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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - March 12, 1915, Attica, Indiana The Attica Ledger press Quot Toross Brothers publish Attica Indiana. Friday. March 12, 1915.provisions of primary Law new statute will make great change in political regarded As the leading measure past by Assembly nominations of All parties for All except administrative state officers to be made by ballot on same Day. There was to much confusion during the closing hours of the legislature and there was such a flood of Bills that Little attention was Given to the new primary Law. Very few citizens of the state realize what a great change has been made in the election Laws. Under the new Law there will be held but one primary election each election year. At this election All Biol Utica parties must make their nominations. In state election years All nominations excepting thisse for state oif icee will be made the Tir to tuesday after the first monday in March. In City election years the trim airy will be devoted solely to City of vices one of the i Hurt i of the new Law is the provision it no ikes for firt to and second Chon. Wil ice i Lowed More than no Choice the a or Poe of thir in i i k l get Luin Nath the Rof Umi Ira Iii Raj Init q a Ove two i Irhie i c kit by Candida it for Iii Quot to Coli trizut. To the Cor of if i Rit Ury. The Fri Edwi i p if Nev Law Are take frn. A a prepared by. a w or. S Leeti i in March in h. . H it Gnu election held re / t of things. Direct if ail to in a i Lunty officers and Mert hers a is at that time the precinct a r a men Are then chosen and also to a _ its to the state convention a. Ii Tion to this the voters Are mohair preference fur governor r r. and vice president in a j. In where these of ricers Are to \ e elected. The March primary of the years in which cite elections Are held will not Burden the voter with so Many duties for then Only the City officers will have to be nominated and there will be no Choice of precinct committeemen As those chosen for the county in the City precincts will make up the City Central committee. And of course no convention delegates will be chosen. The state convention is to nominate All state of Wijers. Except governor or i United states senator when these have been nominated by a primary majority and also candidates for presidential electors and their a Ternate and must name the delegates and alternate delegates of the party to the National convention. It is provided that the party May by appropriate rules permit the District delegates to the National convention to be chosen by the state convention delegates from those districts. The state convention is Alec to formulate the party platform. The county Board of election com missioners is to prepare and distribute primary ballots for each political party participating the number of ballots to equal one and one half times the number of votes cast by the party in each precinct at the last preceding general election. The ballots of each party Are to be of uniform size and of the same Quality of paper As used in ballots at the general election. The ballots Are to be of different color for each party. Under the new Law candidates for office must file declarations of candidacy not less than thirty Days before the primary. Each candidate must pay to the Secretary of state or the county clerk or the City clerk As the Case May be a fee f Jual to one percent of the salary or income Quot of the sought. A a Quot of Deal of detail is rom juiced in the set i riots r to r g Forth the i Etho i of Fri vote. Lur every of voted for ii Ii. G the a it re Sion of Chon i a. To i. I or arid i Mai d Tati h ser Ator if of r to Opportunity to t in i ii Choie. Ill a 1 i i. For a Wertah. A n Iyo Quot a it Choi a a r. I Quot o if re do Dale a to r i Quot. A Aino. R. T. In to it r o to i Tho re Ckon a Voles of Tito who vol quo for a Fri Are to be counter a if Hiil no candidate a a majority the Dropper g if names and Cou Fitzg of second choices is to be continued until some candidate has a majority or Only two candidates for the office remain. J then the one having the highest number of votes is to be declared the nominee. In the Case of the governor and the United states senator however if no candidate gets a majority of All the votes cast for those offices the state convention is to nominate. In setting Forth the functions of the state convention the act provides that in Case any candidate for governor or United states senator has received at the primary election a majority of the votes of his party for the office he is seeking then