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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - January 22, 1915, Attica, Indiana India la our Attica Ledger press Ros s Brothers publisher Attica Indiana. Friday. January 22, 1915. Established 1851�?l. Vol. 3, no. 17 another big addition to Attica s industries an Early possibility the men were Cooks. The Christian Church Parlours were the i Ectner of an unusual banquet Friday i in jilt when 48 Wonyen of the Busy i workers Bible class were entertained i i by men of the class. The affair was i the culmination of a membership con j i test that had been in pro Itress for the Chanticleer is King Atcitty Hall owns to Middle of Road. New company organized. J on january loth articles of incur a a supreme court decision which will portion were tiled with the Secretary j be of interest to Many Peor to was Ltd of state incorporating the Shawnee recently handed Down by the appellate manufacturing company of Indiana. The gentlemen behind this new company Are j. M. Washburn. C. A Lyons and j. A. Spangler of this City. Court in a Case brought by Wiliiam t. Bolender against the Southern Telephone company an Appeal taken from the circuit court of St. Joseph county. John Van Reed called by death Joe Nussell Quot will retire from Poston Brick they poultry aristocrats receive homage it is the intention of the company to a in this Case the supreme Lurt Heki Promin int Warren county Farmer Plant to launch new concern. At annual show. As Large As the Poston Plant Busy for nine years producing the Brick. And this is Only the beginning of this sort $100,000.00 Stock company of improvement in this Section of the country. He proposes to organize option is already secured on lands adjoining Poston backs by brokers who will Market entire output if present plans mature a Plant employing 60 men will be in operation or in the it next nine months. An announcement that will interest every Atticara concerned in the growth and material Prosperity of the City was made this week when Joe Nussell who for several years has been the superintendent of the i of ton Brick Plant let it be known that he had decided to sever his connection with that institution and organize a Stock company for the purpose of building another Brick Plant and adding it to the industries of the City. The fact try is to be As Large a it the Poston Plant and if plans go thru As now cont it my Lett i it will be one of the most Imp rant additions to the in do strip i concerns of the City since the Poston punt at d the National car Coupler c i. Were located Here. Or. Zusse i this Wenk tendered his resignation to or Ston Ai Kir g that it to elective i t b. 1st. Me plan to take Moi the s vacation and the take Italy Thi organization of his . In and prepare for the erect or of the by. Lie aired it secure i a it Loen the sixteen car s of Lar l Ai j r g the a it Stor. Ladori the eat i i Schizo t it so Lle 1 . Youji u r h Many \ f r.-. It Irth late to Plant i n t i lat East of the i a Side the a he he the National s officers. At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the National car Coupler at the head Oil ices in Chicago last week the following were elected officers for the ensuing year president and general manager j. W. Harrison vice president h l. Bentley Secretary Sterling Doster treasurer w. E. Weinsheimer i and attorney Chas. I. Milf Orci. Messes. I Harri Soti Bentley Reinsh. Imer Mil i Ford and Koy Harrison cent Tiute the Board of director Attica nightwatchman retires after 40 years gave the men a Handicap the women still won in the contest and the banquet was the forfeit. The men did themselves proud too. T c t Corr t not a woman had a Finger in the menu show not quite so Large but until it appeared on the table. All the better in Quality than Ever i and Farmers who i planning cooking serving and even j the Dis washing were done by the los ers. In addition they made the tables i on which the feast was spread. The woman had scoffed in Advance but when j they were led to the banquet room and saw the snowy Linen the shining Silver the tastefully arranged decorations the Well planned and properly served menu j they were surprised delighted and Sej Bretly mighty proud of their menfolk. One