai i there will be Tifty More. The first Days tour will begin at welders Burg where the party will Start at to a. M. After a Short talk by the professor. The first Field visited will be on we. Epperson s place in Cain township then Everett Ogle s near Mellott. At the North Christian Church at Mel Lott dinner will be served and a no n meeting will be held. At its close the party will proceed to . Sewer s farm North of Newtown thence to Elijah ears and Lew French s in Davis township. From there the route leads thru Attica to f. A. Naves s place thence to Ben Brown s in Shawnee ending the first Day s tour at will Villett s in Van Buren township. Thursday night there will be a night meeting at Veedersburg at which a. H. Lindley Finis Drake and Velmar Mcknight a All local enthusiasts have been ask to speak. The Friday tour Wil 1 leave Veedersburg at 9 to ii a. M. Going direct to Covingto thence to Dave Ferguson s farm. From there the course leads southward to Seymour Graham s in Wabash township then to Finas Drake s in Fulton to Lon Lindley s in Millcreek with a noon meeting at King Man. After noon the party will visit t. H. Booe s and Walter Cook s farms in Jackson town a ship then go northward into Vanluipen to Miles Marshall s and cd Helm where the tour will end. Chas. Meharry d. C. Reed and will Colver Tare the committe for the Northern end of the county and they Are boosting the tour enthusiastically. It is unfortunate that the Northern tour comes on the same Date that the county commencement is to be held in this City but that wag the Only Date available and could not be changed. ,.- .a. tet i i so 1. A . Of f a May to it the. I Ireen Hiil out . is h Ivi-g been. N1urre.l to the Jay. F Vav Irren county. A it fit Fine he is a s �1er and is in As i .--Peiker. Teni Ferance a lectures .ii prohibition addresses being his Long sur. Judge if h. Berry of the Henton Warren circuit court will be the speaker at the Boswell exercises which will be held in the methodist Church there. Rev. D. A. Rodgers a former methodist pastor is to make the address at Pine Village. A few years ago there were Mare than fifty soldiers living in and around the Village but death has claimed them rapidly of late and now there Are less than half a dozen left to witness the honors paid to their dead comrades. At West Point memorial services will be held at the methodist Church and Rev. Oakley Hall student pastor off Purdue University will deliver the memorial address. \ ocal numbers will be Given by a male i quartet and the minor orchestra will furnish instrumental music. Veterans Are urged to Honor the occasion with their presence. Children Are Reid tested to a Ather Lowers and assist in the work of decoration. The local Cir Cleof the ladies of theg. R. Has appealed to every citizen to Aid in the Observance of Tho Day. At least by hanging out a 1 in. To will Monsport the exercises will be held in the court it in attorney h. If Hillings will make the . I. T i. let. Mieura. With Hgt wife. A k. l i Alj a i a a 1 is a it f to Mother has aia a a a a Leone Rau parents be i and Rise i Roo a is a is u of .1 it Tias Tol in ail wife and for the present Tho Young couple will make their Home with his parents

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