he shall be declared by the convention to be the nominee of i the party but in Case no candidate receives a majority of the primary vote then the primary vote shall be disregarded. In the counting of the vote the first and second choices shall be counted in the manner provided for other offices. Under the new Law the political committees Are recognized. Heavy penalties Are provided for violation of the Law but As the principles of general election Laws Are applied there will be Little confusion on this score sewer to Cost half cent Square foot. The City Council held a thirty minute session in the Council chamber monday night at which the Ordinary grist of Bills was allowed tiie treasurer s report for february showed a balance on hand of $7,5i7 49. A communication from John Bartlett was read by the clerk in which be stated he Wisht to renew the Street sweep ing contract on the same terms As for the past year. His contract let Lesii t expire until april 1st but his comma Ica to m was in accordance with a proviso of the contract in use he Wisht la rent v. The agree Nerit. A rank per Anzire also had a Coti nuni Citi it a the in which he ask the Quot City solons to p v him it a Quot it a month s As a Howatch this to be in. Aidi ii i Quot of what he Aheady receives from the i Larch ints. The a 1er was referred to the �1 0,.� r e with instruction i Ltd it i Quot a poit at the Lieut Meelin i. City k it Iii a y it ung an ii it that his t or. The so. Or would Cost the t try owners Elk noted As near As he could Lelia h if Ceil a Sij Are foot. For it nce people having a lot co by feel in will Cost practically i a in the Council to meet again next Moti Dav tight March , to objections the sewer improvements of far Little ii position to the project has Arist a Altai it May be to make some Char Ges in the it s solution after the meeting next minday night. It was expected to take u the matter at meeting but it Vas found that the Legal notice to pro erty owners had not been puff list Ontie Ough and mayor need is anxious that every technicality of the Law be Foi wed in order to protect the Bond Issue that is tragedy in Benton. Otto Mosier a tenant on the Large Caldwell estate at Earl i Ark sustained probably fatal it juries in a family quarrel. The quarrel originated sunday Over the question of wages the three sons being employed by their father. Their Mother sided with the sons and angered the sire. He left Home in a bulk returned that evening and Early next morning renewed the quarrel with the Mother in the course of which he struck her. Her screams brought the three sons Down stairs and they succeeded in quieting him but when release his anger flamed up anew and he Drew a pocket knife to attack the boys. It was then that the eldest son Sidney fired his pistol Pointblank in the Man s face the Bullet entering at one Side of the nose and penetrating into the brain cavity. The Young Man was arrested and charged with assault with intent to kill but was Eleaet on to id. I he family came to Benton county three years ago from Floyd arsenic in cake. William Liuti Yan the Well known mail Carrier out of Waynetown and his wife together with mrs. Grant l Avis and her son Are seriously ill in a hos fit Al at a Quot Arimo Iii. Iii. 1 he kenyans went to l Airmy Junit sunday to the Day Wiki or. Ano mrs. Tir Uil Ijarvis. Mrs. Davis naked a nut cake for to Nina a and j us arse in Insu and of t Ike ii in the cake. Fauzy after i a my it the peo if Uhi Iii i k Ai d Aid Liuro Iii a i nil is Wiio i j t at Oil f cake a. T of n Lii. 1 ii it pit \ Mili i no Ali i of ouzo trial Lorum Ilis. In his .0 of i Neir c , i Vil i a a . 1a i Rol tilt r Olav alter Kui Iyani who v. A a de ended i in Trio Eli Obrate Liu Tiyari Muiter trial Tri ii in the Moi Gomery county circuit a Jurt in january i d 1. Mrs. Will Gardner of Lafayette is a guest of John liners and is an outrage legislative apportionment robs this county of of All parties resent the change that was made instead of one representative each Fountain and Parke will hereafter have but one vote Between them As the smoke of the last Days of the legislature is Clearing away the fact becomes apparent that the democratic brewery Gerrymander that was Trpe i rated in the legislative reapportionment has robbed Fountain county of her in a fluence in the general Assembly and As a result there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of Teeth among the local politicians of All parties demo a crafts included. I for Many years Lizek to a time when the memory of men living recalls naught to the . Fountain county has had a full vote in the House of