Lone Many Roy Albright was per manufacture a line of to Date farm implements a Sample of which is their All steel fearless Cha inless an Crank i less Hay loading machine which is said by farm implement men have examined the a. Boord of Stone Bluff w the big s30 Silver cup for the Best cockerel a handsome s. C. Rhode Island red. Loader to be the most perfect machine they have Ever seen. This machine is a steel galvanized there is not a piece Wood in it which makes it practically weather proof. It is simple in construction not a gear Chain Crank or sprocket wheel being found in it and outside of the main wheels upon which a it is mounted there Are but two Bear the sixth annual Poutry show of the the entire machine. This great Fountain and Warren poultry is Sofia a Tion in the City Hall this a Lek has minimum Mitte to sit Down with the guests by j successful m every another interesting feature of this virtue of the fact that he is teacher of attendance and that promises Hine is. That it will Load Clover and the class i letter for today the closing Day of the exhibit. The number of entries to e reel i it a More Kiili. T i or build in is i i coir office a 1 a. I r Uili be of Type and of this Fiz a a. Employees. The prop i the a. To or capitalize ii at o mrs Marf Jart r i to of the u derive it the i Oti n jeep of ugh to Las 1 to locate the run t e a Liu Rii de \ Ardt Story and Alontra. Re. It i it in t a d Posri Lily a in other recess by g a Poer Hoult a and t i a in a end a Ninia the Inu roved y Driver. A conc i r. Bire abut sixty following the Barquet so leeches were Xuc a Muei i a a go. A a without made As follows James e. Reynolds this year is not quite so Large As last breaking its leaves or tearing it apart. Quot the Bible class the superintendent s i a Turkey department i company will also manufacture i right hand Quot mrs. F. , Quot our but the Quality As a whole is conceded Quot Sanita Quot sandblast and Bible class tomorrow Quot mrs. Robert j a y firemen s helmet an invention of or. Milligan Quot our Bible class of yester As a matter of fact there has been a mangler which has received the High Day Quot mrs. Hopper Quot the organized growth of from the Bible Clas Quot mrs o. A. Cars a Quot the i a show has thus new Man Quot mrs. J. T l be. Quot the raising la a member Quot mrs. Mark Vantress i standards of the poultry Industry Quot class. Visiting and building Quot or. Surrounding territory. That Telephone and Telegraph companies Are liable for damages for the needless and unnecessary mutilation of Shade Trees by linemen erecting a Ole lines thru the county. In Many . Linemen have put thru pole lines and wires cutting out limbs of Shade Trees wherever they obstructed the Progress of their work. A portion of the of the supreme court in this Case reads Quot an abutting owner to a Highway owning in fee to the Middle of the Highway May recover damages for the unauthorized and unwarranted cutting and mutilation of Shade Trees in the Highway by the Telephone company in constructing its Bolender a Farmer brought suit 1 0-cause the Telephone company had Cut the tops out of a number of rna Les Alfalfa seed Hay without shattering the i along the Highway bordering his prop r passes to his last Reward. Death care in Hospital at Indianapolis last monday Hopper Quot the class that thawed out Quot mrs. Hall Quot the Bible class and the devotional hour Quot mrs. A. W. Jack Man Quot we girls and boys. Quot mrs. Lul Smalley of Fowler also spoke from the standpoint of the i Ito. The list of exhibitor a c it Veres a wid territory including , bos Well Lafayette Independence a id foundry men thru out the country. A number of these helmets have been in use at the National car Coupler co. Factory in this City since last March. The gentlemen also state that while it is their intention to confine their operations for the immediate future to 1 to t Quot tin Meed t y if h tick Nipa y. I Quot this Utris in Quot of i f a a a it of i a a referred tiek. The cd Aii be ii Reid for Sale and it to thought Anion t or i Ness Aid i -it.ci&Quot. that it Uili Iii id a ready , a i it it of the fact that Money at to i. in co a. The Success o Lyhl i of or. Fact Ory has i Een such that i is known to have yielded larger Oivi i ads than Ary Otheron Ern in the icing y. And or. Vursell s ability is g neurally recognized. Fur the Post two years he has been in almost c Jan Lete charge of the Poston Plant or. I Oston himself not being in Attica during that period owing tothe fact that he has been in failing health about $70,000 will be needed for the i erection of that Plant. The preferred Stock will be Oil ered in .-5100 shares at Par will draw seven percent interest j and will contain a clause that it can be retired after five years at a share. Or. Nussell already has arranged for the Placid g Forne Large blocks of stocks who Are interested in j the , among them being a Couf be f i a a it concerns one of which l i de to take the entire out i 1,1 to factory. These Brok i ers have Are Rhon i a Attica shale pro a ii it i huh to get More of 1.in t i a face of. It i Ini picture to Quot s in who the til of forty year . As nigh a a Vii it a of Ai in i ii. A a i it i a Oro thai Bibity could no lie Quai eds state a Indi Ina a h by the further Iii t lie Efi tire. I i of 1 let 1 a i a y a it Kwh cod a a s i \ ice Rit alone. I a i i it thie 1.-Fciet thai blur i a l has a Een of a the i Oston Brick a Jim into with the i Quality of Bunek ducks Ai therr. A i to. Factor. A on Ivo latter o inst o which a i Pavi g or the n i use Ich of Brick will be Ratiu Oil int will face Brick the Thuri be and red Orier Itai style pm a Fanous. I. g u d a x Vii i Road i a to Only in its Ern Illint Jis alone or. Nussell dec re i Bonds have already j been authorized for the building of enough Brick roads to keep a factory due every exc it a i that he a never Beeti Oil i hot Loi ter Han t lever Niji hts in Sucre for there is no to Ger any no a f in doubt that his of Servici is a ii a \ at t a o o her times he been Oil duty a net for three Days and again Lor 11, hut Eich of these three rests was occasioned by illness. So accustomed has he become to sleeping during the Day and being at night that he is finding it difficult to adjust himself to the change after All these years when or. Johnson Tocik the Job As watchman the City had been without such an a Flicia for several years since the civil War in fact and Petty thieving had become frequent. There were a number of characters about the City in those Days that preferred to get their livelihood by dishonest Means and Protection to the stores became necessary fire Protection then was not so Good As it is of w and so when Lew proposed to take the Job of night watchman the business men were pleased. They contributed liberally and the Job then paid a very salary Alt Haj the City did not pay any of it at All. A few years ago when Many of the Mercha its ceased to pay anything toward his salary the Quot City took the Quot or Attr and paid it a i.00 a month and Thi was con tiny Quot Durail year. During the fir to Fivi yet Era of his service it Dot solved upon him to make Arr. Sis but these grew and 1. Sas the years . On several Occa Sofis he frightened away it re at rein eng to or had Ulrea in broken into stores four Uip Rit whom he arrested were Coria ice d sent to the Potenti iry. One he was waylaid and Knock Down with a club by a Hobo but his personal encounters were few and his experience after All has not been an exciting one. I Basket Ball game tonight. The Attica High school boys Basket Ball team will go to Williamsport tonight for a game v. Ith the i school team several routers Are expected to co Napiany the boy Over Thi re and the Attica team Viil make a Hyrc no Efi it to win the game. It was planned to Trike the Attica band Over to create a Boltie for the Ginie but the detail.-, v. Ere i it Iii. A Lathi Rford tells us the rail v. Ill not go. A amp May abandon Brazil Branch. There i Liiro Aii i Quot. R Oil. A circles Othi Gill e to at in Quot a. K 1. a i i Viiu very to to quoth i the l r i Tir Reh of the Syski in. H said that nce the the Nyji Iri the Filo Ion. to it. .�?