representatives and this has been taken away. Here Rifter Fountain and Parke will have one representative Between them these two counties having been thrown into one u gis alive District to add to injury Vermillion county adjoining which has a lesser popu iat Ion than either a d which never before has had a Whoie vote in the House made a District v. Ill a representative. It is an outrage upon Justice and As an in of Ilu storm that it will raise red he foil i is from the Koc Vilk Trifi ithe Quot it socratic i it it a i of i Arke co Urty. I ii Toby is a Quot Trouse. Infernal reve Tiue collector for this District legs native in which Arke an f. Cunlain courties Are to be de rivet of a a Ltd a resent Tive anal \ or million give a representative is another a of the outrageous political schemes i recently perpetrated on a Long surf Ewing 1 Public. I or ninety five Vears i Arke i a a i county has he a representative in the Indiana Degisi Turt for almost As Lorg i a Fountain a Quot in y has likewise been represented. This representation has not Only been traditional but it has i been in accordance with the standing i of the two counties in relation to the other counties of the state. N contrary Vermillion county alone for More than thirty years has had no . The population of the three counties according to the last a Federal census was i Fountain. \ Vermillion ls., it is True that legislative Are not made on a basis of the Federal census it does not stand to reason that Vermillion county should have e Ual representation with both i Arke and Fountain. One is warranted in challenging any state enumeration which at this time shows a population that would justify the disfranchisement of either Parke or Fountain. Especially will such an enumeration be viewed with suspicion when taken together with the obvious intention of this new apportionment. We believe that the purpose is the deliberate disfranchisement of an anti brewery population that it is made so that Clinton with its numerous saloons can be relied on to Send either a brewery Republican or a brewery Democrat to the legislature. This if the plan is carried out according to the brewery machine will give Terre haute and Clinton the naming of four representatives. Shall Parke county the Home of Howard and Wright Fountain the High me of Hannegan and the Birthplace of Voorhest so shall these two counties be thus de Rived of their autonomy of their Century old sovereignty without a protest one rep Itric in of Parke county said when he i Ard cd the outrage Quot i would Ralh Quot a Piave a democratic represent Ive i using the remain Jer of my life be our county thus Dis fran it re sure that All i Arke i of Jinty o a Roora Fet la i Cajal loyalty to thir hosta county that this outrage Vii i a d by every rr�7. A of Quot of. Park and a Oun Taui re Quot a a Dlf a. Dirt or. Sam Small s great lecture at the presbyterian Church at 7 30 tonight has five Brothers in the War. Mrs. John w. Metsker of this City has probably a closer personal interest than any other resident of Attica in the great War that is now in Progress in Europe. Five of her Brothers Are soldiers in the German army and Are in the thick of the fighting. The last report received was from a sister there several weeks ago. No news of the death of any of them had been received altho one whose Home was near the russian Frontier had been captured by the russians and was at that time in a military prison Camp. The sister who wrote. Miss Viola lob was herself a resident of Attica for ten years having returned to the fatherland Only last i april. When the War broke out she was visiting the brother who lived near the Eastern Border and for a time was in the thick of the destruction that waged about them. The brother owned 1 a Monument business but this was de-1 stroked As Well As his Home in fact j the whole town where he lived was burned to the ground. His wife three children and the visiting sister fled into the Interior with hundreds of other refugees and finally reached other relatives in Ber Ingrim reaper has Busy wee death s Harvest exceeds that of any other week this have six saloons. Under the Law Covington will been titled to a half dozen saloons since the City voted wet March 1th. Applications i for licenses will be mide at the april i term of the commissioners court which will meet on the oth it is not kor in at this time whom the applicants will be i or where the saloons will be located. Following is the official vote c is first Ward of it a it against it i. Second Ward a a against loj. J third Ward for. 1< against let. J total for la a against i Quot. A total of