�111lie Alio i a Long in Eha i Een to Adny Losin Virok y. The Hui of the 1 u Allari or Vear. ,.io my. I Ted Rueh of the Tralli. F the Northern. A re of the a i in a l the More r. if a a it Quot i. G Rae f.,. A i Ger s evict to Jicie from this it ver is a. Stih Furich the erect tit re enus f Orn Par Einiger a Urce of the my Wilavia patrons now i i Izi g that route in order to be i cure the letter service. In is said also tha the Louisville a l a Vilie Arm j the i Pennsylvania Are both s eking to get of the rail in or Surg. Kingman. Brazil Aylesworth manufacture of the All steel gear Fountain Stone Bluff Wingate and Newtown. The Danville 111., show is in a tigress this week an this Robab i by div it. I some exhibits to the it i y j which other Vise would have c Mie Here. I in one future the show is remark Able an ing of nity to a is the exceptional show Turkev a exceptional b it the in i d umber of entries. There a i 1&Quot Aii a.-, Large a number if ii Riis a i any shown at this fair in. Breeds Are rep a tit it the White Holland Bror z a a a hours a j. Mrs. Go a Quot do i ii.-. 1 a. Strader fax the Brt to ii v. R. a. Orie Ali .r.-, it f Ilii in a was one of the c county s leading citizens and had served t As county Caim a missioner. of . At o c Nick John v , to it a e. F Varr a county Quot site to Cine a i at the Geacone a Hospital in Iii car a Lisher i had let Een a Itie to a Asut i we a. It eath came from a complicate n of diseases As his health had Kaei Faili Quot a for some time. The i body was taken to Lafayette monday a ight thence to Williams to. The defendants took the pot it Ion that he did not own the Trees. The higher court however holds that a Man s property extends to the Middle port tuesday . Of the Road. The Fujiu Rai service was he 1 at the i h me a half Mie n rth of c Ironda Leat 1 of ,.\.l,Jek afternoon and was att i Piej ii i Irge crowd. Kev. Win. Wilbur of Tiu Williamsport this City suit against ,., Church the it Erv be. And the burial was Highland May sue the Wabash. Emil Lindburg who Resi Les a i win e i a a it Ulk 1. In i u in a my e Iii i i a in the 1 it Arah a to and Ion ill the la Les a Hng Devic and is less Cha inless and Crank less Hay loader that they will soon add to their line a fearless and Cha inless manure spreader a non reciprocating sickle for binders and mowers and a number of other improved implements. Manufacturers of Hay loading machines have been endeavouring for years to built a machine with no gears chains or Cranks and Many of them h Ive s lid that it could not be done but i it remain red for Fountain county Genius i 10 s Iive the problem As it h is in tie Pas solved the problem of Many i Utica farm implement.-, u on which ome of the largest manufacturing i Tiitu i a i of the c entry Are based in can hardly Doubr the inventive and Pra Ciscil ability of the men what id this Macii Ine. If they i i t a e tie in Dei which can tie sen at 1-. I b ver co store. A Euis hive not b to mad to Iii the , ept in a or Iii d w a and this Ai d other things e Miketi at a to he Leid Toi i tit. It is Irot Matiie that my i to a i i i he Iro Sitio i will tip ii Quot a. D for it to secure the Nec Quot sary j t re \1 is t i pro do a 1 k if the factory. The Lin Way co. Recover damages for injuries by himself mrs. Lind Burr and two children in the wreck in this City at Ril quota m. They were in the front of the Day coach that fell the River and were the t to escape from that car making their exit thru a window. At the time both though a they were unhurt but later developments that in juries had been u that were Overlook in the . The publish Story that a suit to be tiled in the Deral court at Indiana Unis asking 1,1 of Quot damages is r a grated. If pet it it in h Sieni. T will he Elf be i out of court hut if a.r., suit is d of on no it a fort will to exit such a Large sum As this cemetery at Wilham port. . R of uni it i Loop e.-, testers Chart Vail i Iii and educative to All inter of i i in a Iii , we ther the y Are in for it r or lit. I is enthused with his Woi k and i never tires if exp Iai ing the exhibit or of imparting Belij Ful to those in search of in a led a. The is this should be brought about it might it afternoon he a Jive red an Illustre to Teri lecture at the Arcade theater. At i o clock this afternoon he will give result in the importance of the line being greatly enhanced. In connection with the e. It i., which also figures in the rumours it would give a route from Evansville to the Chicago District where a Junction with other Pennsylvania lines could be easily effected. Thus far the