lib vote was cast prac i every vote i i the City so that a the result hould give a fairly accurate a representation of the people s Sinai i Merit. I j verdict for defendant. The Dat mgr suit of mrs. Myrtie Snapp again the a. I v b. Coal company was tried before a jury in the circuit court thurs i Rida of last week. The principal defendants were c. I it Steinbaugh san of Kingman and they were alleged to hav be a Negu it Ful in protecting the lives of their employees and that thru such neglect the husband of mrs. Snap lost his life while working in their mine. The Evi Dence showed that the men were in no Way to blame for the unfortunate Acci Dent which befell or. Snap and on motion of the attorneys representing the defendants the court instructed the jury to return a verdict in their Stock at Good Premium. The value of Brick factory Stock As an investment is shown by the Sale of a few shares of the i Oston paving Brick Stock at Crawfordsville last week. The executor of the estate of Joanna Lane reported to the court the Sale of 72 shares of the Stock. The Par value is $ a share and the Stock was appraised at i?tli.,&Quot i. At that figure sixty shares were sold to interested in the estate. The remaining twelve shares were sold to James m. Waugh for $1,.&Quot for a share. This is an Advance of Loi bore for Coal at the Hub. D. H. Wallace president of the Veedersburg commercial club is authority for the statement that within the next month a systematic Boring for Coal will be conducted in the Vicinity of this City. The work will be done under the direction of a competent mining Engineer and it is anticipated that Coal in paying quantities will be located As it is Well known that the Black diamonds can be found most everywhere near Here Tho the veins thus far located have not been very open new hotel with Ball. When the new hotel Fowler is open for the travelling Public on the night of april 20, the of ening of the half million Dollar hostelry will be marked by one of the largest celebrations of the kind Ever held in the state. A big Ball will be Given and it will be a great society event. Prominent Jie Ople in society circles from All parts of the state will attend and it is Likely that the attendance will reach More than a thousand. S. Hose and wife of this City have filed a petition in the circuit court to ado t a Rances Louise Trillingham a i fifth n months old baby girl the child of a Danville woman whose husband deserted her leaving her with set ral children. The older ones were placed j with relatives but she was unable to earn a living and keep the baby and when or. And mrs. Hose of erred to take it and legally adopt it she finally consented. Old and Young alike fall beneath his Sable sickle the list of saddened Homes includes one in nearly every Community tributary to this c Ity. Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson a Well known Young woman of the Chatterton Community died at t 4ii o clock monday morning at her Home there from complications following the birth of her baby a boy born eleven Days before. The funeral was held at a ii o clock wednesday from the Home the burial being in the Quaker cemetery near Chatterton. Mrs. Anderson was the daughter of or. Ard mrs. Crabb. Of Fowler and was a Fine Young woman very highly regained by All who knew her this fact being shown by the Large funeral and the Many Beautiful Flowers that were St it. She was m Igried feb 7. A Quot u Charles Edward Anderson and the it have made their Home t s rce with mrs. Hannah veils on Hor farm at Chatterton. She v. A j year of age. Having been Ujj irn it it it. B and in addition to the b i tin thu bind is survived by ii a Are to a i i veral .-i.-ters, i. In h Envoi Coury. The Oil i w. A and to Rivir g a i for the a of T is in ing cared by or. A Nib res. Or. 1. A brother it its a. I Jii ii i i quoth i. Whu a s at of a Utica. A i he h is i rid. In Ard about this Cit it v. To will by trip 1 i e with him deeply in thes Row t hat Lias come to him. Mrs Joiet h in Crowell a former of this City died monday night at Danville 111. The body was brought Back to the old inane for burial yesterday Nooi. Ail Takt n to Chi in Church where the funeral service was held with burial Fol Loving in the cemetery adjoining the Church. The funeral service was conducted by Ives. H. L. Bailey of Mellott. Mrs. Crowell will be Rem a Breed by residents of Shawnee township As Pearl Voliva daughter of Shermin Tiliva at one time a Well known local politician. She is a Cousin of Wilbur Orlenn Vulva. Head of the Christian Catholic Church at Ion City. The Crowells lived in Attica for a time but