whole matter is speculation and nothing at All May come of it it is Likely however that the entire c. A e. L system will eventually be bought by one of the larger systems As it i of in the hands of a receiver and to Lessly in debt. Another very interesting talk in which he will give the Housew if some pointers on the proper Way to kill pick truss and dress a fowl illustrating his talk with an actual demonstration. This will be Given at the City Hall. The scoring was i night last evening but the list of awards was not completed until late last night too late to be printed in this Issue. It was determined Early that the big $3u Loving cup held by Calloway Sisters last year will go Back to Stone Bluff for . Boord having captured it with one of his h Ledsome single comb Rhode Island red cockerel the highest scoring cockerel in tie show. His score was dlr and he is a very Fine Bird in Ever Morrison s time next. The american Issue says representative Morrison has a sense of humor which May not be said of the solid thirteen. The newspapers quote the congressman in a recent interview As follows Quot i am dead politically and i know it the trouble with lot More congressmen is that they Are dead and Don t know it right you Are congressman. But night. Trip other Fellows will find it out Indue Attica poultry Man win. Time. Commendable club work. The Ledger press esp aks the mothers Clu the Earnest co,.p ration of every resident of the City in the it a undertaken toward be. Pm the school children from the a families i the City warmly clothed d Lin Theiner. Mention has already be Ltd made of the plan in these column but we desire Agron to Call attention to it because this is the Day when the work will be begun in and mrs. De seems the club president is anxious to have Many me tiers of the Ciu i a and All others who Are interested to attend the meeting it will be held in the school House at o clock and supt. Mullinnix has arranged for the Cluj to use the Domestic science sewing room with its equipment of sewing machines cutting tables Etc. Contributions of outgrown clothing that is still in Good condition Are solicited and details of boy scouts will be sent after them if the president be notified. The meeting this afternoon will re solve itself into a sewing Bee for the purpose of repairing altering and otherwise putting in Good condition such students to give a play. The seniors of the \ e,l"r.-lr High h it it a will their play Quot live a a i the a Quot in a huh ? a a unit i ruin t r. A y i a Quot. L j a s to 1 Terri h i u r to ii to it Quot Titis. To <-1 to the la Elk a it i Ltd a a ter aim a. I a. C it t of a Alloa l i a i l inform v e Quot Nydra to . A red m a n a sex ill or me 1 or. Rav Ris c it it s Guitler. Floyd sch re i Nti i Means a june Sage Edith Ronfor ii Dys i Hihi i i Sally the Fretah n Aid i Rothy Val lace. \ a i in 1.1. H h in the a. Hili a a. A her Aan i mad for ii thit his or .1 i Tiv. F trip 1 the l i with him the a h Oli lather in Evi a. The by Vania in irs fuck .r.a, Oratio i in time and a Indiana Corn at world s fair. A lot of priz Corn i. To be o Sill Fri Cis fair As ult of i d \ i Ion at the Purllue Corn Shiw Coral acted in Vith the i or due Short course lot which incl Les sixty samples Tsvili cont Lia two from Montgomery county these Are the Qirici Quot ear and ten ear entries of John w. Wilson of Brown s Valley both entries which won the county sweep stakes at the last Montgomery county show. Get Quot line on the farm were i in Van a was i Quot. la Bec me of age or. V try de s Fath r died and the of managing the farm feh i a him. He met it travely and it Well tha he Proi and at the time of Hilt death owned Leto acres of the finest Warren county land. The Wilace is it 11 Iti proved and bears evidence to his Thrift and progressive i it. The Home is an attractive one is known in the Community for its hospitality. 