two years ago moved to Danville. Charles Rector whose Home was at Fountain died at 11 o clock monday in a tent near Rainsville where he and his Brothers had been engaged in cutting Timber. He had been suffering with rheumatism and his heart finally became affected the body was taken to Williamsport and thence to Fountain where the funeral was held wednesday at the Church Rev. Harvey officiating. Burial was in Fountain cemetery. Or. Rector was about 4 years of age and unmarried and he is survived by nine Brothers and one sister. Miss Artilissa Jane Burch died Early thursday Morring at her Home on Washington Street death resulting from apoplexy. Miss Burch suffered a stroke of apoplexy a couple of years ago and since then had not been Strong altho she had been in her usual health wednesday looking after the and caring for her Mother who is past years of age and is in a feeble condition. About nine o clock while preparing to retire for the night she was stricken and fell unconscious to the i floor. She did not regain consciousness and past away about 2 of o clock. Miss Burch was a daughter of t. J. I and Deborah Burch and was born four and one half Miles East of Attica in the Bethel neighbourhood. May o. I it it she spent her entire life in this Cit Yand for a number of years taught school in Shawnee and Davis townships. Besides her aged Mother she is sur Vived by two Sisters mrs. Solon Brier of Lafayette and mrs. Etha Ulrick of Evans i n. Ill and one brother Hen Jamin Burch of Jonesboro Ark. Her father died in Lois the eight year old daughter of or. And mrs. W. Abel Morgan died monday morning at their Home Bette a Stone put Lute and Alsworth. Ii Ilyin life the child was to. Vic tits of Infa tiie paralysis from a hich she recovered and when she ill Delupl a Evere Case of i could rot . Hath lung were c a Tiei Ted and death Cam from Sulf cation. The was Heid we in May afternoon at the Morgan Home. Mae a Borre Prairo established 1851�?lp. Vol 3, no. 24 new Industry is getting Busy new Cement products company is making a showing. Car Load of big slabs for Shaft linings being ship product is of High tirade and insures that the company ill l e veloce into a important Industry. The Attica products co. Which is the corporate of the concern Estah sat ask fail by u. P. Carmic Hicl o hers at the car Michael gravel its jul Quot s uth of town has rented an twice the Farmers and state a k . And will establish it h a quarters in this Buna a Terv. Mrs. At n i a Lula a e a. Of i a , Dav at St Alin i h h a a hate hoi i f or. Tki g a. A. w a Quot Are the a h of or h a of h. A Rhu a r p. A. Viniti is. To us i. V i a Mie ii or. In in u i be i ii ii Nul his s Brov a. Vrho Luo live w a a w. H in n a n. give Bis Deanii. Or. U a Orn Asir a pm ,. In a c. A Bya be i get Buna a Terv. City. The company h a been casting All Winter with p in. U f its equipment housed und a i Reet of a dozen men have Beer. Empio Edei do y thru out the Winter and the co Cri h is Bejin to make a show i -.,. 1 a v Are producing sewer tile Bui a Iii. R a o c a s Ete. And last week Shii t to a Uttieri lir ois their first it of a arc e of labs for mine shot i a a at s Are about la full a i he t it v. A a to it i n rth a i�.i a. 1 a i a r proof Luan t in uni in i it it is a a p ii by i a n a or Hgt. Are r for h ,�?�0 r to of h to a. A"1o it a a r 1 a a a a my a. U i r. A. T a t. 1 r r c a a a Ltd. -1 a a a a a tile or. Eli t r to a Quot. The funeral service of Immanuel Roadarmel who died at the Home of his son on the Lew Dunlap farm near Covington was conducted Friday afternoon from Grace Church near the farm and interment was made in the Grange cemetery. Or. Roadarmel was born in Pennsylvania was past years of age and was Well known in that Vicinity. Besides the son he is survived by one Maui Rater mrs. Electa Bathe of Danville Iii., and one brother James who resides in North Manchester ind. D. Wat a St. A Quot a. T a a a a v a ii. Spetti r i a o a time at the it Here. o a i ha.