1 a to or. Van Reed was married to miss Zilpah a. Burr daughter of Neuron Burr of an old Eastern family and she survives him. To them were born two suns Eugene n. Van Reed who lives in Omaha neb., and or. Earl ,marriage licenses. The following marriage licenses have of Lafayette Coroner of Tippecanoe been issued by county clerk Homer county. Respect. Charles Jacobson was a close second hand Gir mencs As Are Avaiu ble second with a Black scoring and Mak ing new ones. By working in pm but the Black Birds have a Handicap cooperation with supt. Mullinnix of u Points Over the a Rte color Birds. Tile am Mckinney Max a. Harris of Danville to Flossie Reed of Attica. Charles Musgrave to Bertha Holmes both of Attica. Charles e. Workinger to Catherine e. Hoober both of Attica. James Ervin to Mary Phipps both of Batestown. Or. Coggins committees. Or. Van Reed was a lifelong Republican and had a prominent place in the local councils of his party. Having served As precinct committeeman for Hig precinct West Liberty for three years he was you try commissioner and proved one of the Best the county Ever had honest and capable in every respect he concluded his term january l iyi4. His Only fraternal affiliation was with or. C m Coggins Fountain county s i knights of pythias and at his grave j representative in the state legislature Brethren of that order conducted s Over Ine.tii-Coior virus. ,. U a 1 u1 Lue a Lulu be Isiah if i a Ual . Meeting for the i it is proposed to give fallowing committees their solemn memorial rites. Or election of officers and to determine i each Case individual attention to a i claims county and town and his family were members of ship business drains and dikes state he presbyterian Church at Williams thu time and place of holding the show extent of calling the children to the \ next year is to tie held the commercial Cluj room at 11 01 o clock today. The show will close at o clock to new Veedersburg postmaster. Co Wiirre syrian Martin a. Morrison has no Iii a William 1. I Oggs an Active d. , of Ved Osburg that he will a it Hini for postmaster of the Iwuh u de i . Or i Attonis Cor this Ion expire. D feb. 1st. I his is a very co replicated contest Attica Lou lira men cared will at the Broil How week has. Jacob son cafe turn in Sweepstake. S Lor Thi Best Black Bird in he .-., and in Adt Litva j Vav its award. D is l Ocker Al lid and Ith sea ing room repairing their own clothing supplying and fitting such new garments As Are re tired. Medicinal health and vital statistics Stati tics and immigration swamp lands and Trust fun ills. There was a wide variety to choose from for those vent out last night. In addition to the moving picture shows there was two revivals in Progress two prayer meetings a Dative at the Colon Hen l i and 1th Pullet 1th on pen a. D a the Rysh vat the i v Hall Silver Cap Lor Liest distil a of Black l ii ,.ns. Bihn Ion hid Sven of his col Nibi n Plyn Itutti rocks entered and was 1st of cockerel Pullet ii Ai and pen Atid u Silva r cup for the a id that the e our by darn on the Potter a m Irwin and son. , went to Covington tuesday to begin work on d Vora Ting the Interior of the a i w n it ional Bank building at that i ice they having received the contract it it a tilt Wol k. Mrs. E in t Clarq less Swient Fri May port. In. Addition to the Widi a and two sons or. Vanreed is survived by the following Broth is anal is ter Van Reed. Of Wiiliam. It \ agreed of Carbondale Reorg Butler Hini mrs i stump of Wlliams part a mrs. A. U Hrie Quot a of to ii a. The it Ive i m Ahiahi Vvacall d Hoin a we k t the s-Gtu. I Huss i it a i r and mrs. In risk s. No was a id a the Winter in Rida burned Uuie Tki attend the funeral. At tilt Hull the to having been six As , Diplas in his cd is. He also got sirants for the position Lee Whitehall returned from a business trip to Indianapolis saturday. 2d and i 1 Hen and 2 1 and Pullet Axtel Westring was also an exhibitor at this so few with barred rocks and carried Oit 1st and 2d cock 2d and 3d Hen 2d Pullet and 2d Hen. Mrs. Bertha Mccornely. Of i in ii -. 111., was an Mica visitor with her Dau Gaiter mrs. Galloway near he had the John Reed Covingto it a. Funeral at Williamsport and came Over for a Short visit with friends. I mrs. John hider of West Point who recently underwent an operation at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Lafayette was miss Blanche Hatton is soon to take the position held by Flossie Reed 2imri Atkinson and two children spent at mud Lavia. J thursday with relatives in Pine Village. Able to return to her Home sunday

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