-.ori-�. Air. R. A c ii nay and they to. I. Be i in the the Tai work at t Piatt t r ii of i. A u w no 1. Ruper i nut re Bee Voth to cd company f Rma be is a a h is the a Minu of the artiest c tracts by that Kirin. It i a. Pee Sai 1 about this new Compi y an i Nany to titans pm a hut it to Thouc it gift it prot uses to in envelope rapid he into a very important Industry. It was Orga k i find financed without local Aid not of the capital coming from St. Louis the method of casting is a que this Piatt Iii g the Only one in America that is using it in fact the company Owis the Ameri Briner died at their Home in Sterling i a in r sets to it. It is known As the sunday evening at the age Ltd of two a Quot Quot a process invented by an months leaving the Young parents englishman and All the machinery used grievously bereft. Rev. Chas. Howard imported from England. The conducted the funeral tuesday after principal feature of the process is that noon and the Little one was buried in while the Cement is setting the castings Are kept on tables which Are vibrated rapidly by machinery and then cured by being Kiln dried. This produces a casting with a Grain approaching Limestone or Marble. In addition to the greater strength thus obtained the castings Are further strengthened by a reinforce ment of steel rods or wire mesh As the offer Uri ring for. Torrai ears i with p a Lysis Furr Zierl wed be Sivay Niht at his Horne i a Lute Quot. Lie a is Airout 7 year it if at a a d ail his life was Peru in l Ai Tiu county. The funeral was conduct a this Morni g and i tar Zient Vii ii a e in i Mon cemetery. I mrs. I rank put Rickman died Early i wednesday at h r in j Newtown after a two weeks in Ness with a Nunu Nia she was Quot i Vears of i age. The funeral wiil be conducted this morning at eleven o clock from the Church at Ewton and burial will be made in the Hall cemetery. The infant son of or mrs. Czar Rockfield cemetery at Veedersburg. Building and loan prospering. The annual report issued by the Attica building and loan association Jan. 1st showed Loans in Force amounting to $58� Ulit and this has been increase about $25,000 since that time. During bracer of the piece requires. 14 the receipts of the association amounted to ? 14 j, and the earnings for the year were of which lot Quot St was distributed in dividends to stockholders. The entire expense of operating the association for the year including the Secretary s salary was Only $4,. I . It. Ruth Anna Berry Haas died at the Home of her Mother in Veedersburg monday Forenoon after an illness of several weeks. Mrs. Haas had been a Ulterico from spinal trouble and during the last few Days of her life was a iral Zed. She was born an re red in that Community and is Well known. She was to years of age the Quot funeral was coi ducted wedded in Nior Nin at 111 o clock from the family residence Rev. Ayne Miller Pas or of the e. Church. Ovici a. Inter tent in Coal Springs cemetery. Mrs. Jame i Thompson an aged r it i Dent of Veedersburg. Died there monday after an illness of several Days. She is the Mother of mrs w. A. Marquess and is also survived by her Hus ban new pastor at Winthrop. The Christian congregation recently organized i t Winthrop has called re Roy e Saylor of Eastern Ohio to. Serve the churches at Winthrop and Honey Branch during the ensuing year. Or. Saylor is a graduate of Hirran College and has a wife and Tai children. Tvs �. His first regular pastor e. He was in Attica Moncay and Tuessia i Romi new Furt Dituro us k i with Loc in h Cem Tif a of his denomination. A it i it. P und girl baby a a t oin t a Ivory Hoo i r a do Ife . Afternoon at the Quot in Home ii k is ii Parr. i hit in r i i Phyllis and r ii country was t a i Quot prud r the re i itly a hit the thar. M Emory the Way. Of 1� c s Ork sve ii to think the p Toni. F rce a pre Juliu a Agni get male. This is Tai Quot Hinl k re in acc Enthat n come to members Cycle am s of Lind family Here. Carrier Ora Martin was first then postmaster Macoun itry and now car rift Hoover. This certainly seems to be an effeminate administration i As soon As the company gets a Little ahead of the orders on hand it is the intention to erect some permanent buildings to House the machinery most of which is now Bei in operated out doors. The buildings will be built of Cement blocks slabs and beams cast for the purpose so that when completed they will be a practical demonstration of the concert s product. Politics As she is played. Kirge Stout profit his the shrewdest observer of the Sevi ral newspaper men who Quot covered Quot the Indiana legislature says in the ibid Ian i daily Rines the bul to move Liliana University from Bloomi to to i to Lefayt the to con Olgiate Visith Purda a Iver Ity proved to tie a fake Boi or Tor the Puro a of to Quot of .-.p, 1 a Ortu Ity to Shine Quot Eit 11 it i s Rio. V Arion places a Filer Tui of p ii t up Luon in the u m \ t a Shiv it Razov .1 time the Del cations wer a r Eli a i t. O a present at a Lui Lic lie Iri in at or Quot Hibi Tion to a 1.-, in. A. In tit applaud Ilartio oratory a to u Ide prohibition was put in for purposes and was seriously in the face of a wet let Isia Ture. Mrs. A. A. Greenwood visited in Lafayette wednesday

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